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Queen Sugar – “Or Maybe Just Stay There”

October 13, 2021

Season 6 | Episode 6

Last week on Queen Sugar, RA doubled down on his foolery and committed the crime with Theo; the tests on the bones came back and it was determined that they are 150 years old and that Ernest is not a murderer; Charley had to learn how to deal with social media draggage; Nova and Billie made up and Nova continued Nova-ing and published another bombshell article about the police (because that’s what Nova does). And now we here…


The episode opens with Charley in a cute lil robe FaceTiming her man. She’s talking to Davis about how she told the party leadership that she needed time to think about jumping in to the political spotlight because it’s a huge decision. She wants to take her time and relax. And I was just happy to hear her say that because one thing Charlotte Prescott Bordelon (used to be West) isn’t known for is relaxing. Davis looks happy about her revelation that she needs to chill and she tells him that she also needs to work out because he’s over there looking like a 2-piece shnack (that’s not a typo). Davis said he has to keep his muscles in order because the women on his team are fierce. They got 2 months before their first game and he gotta keep up but he likes that Charley is shamelessly flirting. And she ain’t got NO shame. She is missing her man. Awwwwww. And she looks refreshed and dare I say…happy?

Charley is really on some next level happiness and invites Aunt Vi and Nova over for a post-pandemic spa day. They are having a good time and it’s nice to see. Vi and Charley joke about Nova’s crusty feet. They giggle and have a good time. Charley says they should do this more and that they should make more time for each other. She also says that this spa day was brought to them by Davis who has told her that she needs to slow down. Vi and Nova exchange looks. Charley done mentioned Davis bout 50/11 times. She’s sprung and it shows. Charley was like…what’s y’all’s problem. Nova told her that she’s more sprung now than she was when she first met him. Charley says that she feels more free now. Back then she was trying to be perfect for him and make him perfect for everyone (whoa!) but now she knows who he is and he knows who she is and they like what they see. Vi and Nova still say she’s sprung. But Nova went on to say that Davis was right. They do need to take care of themselves and she quotes one of my favs, Audre Lorde. ““Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” Whew! Say that. But just as they were settling in for some chill, Charley’s phone buzzes and she gotta go. Wet toes and all, Charley was like…see ya. Yall stay and eat that pasta I made. Buh-Bye.

So Charley rushed over to have lunch with the guy from the party that she met with when she was in California. He says that her interview with Gayle King made some unexpected waves. They were impressed and they didn’t expect the reaction that it got. Based on the feedback, they no longer want her to run for State Senate. Charley was like…I’m sorry to hear that, bruh. I would have killT that position. And yeah, that interview was risky but I owned my story AND my power, so it is what it is. I’m not gonna apologize. AND, since I’m here…yall always talking about how yall want progressive Black women to run but when the fire gets hot you change your mind. She reaches for her purse because she’s about dip, but dude says holeup…we want you to run for Congress. The party will agressively support you in that endeavor. *cue The Jeffersons theme song* Oh… We talking bout the big league bayyyybeeee. I see you Charlotte. I’m finna sign up to work this campaign honey. But is Charley as excited as I am?

After her lunch, Charley decides to go for a walk in the park. She got lots of thinking to do. It’s the same park she asked Davis to meet her at last season and where they rekindled their relationship. She pulls out her phone to call him, but he calls just as she was about to dial his number. She tells him that she met with a party rep and Davis wants to know if everything was still ok. She says it is, but that she doesn’t want to bother him with the details. I thought sure she was going to tell him about the new development, but she didn’t. She tells him that she’s at the park because she feels close to him there. She misses him and he misses her just as much. She wants to know if he will be able to visit. He says he doesn’t think he can swing it. But maybe she can come to visit him. She says maybe. She loves St. Jo but she’s kinda missing LA. The restaurants, the coast, the vibes. Davis says that this coaching gig really doesn’t mean much to him if it’s going to keep them apart and Charley is speechless. She needs to think all of this thru and how to make it all happen. Davis tells her that she is not alone. There is nothing that she has to carry alone. They will figure it out. Yall. Can I just say that Davis and Charley are cute. Charley got love all over and it looks goodT.

After the park, Charley visits Micah at school. He brings her coffee and they are just the cutest little pair. Charley came by to talk the whole run for Congress thing thru with him. Micah is just as hype as I am. What? My mama gonna be on the squad? Oh, yes, girl! Charley was like…whoa son. I haven’t made a decision yet. If I do this, all of us will be stepping into the spotlight again. She wants to know how he feels about that. He says he can handle it. Charley tells him he’s extraordinary. But, there’s more. She might have to go back to LA to run in California! Ohhhhh…this is getting spicy. Micah wants to know where she stands and how does his dad factor in? She has spent so much time choosing between love and ambition. She’s not sure about doing that anymore. Micah offers his help, if she needs anything. Awwwww. She’s good. She just didn’t want to keep anything from him. But, now Mama Bear wants to check in with the cub. You good? He says he’s feeling much better. She was worried. And she’s always there for him and he can call anytime. Micah tells her that he has people taking care of him at school, too. Specifically, his friend, Isaiah. He’s become a best friend. And unlike most people, Isaiah actually listens. Charley’s cool and tells Micah that he should invite his friend over for dinner. But then Micah opens up. The guys were talking about us because we are close and Isaiah is queer…he thinks. They don’t talk about it. They talk about everything else, but not that. Charley tells him that if he is queer, there’s nothing wrong with that. She loves him and she supports him no matter what. Micah says it just shouldn’t matter if he’s queer of if his friend is queer. So why people gotta be like that? And then Charlotte broke it down. Haters come in all forms. It’s not always about you getting something that other people wanted. Sometimes its just that people can’t take you in because your spirit is free. And they wonder…who are you to be truly free when they aren’t. And that never stops. As you get older it gets harder to find real love and real friendship, so when you do, hold on to them. Oh…and tell the haters to kiss your azz. See. Yall. I love Charley 2.0. She outchea looking refreshed, free, unbothered and giving out good advice. And she has found love with Davis. I think she’s going to hold on, too.


So RA and Darla went on that baby moon they can’t afford. Darla says it’s amazing and she thanks RA for bringing her. She apologizes to him for making him feel like she doubted him. *insert deep sigh here* She wanted to show up for him the way he shows up for her. He tells her that that’s why he brought her on this vacay and he’s gonna spoil her.

While Wood was playing daddy to Gabriel and taking him to the spot to get a fresh cut, the barber tells Wood that the cops came by looking for RA. They wanted to ask him some questions about a buddy of his and they will be back later to talk to Wood. Here we go…

Darla is sleeping and RA is getting in some reading on the baby moon when Wood calls. Wood aint waste no time telling RA that this boy Theo got arrested and the cops came to the shop to ask all of the barbers and the customers about Theo AND your azz RA! RA could barely breathe. He was so silent that Wood had to ask if he was still there. Yep. He’s here. Wood tells him that he would do what he could to cover for RA but he wasn’t gonna lie for Theo because Theo got his business all caught up in this mess. Apparently, Theo had mentioned RA at the spot and Wood wants to know why Theo would even be mentioning RA’s name. RA tells Wood that he did some “work” for Theo recently. Work? What kinda work? Is this gonna come back on you? RA didn’t answer but did tell Wood that he was gonna handle it when he got back. Ummmmm….how RA? How you gonna handle it?

Darla is enjoying her lil getaway, but since RA got that call, he is shooketh. He has no choice but to come clean to Darla. He drove the car. And Theo just got arrested. He doesn’t know what they know about him. But he had to do it so they could have some space to breathe. He reaches and puts his hand on hers and she removes it. He knows he messed up but is looking for understanding. Darla tells him that she has begged him to be honest and upfront with her but he always chooses to lie. His lying made her feel wrong. There’s a knock at the door. It’s just the man with the egg rolls but both of them jump. Darla was like…is this what its gonna be like now? Always on the edge and in fear? RA can’t even answer. He goes to answer the door.


Nova is fresh from the day of self care at Chateau de Charlotte and she’s feeling nice and rested. She calls her assistant and tells her to cue up an article and that she’s taking the rest of the weekend off. She gets in the bed in her street clothes. Yall. This bothered my soul so much. Remember when she got all up in Charley’s bed with her street clothes on? I guess this is a habit for her and I do NOT approve. Anyway, she’s ready to rest, but tranquility didn’t last long. The next thing she heard was the sound of somebody breaking into her home and then she was surrounded by police with their guns drawn. In full gear, chile. Nova gets up, tells them her name and that she owns the house (is their joint ownership with Calvin? Because I’m a lawyer and I be wanting to know these things), she is the only one who lives there and that there are no weapons in the house. They say they have a warrant to search for narcotics and they handcuff her. They also tear up her house looking for the “narcotics.” They find her work and call her “liberal trash.” They take her outside and ask how long she’s lived there. 13 months. How can you afford a home like this by yourself? You taking money from the movement like your friends? The audacity. Nova had to remind them that she’s a NYT Bestselling Author (ughhhhh), she runs a successful website and she does speaking engagements. In short, she got money and you don’t need to worry ’bout it.

It’s a whole scene from a movie outside of Nova’s house. Dominic looks to have been out on a run when he comes across all of the police and Nova sitting outside on the steps. He asks if everything is ok and the police automatically question him with their guns drawn. He explains that he’s a neighbor and they tell them that this is none of his business then. Dom was like…this is my community and anything that happens on this block concerns me. He then grabs for his phone to document this foolery and the police go in on him. And Nova jumps up (to do what I don’t know) and that doesn’t make it any better. They both end up on their stomachs in the front yard with guns to their backs. While they are facing each other, Dominic calms Nova down and tells her not to give them that power. They are gonna be ok. At that point, the police also notice that the whole block is watching…and recording.

And of course the cops find something – Nova’s weed. Nova tells them that she has a card for medicinal use. They don’t care. They get ready to take her down to the station. Dominic tells her that he will keep watch and then he will meet her at the station. He tells there that he got her and watches as the police drive away with Nova in the back seat.

At police station, Nova sits in an interrogation room and prays that God will cover her and make her resilient. The cop comes back in the room to harass her. Are you ready to talk? No, but I am ready to go home. I’ve been here about 4 hours and you keep coming back in here. Every hour you keep me here, racks up a bill for the people of New Orleans because I am going to sue your arse for unlawful detainment. That lil bit of weed you found would usually warrant a ticket. But, I have a medical use card that I know you know about because I keep it with my weed. So you are abusing your power and punishing me for speaking truth to power. I’m bout tired of yo ish and I’m reT to go. The she pipes up in that Nova voice, tells the cop to release her and…he does. Because all of Nova’s situations seem to quickly resolve in this exact same manner.

Outside the police station, Dominic is there. He came to the station like he said he would. He’s been waiting. They embrace. I see a love story developing here…


Wood brings Gabriel back to the motel and Celine greets him. Of course Gabriel is happy and he thanks Mr. Hollywood. Celine thanks Wood for taking time to be with Gabriel. It’s really made a difference in his life. But Celine is standing all up in Wood’s personal space when she tells him that she’s happy that Gabriel has a good man like him. She wishes she did too. Wood felt the heat and attempted to get himself out of that shituation. He tells her to tell Gabriel he’s gonna see him later and gives Celine a hug (not sure why) and the Celine tries to kiss him. #JesusTakeTheWheel. Wood was like OH NO MAAM! I ain’t come her for all that. And you got somebody good in your life – Vi. You are out of line. This is how you repaying Vi? Celine runs back up to her room, totally shook and embarrassed.

Hollywood went sKraight home to tell Vi about what Celine tried to pull. Wood has trouble tying to tell this story, but Celine tried to kiss him. Say what now? After all I’ve done for her? How could she do that. Wood agrees. But then Vi was like…how did she get close enough to try? See…Vi. You just had to go there, didn’t ya. Wood was like…whoa now, she leaned in and found herself in a space she wasn’t invited to. PeriodT. Vi just has to accept and deal with this situation. She’s ready to go to Prosper’s. But they need to make a stop first. Uh…oh….

Vi went straight to the motel and Gabriel and Celine are gone. She’s mad, but this is not a good situation. Celine doesn’t have much money and she can’t use her credit cards because her husband would be able to track her down. Wood wonders if she went back to him. Vi says she will call her later. But why can’t folks just acK right? I don’t know Vi. I don’t know.


Prosper’s nurse got him lifting weights and he was high key trying to show off. He got to 20 and the nurse and Billie were very proud of him. Billie is headed out and she plans to grab some dinner and they can have a Daddy/Daughter date and call the kids so they can talk to him. Prosper agrees.

Billie went out and got the an Italian dinner. She got dessert and all. Prosper even got some wine. But then there’s a knock at the door and it’s Vi and Wood. Prosper forgot he told them to come by. Ughhhhhhhhh, Prosper!!! Hollywood notices that they have interrupted the meal Prosper and Billie were having, but Prosper tells them that they didn’t and invites them to stay for dessert. Billie is just…hurt. Wood was trying to get outta there. Vi was like…bet…let me slice up this pie. Billie tries to excuse herself. Vi accuses her of not wanting some of her pie. Billie told her its not about her pie, it’s about the fact that she was spending some quality time with her daddy…but yall gone ‘head and have your dayum pie. Prosper tries to diffuse the situation. Come on, yall. We all family here. Both Vi and Billie say in unison, “she’s not my family.” Again, Wood tries to leave. And once again, Vi ain’t done. She tells Billie that she has had it up to HERE (right at the top of her wig) with Billie’s disrespect. Billie tells her that she’s had it with her not respecting the relationship she has with her father. Vi was like..oh really? You didn’t respect my marriage. Wood was like…wth? Ain’t nothing going on with me and Billie. Dang. I didn’t realize Wood didn’t know about this thang. Welp, Billie is all the way over this bs. She bangs on the table. For over 20 years I have let you paint yourself as the victim. But EYE was the victim. Not you! He was a grown azz man who tried to force himself on me and when it didn’t happen the way he had planned, he spread rumors about me. I was a child and I didn’t deserve that. The adults in my life should have believed me and protected me. Did you ever stop to this think that maybe you should have asked me if what you heard was true? And then she leaves. Prosper looks shook.

Billie stormed out and did a Charley. She went straight to the bar. Prosper told Charley to find Billie for him. He was worried about her. Charley tells her that letting hurt and shame run you out of town never allows people to see how hard you have worked to survive, to become the woman you are now. Charley says she knows what it’s like to feel shame about past secrets. She has tried to drown them the same way. Eventually they all come back. Billie says Violet brought it to the surface and Charley tells her that Vi is wrong (I was happy to hear it). She’s too wrapped up in her own pain and that’s her journey. Nonetheless, you knew you were going to have to really deal with all of this one day or you wouldn’t have come back. Surviving isn’t about moving past the pain, it’s how you harness it. What you make from it. And you have made a great life, despite all this. You are a strong and fierce woman. You are a good mother and you are a good daughter. There’s no shame in that. Whew!! Come thru with that word Charley! Yassssss.

*pours tea* Let’s chat.

There wasn’t as much movement on RA’s situation this week and I was disappointed. This week I found myself totally exhausted with him. First, they on that vacay that was paid for with stolen money. Second, this situation now has Hollywood’s place in the mix. Third, he is stressing Darla TF out. But now it looks like Sam is on to him. Of course Sam has cameras. Of course he does. Why would RA think he could really get away with that? I sweaterGawd I’m so over him. And I’m mad because it took me a good 4 seasons to even like him, and here we are again. He is on my lisT. I’m mad at Darla too for not getting that money sooner and paying them dayum bills. We ain’t got time for RA’s foolishness.

I gave Billie a hard time when she hit the scene. But she ain’t on my list no more. The one thing that no one else has been able to accomplish (besides Jimmy Dale) is shutting Vi all the way up. Billie left her speechless! Has that ever happened before? I think not. Vi was wrong then. Vi is wrong now. I’m so happy that Charley told Billie that. She needed to hear that from a Bordelon. And Propser. Yall know I love me some Mr. Prosper, but he needs to do a better job of reading the room. Billie is trying so hard and Prosper needs to do better. I don’t doubt that he loves her, but dammit Prosper you getting on my nerves with this.

Can we give Hollywood a few cookies? He shut Celine all the way down and immediately came home and told Vi everything. Yes. That is how it’s supposed to be done. And even tho Celine crossed the line, I am worried about her future. What’s next for them? And poor Gabriel. It will be like losing a father twice.

Nova. Nova isn’t good at taking hints or advice. The Black police officer made a trip to her house, which was probably dangerous for him, to tell her that they were out to get her. Her phones were tapped. Her house was bugged. This raid was inevitable. Nova should have asked Charley to move in with her until things cooled down or something. Some security or something. But nope. And of course they didn’t find anything, but that wasn’t the goal. The goal was to destroy her property, scare her, embarrass her and silence her voice. I know there are still folks out there that think Dominic is an undercover agent. I’m still not on that train. Dude almost got arrested out there with Nova. I don’t think this is some crazy game to set her up. I think he’s a voice of reason, a professor who can help her on her next big story (the bones) and a future love interest. I need yall to be a bit more trusting. Dayum.

Charley started the day with self-care and she was all light and fluffy. She didn’t have a care in the world and then she was asked to run for Congress, had to contemplate a move back to LA, forced to figure out what she gonna do about this long distance relationship and had to rescue Billie from the bar…in less than 12 hours. Why can’t my girl enjoy 24 hours of zen? Huh? Who I need to talk to? Ava? Anthony Sparks? Why yall keep doing this? Anyway, shout out to all the folks who were dragging Charlotte for telling her own story. Yall wack. She got ahead of it and it worked. Maybe it worked too well. What will Charley do? Is she going to leave St. Jo? She told Davis that St. Jo was home and she didn’t leave. But now, a run would put her right back there…with Davis. Will everything going on with Nova and RA, will she feel the need to stay? And if she does, would Davis give up his dream to be with her? I was shocked when he said that his job didn’t mean much without her. In other news, Charley is glowing. And I like it.

Can we get a round of applause for Micah and Charley’s relationship? Because there used to be a time when the appearance of Woke Micah on my screen activated my side eye. But now, they have the kind of relationship I hope to have with my boys when they get older. It’s sweet.

Ok yall. That’s all I got. Queen Sugar is going to leave us hanging next week with no new episode! Blasphemy! So I will see you guys in 2 weeks.

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    October 13, 2021 at 2:05 am

    You hit it out of the park… a-gain!
    When I tell you that I am stepping on every cloud with Charley… I just love this remixed Charley. The pandemic, as bad as it was/is, did some people well. Charley is one of them. Her perspective is brighter, she ain’t stressed and she’s “Walking on Sunshine”. Thank you Davis for lifting up my girl. Keep her lift ni.

    Vi… Lord Vi. Billie left her whole face cracked. How in the hell did Vi blame a mere child (yeah 18 is still a child in my book) for interfering with her marriage to Jimmy Dale? Lying, cheating, abusive Jimmy Dale of all people! Vi is so busy running point guard in other people’s lives that she misses the point in her own life. Billie set her straight though. Yaay Billie. And Prosper, do better about your daughter. Stop standing no the sidelines offering no defense of her. No wonder Bille stayed away for 20 years. I would have done the same if my own daddy didn’t believe or support me. Respectfully Mr. Prosper, you don’t get a pass.

    Lord have mercy Nova is STILL winning! Yeah she was bumrushed and manhandled by the police, but after all of that, all she had to do was her signature yell and be let go and was let go into the arms of new cutie. SMDH. When Karma, WHEN are you coming her way??

    RalphAngel… stoopid! I’m tired of him. And next week, Vi is gone be Vi and be working overtime trying to get him out of this. Everybody is ALWAYS rescuing RalphAngel. Vi and the stolen property, Charley and the shotgun at the house, and now this. With all of the resources at his disposal, he opted for the illegal one. SMDH… again.

    I do not approve QS returning in 2 weeks. Well.. at least Prime Video dropped this ep with the quickness. Guess folks walked off the job last week. LOL

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