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Queen Sugar

April 21, 2021

Season 5 | Episode 10 – “ONWARD”

We have come to the end of the road…for now. The finale had me all up in my feelings. Per the usual, Ava and ‘nem gave us a lot to think about. Here we go…


My bestie Charley is feeling better and back to making her own tea. She’s talking to Vi about all of the foolishness going on at the moment – COVID, healthcare, making masks political, the election. Charley has told Vi that she was sick, but she only told her she had a cold. SMH. Charley wants to be out in the streets fighting the good fight, but Vi tells her that the Bordelons are holding it down so she doesn’t even need to worry about all that. Still recovering physically and emotionally from all that happened days before, she eyes the door where wood still replaces the glass that Davis broke to get to her. Then she makes an entirely foolish move and asks Aunt Vi about Jimmy Dale. I was like…why, Charley? Why is we doing this? She wants to know if there’s anything that could happen that would make Aunt Vi see Jimmy Dale differently. Yall. Vi was like…what kinda stupid sh*t is this? How you even gonna form your lips to ask me such a question? At that moment, Charley knew she made a mistake and apologized, but Vi ain’t finna let that go. Why are you asking me this? Answer me! Charley told her that Davis came by last week to pick up something to ship to Micah and he seemed different. Whew, Charley. You told a WHOLE lie, but I would have done the same thing…I think…because Vi is exhausting. Anyway, Charley said that talking to Davis got her thinking about change and forgiveness. Vi told Charley that Jimmy Dale is a dark soul and evil personified. She was almost destroyed by him and there’s nothing he could EVAH do to make her see him differently. So, while Vi was on her Jimmy Dale rant, Charley was questioning her life and why she opened up this can of worms. She spins around on the barstool while Vi talks, but then Vi says that Davis ain’t like JD. Davis is foolish and he made stupid decisions. But, he loved her and he loves Micah. If you see a change in Davis, it’s worth looking at. Yall can at least be civil. Oh, Vi…if only you knew how civil them two have actually been…

At the moment, Davis is living rent free in Charley’s head. Darla called Charley for a pep talk because she was missing Blue. Charley tells her how lost she was after Micah went to college and she struggled with how to be and how to live without him there. Darla tells her that when she gets down, she thinks about how happy Blue is with his new room and new school. Before they end the call, Charley wants to ask Darla a question. She tells Darla that in her eyes, Darla is one of the strongest women she knows. Awwwwww. Darla tells her that that means a lot coming from her. Charley wants to ask Darla for advice. I was like…say whet? Darla was like…you want advice from me? She had to take the phone off speaker for this! I’ve been thinking about Davis. Darla was like…what about him? LOL. And there’s silence. And then Darla got it. Ohhhhhhhh…yeah…I wouldn’t. You wouldn’t? Dayum. Darla had to clear it up. I wouldn’t give you advice about your man. Now why did Darla call Davis Charley’s man? That ain’t been the case in 4 years. Anyway, from her experience, it’s not wise to give advice like that. No one knows their relationship or hearts like they do. And nobody else’s opinion matters. It’s yall that have to live and love each other everyday. But, has he changed? Charley thinks he has. Yes. Is that possible? Darla says it is. Look at her and RA. They stayed playing for TeamBadDecisions and hurting each other, but they are back together, so it’s possible. If you see a chance at something real, with someone who knows you, and truly cares about you, step out on faith. It might be everything you hope it is. Ok, Darla. I see you coming through with that bomb advice. And she was right. Charley has been interviewing folks about change and forgiveness because she doesn’t want to just follow her heart. She was waiting for somebody to tell her to get out of her feelings, but no one has. I loved this conversation even more because there was a time when Charley and Darla were getting close. The paternity bomb shell destroyed that, but those two have lots in common. And though we didn’t see much interaction with them this season, Darla mentioned that they were getting closer earlier in the season. I love it. I love that Charley affirmed Darla. I love that Charley opened up to her, because you know that Charley usually keeps everything close. I want a real relationship/friendship to emerge for them. SN: that white sweater Charley had on was so cute and I want one.

Later, Charley is catching up with MicahX who is on fire about the work he is doing. #defundthepolice and #blacklivesmatter is trending. This is a shift. Charley agrees and she feels it too. She told Micah that she’s been catching up on all the news and she’s blown away. Wayment? You’re catching up? What’s that mean? Oops. Charley has to make some quick decisions here since she slipped up. Oh…I….I…I’ve been under the weather. What does that mean? What was wrong? Micah is very concerned. Charley decides to be honest. I have Covid and I am recovering. Micah has a million questions. You took a test? How do you know it’s COVID? Charley tells him she’s pretty sure and it was pretty bad. Micah assumes that somebody with the last name Bordelon is there. Lemme talk to Vi. She’s not here. Ok. Where’s Aunt Nova, I need to talk to her about this. She’s not here either. Uncle RA? Nope. Not here. But I’m ok. What the hell is going on? Why aren’t you telling me what I need to know. Whew…see..this is why Charley didn’t want to say anything. She tells Micah to stop yelling at her. Micah immediately blames himself for leaving and for leaving her alone. Charley tells him she wasn’t alone. She couldn’t call the family so she called Davis. Micah was like…dafuq? His whole demeanor changed. He only had a few words to say. I’m on my way. Click. He straight hung up on Charley. He knew how bad things must have been for her to have to call his daddy. And he’s not having it. I am sure there’s tons of guilt there, especially since Charley and Micah have a whole new relationship now.

I guess Charley is finished getting everybody else’s opinion and has called Davis to meet her at the park. They sit on two separate park benches, which I found to be funny considering how close they had been last week. Why be socially distant now? I digress. Davis has no idea why Charley called him, but he assumes that it’s some bad news about Micah. Specifically that Keke is pregnant. Charley says that as far as she knows, Keke is not with child…and if she is, it ain’t Micah’s. Davis has no idea that Keke and Micah broke up because they don’t talk about that stuff. I feel like Micah doesn’t talk to Davis about much of anything. Charley finds that Davis’ fear of Micah becoming a father is interesting. They had Micah when they were Micah’s age. Davis says it’s not the same. The only reason why their situation was different and not as bad as it could have been was because Charley was in the mix and she made it what it was. And…it was one of the most beautiful times of his life. Wow. Charley never knew that. Davis has much respect and admiration for Charley and her strength. She decided to keep Micah and face the fallout, not just from her parents, but from everyone who thought she would be a force to be reckoned with and the next great scholar. But she got pregnant. Nonetheless, she pushed through and made their lives amazing and he should have told her that. He should have told her that everyday. Who is this reflective Davis? My lord.

The convo at the park continues and Charley tells Davis that she felt so strongly about creating a family with him and Micah. She made Davis believe they could do it. Charley tried very hard to build for them and thought that if she built something strong enough, nothing could ever touch them. Davis tells her she did just that, but didn’t figure that the person who would destroy the fortress was on the inside. It was him. You had children with other people. Davis says he had one. Charley says that was too many. I concur. He says he should have told her when it happened and it should have never happened. And then there was Melina. She defended him AND paid her off and that was the biggest failure of her entire life. And then, Charley opens all the way up and it broke my heart. When Davis was on the road, she wanted nothing more than to be with him. It felt like her days as a child, when she wanted to be with her father, but couldn’t be. His love felt unattainable. He had a family and she would imagine them happy without her. Likewise, Davis had other children and other women and he was happy without her. But Davis says he was never happy without her. And then the dam breaks. Then why did you do it? Why did you destroy us? And finally, Davis breaks down. People destroy good things in their lives when they hate themselves. He hated himself and for the past 4 years, he has had to look at all of the stuff he never wanted to face. He has done that. He’s not that person anymore. So who are you, Davis? That’s what I need to know. That dude that came to my rescue last week and took care of me and did all the things for me in such a caring way. Is he real? Is that you now? Davis says yes. It’s him. He’s here for her and he can finally love her the way she deserves to be loved – if she will let him. He puts out his hand, and Charley thinks long and hard before finally putting her hand in his. Well folks, it looks like this is happening. At first, I was mad because this is the conversation they should have had years ago. Charley needed these answers years ago. But years ago, Davis’ answers wouldn’t have been the same. So maybe the timing was perfect. This redemption arc they put Davis on is a crazy thing. I got feelings, but I will talk about that later.

Woke Micah was not playing when he said he was on his way. He made his way back to his mama house! In his room, he goes over the pictures he took of the protests. Davis is so proud of him. Micah has a lot on his mind and I was waiting for him to erupt. Instead, he thanked Davis for being there when he couldn’t be. Davis tells him that it was a good thing because Charley wouldn’t have wanted him to see her that way. It was pretty bad. Charley heard that and makes her entrance. It was bad, but she’s ok now. Micah wishes Charley would have called him, but he understands why she didn’t. He is learning what it feels like when someone does something that you don’t agree with but having to love them and respect them through it anyway. That’s what Charley has always done for him and he acknowledges that. And he thanks her for that. God knows Charley has weathered the storm with that kid. I been saying since last week that if Micah has any feelings about his parents getting back together, he needs to keep them to himself and manage his feelings like he expects other folks to manage theirs. And looka here. MicahX got it and he’s growing up. Micah wants to show his parents more pictures. Davis and Charley share a smile and they end the show and the season looking like a happy family that was never torn apart. Where’s the tissue? I loved this scene so much that I’m not even going address the COVID issues like did Micah quarantine, is Charley still contagious and if she has had the house deep cleaned. I also won’t ask how long Davis been there. I also won’t mention how Charley had on the same blue shirt she had on when she was talking to Vi…but now it’s days later and she got on the same blue shirt. I sometimes wear things more than once if I didn’t leave the house…so…maybe…I guess.


So last week, Nova collected some receipts on her beloved Calvin. I don’t know how many days have passed, but Calvin is back from his business trip. Nova is sitting at the table, waiting for him. He asks if she’s ok, but all she does is hand him the file on Andre’ Nixon. His name is Andre’ Nixon and he was only 19 years old and he says you and your little buddies in blue beat him until he was paralyzed. Do you know him? Because he knows you. I been investigating, and I have put it all together. All somebody had to do was look and care enough about this. No one did, until now. So tell me the truth. Tell me you didn’t do this and that you were not there that night. Because I WANT to believe you. So Calvin tells his side of the story. He tried to put it out of his mind. He’s the son of a cop and he had to prove himself. So, they got this kid — Nova stops him…his name is ANDRE’. So Calvin tells her about what happened that night. They beat him and said it was good practice. He was scared and didn’t participate, but he got called out and called up to come and beat Andre’ too. And he did. He said he ONLY hit him once or twice. He barely touched him. Ummm…sir. If you hit somebody once or twice, you touched him. Anywho, Calvin claims it was his first and last time. Just like he told Nova before that he was a bystander to this kind of corrupt behavior ONCE. The bottom line is Calvin been lyin’. Calvin claims this was 20 years ago and he’s not that person. Unfortunately, it was like yesterday for Andre’. So yall. Nova gave Calvin lots of space to argue his case and at this point I really expected the packing of clothes was about to commence. But it didn’t. What’s Nova gonna do about this rogue police in her house?

As expected, Nova got candles lit and is asking the ancestors for guidance and wisdom. You know what, Nova? The ancestors been telling you that Calvin was trash all season long. And that’s why you were all up in his face all season long and questioning his police activity and his feelings about police brutality. But you kept pushing because you wanted that relationship more than you wanted the truth. The real question is why you are doing everything EXCEPT packing his gahtdamb clothes in trash bags and putting them outside. You can light the candles, burn the sage, summon the spirits, pour some out for the homies, do all the rituals, make some tea, concoct a healing potion, pray to the ancestors and everything else – but you KNOW what needs to be done and you ain’t doing it. Calvin walks in and says he’s sorry for what he did. Nova tells him his feelings aren’t the issue. Again, I just want to know why he’s still there and standing upright. Calvin comes with the same song he’s been singing since we’ve known him. Am I not allowed to be better? Nova points out that he wasn’t better in that moment, he knew what he did, he denied it and then hid it. She’s mad and wants to do all the things to Calvin, but she can’t do any of them. She can’t even write about it. Ummm…actually, Nova, you can. She’s ashamed that she feels like she can’t do anything and that she wants to protect him. Calvin continues. It’s not him. That was not him. It’s in the past. You know me. You know my heart. Blah, blah, blah. #boybye

Nova is laying on sofa when there’s a knock at the door. She asks Calvin if he’s expecting anyone. I asked Nova why Calvin was still at the house. The po po have come to get Calvin. Nova asks him what he did. He says he did the right thing. Calvin turned himself in, yall. She watches Calvin be escorted out by the police and the tears won’t stop. This scene may have been emotional for some, but not for me. Calvin did what Nova wasn’t gonna do. As long as it got done, it’s whatever. I’m just happy that the season ends with her in shambles. Karma is a bish.


Vi is struggling with Blue’s departure, and it ‘s totally understandable. Wonder what he’s doing. Wood tells her that he’s with his grandma and although she’s trifling (I cackled), she loves him and she will take care of him. Vi is scared that Blue will change because he’s perfect just the way he is. Wood tells her that that won’t happen. Blue is going to stay Blue. They will pray for that and they will manifest that. Now to the issue at hand. You gonna apologize to RA? If RA could love Blue enough to send him away, he’s gotta be going through some thangs right now. Your feelings matter, but your pain is not equal to his. The stuff you said was outta line. It wasn’t kind or necessary. You need to consider being the adult and make this right. I totally agree with Wood on this one. Vi was all kinds of wrong last week. She needs to make this right.

Vi’s restaurant is finally open again, and Darla comes by to bring flowers. RA was not with her. There’s still some hard feelings there. Vi wants to know how Blue is doing and Darla says that he’s doing ok but the real test is when he starts school. I am confused because I thought this was still summer, so I’m not sure if this is a year-round school situation or summer school or what. But imma let Ava and ‘nem live


I guess they done had the going away Zoom party that Blue asked for last week, because as the show opens up, RA is packing up Pop’s pickup truck and they are headed to DC. I ain’t gonna lie. My VERY first thought was why they didn’t rent a SUV to take that boy to DC. Uno, what happens if it rains? They got the luggage all exposed in the back. Dos, y’all finna drive ALL the way to DC with Blue cramped up in the middle? Tres, can Pop’s pick-up handle that trip? I mean…ijs. OK. Back to the story. Blue is all dressed in a bowtie and holding Kenya. Remember Kenya the doll? Back in the day Blue and Kenya was a thing. Blue found her and wants to give her too RA. He knows his parents are having hard time, even though they are happy for him. Kenya will keep them company while he’s gone. And with that, they pack up and Blue is officially leaving for DC. Awwwwww. Good luck, Blue!❤️

Blue calls his parental units from his grandmama’s couch. He’s looking dapper in another bowtie and is super hype about how school went. He is doing some amazing things already. He misses them and he knows they miss him too – in a good way. RA and Darla are very emotional but seeing their little Blue happy is helping them get through it.

Later at the farm, RA and Darla look out at the stars that are exceptionally bright tonight. They never did see those shooting stars Blue was talking about a few weeks ago. But tonight, the starts are shining bright like their little star, Blue. RA thinks Darla is sad, but the opposite is true. She’s happy and she wants RA to be too. RA said he just needs some time to get used to the quiet and being childless. And then Darla has an announcement. You are a great father to Blue. And you are going to be a father again. I’m pregnant! But wait. Darla was like…with YOUR child. RA was like…pregnant with MY child. I chuckled because…well…yeah. They are hype! Woot woot. Another Bordelon is on the way, yall! And as they celebrate on the porch, a shooting star passes overheard. Awwwwww.

And just like that, Season 5 is a wrap, but Season 6 will be back in the fall. *insert happy dance here*

Per the usual, I got comments, questions and concerns:

On Queen Sugar timing: It is not lost on me that the night Calvin turns himself in for and seeks accountability for the part he played in the abuse of Andre’ is the same day that Chauvin was found guilty of murdering George Floyd. I don’t know how the universe keeps doing this with these QS episodes, but I love it.

On Aunt Vi: Thank God for Hollywood. He spoke the truth. And sometimes that’s what we all need. I wonder if next season we will see Vi minding more of her business and letting them Bordelon kids go and live their lives. I want to see that. Vi needs to focus on Vi and Hollywood. Dassit.

On Nova: At the end of last season I was BIG MAD about how Nova caused so much pain, but ended up winning so much. She had a bestselling book (and the money that goes with it), she got closure from all of her old loves, she got a book tour, she got forgiveness from the family that she threw under the bus, she got a new home with Calvin. She got love. She didn’t deserve any of it. And I was upset for the better part of this season, too, because she was still winning. Even when she was humiliated at Calvin’s people’s house, the burn didn’t last long. Even when Calvin’s daughter came, it ended uneventfully. Even in quarantine, she got to lay up with her man in complete bliss. Finally, her book came back to haunt her and now she is forced to walk through the same fire that she made her family walk through. And she may have to use that same forgiveness she thought she deserved from her family to forgive Calvin. I’m not mad that her life is about to be hell. But real talk, when she gathered the receipts, it should have been over. The fact that a breakup wasn’t even an option (so far) is bothersome on so many levels for me. But its Nova. So…yeah.

On Micah: MicahX had quite the evolution this season. I am most thankful that Micah and his mama got a chance to reconnect this season. I credit a lot of that to the fact that Nova couldn’t be all up in the mix. COVID allowed Charley to share her story with Micah and to adjust to having an adult child. Micah is finally realizing that his mom is not his enemy. He realizes what she did for him and he’s at a place where he can be thankful for what he was given. Micah also got a taste of his own medicine. Charley withheld information from him and forced him to manage his feelings and move on. I am starting to like who he’s becoming.

On Charley: The growth is wild with this one. COVID made her slow down and it’s the best thing that could have happened to her. She fell back and learned how to parent an adult child. She was open and vulnerable…and remorseful…and apologetic when dealing with Micah. For the first time since we met her, Charley had to stop running. As a result, she was reflective and its quite possible that this was the first time that she really had to deal with years of heartache and pain. I knew they were setting us up for a Davis re-entry because Charley was mentioning him way too much. She never did that before. So Davis ended up showing up and showing out. He reminded Charley of how deserving she is of care and concern. He took care of her like no one else could have. And she was able to see a change in him. I have always wanted Charley to find a new love that would appreciate her and love her with the intensity she deserves. A huge part of me hates that Davis is here and has managed to steal her heart for a second time. With that said, what I want most for Charley is happiness. And maybe Davis can give that to her. I do believe that that he’s learned his lesson and won’t muck this up again. I do hope that people remind him often that he need not hurt Charley anymore. He needs to spend the rest of his days putting a smile on her face because she deserves it and he is getting a second chance that he really doesn’t deserve.

On The Future: Well, there’s a baby on the way and I am excited about it! RA and Darla have come such a long way and it will be good to see them tackle this parenthood thing together. And, nothing brings a family together like a baby. What will Charley + Davis 2.0 look like? Will there be counseling involved? How will the family react to welcoming Davis back? Where’s Tia (I think she’s at a boarding school somewhere or living with a relative)? Where’s Parker and ‘nem? Will the fight resume next season? Will Charley rebuild the mill? Or will she chill? What’s going to happen to Calvin? Will Nova stand by his side? Will she write about it? What will MicahX say about it? Will Vi mind her business? Will the Real Spot open to a grand reception? What are your predictions for Season 6?

It’s been real, yall. Imma miss my favorite fictional family. But they will be back in the fall. I will be here recapping, per the usual *in my grandma’s voice* lawd willing and the creek don’t rise. Peace.

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