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From on the Pulse of Morning

May 29, 2019

Season 3 Finale

Queen Ava wanted to remind yall that the entire season’s episodes were titled after lines from Muvah Maya’s On The Pulse of Morning. But yall read my recaps, so you already knew this. 😊 Welp, let’s get into this season finale, shall we? 

Ralph Angel 
The episode started by immediately trying to take me out. Ralph Angel is walking into a prison. I thought they got him, but I was so wrong. Turns out that Ralph Angel is speaker. He is the one giving a motivational talk to a few inmates. Can we just stop here? Do you remember when we met RA? He was a whole mess! The growth has been ah-mazing. Anyway, RA is talking to the inmates about how hard it was when he got out. He still felt like he was in prison and isolated, but credits his family for keeping him straight. RA tells the guys that the one thing his daddy gave him when he died was purpose. He left the land to him, and working the land gave him real worth and LIFE. Freedom is precious. Then, he tells each and every man in the group that they are “worth something.” *whew, chile* When he sees them he sees new beginnings and hope. He challenges them to find something good and wrap their hearts around it once they get out. Ya’ll! RA came thru with a good word for these inmates who are on their way out of prison. Outside, RA talks to his parole officer. The PO wants RA to work with some programs that help inmates once they get out. He also gets news that RA’s early parole request has been approved. As RA looks at new inmates arriving to the prison, he finds out that he only has one more month of parole. Go, RA! Now…this news made me happy and scared because I will be living on the edge until those 30 days are up. RA can’t mess this up. 

Back at RA’s, Darla is showing him some kind of kit she bought for Blue. They have to build it. Blue asked if they could build it together. RA is cool with the family activity. And then RA and Darla have the most adult, civil and loving conversation that they have ever had. She wants them to be ok, and so does RA. Blue told Darla that Trinh is really nice. RA tells Darla that they aren’t together anymore. Darla tells him that all she wants is for RA to be happy. He wants that for her to and wants to make sure that all is well with her. And RA tells her he’s proud of her. Awwwww. Blue comes on in and they start to put his little kit together…as a family. 

Later, RA arrives home to find the police waiting for him. They tell him he needs to come to the station for questioning. RA isn’t about to fall into that trap. The sheriff reminds him he only has one month left on his parole and anything could send him back to prison. RA tells him he has cameras all on the property (good move). The police leave because they had no reason to be there. And, we see that the harassment has already begun and they are coming for the one that’s the easiest to trip up – RA. 

Micah X 
Micah is getting his own section this recap because he deserves it. He has planned a rally and at the prep meeting people are making signs, handing out tshirts and Auntie Nova is going over the list of speakers with him. Micah is a little upset because his friend, the #wokeones aka #thelilpanthers didn’t show up to help. SMH. I thought they were always down for the cause? Anyway, Charley comes over and asks Micah if he’s ready to take the lead? He has to tell these folks who have gathered to help all of the important info for the rally. He gets up to speak, but no one is listening. He doesn’t know how to command the audience. He hasn’t found his voice. He stumbles. He whispers. And, as some in the audience grow impatient, they ask for Charley to step up. She does, gives them all of the info, and Micah walks to his aunt, embarrassed. This was hard. Charley stood by as long as she could, but she swooped in to save him. I wanted Charley to let Micah have this, but she didn’t. 

At the rally, Micah is up next to speak. Keke shows up to support (heyyyy, Keke. I missed you girl). Micah speaks from a prepared speech, but stumbles. The crowd supports him with applause. He sees Keke and puts the speech down. He is ready to speak from the heart. He shares his truth. He is bleeding and hurting because of what happened to him. He was violated by the police. He looks to Charley and she nods in approval. Micah tells his story. The family is shocked. They didn’t know (except for Nova). They are outraged and so is the crowd. Why did this officer feel like his dignity and life was worth more than his? But he won’t allow fear or silence to protect him anymore. He names the officer. *Note: when Micah names the cop, the sheriff in the back is not pleased. Charley makes eye contact with him. She knows there is new trouble on the horizon. He was also at the council meeting and I believe he was the one at the Landry board meeting that was excited about the new jail and locking people up. He is the Bordelon’s newest enemy. Watch* Micah continues…we cannot allow St. Jo to become a place where they put hope in cages. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. The #wokeones show up! Micah makes a final plea for them not to build the prison. Charley is proud. The family is proud. The crowd chants, “no new prisons.” 

At the house, Charley and Micah watch the news recaps of Micah’s rally. Charley is encouraging him and commending him for what he did. He says that all he did was tell the truth and Charley tells him that if it were that easy, everyone would do it (that’s a word). As a result of Micah naming the cop who assaulted him, more victims have come out. Charley assures him that the traction he created cannot be ignored. No matter what, Charley is proud of Micah for fighting. OK…I am back in love with these two again. It was a rough season tho. 

At Nova’s house, Sierra and Nova reminisce about their old days of activism. Sierra has already read a draft of the book and is there to give Nova a review. It is “stirring, provocative, heartbreaking” and will mean so much to so many. It is her best work. BUT, it leaves no stone unturned. Does the family know? Nova says it’s from their interviews, but she did add some things. She has spoken her truth. Sierra reminds her that there’s a very fine line when you’re claiming someone else’s stories. And based on Vi’s reaction about the piece she wrote in Ernest, she needs to run this by the fam. Nova stands firm. The black community needs to be having these conversations. Sierra tells her she’s playing with fire. *I am already annoyed. At least let them read it, Nova. Try to salvage this.* 

Nova is moving forward with this book that will clearly throw her family under the bus. She titles it, “Blessing and Blood.” She writes that this book is for “their healing.” She takes the ideas that have been used off of her board – Ralph Angel Paternity, Calvin the White Cop, Too Sweet, Daddy, Melina Goludian…ya’ll…smh. 

Charley has taken Romero up on his offer to cook for her, and according to Charley it was amazing. Romero and Charley talk about the rally (I like that he’s involved) and the community. Charley confesses that when she was in LA, living the life of a basketball wife and sports manager, the world revolved around Davis and deals and money. That’s what she valued then. It is not what she values now. Loosing her father changed that. Romero says that his mom always says “love grows from humble hearts.” *is this foreshadowing? Now that Charley is in this space of giving and understanding, can love grow from here? I hope so* They continue, and Romero talks about how he was bullied at school and it was mainly over a dance they had to learn. Charley wants to see the dance, but he will do it only if Charley does it too. He shows her. They laugh. She tries it too. They laugh some more. They do it together and it is absolutely crazy and cute. Charley’s laughter is something I don’t think we have really heard before. They stop, and Romero tells her that he loves her joy. She tells him that he is a good human. He returns the compliment. And they kiss. *Yasssssss, LordT. It was a for real kiss too, with some fire behind it (song playing: “time will be frozen for us”).* And when it was over, it took a minute for Charley to open her eyes. This scene made me smile because it’s the exact moment that Charley found her joy. Out of all of the losses, heartbreak and betrayal, she found some joy. Go, Charley…and Romero. I am looking forward to more of these two next season. Can we ‘ship them? Why, yes, I think we can. #chamero 

Charley meets with Mama Boudreaux and it’s clear that Charley has the prison company “on the ropes.” It’s not good enough for Charley. She wants a knock out punch. Charley proposes that they defeat the prison plan AND take Sam out. She wants the “real” books from Landry Enterprises. Mama B says she can’t hurt her family business. But once the prison company sees what Sam has been up to, the prison reps will back off and so will the legislature…and then Mama B can be the one to save the family company and legacy. Charley knows Mama B wants the power, and that’s what she is leveraging. Mama B has to ensure she has complete control, she wants some of Charley’s shares. Charley agrees to 1%, but she wants all the farmers back in their homes, with favorable rates (she sells it’s good biz and great PR for Mama B) and she wants Queen Sugar Mill back. It belongs in the Bordelon family. But Mama B wants more shares if she agrees to that. Charley ain’t done. Mama B will have to give up a “hell of a lot more” if she wants more of Charley’s shares. And then Charley hits her with a half smile. When this ends, we really don’t know what the final arrangement was. What did Charley give up? What was the deal they reached? I guess we will find out next season. *Just a note on the décor on this show. Everything has meaning and symbolism. I saw a note on Twitter about how in this scene the clock was on Charley’s side. There is also a statue holding a lantern, very similar to the ones that were prominent along the Underground Railroad. Meaning, time is on Charley’s side, and freedom is near. Whew….I live.* 

Back at Charley’s it’s moving day for Prosper. Billie is meeting them at the hotel. Prosper is thankful that Charley took care of him. Charley tells him that he is family. Prosper has a parting gift for Micah. Gil Scott Heron’s “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” because he is a born leader. They head out, but Charley takes Prosper to his house. Prosper is confused. Charley hands him the deed to his land AND the house! Come on thru, Charley!!!!! She fixed it. Whatever deal she made with Mama B got Prosper his land back and gave him ownership – something he never had. She tells Prosper that his place is here, on his land. She has already spoken to Billie. It is done. Welcome home, Mr. Prosper. They hug and I wasn’t able to hold back the tears. Prosper has to take a walk around, just to “feel the land under his feet.” Whew, chile. The land is the other character in this show. Charley looks up to the sky and smiles. Remember, she made a promise to her dad that she would take care of Prosper. Promise kept. *This relationship between Prosper and Charley has been a joy to watch. She gets to do for him what she couldn’t do for Ernest.* 

Later, Charlotte is chillin with a drank at Landry’s house. She told Sam that the people let her in and she made herself comfy. LOL. Love it. Landry said that someone put his private affairs out in the open and now the prison thing may not happen. Charley tells Landry that his time is up and it’s time for people to see that he ain’t ish. Landry tells her to enjoy his temporary setback. Landry tells Charley that if his sister would betray him, she will betray her too. Charley ain’t nevah scared. She tells him that she’s been a black woman for a long time and the devil she knows, and the devil she doesn’t know – it doesn’t matter. She will conquer them all! She is not afraid of him or his sister. And then tells him to “take care.” Yassssssssss! The Godfather finally had some wins. And again, I’m gonna put some respeck on her name. Charlotte is what I shall call you. 

Aunt Vi 
Vi and Jarrett meet at the High Yellow to talk about where to build her pie shop. She seems not impressed with the spots he has proposed thus far, but there’s one more spot available. It’s the HIGH YELLOW!!!! Clive is retiring and put the place on the market. Violet remembers the day she was hired there 20 years ago, it took 18 years for her to become manager and now she could actually own it? Wow. 

Hollywood has a pre-wedding gift for Vi. He brings her to the High Yellow and announces that it is ALL HERS! Her name is on it. Period. Yes, Hollywood. What a full circle moment. 

Vi and Hollywood have invited the fam over and the yard is decorated. They don’t know what’s going on, but it turns out that the two love birds have decided to get married. Nothing fancy, nothing big. They come out of the front door looking like models, and get married. LOL. Their vows were amazing and I should probably devote a whole ‘nother post to them alone. But, anyway, they get married and then there’s a big party. Nothing but family, love and laughter.  

The End…for now. 

In other news: 
I can’t believe this is the end!!! What we gonna do, yall!!!!  Now all I am left with is my feelings.   

All I can really say is thanks to Ava (and Oprah) for this amazing thing called Queen Sugar.  And now, we wait to see what the Bordelons do next. 

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