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Queen Sugar – “If You Could Enter Their Dreaming”

September 7, 2021

Season 6 | Episode 1

The Bordelons are back bayyyyybeeeeeee! Finally. I missed them and I missed writing about them. Are yall ready to get into Season 6? Let’s do this.


I’m gonna get this party started with my bestie Charley because I’ve been high key worried about her since the end of Season 5. She had COVID and Davis nursed her back to health. When we last saw her, she said she was 87% recovered, which is great news. But, the last time we saw Charley, she had also accepted Davis back into her life and the season ended with the West family looking happy and like they never left (insert Whitney’s “Like I Never Left” here). As you know, if you read this blog, I do believe that Davis is trash and have referred to him as such several times. I have also made it known that I am all for Charley’s happiness and that’s why I’m at a crossroads with a Charley and Davis reconnection. But who cares about my feelings? No one. And especially not Charlotte Prescott Bordelon used to be West.

The season opens with Charley calling in to check on Micah. I will tell yall about what Micah Bordelon West been up to later. But know that it’s scandalous because Micah likes to make trouble wherever he goes. Anywho…Charley is calling her baby to say good morning. She’s in Southern Cal for a conference for up and coming political leaders. Micah is wishing her well and hopes that the party folks like her. Charley was like…you know what…if they like me they do, if they don’t, they don’t and I’m ok with that. And I was like…yes, girl. Don’t let these folks stress you out. But I was looking around in the back because I totally expected Davis to be there. So Micah bids his mother farwell and she encourages hims to stay out of trouble (because she knows her baby). But then sis got into some trouble of her own. Because Charlotte is not in Cali alone. No, no, no. Charley and Davis went back to the scene of the crime. Los Angeles. Charley had to be incognegro in a cute straw hat and shades. But she met Davis in a cute lil cabana. He was waiting on her too because as soon as she walked in, she straddled him and he looked like he had been waiting for her all day. I guess Charley is attending *some* plenary sessions, but she prolly skipped a few to get some west coast love with Mr. West himself.

So at their lil love nest, Davis is saying all the right things. He’s here for Charley’s happiness. Dassit. PeriodT. Charley still has reservations about them and with trusting him totally, which I was happy to hear. Because I don’t need Charley to go into this thing blindly. She does need to guard her heart just in case Davis loses his dayum mind again. But, Davis gets it and he’s not going anywhere. He’s here to make her dreams come true and to support her in whatever she wants to do next because it’s her turn. He’s here and he ain’t going NOWHERE. Ya heard. You know what? I believe him. I think he knows what he lost. Charley has been thinking about possibly running for another office, more than a councilwoman this time. Davis is all in. It really doesn’t matter what she dreams up, Davis is ready to be her support system. But Davis has been thinking, too. They can’t sneak around forever. Is Charley ready to let this rekindling be known to the world? She’s not. But she does think that they should take baby steps, IF they are serious. Davis was like IF? Girl watchu talking bout. I’m here. And then they playfully kiss. And it seems like the train has left the station on that one. They are a couple. And Charley is ready to face her harshest critics with the news – the Bordelons.


Micah gonna get his own lil paragraph tuh-day because he’s really outchea wilin’ out. Charley told him to be good. He told her he was and he was studying and being a good lil college student. Before Charley called, Micah was in class via Zoom and making some very intelligent remarks about Marcus Garvey to his professor. Later, Micah oversleeps. He was supposed to go to Vi’s for breakfast, but he missed it. So you know Vi was like….MICAH WEST, what the hell? Vi knew what was up tho and told him that whatever he was doing he needed to be safe and wrap that thang up! And Vi’s Auntie vibes were on point because Micah was indeed engaged in some sexy behavior — with the gahtdamb professor yall! Micah got him a grown azz woman, who looks to be his mama’s age. He did a Nova and got him a professor. Why do I feel like this won’t end well? Oh, I know…because it usually doesn’t.


RA and Prosper are talking about his crop – it looks good this year. Blue is sending him pictures and baby names daily and he’s doing well in school and loves his new life. RA has filed a lawsuit against the USDA to try to get settlement money for years of being discriminated against. He wants more farmers to get behind him, but yall know how them St. Jo farmers are. Darla is all pregnant and glowing and on her way to drop off some supplies at Vi’s for Nova’s vaccine drive. She wants RA to come too, but RA and Vi still aren’t seeing eye to eye and they haven’t made amends since that argument over Blue leaving. *le sigh*

Later, RA is at the payday loans place trying to get some coins. This is his 4th time there and the dude was like…ummm I have to run a background check. And my pressha went up. RA tells him that its going to be all good when his money from the harvest comes in next month. The guy goes along with RA’s story and gives him his license back. Whew…that was close. Turns out RA was borrowing money to buy the crib that Darla wanted. She knows that it’s expensive and can’t believe he got it because they have taken out so many loans. RA’s not worried. Once that harvest money comes in, it’s all good. Oh…and RA quit his nursing home job because he can’t take chances with her being pregnant. *insert another long azz sigh here* And in the very next scene, RA gets a call from collections. He’s gotten an extension on loans. He pleads for more time because the next batch of cane will be good. But of course they don’t care. He has a month to pay or the land will be foreclosed on.


Vi is still missing her Blue and saving blueberry pies to send to Blue in DC. She still doesn’t think she’s wrong even tho Hollywood is telling her she’s DEAD wrong and the situation needs to be handled. While at the diner, Wood discovers a bag of food with no name on it. Whose it for? Vi ain’t got no real answer and gives Wood an errand to run to get him off the trail. Then she makes a secret call and hides the food away. Right before Nova’s vaccine drive, Vi leaves the lunch assembly line at the diner to make a delivery…to a rundown motel. She leaves the food and knocks. Hmmmm… At the vaccine drive, Wood is checking in on Vi and RA. Are they talking? No. They are not. Vi said Ernest should have left an instruction manual for his kids. RA is a problem. And Charley is too because she out here tryna get back with Davis (how Vi know?) and then there’s the granddaddy of them all – Nova. She writing about defunding that police and that don’t make no sense. You know what I think? I think Vi need to worry bout herself. Ernest kids is grown. PeriodT.


It seems that True Papers is doing well and Nova is getting ready to do some publicity for it. A lady tells her that she should run for office. Nova tells her no…Charley is the politician in the family and she’s out in LA right now doing big things. As you know, Charley was doing big things, indeed. Like straddling Davis every chance she got. I digress.

Nova isn’t finish ruffling feathers. She’s working on another article, but his time she has a Black police officer providing her with the info about the police department. He’s skeptical and scared but she tells him that it will make a difference. He tells her that Calvin and his boys were/are just the tip of the iceberg. Nova wants people to understand what defunding the police really means and that’s the story she wants to tell. The cop is still not at ease and questions Nova’s judgement – because she had a white cop living in her house. She shole did. Nova reassures the police officer that she’s done undercover work before and none of her sources have ever been identified. She promises him that what he’s doing is God’s work and it will make a difference. And she publishes it.

The article is an instant success and even the Today Show wants to learn more about it. Nova is real hype until she walks up to her door to find it ajar. She was big scared, but then she realizes that she left the door open and her keys are on the table. All is well. But Nova is on edge.

At the vaccine drive, Prosper and Nova arrive to find wayyyyy more people than they had planned for. They don’t have nearly enough vaccines. Remember how that was happening in real life? How people were actually vaccine hunting? Yeah. It’s happening in St. Jo, too. Micah shows up at the vaccine drive all late because he was mad busy with his teacher. But he’s there and he has his camera. He’s working on a project about Black determination in the pandemic. I love it. Go, Micah. Wood offers him some wall space at his spot if Micah is up to showcasing his work. And the vibe at the vaccine drive is good. The Bordelons are doing their thang and being a blessing to the people. RA is trying to get the farmers to join his law suit and they ain’t tryna hear them. Just like they don’t be trying to hear Charley. SMH.

But then things started to go left. They only have 50 doses left, but there’s way more people than that in line. And these folks ain’t from St. Jo. Vaccine chasers. The drive was supposed to be for the farmers and elderly. Vi was like these white folks gotta go. But Nova can’t turn white folks away because they are white. Issa problem. And people want the shot. They try to keep people calm and try to get to folks with reservations and ID ONLY. And that’s when I knew it was about to be a whole situation.

Everybody in the line is mad. The confederates rolled up with their “explanations” of why they should get the vaccine before the other folks in line. But then Ms. Parthena came without an ID and Nova let her go. That didn’t sit well with the Karens in the line. And Karen did what Karen does and told Nova she had waited, she had her ID, and basically, she needs her shot. Everybody is blaming everybody. White v Black. St. Jo v other parishes. Everybody is BIG MAD. What is Nova to do? And then some white dude literally stole some vaccines. And then Nova called…*insert ominous music here* the police. I don’t think that was such a good idea. She says it’s just for crowd control. Micah isn’t sure about that.

The police did show up…with the usual BS. He sided with Karen, per the usual. He told Parthena to go home and get her license… even tho HE knows who she is. The officer was like I’m here, but you lucky I am and that I don’t fine you. He isn’t pleased with Nova and her defund the police article. Back at the tents, a Becky is getting in Prosper’s face and Prosper is not backing down. An officer comes and tells Prosper to chill and puts his hands on Prosper. They get into a tussle and the officer pushes Prosper to the ground. Yall. Yall. I CANNOT. Nothing better happen to Mr. Proper. You hear me? He better be ok! That’s all I know.

Alright, yall! Let’s talk about it.

Why does everybody have secrets? Haven’t we learned our lesson about secrets? Charley is keeping her relationship with Davis a secret. Micah is sneaking around with his professor. Vi is being a low key Uber Eats for some secretive person/family and not even telling Wood about it. Nova is doing undercover journalism. RA is keeping the finances a secret from Darla. I’m tired already, yall. TIYAD.

Nova is back to full-time activist, but it’s stressful. She’s advocating for defunding the police, but I’m still wondering what Calvin’s fate was. We need to wrap that up. Nonetheless, she doesn’t seem to be overly sad about Calvin not being her boo anymore. I need to know what’s going on. And then there’s Charley. How do we feel about the 2.0 version of their relationship? I really want to hate Davis. I really do. But it feels like he gets it. He gets what he lost and he understands that Charley did put everything she ever wanted to do on hold (indefinitely) for him and their family. He’s all in and he’s that support that Charley has been needing while she tries to slay all of the dragons of the parish. And though I’m not there yet, she’s happy. Glowing even. Davis is all in and it seems she’s taking her time, which is great. All I can do is pray for Charley and her heart at this point. I just don’t know, yall. And now young, Woke Micah is in an entanglement with his teacher. Wait til Charley find out about that one. I can see her going up to the skewl to give this woman who has turned her son out a piece of her mind. Whew, Chile. Davis prolly gonna high five him tho. Something is going on with Vi. She’s mad at everybody and she got a secret from Wood (again). Wood is sensing that somethings off and I really want them to handle this on the front end of the season rather than the backend because my nerves can’t take it. And RA. Ralph Angel and that dayum land. He is 30 days away from losing it all and I’m sure he ain’t gonna tell a soul until it goes up on the auction block. I need RA to put all of his pride aside and tell Charley so she can just handle it. Dammit. Just do it.

Did yall see the preview tho? It looks like Nova’s book will come back to haunt them. Remember when Nova incorrectly told the story about her Daddy burying somebody on the land? Looks like they are about to start investigating her foolery and tearing up the property to find the body. *Le sigh* And Charley is having to sell the Davis has changed story, while Davis is showering her with surprises. And in some joyous news, we find out the sex of the baby! Yayyyyy. We need that. We really do.

So how did you like the premiere? What are your predictions for the season?

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