About Melanin Mindscape

Welcome to the corners of my mind…at least that’s the way I think of this blog. On a daily basis, thoughts of Black TV, Black literature and Black history are on a constant loop in my head. There’s so much to see, read, discover, learn, share and discuss. Over the years, I have used Facebook to share unknown or little known Black History facts, my latest reads, and recaps of my favorite shows. With each post, friends would constantly ask when I was starting a blog. Welp…here it is.

I am invested in the uplift and celebration of us, our culture, our history, our accomplishments, and our magic. I am appreciative of all things that authentically tell our stories and I am most excited when I see us beautifully and truthfully portrayed on TV, in movies, and in books. I am devoted to learning, and in some instances, re-learning our history. And, I am excited to share and discuss it all with you.

My hope is that Melanin Mindscape will become one of your favorite blogs to visit. Come follow me on my literary journey and let me know what you are reading and what good books I should add to my list. Devour all of the sweetness and magic of Queen Sugar (and other shows coming soon) and join me as I give an in-depth recap of every move the Bordelons make. Honor the ancestors by learning the truth about our history, our excellence, and our resilience.

I had the pleasure of attending Michelle Obama’s Becoming Tour. One of my favorite quotes of hers is, “Find your flame, and keep it lit.” Melanin Mindscape is my flame. It encompasses the things that I am most passionate about. Sharing with you is how I plan to keep it lit.

Welcome to the Melanin Mindscape journey. I am glad you’re here.

Peace and Love,