Recap Renegade

David Makes Man – Homecoming

August 24, 2021

Season 2 | Episode 9

The opening scene was all a dream. JG goes back to the Ville and sees young David. There’s a whole ceremonial-ish sequence that’s very dramatic and tribal. It was like the funeral scene from S1 (after the kid overdosed on drugs). After that crazy dream, JG takes Tren to school. Tren is worried that Gloria will have to move after the altercation with the neighbor. JG’s mind is elsewhere and Tren has lots of concerns this morning. Are her parents getting a divorce? Does the gunshot would still hurt? JG has had it and goes off. He tries to apologize, but the damage is done. Tren gets out of the car and heads into the school.

David is still dealing with feeling all his feelings and takes his usual spot on the train. Flashbacks of that breakthrough therapy session run through his mind. Little David appears and asks David why he doesn’t drive and why they don’t have a car. I been asking the same question all season. Lil Dai got Big Dai looking at sports cars on his phone. I approve. LOL.

At the police station, JG reports to work, but he probably shouldn’t have. At the police headquarters, JG is getting totally iced out. The people ain’t got a word to say to him and are straight ignoring him. And then the Chief tells him that he’s on surveillance duty. JG also learned that Shalimar is going to be tried as an adult. The police officers are happy to hear it. And they are also mad at JG for taking their money and giving it to Shalimar. JG’s partner tells him that they are over him. They gave him money that they could have used for themselves and their families. And he turned around to give it to a kid who doesn’t have a chance in hell in getting off. JG is having the worsT day ever and heads outside to find some calm…he calls Shella. *insert deep sigh here* But she doesn’t answer. She texts him and tells him she’s with a client and asks if everything is good. It’s not. But JG doesn’t respond.

Little David is still in control and rolls into the office with a whole new attitude. Joe calls to tell David that he got some work to do to fix this foolery. The Ville residents will be evacuated next week and he can’t put condos on toxic land. So now what? Dai tells Joe to calm the EFF down because he will fix it. That was lil Dai talking. Big Dai ain’t so sure.

JG left his job and went home. Except he sits outside of his house in his car and doesn’t go in. Trish calls and JG is bothered. But she was calling because Tren is missing. She didn’t go to soccer practice. The word reached Gloria and Gloria called David. He vows to come and help them find Tren. One problem…he has to handle all his business on foot. SMH.

Trish is on 10 and JG been looking for Tren, with no luck. Trish says that maybe they need to call the station. JG has to let her know that he ain’t go no friends at the station. No one is talking to him. But then JG gets a call from Mx. Elijah. Elijah is all confused and talking about vandalism at the Ville. JG is like…I don’t have time fa dis because Tren is missing. And then Mx. Elijah tells JG that Tren is at The Ville! Say whet?

So David heads back to his house to look for his license and I’m hella surprised that he even had one. And that he has one, but doesn’t carry it as a form of ID. Who does that? Anyway, he bumps into Nicole in the lobby and she offers her assistance once David tells her what’s going on.

At Gloria’s, Gloria is going straight crazy looking for Tren in the house. She’s not there, of course. She asks one of the kids when’s the last time they saw Tren. She wants to use the kid’s phone to call Tren. But then she is reminded that she took Tren’s phone away the last time she tried to runaway. This doesn’t help matters at all! But then JG calls and says that he heard Tren is at the Ville so Glo is ready to get her grandkid. Robin stops her. She’s trying to get Gloria to stay at the house and let JG take care of it. Robin thinks she needs to slow down because she’s going to run herself crazy — and then Robin will have to pick up the pieces…per the usual. Gloria was like…ain’t no way my grandchild is going to be missing and I’m gonna sit here and be calm – you don’t get to tell me how to show up for my children! Robin takes offense. They have been together for 9 years and she wonders when she’s going to be part of this family and when Gloria will think of her as part of the family she’s showing up for. Gloria isn’t hearing A WORD of what Robin is saying and Robin gives up and lets her go. But Robin tells her that when she gets back, they got some talking to do because she is tired of this. Whew. I really want to know all about that relationship. Like..for real.

Back at the apartment, Little David is taking over with Nicole and it’s working. All Nicole wanted was for David to be real with her and she appreciates it. Little Dai for the win! And David found his license. JG calls him and tells him that Tren is at the Ville. David is on his way!

JG rushed to the Ville and straight up to Mx. Elijah. Of course Elijah is confused when JG starts looking in the house for Trenise. Of course Elijah doesn’t know what the hell JG is talking bout. Oh, Lawd. JG is super mad because Elijah got him wasting time. On the way out, the Ville comes to drag JG. They hem him up about how he didn’t help Shalimar. JG goes straight off on them, but they are surrounding him. He tries to get them to understand that he’s the victim. He always tries to look out for the Ville but all he got was a gunshot…by his own people. So basically EFF YALL! What y’all want from me! Elijah tries to stop JG. Shella comes out and does absolutely nothing but say that JG gotta handle this on his own. And that the world can keep bending for him. Really, Shella? And then David and Gloria show up right before things got wild. Situation over. Crisis averted.

Elijah sees Glo and is surprised she came back to the Ville. Glo just wants to know where Tren is and Elijah tryna figure out why everybody keep asking that. SMH. And then Gloria leaves to be with her kids. Elijah reminds her they are 2 grown men.

David and JG go off to the side so that they can argue in peace. They both become the smaller versions of themselves. David reminded JG that he needs to calm down. JG explaining why he was doing what he was doing. David tells JG to put himself in Tren’s shoes. She’s feeling the same things he felt when Sky died and he was the only one that was ever there for him. Understand what she’s feeling. JG says he understands and he’s sorry he wasn’t there for David, but he gotta go find his kid.

Meanwhile, Gloria and Elijah are fighting. Elijah’s feelings are hurt because Gloria left. Elijah’s been there, struggling and she knows that. And yet, she’s not there for them. David comes to get Gloria so she has to go. There’s a slight embrace between Glo and Elijah. Glo says she will call. Elijah may forget a lot, but he didn’t forget the hand David has played in the Ville mess and tells him that he done effed it up and they have to get out by next week. We are living and breathing. We are more than buildings. Look what you’ve done. Little David appears and he’s up to something. He has a bag of Elijah’s potting soil. And then he takes a sample of soil from the garden. Dai said he got a plan and he was slick. He will get the soil retested and show everybody. Big David is tired of little David’s shenanigans. How you gonna figure out how to get a new soil report, but you didn’t find your niece OR a place for the people of the Ville to stay? You are supposed to be finding Tren but you lost all focus. It’s all about you and your plan. What are we proving? What is all this for? Big David goes allllll the way off on little Dai. And in the end, little Dai just wants to know why he is always talking to him like that when all he’s doing is trying to help.

David texts Dr. Halloway because he needs help. David heads back home, totally deflated. But when he opens his apartment door, Tren is there…

It was another stellar episode! Tren is at David’s! Why did she choose to go there and how did she get in? What’s going on with Mx. Elijah and Glo’s relationship? Why does Glo call all the time, but not really check on her friend. Elijah seems to have been struggling for a long time now. What will happen with those soil samples? Will Little Dai’s plan be put in motion? Where will the people of The Ville go? Why won’t JG and Trish split up? Is this the tipping point for Robin? And the back and forth between little and big David is so intriguing…but haven’t we all been guilty of doing just that? I know I have.

Well..we have reached the end of the journey. What are your predictions for the finale?

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