Recap Renegade

Queen Sugar – “They Would Bloom and Welcome You”

October 26, 2021

Season 6 | Episode 7

Well. Yall know where we left the Bordelons. Nova’s house got trashed by the po-po and RA’s little criminal activity was just about to come back and haunt him. And now we here. Let’s get right to it, shall we?


Yall. I’m so done with RA that I don’t even want to write about his foolery. Sadly, if I don’t, I won’t have a recap because this episode was all about his stupidity. The episode opens with Darla and RA standing outside of the police station. Looks like they came straight from that AirBnB they couldn’t afford. And the first words he uttered were: Charley says she’s on her way with her lawyer right behind her. *record scratch* Excuse me? Is this the same Charley that you didn’t want help from? The same person you dismissed after she rightfully asked you how you were going to manage the land with no coins? The same one that you didn’t want to ask for a loan? That Charley? So now she’s paying for a lawyer for your dumb azz and spending all the money that you could have just asked for in the first place. And she’s the first person you called? Make it make sense. Anyway, Darla is standing by her man and trying to reassure him. He’s there to answer the questions about the robbery, but there’s a chance that he could get arrested. Darla says they will pay his bail immediately. Word? Charley finna do that, too? I can’t. So anyway, RA apologizes to Darla and Darla tells him that he’s strong and she’s here for him (Gawd bless her soul). RA walks into the police station alone. Darla watches him go.

So Charley to the rescue…again. She’s at the police station and talking to her lawyer on the phone. Darla is questioning her about what the lawyer said. There isn’t much information because the DA isn’t saying anything. Charley tells Darla that they should have called her BEFORE he turned himself in because at this point, it’s gonna be hard to Johnnie Cochran their way out of it. Darla says he didn’t turn himself in. He came to answer their questions because they were looking for him. He didn’t want the police to show up at Vi’s restaurant or Charley’s office at City Hall. Oh…now you worried bout embarrassing the fam? Oh. Ok.

So then RA comes out and Darla is hugging all up on him. RA thanks Charley for bailing him out and she gives him a side hug. Are yall keeping tabs on how much this is costing Charley so far? Let’s see…retainer for the lawyer + the bail money. With that cash, Charley could have paid them payday loans and they could be living happily ever after. But *in my Lauryn Hill voice* it could all be so simple, but you’d rather make it harrrrrdddd. Darla was like…Charley’s lawyers are working really hard on your case. He asks Charley how it’s looking and Charley was like…I don’t know what to even tell you, bruh. She pulls him to the side and asks what RA told the police. RA said that he told them he didn’t do anything and he really just wanted to see what they had on him. There were no witnesses and the cameras were off – he made sure of it. Say whet now? Charley was like…for real, dude? Charley tells him that she has called the family and that it’s time for him to talk to them. Let’s get ready to rumble…

So the squad meets up at Casa de Charley to hear what RA gots to say. He starts by saying he doesn’t have any excuses or any reasons that will make sense to them. But then he starts listing the excuses. With the panoramic hit, he took out a loan to make sure he could bring harvest in. He defaulted. It got too deep. So then he got payday loans to take care of it, but couldn’t pay those back either. So he did what he had to do to provide for his family. Wood was like…no suh. You think it’s ok to steal from other people in order to provide for your family? RA said he was getting back what he was owed. Vi perks up. What are you talking about? RA says that Landry poisoned his land. Charley perks up then. You got proof? No. He doesn’t have proof, which is why he didn’t share it with the family. Then he goes on to say (to Charley) I knew I couldn’t prove it and I knew you would probably just throw some money at it. *pause* Yes, RA. She would have used her resources to help you handle the situation. Just like she is right now. And THIS is why I don’t care what happens to you. Sis just bailed you out – literally – and you are still an a-hole. Anyway, he knows it was Landry so he wasn’t stealing, he was standing his ground. Charley was like…well…the law won’t see like that. Vi was like nah…this is about ego and pride because you could have asked ANYONE of us for help. BINGO! RA says pride is all he has and he’s trying to hold on to it. Then he turns it on Vi. Didn’t you say I wasn’t a man because I sent Blue away to get a better education? But now you want me to go begging Charley or you for money to provide for my family? That’s not being a man. I been trying to get right but there’s always something stacked against me. How long you expect me to stay down? Charley breaks up RA’s excuse-fest with some news. The lawyer says Theo is out of jail and it only took one phone call to Sam Landry. Surprise, surprise. And the charges were dropped. Theo is making a deal and RA got played. No surprise there. RA says that he’s going to have to work something out with Sam. Charley says no, it’s too dangerous and his situation is too shaky. Vi says she will go see Sam herself. Wood was like…you will NOT. But Vi says she got history with Sam and she’s finna remind him about it. Before leaving, she grabs RA’s hand and tells him she loves him no matter what. Listen honey. This isn’t how this would have played out in my family. There would have been some cursing out, some yelling, some throwing of the things, some furniture moving and some of everything else. And the fact for the most part, Charley and Nova remained quiet is…interesting.

So Vi ain’t waste no time getting to Sam’s office. Sis walked right past the secretary and let herself in. Sam was like bad news travels fast. It’s a shame. Vi wants to know how Theo is out and all charges are dropped but RA is still on the hook. Sam says that Theo was smart and he’s not on the cameras. RA thought he had turned off the security cameras but Sam had backups that took some nice glossy 8x10s of RA robbing his company and he shows them to Vi and Wood. Wood was like…you set him up. Sam says, oh noooooo…’s not a setup, he did this robbery all on his own. Vi tells Sam to drop the charges. Sam’s not gonna do it. Vi says he owes her. Sam says he doesn’t. He’s been bamboozled by the Bordelons enough times. But pride goeth before the fall and RA got a lot of pride. She has no cards to play and Sam says he made sure of that. Vi’s ready to go, but Wood got a card left in his pocket. He threatens Sam with some charges for conspiracy and for agricultural terrorism for poisoning RA’s farm. Sam isn’t phased. He says RA is a bad farmer. Wood doesn’t budge either. He says he has evidence. Sam tells him to go forth and let this play out in the magnificent St. Jo justice system. Plus, he knows that the fam doesn’t want a long drawn out trial. I mean…what would this do to Vi’s Pie’s, and Nova’s work, and Micah’s college career, and Blue’s school life and Charley’s political ambitions? It’s a lot. You don’t want trial. And it’s not about money either. This could all go away with giving me the land. And that, my friends, is how Sam has been playing the long game. He couldn’t get the land from Charley, but RA was low hanging fruit and easy to set up.

The family assembles again at Vi’s house to discuss all that has happened since their last meeting. RA has decided that he will not give up the land to Sam and he will take his chances with the courts. You sure about that, RA? Because you know there’s no justice to be found no where near that parish. Vi tells RA that he doesn’t want to go to trial because Sam has him on camera. RA is still being RA and talking about how he turned off the cameras. No, you didn’t sir…and Wood confirms that this was indeed a setup and RA got got. So then he turns to Charley. “We” got the best lawyers, right? But Charley didn’t have good news for him either. With Theo’s charges being dropped, this whole thing falls on you. And because you are an ex-con, it’s a harder mountain to climb. Darla chimes in…that means you will miss out on our daughter’s early years, just like you did with Blue. Nova tells him nothing is worth the gamble. Charley tells him that she will make sure that the deal between RA and Sam is legit and airtight (of course). Charley starts creating his defense and she promises him that his record will stay clean and he can move on. RA still isn’t hearing it. He faces all of them to ask them if they were really serious about letting the land go to Sam. What about legacy? Why are yall giving up so easy? Wood done had enough at this point. You wanna know why we giving up? Because you did it!!! That’s why. You stole Sam’s ish. Blame it on racism and the system. BUT, YOU stole it and you were caught. And now all these women who trusted you with their family farm are willing to let it go to save you. Vi says his freedom is worth more than any land. RA goes to Nova and asks what they are going to do about their mom. She’s buried there. Charley offers to have their mother’s remains moved to the cemetery next to Ernest so that they can be together. RA has no more words and he leaves. And this scene was pure magic. I felt all the hurt, pain, disappointment and love. It was so heavy. The Bordelon women looked so tired, but they refused to give up on RA’s azz. I swear he doesn’t deserve their grace, but they continue to give it. It’s truly a masterclass.

Back at the farm, RA calls Blue and gets his voicemail because Blue is booked and busy. Darla comes in to tell him that she understands how frustrated he must have been to commit this crime, but she is pissed TF off. Darla was like, you don’t know how I feel and I never tell you. You betrayed my trust, put our family at risk, made me think I was crazy and you were not being a team player. And I kept it inside to spare you and not hurt you. RA comes back with excuses. I thought I was past all this and I’m trying to be better and not lose hope. Darla was like, no more secrets and no more lies. Period. She done. RA apologizes again.

So RA done called Sam out to the farm and all I could think was that the last thing he needs to be doing is meeting with Sam alone. Anyway, Sam tries small talk but RA is over it. Cut it. Sam said he wants to talk to RA man to man before Charley’s aggy lawyers get in the mix. RA agrees to a deal. Sam tells him he will have 45 days to vacate. SMH. RA walks out to his land and looks around. RA promises that this won’t be the end of it. Will this be a wrap for the Bordelon farm? And then they played a song that immediately took me back to S1…I need to look it up.


The next morning, Nova sits up in her bed, surrounded by the mess the police made. Now…ain’t no way I would have gone back to that house so soon, but I guess Nova is braver than I am. She tries to clean up, but then her phone rings. It’s Charley. Charley is at the police station and she’s been there all night. She tells Nova that RA turned himself in and she needs the family to get involved since she’s been handling it alone (per the usual). They need to meet at her place to discuss what’s going on with him. But she needs Nova to meet her at the police station – of all places. Nova doesn’t readily agree and Charley questions it. Then Nova says she will be right there. I felt for Nova, which is rare. She literally just got home from being terrorized by the police, and now Charley is asking her to come to a police station. I do wonder why she didn’t tell her family what happened. Or why what happened to her didn’t go viral and one of the Bordelons just happen to see it. Either way, I hate that something so traumatic happened and she didn’t reach out.

After the showdown at Vi’s, Charley comes to check on Nova to make sure she’s ok. Nova opens the door, and stands there not letting Charley in. She tells Charley that she’s not doing well and Charley thinks its all about RA. But it’s not. Nova finally tells Charley that the police broke into her house and opens the door for Charley to see the damage. She tells Charley about how they terrorized her and Nova breaks down. Charley embraces her. Nova says it’s about her power and her voice and her everything. Charley reminds her that she IS everything. And the police GAVE her more power, more fire…more. Nova hears what Charley is saying and they hug. Charley know she be coming alllll the way thruuuuuu. Charley stays with Nova for a while and brings her some tea. Then she helps Nova with her hair. Nova is truly discouraged and Charley understands her frustrations. This is what they want. She has power, but she still didn’t have enough to save the farm. But she’s not giving up and she’s considering a run for Congress. She will need Nova to fight with her. So get back up, sis. Take this time, it belongs to you. This peace belongs to you. This home belongs to you. And Charley hugs a tearful Nova in another heartbreakingly beautiful scene that ends with the two sisters looking at themselves in the mirror.


Charley’s section is scant this week because she was literally out saving the whole Bordelon clan. She camped out at the police station, she got her lawyer on board, she assembled the family, she didn’t go the F off on RA, she offered RA a chance to have his record remain clean with the help of HER lawyer, she suggested they have Trudy’s remains moved to the cemetery to be next to Ernest, she drove to Nova’s house to make sure Nova was ok, she fixed Nova’s crown and gave her a whole WORD, she made Nova some tea, helped with Nova’s hair and left her sister with the power needed to keep going. Basically, Charlotte Prescott Bordelon was the MVP I been telling yall she is. Yall betta recognize.

Charley finally gets to go home. She calls the party leader. She’s made up her mind. She WILL run for Congress. How do we start? She’s up to it and she’s ready to start winning. So there may be opportunity for her in Louisiana OR California (hmmmmm). Charley is up for it. It doesn’t matter. So what changed her mind? She doesn’t have the power to protect the people she loves the most. She wants to change that. GO GET THEM, CHARLEY! #BordelonforCongress.


Billie’s still in St. Jo, but she will be heading back to Chicago soon, since she has to go back to the office and Prosper is back on his feet. Prosper says he wants to talk to Billie about the whole situation. Billie says she never wanted Prosper to know. Finally, Prosper becomes the dad that Billie needs him to be. If she’s hurting, he wants to know. And then Hollywood calls to tell Prosper about RA’s foolery. Billie was like…here we go with them dayum Bordelons. But Prosper was finally able to read the room and told Wood to call him later and fill him in because he has some important business to take care of. Good for you Prosper! Billie finally got to talk to Prosper about Jimmy Dale. JD made Billie feel good and he tried to take it to the next level. But Billie fought back so it didn’t happen. Billie didn’t come to Prosper because she told her mom and mama told her that it was her fault. The way that she acted and dressed brought that on. So Billie didn’t say a word because the whole town was talking about her and he never said anything. She believed that he believed it. He is ashamed of what happened and his actions. They were all friends (Ernest and JD) and it was easier to believe JD then to defend Billie and he took the easy way out. Whew! But he’s glad that Billie came back – to St. Jo and to him. He apologized for everything.Well, at least this story had a happy ending.

In other news…

Micah got his presentation together, with the help of Isaiah. The big presentation was for Professor Cougar’s class. Micah hits it out of the park, even after an intense interrogation from the professor. And afterwards, the professor had the nerve to try to flirt and ask him out. Micah declined, stating what she had stated earlier. He has grown. She looked a little defeated, but she deserved it. Of course Isaiah was there watching that shenanery go down. They both can’t believe the audacity. And I really want this teacher to get busted because she’s full of it and I bet she preys on all them lil boys in her class. *le sigh*

Vi met with Celine. She can’t understand why after all that she did for Celine, Celine hits on her husband. Celine apologizes. VI gives her an envelope with some cash. It’s the last that Vi’s gonna do for her. She cuts ties with Celine and that was that.

*pours wine* Let’s chat about it…

RA is exhausting and I found him especially bothersome in this episode. At what point was he going to take accountability for the crime. Sam may have “owed” you, but this ain’t the way to get payback. He turned it on Vi and I get it. Vi planted those seeds. But RA is a grown azz man and who made this decision instead of making the safe decision. His fragile ego got in the way and now his land, generational wealth and legacy hangs in the balance. Wood read him like a scantron, but I wanted more fire from Charley. RA is quick to tell her about her money and how she uses it, and yet, she’s gets the first phone call and the honor of paying his legal fees (AGAIN) and bail. Charley BEEN owed RA a cursing out, but I didn’t get the satisfaction. I told yall Charley 2.0 is different and Davis got her seeing hearts and starts. Sis is zen and she ain’t even trying to let RA run up her blood pressure. I’m mad but then I’m not mad.

And why didn’t Nova call Charley when all that ish went down? Why didn’t she tell anyone? I don’t usually ride for Nova but she was traumatized. And less than 24 hours after that, she had to deal with all of RA’s bs, and the possibility of them losing the land where their mom is buried. That’s probably why she was so quiet during it all. She was still in shock.

Charley has made her decision. I find it interesting that Louisiana is now in play as well. So there’s a possibility that she could run and stay in St. Jo. Hmmmmm….now….if she’s not going to join Davis in Cali, will he let his job go for her. God knows she deserves it and he owes it to her. I think it’s interesting how things are kinda opening up. I don’t think they have officially announced his coaching job either…and he said he had 2 more months before the first game. Will Davis pull the ultimate romantic move and give it all up for Charley?

Charley was the MVP, but she had to share the award with Hollywood this week. Wood was the only one who told RA what he needed to hear and called him out on his excuses and his BS. Wood is the uncle we all need in our lives.

Ok. I think that’s it. I ain’t gonna lie. This episode was so heavy, I’m still recovering. If I missed anything, yall let me know.

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