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Queen Sugar – Face Speckled

July 11, 2019
Photo Courtesy of OWN

Season 4, Episode 5


This episode begins with a dream sequence. Young Nova is in a swing, on the farm and reading a book when she hears her mother call.  Present day Nova is watching her and she is dressed in the same white dress she wore to her father’s funeral.  Young Nova continues to ask Nova if she’s ok. Nova frantically wakes from her dream and immediately reaches for her recorder.  This is the third time her mother has come to her in a dream. 

On the book tour, Nova is doing a Q&A.  A question comes from Dr. Octavia Laurent, a professor – one of Nova’s old professors — oh, and Dr. Octavia is being played by none other than Cree Summer (it’s Freddie!!!! I stan.).  OK…so Dr. Octavia stands to give Nova an academic read on her book. She questions her research (ummm..there was none, it was her diary) to support her conclusions.  Nova let’s her know her book isn’t a research project, it’s a memoir (I beg to differ until I hear how much of Nova’s actual story is included) and her “research” is her experiences and that Black life in America IS her data. There are very few books that chronicle the struggle of everyday Black Americans, to which the good Dr tells her that she is hardly the everyday Black American.  Nova goes into a diatribe about the goodness, righteousness and wholeness of her book.  But the professor claps back and tells her to dismiss theories and data is the telltale mark of an amateur. Lawd…it was time for somebody, anybody, to knock Nova down a few.

After the academic ambush, Nova finds the good Dr at a cool spot. She is hosting a seminar on Nova’s book. Nova comes in HOT as fish grease and calls the doc Octavia. Octavia? Oh…you know her? Do tell. So apparently, Octavia knows Nova like the back of her hand and knew she would show up there. Or as Nova put it, she has been “Octavia’d.” The doc continues to challenge her and Nova takes a seat to face an eager group of young academics ready to critique her book.  At the seminar, the young academics are tearing into Nova, but she is handling it and the good doc is amused by the exchange.  So apparently the one that was ready to get at Nova is the professor’s type. Her girl. Just like Nova used to be the professor’s girl. *gasp*. Yes, yall! The doc and Nova had a thing thing back in the day. Whew, chile! The professor said she set Nova up for intellectual greatness, not this trash she wrote (ha, tell her).  She is capable of so much more.  But there’s more. There was only ONE line in the book about her and the professor was BIG MAD about it! Like…mad mad. Because they had shared so much. Does Nova ever think about her? They had some goodT times…apparently. And, they hook up once more. The good Dr is ready to spend some more time with her and she offers to come with her on the next stop. Oh…we gon get more of this Cree Summer magic? Yasssss! It’s real interesting that Nova’s fling/relationship with her college professor didn’t make it into her “memoir.” Seems like that’s a dark corner that needs some light! But as we go on, it seems like very few of Nova’s dark corners are even mentioned. Smh.


First, a moment of appreciation for the RED alphet that Charley had on with one shoulder out, honey. Charley is mighty bold with these color choices these days and I am loving it! Sorry. Had to do it.

At the mill, Charley is looking over the application to run for City Council.  And then she gets a call from her least favorite person – Davis. Being the trash that he is, he is calling for help. Nova’s book has made the Melina scandal fresh again and they are protesting Davis West at the college. Ha! He deserves it. He begs Charley to talk to him and Charley tells him she doesn’t want to be seen in public with him (ouch), that this ish isn’t her problem anymore (yes, chile, it’s not) and tells him to call his lawyer (not her). He persists and throws Micah’s name in the mix. She tells him to meet her at the mill, just as Romero walks in. Charley aborted that call and closed that laptop real quick. Her boo is here. Hey, Romero! Hey, boy…hey! Romero came by to see if his girl wanted to have lunch. Awwww. Charley let him know that she was going to help Davis with this latest crisis, mainly because she doesn’t want it to impact Micah.  Romero is in love with how she always puts Micah first and encourages her to keep trying to find the good in this situation.  “Believe in the good. Don’t second guess it. Just believe it.” He tells her that she’s good and she returns the compliment with a kiss.

Trash azz Davis makes it to Charley’s for his noon appointment for fixing. I mean…she is kinda Olivia Pope-ish. He brings lunch, but I noticed he was the only one eating. Ha! Davis is lamenting about the book and how it’s messing up his new gig. Charley breaks it down. Your problem isn’t Nova, your problem is that you are at a University now and there’s a standard. The standard is much higher than you are used to. Get with the program.  He just can’t understand and he doesn’t like. Well, Davis, you don’t “like” it because you are not used to it. It’s called equal treatment, but it feels like oppression because… privilege. Davis looks like a school boy in the principal’s office as Charley gives him a lesson.  For the first time, he acknowledges that Charley gave him the world and like the trash he is, he blew it, but he NEEDS her to fix it. What audacity. Why does he think Charley owes him this? Charley tells him the only way to deal with it is to be honest and take responsibility. Do some interviews and own up to your wayward behavior. Maybe it will work. That’s not good enough for Davis. He wants a guaranteed fix. Charlotte told him if he was looking for that he should have kept it in his pants. Charlotte for the win. More importantly, does he even understand what he did to Melina? I think the answer is no. And I don’t think he ever even thought about it. Charley fixed that situation for him and he just kept on moving. Charley tells him to own his ish! By the way, that seems to be theme for all of them. Facing it, owning it, moving past it. Thanks to Nova they will all have to do that.

Charley’s pep talk with Davis is over and Davis thanks her for taking the time. It reminds them of the old days, when they used to strategize and problem solve together.  Davis is feeling nostalgic and regretful. He regrets not fighting harder to keep Charley. Charley tells him that there was a time when that was all she wanted to hear. For some reason, Davis thought this was his shot, so he went for it and actually leaned in for a kiss. Have you lost your gahtdamb mind? Why on EarF do you think that after all that you have done, Charley would even be open to kissing you or rekindling anything that you guys once had. He is so selfish, delusional and oblivious…and such trash.  Charley jumps back and looks at him in shock (did this Negro just try to kiss me?) Naw, bruh. Those days are over (and Charley got her mind on her Latin Lover anyway.) Charlotte reminds him that he is STILL a liar, with a family that she just found out about a few months ago. They are at a point where they can share the same air in the room without wearing each other out…leave it at that. She tells him “there is NO more.” And with that, Charlotte is DONE.  Now…I saw some online chatter about how Charley still loves him and how they will get back together and how she will raise Tia. Ummmm…I hope this scene puts that to rest. Charley has moved on, chile…and good for her!

Charley visits the clinic and it’s bustling.  So many people are there getting care and she looks pleased.  She spots her boo as he helps one of Ignacio’s (one of RA’s workers) kids.  Charley greets him and Ignacio thanks her for the clinic.  They need it. He even calls her a “guardian angel” in Spanish. Romero says that’s high praise. And just as Charley and Romero were soaking in all the good vibes —- there’s an ICE raid. Charley tries to stop them and tells one of the officers that clinics are safe from ICE raids and he tells her that under *this* Administration, they can arrest her for obstruction if she doesn’t move out of the way. ICE has all the authority it needs. Talk about art imitating life. He calls them aliens and he’s ready to round them up. Charley is done. They are not aliens they are people, like you and me (she done come a LONG way from that day on the farm when she kept the workers in the storm).  ICE don’t care. They are asking for papers and Romero is not exempt. Romero calms Charley down. It’s not the first time he has had to show his papers.  Now…for the folks online who SWEAR he was illegal…he has shown his papers. Simmer down.  It turns out that Ignacio’s family was the main victim of the raid. He and his oldest son were detained. Charley tells him that she will do whatever she can.  And we actually see a family being torn apart. Heartbreaking.  Afterwards, Charley goes in on the police. He tells her to be happy he didn’t shut down her mill for running an unsanctioned clinic. Well…the police officer needs to try Jesus, not Charlotte. Her clinic is legal, above board and legit. Try again, sir. Then his racist ways appear. Those people don’t belong in St. Jo. Charley is sure that the Landrys called in the tip, but they didn’t. Some of Landrys people actually got caught up in the raid. So who did? Well…Charley has LOTS of enemies in St. Jo after she stopped that prison. Per the police, she made more enemies in ONE day than he has made in a lifetime. She is about to find out just how many.  Oh..and he called her “gal” because these wypipo in St. Jo absolutely refuse to have some respect for her.

At Charley’s house, the “Woke Ones” are back together and Asha gives Micah a tattoo. Is this her side hustle? She just tattin folks up left and right. Micah is getting this in honor of Ant AND he is drinking to numb the pain from the tatt…but even his friends tell him to slow down. Too late. Micah X is drunk. *le sigh* Micah gonna be down at Charley’s clinic getting treatment for an infected tattoo in a minute. This at home, do it yourself inking is not the business and neither is his drinking.

Councilwoman Berrara stops by Charley’s crib. She heard about the ICE raid and she came to give Charley a heads up. Folks know that “Vicky with the Tea” has been all up in the land records and that ICE raid was probably a warning. Listen. I need Vicky to be more careful in these St. Jo streets. MMMM-k.  Folks don’t want Charley in this highway situation. The Landrys are trying to stop the highway from being built in a neighboring parish – St. Thomas.  St. Thomas wants and needs the highway. Charley could try to work with them. OR…she could run – which she was already thinking about anyway.  Shout out to CB, who came over with the tea.  She gave Charley some stuff to think about and it seems that she is on Charley’s side (not sure if it matters, but I guess any support helps). If Charley can get that seat, at the very least, she can help determine where it’s built – even if it’s 5 miles over, it could spare their land.  And, again, CB warns Charley…the Landrys ain’t ish, but their friends REALLY aint ish.  CB tells Charley she better be ready, but yall already know Charlotte is and she ain’t nevah scared. Bring it. 

Charley heads upstairs to check on Micah. He is in the bed trying to recover from his first tatt and his first hangover. Charley isn’t impressed. He is too young for both. She starts to go in on him with one of her speeches, but she re-thinks it. She is basically done.  She tells him that he needs to let her know who he will listen to and leaves, slamming the door. Look. It’s about time for Davis to come and get his son. Let him raise boF of his kids at his house.


RA comes over to Darla’s to pick up Blue and Blue answers the door. Darla gave him permission because she is in the bed. Blue says she’s tired. We know that Darla is struggling and RA looks worried. 

Darla is still in bed and not answering Leo’s calls (her new boo). She looks like she hasn’t slept. She begins to pray. “Dear, God. Help me make the best use of what is in my power. Please give me the insight to understand that some things are up to us and some are not.  Our thoughts are up to us, our impulses are up to us, our desires, our actions…” and then she throws the book against the wall. My heart was breaking for her. Yall pray for Darla, ya hear?

RA and Deesha are on a date! They walk through a beautiful park with lots of beautiful trees and RA has even packed a picnic lunch. Awwwww. Deesha is impressed. And he has flowers, too. Get it, RA! They have a sweet conversation, which leads to their first kiss.

At the skewl, Blue’s friend congratulates him on winning the Spelling Bee (Go, Blue. I see you!). Blue thanks him and tells him that his dad helped him study for it. The little boy tells Blue that his Mama said RA is not Blue’s real daddy.  This little boy heard his mom talking on the phone about Blue. SMH. Well, I can’t say this was a surprise and it’s exactly what RA told Nova was going to happen. Blue is blindsided (like all of the Bordelon have been) and ends up in tears for the remainder of the school day. *tear* It’s so bad that they call RA to come and get him, which also interrupts his date with Deesha.

So now Blue isn’t talking and Darla is having to deal with this while she is barely managing herself. Darla is done. They had gotten to a good place, and now the book is ruining it. RA and Darla lament over what their past choices have done, but now they need to put all focus on Blue. Blue is finally ready to talk. Marcus said that RA is not his real daddy. And this is where my eyes started to leak.  RA tells Blue that he is not his biological father, and then has to explain what that means – part of mommy, part of daddy. Blue thought his daddy was a part of him, but is that why they look different? RA tells him that doesn’t matter because half of his soul inside of Blue (I ain’t gonna make it). RA tells Blue that their heart beats the same.  They are “heart to heart” father and son because he CHOSE Blue. He chose to be his father in every way.  Blue is scared that he might choose someone else one day. RA assures him that will never happen. He will always be his daddy. They chose each other. They hug. Blue cries. RA cries. Darla cries. But Blue has to check with Darla and make sure that she is his bio mom. LOL. And they hug. And cry. And I am crying. And…I think Blue gon be ok. Nova still needs her azz kicked, but…yeah.


Prosper was at the diner and preparing to go to his friend’s funeral.  Vi mentions the sister of one of his friends and Prosper perked up.  Could Prosper be getting a love interest? I am here for seasoned love and Prosper’s happiness.  Charley done nursed him back to health so he is goodT and ready for love. This is just a predication, but…I like the thought.  Remember when Prosper told Charley that her love story didn’t have to be over? Well…maybe Mr. Prosper’s isn’t either. Hmmmm….

And guess who came back? Righteous Remy! Yes, he has returned from wherever he’s been hiding. Vi and Wood are happy to see him. Remy has been ghost. Could he be ashamed for how that whole thing when down with Nova? He tells Wood that he’s moving. St. Jo isn’t his home, it’s not where he has roots. He confesses that the foolery that ensued with Charley and Nova showed him who he was (trash?) and he didn’t like what he saw (good).  Anyway, life didn’t go the way he planned and it derailed him.  He wanted Charley to be the one, but breaking up with her devastated him. Really? So…getting with her sister is how you come back from that? *insert side eye here* So then he says feelings starting happening with Nova and Wood actually tells him that he could see the two of them together. Now…I got questions and concerns.  How come nobody is mad at Remy for what happened? Nova deserves some of the blame, but I swear if the dude that dated niece #1, broke up with that niece and then got with niece #2, I wouldn’t be so cordial. I digress. The relationship with Charley didn’t work, it didn’t work with Nova and nothing is working, so he has to bounce and stand on his own. And then, in order to remind me of his trash-ish ways, he tells Wood to tell Charley and Nova bye for him. See. I have issues. Remy should have gone over to that mill he helped Charley start and tell her his goodbyes and he should have thrown in a legit apology, too. But he didn’t. So with that, Remy Newell is gone. #boybye

Micah visits his boy, Ant, at the prison. Remember him? He basically took the fall for the fire at the plantation, so now he’s serving time. Ant looks down, but he talks about a tattoo that Asha did for him and it is helping him get thru.  Micah wants to know how he’s holding up and Ant gives all the right answers but it’s clear that he is struggling. Micah lets him know he can confide in him. He doesn’t. Micah goes back to the past. The Woke Ones were just trying to do something good, but now it seems like it wasn’t worth it.  Ant tells him it has to be worth it because HE is locked up! And this scene took me back to #WhenTheySeeUs. Young boys, locked up, just trying to make it.

Vi is still struggling and finally tells Wood that she is scared all over again. Time had helped her get past the feeling, but now it’s back.  All of the fear and feelings are still in her and Wood can’t protect her from that. He agrees, but vows to be there for her thru it all.  She is not alone. But, Vi can’t understand why Nova would do this after all she has done for her.  She stepped in when their mom died, and this is what Nova does to repay her. She will never forgive Nova for bringing all of this back. Now…I do believe that forgiveness will come, although I don’t think Nova deserves it. 

What next? Nova might get a national book award for that trash and the good doc is there when she gets the news, but there was an odd look on Octavia’s face when she hugged Nova. I don’t know what’s up, but I feel like Octavia might hurt Nova’s feelings in the future (which I have no issues with). Is she jealous of Nova? Did she want to be the bestselling author? Idk. Looks like things are heating up between Charley and Romero and it’s about dayum time. I mean…Romero said he would wait, but I know he is ready to move this thang forward. Lawd knows I am ready for it to happen. It looks like Charley is running, but there WILL be come problems.  Charley Bordelon 2019 – Si, Se Puede! (see what I did there).  She announces her candidacy and one of the first things we see is an attack on her office. SMH. I am all for Charley fighting the power and getting involved in politics. However,in order to win, the Black folks have to be solidly behind her. Remember what happened with the mill? They abandoned her. So…are they going to get behind Charley and stay there or will they be too scared to support and vote. Vi seems to have another secret that Hollywood is trying to get out of her. I need for Vi to just call a therapist asaptually.

But what about Micah? I think Charley is at the end of her rope with him.  I need something to change for them and soon.  What will Blue’s adjustment to the news look like? Will he start treating RA differently? Is Darla going to be able to hold on to her sobriety AND her new life? What will happen when her new boo reads the book? And I am still intrigued by what kind of relationship Charley will have with Tia, if any.  And Charley STILL hasn’t told Romero about the migrant workers, so I am waiting for that shoe to drop!

And OWN just hurt my heart because there’s no QS next week. The next episode is in TWO WHOLE WEEKS. I ain’t gon make it. Is there a support group?

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