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Queen Sugar – “To a Different Day”

September 28, 2021

Season 6 | Episode 4


When we last left Charlotte, she had waved her PR wand and started the ball rolling with a social media post that basically announced that Charley and Davis are a thing again…because #blackloveneverdies. So, this week, Charley had her first interview with thee Gayle King. In a hotel room in DC, because she’s also on official party business, she’s readying herself for what’s to come with this virtual interview. She gets a text from her boo. He loves her and he’s proud of her. He thanks her for doing this. And he should. Charley is putting herself out there and taking the first set of arrows for their relationship.

Now yall know Gayle is good for savagery, so I had to brace myself for the draggage that was sure to occur with this interview. It starts out all nice. Charley is one of the party’s rising stars. She’s done great work during the pandemic in rural Louisiana and in her parish. Charley talks about coming back home and finding community and purpose. She talked about when she had a mill but now she helps the farmers with her work on the council. I BEEN wondering what’s going on with the mill. Seems like she has no plans to rebuild it…and I’m not mad. Them farmers don’t deserve Queen Sugar. Anywho…she’s also supporting the Black farmers with their mediation with the USDA, and supporting legislation that seeks to remedy discrimination. I’m loving the convo about Black farmers and how hard it is for them and how rare they are. As a granddaughter and great-granddaughter of farmers, I am all about this story. The people love Charley’s political rise and are comparing her to Stacey Abrams. Gon ‘head, Charlotte. And then Gayle went where I knew she would go. So…Charley, where you are today is a long way from where you were in that arena way back when. And then she showed footage of Charley being carried off the court after she stopped the game and pushed Davis. Lawd. Charley’s face was like 😬. And since Charley posted the picture of them recently, Gayle also used that one to bring up her next inquiries. Yall back together? And Charley says, yes. It is true. They have reconciled. Gayle wants to know how they were able to work thru all those scandals and shituations (that’s not a typo). Charley was like…yeah…I’m surprised too and it ain’t easy. But they are a work in progress and she has forgiven him. Gayle said well…in the court of public opinion, he is still not held in high regard. So what do you think about that? Can he truly move forward? Charley says that Davis is committed to showing people that he has changed. And he realizes that he doesn’t have the right to ask people to forgive him, but he has asked her to give him an opportunity to prove he’s changed and she has obliged. But Gayle wants to know how he’s changed. Charley says that he’s doing the work and has become quite the philanthropist and has donated to children’s orgs, women’s orgs and the MeToo Movement. He’s also working on being a good father to Micah AND Tia. He’s striving to create a better future. Gayle kinda lets up and says she’s glad to hear that Davis is working towards redemption. And Charley says that’s the key word…WORK. We all fall down, its how you get up that matters. So Gayle moves on. What’s the common denominator for your success in both of the worlds you have occupied? Charley says she doesn’t take no for an answer. If you tell me no, I will answer with a no of my own. I eat no for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And there you have it folks. Charlotte Prescott Bordelon does it again. Folks were high key underestimating my bestie. They clearly forgot that then we met her, she was a master strategist. Why would anyone think she still isn’t?

So Charley finished handling her business with the party and she comes back to her hotel room. And, yall…Davis done had the whole room decorated with balloons, candles and flowers. There’s a card saying how proud he is of her and that he loves her. And at that moment, she realized that she loves him, too. Or maybe it was at that moment that she was ready to admit it to herself. She immediately calls him, but gets his VM and leaves a message: thank you. this was so sweet of you. i’ve seen you love when it was easy. I’ve seen you love when it was hard. when love was the only thing left for us to do. we’ve taken on the challenges and joys of life. can’t believe I’m in this place with you. i never thought i’d be here again, but here we are. and I’m happy. i love you, too. I found myself totally happy for my girl for the first time. Maybe it’s because she says she’s happy and that’s all I’ve ever claimed I wanted for her. Auntie Tabitha says that if you see somebody living their life and they are happy, you need to mind your business and let them be happy. I’m officially letting this thang go. Right here and right now. She says she’s happy. And she’s making this choice. And she’s living her life. So be it.


RA and Darla are chilling in the bed. RA tells Darla that no matter what happens, he got her. And then they hear people driving up to the farm. It’s that same sheriff that shows up every week to terrorize the Bordelons. He has a warrant to search the property. Remember when Nova wrote her lil book? And she said that Ernest *may have* killed some wyt folks and buried them on the farm? Yeah. That. I’m pretty sure that I wrote in one of these recaps that you can’t go around blaming your dead daddy for a crime you thought may have happened and expect nothing to come of it. Especially when you’re a Bordelon. But Nova did just that. And now, because Nova has caused so much drama for the police, they have decided this is the time to get back at her. Except, it’s not hurting Nova, it’s hurting RA. As Charley told Nova, you don’t know what the consequences of having a book like that out in the world will be. And she was right. Look where we are now. Got the po-po digging up all of RA’s land over some bs in her book. So the family of the missing men have asked that the case be re-opened and that the land be searched. RA is ready to get crunk on the police, but Darla comes out to snap him out of it and asks him to come back in the house. And I am reminded of how many times this very same scenario has played out on the Bordelon farm. How may times has someone come to take something from them and RA almost loses his cool. I was scared for a minute, but RA listened to Darla and went on in the house.

The popo and their people continue to disrespect RA’s land. He comes out to tell them that they are way too close to where his mama is buried and they gonna put some respecK on his mama grave. Ya heard? Then, he grabs some soil and puts it in his pocket. He calls Benny. He needs to have that soil tested. Darla thinks that RA testing the soil is genius. He doesn’t trust these folks out on his land. They could be poisoning his crops. Darla hypes him up about how amazing he is and how he’s always studying, etc. She also tells him that he shouldn’t have to carry the weight of the land alone. You know, Darla, I agree. But back in the day, when RA was the RA I couldn’t stand, he totally thought that he could. He flaunted the new will in his sisters’ faces. He dismissed them both…even though Charley was paying all the bills at the time. And he ain’t been able to catch a break since. What he should have done then was offer them parcels…or maybe just split up the land like their father had done originally. Then he wouldn’t have to carry the weight alone. But, nope. Here we are. Four payday loans, and one step from the welfare later and RA still acting like he’s good. Anywhooo…Darla found an account that had her college funds in it. It’s just money sitting there unused. She wants to ask her parents to sign it over to her. So technically, she’s not asking them for money. They got loans and a baby coming. They need it. RA isn’t for it. And he doesn’t want them talking to Vi. He still says he needs more time. That’s all. But Darla is like…we need a doula, a midwife, diapers and a Boppie. RA tells her that she needs to trust him. *insert deep sigh here*

Darla called Nova and she rushed over to see what was going on. Nova pulls up to RA sitting in a soccer chair watching them folks tear up his land. She’s like…what’s going on? RA was like…your lil book gave them the idea that there’s some bodies buried here. So they are here with a warrant. Nova is shocked. That was just speculation…a memory I couldn’t explain. Really, Nova? Speculation and incoherent memories shouldn’t have been in the book. But here we are. Nova says it’s not true and they know it. Nova promises to make it right. HOW NOVA???? HOW IN THEE HELL WILL YOU MAKE THIS RIGHT? I’m so sicka her.

Night falls, and the people still out there tearing up the farm. Benny had the soil tested and it’s seeping with pesticide. They have poisoned his land and his crops. No surprise there. RA assures Darla that they are gonna be ok. Vi and Wood pull up and RA is like…yall can’t make me feel worse than I already do. And this is on Nova, not me. Vi says she came in peace and to lend her support and let him know it’s gonna be ok. You didn’t come this far for nothing. We gonna get thru this. And then the men find something. Looks like a human bone. #fixitJesus


Prosper and Billie are trying to make it but it’s not going well. Billie brings him breakfast, but it really doesn’t look appetizing and the way she was able to lift up a plate of grits and nothing moved let me know that Billie can’t cook. You shouldn’t be able to hold up a plate of grits at all. It should be smooVe and creamy. Prosper said he just gonna have some coffee and I was like…good choice, bruh. Billie said he’s not eating enough and I can totally see why. Over a cup of coffee, Billie wants to know if Prosper took his meds and of course he didn’t. Billie offers him a personal nurse and just like a crochety ol Black man he says he doesn’t need one. Billie knew he would react this way and booked him one anyway. She coming today. Just try it. Prosper asks Billie how things are with her man. They aren’t good. And Billie really has no friends. He wants to know if she talked to Nova and worked things out. They haven’t.

Later, Prosper on the phone with Vi begging for her cooking because all Billie can make is coffee. And he complaining to Vi about the “so called” nurse Billie got coming. Prosper is a whole mess. But then the nurse arrives and when she takes off her mask, Prosper got a whole new attitude. Mmmmmm hmmmm. I see you Mr. Propser. But where Ms. Genny at? Remember her? I liked her. But Prosper likes this nurse. And it looks like they are having fun. Could this be wife #3 for Prosper? I love a seasoned love story.


Nova finally got a clue that the people are after her and is getting security installed at her house. FINALLY! Of course Dominic comes by because he’s just a regular Mr. Pop Up. He offers to watch the house for her as well. And says that she can text him if she gets home late and needs somebody to walk her into the house. Mmmm hmmmm.

Billie accepted Nova’s invitation to come by and they are sitting down to finally handle their issues. Billie said she promised that she wouldn’t let fear keep her away from talking this out. She fears rejection…again. Nova says she didn’t know what was going on with Billie and Jimmie Dale. She apologizes for her assumptions and her silence. So Billie tells Nova what happened. Jimmy Dale was giving her attention that she was flattered by and took her to a secluded area, but once she figured out what was about to happen, she managed to get away. But JD still slandered her name and everybody still believed it – including her father and her best friend. Her word meant nothing. Nova says she was young and just didn’t know better and she apologized for letting her down. Whew. I feel better.

After Nova came back from RA’s she needed a joint. She’s sitting outside smoking and Mr. PopUp came back. Then the Black police officer that Nova worked with undercover came by to tell her that everybody knows. He wanted to make sure she was ok. He wants her to know that they coming for her. She’s an enemy now. Mr. PopUp knew that the guy was a cop because he from the sKreets. He ain’t always been a professor. His mama had a lot of issues so they got taken away from her. He was in the struggle but grandma saved them from foster care. He had mommy issues, but he’s gotten over it. He had to learn to forgive. Nova and Mr. PopUp sharing smiles over a joint. Yall know this gonna be a love interest, right? Because Nova can’t go but so long without one.

In other news…

Hollywood and Gabriel are becoming a thing. Wood took him fishing. While the boys are fishing, Vi encourages Celine to file for divorce so she can get her life on track. They deserve a better life.

Micah thought his professor side piece was his girlfriend. He brought her flowers for her birthday. He brought them to her office…at the school. Micah wants to take her out for her birthday. And sis was like…whatchu doing? This is my job and I’m a grownup. LOL. Micah apologized. But professor told him that he wants more than she can give him. She was just there for the sexing. Micah says he knows. But professor said that he wants a relationship where he brings her flowers, celebrates bdays, tells the family about her (ummm…did they talk about that) and she’s not interested in any of that. And she basically broke up with him. She was like…but we had fun, right? Po lil Tink Tink. This gonna send him over the edge.

Let’s talk about it.

Nova needs her arse kicked. They should have dragged her 2 seasons ago. She really thought she could recklessly write about her family in the name of healing and there would be no price to pay? You accused your daddy of murder and thought it was ok. Her book gave the enemy a reason to wreak havoc. But the question is whose remains did they find? I really think (and hope) it’s Trudy. I mean…I don’t want them to disturb her resting place, but at the same time, they don’t know exactly where Ernest buried her. It *could* be her. Honestly, it could also be an enslaved person from when that land was a plantation. #ijs Nonetheless, Nova’s book gonna have them dragging Ernest until it’s rectified. And how can Nova fix that?

Why won’t RA get a clue? At what point is he going to realize he needs help and he needs money. “Waiting” is not the answer, sir. Darla’s parents are so rich that they forgot they had a whole account for her. It seems like a good way out, since he doesn’t want to ask anyone for help. Darla could tell her parents its for baby stuff and they would understand. RA is just…RA.

How is this situation with Micah and the professor over without us getting to witness Charley lighting her arse on fire? I’m BIG MAD because I was ready for her to come up to the skewlhouse and burn it all down. Will we get to see that happen? Is this thing over for good? I need some drama on this front.

Nova really need to move out of her house and tell her family what’s going on. She works my last nerB but I’m not trying to attend her funeral anytime soon. Charley needs to get that security company she got for Micah because this is some serious stuff. I don’t think Nova is taking it seriously enough.

I think Charley’s interview was a good start. I feel like Davis needs to do a few, too. He has more rehabilitation needs than she does. But Charley killT that interview. And she’s finally being honest about how she feels. Last week, she wanted to pretend like she was just in her feelings and unsure. I think she knew a long time ago that she loved him. I honestly think that she never stopped loving him. *le sigh*

Until next week, folks…

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