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Queen Sugar – Skin Transparent

July 4, 2019

Season 4, Episode 4


Nova. Nova. Nova. This episode begins with Nova and her favorite sidekick, Woke Micah.  Micah will be housesitting for her while she’s on her book tour. Nova asks Micah if he’s sure he wants to do this because she doesn’t want to cause anymore problems between him and his mom (since when, ma’am…that’s ALL you do).  Sidekick says yes, they talk some more, but Nova ends up in tears. The alienation from the family is getting to her and she hopes they come to her book signing (ummmm…really?). She loves them and hopes that this will “blow over” in time. Micah comforts her and tells her that he loves her. Nova can always count on ole disloyal Micah to be for her. That’s a given. 

At Nova’s house, she continues to try to talk to her family. Calling each one, only to be sent straight to voicemail. She leaves a message for RA. She is leaving in 2 days and ask that he call her back (girl…bye). But then, her publisher calls with glee! More good news for this family wrecking book.  It is so great that now she is going on a six-week national tour!! Nova is overwhelmed. She is on her way to being a best-selling author. I hope she enjoys the fame…and that check…

At the book signing, Nova is looking radiant and the crowd is hanging on to her every word. Chantal is there!! Hey, girl…hey (I missed her) and you already know Micah is there and on the front row. But you know who ain’t there? The rest of her family. 4 empty chairs on the front row that speak volumes. So, Nova starts reading the part of the book that was a last minute addition – a story/secret that’s not in the manuscripts she gave to her family. Here we go.  She talks about the infamous fishing trip (remember the story she told Remy last season).  On a stop at the bait store, Ernest was assaulted by 3 white men. He was hurt and embarrassed. They went back home and never went fishing again. She didn’t understand it then, but the things the men were saying were threats of sexual violence aimed at her – a 10 year old, black girl. After that, Ernest watched her closely. But, she would wander through the cane at night and about a week after the trip, she witnessed Ernest digging a hole and burying something.  Ernest didn’t know she saw. She never told Ernest that she did. She doesn’t know exactly what he was doing, but it was the last time she went out to roam the land and it was also the day her connection to the land was lost.  All Nova knows for sure is that she never saw those white men again. YALL! Did Nova just tell the people that Pops killed and buried someone? That’s what it sounds like to me. And Ernest is not here to defend himself.  Of course the crowd loves it. Afterwards, Chantal comes thru to get her book signed.  She’s happy and proud of Nova.  Chantal asks about Nova’s family – and Nova lies and tells her all is well. Chantal invites her out later and gives her a nice kiss. I like Chantal, yall. I wanted them to be together.

So, the book is on sale now and Darla bought a copy. *le sigh* She turns straight to the chapter she needs to see and finds out just what Nova wrote about her. Nova wrote about Darla’s days as “Star” and how she would turn tricks with her child with her.  Nova was real graphic and and clearly sprinkled the story with her author fairy dust because — SHE WASN”T THERE. My heart sunk. Darla doesn’t deserve this. Darla continues to read in horror and heads straight to Nova’s house. I thought Darla was going to be the one to bless me by slapping Nova. She didn’t, but I have never heard Darla talk so loud. How could Nova write about her past? This will ruin everything she has built (previously, she was having a nice date with her new man).  Nova tries to explain. She did things different when putting Darla’s story in the book. She didn’t use her real name and changed some info.  The world won’t know. Darla isn’t concerned about the world because everyone in the parish will know exactly who Nova was talking about. And, Nova used the name, “Star.” Ummm…ma’am…that was the name Darla used to go by. Duh! Nova tells her she should be proud of her strength and resiliency. Darla ain’t hearing it. This will destroy the life that she has worked so hard to build. Nova goes into one of her usual explanation sessions that no one cares about. Darla wants to know if she ever even considered Blue and him learning these things about his mom and who she used to be. Nova wrote that Darla used to steal to feed her addiction and Darla tells Nova that she has just stolen memories and published them. Darla tells her not to touch her, and don’t come near her or Blue again and that Nova is lower than she ever was. Whew! I FELT THAT. How could Nova do this? Doesn’t she know that Darla is making it day by day? I am scared for Darla.

Feeling defeat, Nova takes the rest of her drink to the head and calls Chantal. She wants her to come over. Chantal gets her together real quick.  Nah, you can’t call all late and summon me. Everything cannot be done on your terms. But Chantal wants to know if she wants to talk about her family and why they weren’t at the book launch. So now Nova is ready to end this call. One of the main reasons I like Chantal is that she always called Nova out on her BS…which is basically why they aren’t together.

Before leaving for her book tour, Nova tries one more time to call her fam. RA first. Then, Charley and Vi. Straight to voicemail. It’s clear she needs to talk to them before leaving. Remember when Davis told Charley about Tia and how Charley feverishly called everybody and no one, including Nova, answered. I felt like this was karma. Except, Nova didn’t deserve to have her call answered.  So, without having talked to her family in days, she’s off for six weeks.


Charley rolls into the barracks looking all royal in a purple/lavender alphet. Have yall noticed that she’s wearing real colors now? She used to only wear black. Ok…fangirl moment is over.  Romero has the clinic up and running and it looks legit!  Romero thanks her and she tells him that he made it work, so bravo.  It’s not busy yet because people are still afraid to come in. They are afraid of ICE raids, which can happen anywhere. SMH.  Woke Micah comes in and wants to know what’s going on.  Charley tells him that “we” have opened our old home as a clinic for migrant workers. He wants to know who “we” is. WE is Charley and her boo, Micah. Dats who.  So, Micah and Romero finally meet.  Charley introduces him as a physicians assistant at the hospital who is running the clinic and who does work throughout the parish and at the borders. *Now…why can’t Micah see that his mom puts action behind her activism? He never gives her credit for the things she has done and the people she has helped.*  I wanted her to say AND HE”S MY NEW BOO…but she didn’t.  I think Micah *may* have picked up on their vibe, but I’m not sure. He is so into himself, it’s highly likely that he didn’t. But, in true Micah fashion, he prolly gon be big mad later when Charley tells him that the dude at the clinic is her man. I think Romero was happy to finally meet him.  I am also still upset with Charley because she hasn’t told ole boy about the migrant workers that died on her farm. Anyway, Charley gets a text and the death threats situation is handled (because Charley is a fixer).  The police have him and it’s not tied to any organized group.  Micah thanks his mom *gasp* and Charley gives him kudos for handling this situation well (ummm…what did he handle?)

Back at Charley’s, Vicky with the Tea is back to fill Charley in on what your favorite colonizing family has been up to.  It’s a federal highway that will gut the Bordelon’s land and most of the black farmers.  Oh…and guess who is now running for Council – Jacob “Creepy Azz” Boudreaux! He will be taking Barrera’s seat. Say what, now? Just three episodes ago, ole girl was running her re-election campaign and being funded by Frances. Now, Jacob is running. SMH. Jacob has to run to make sure the city council doesn’t fight this. 

Never one to sit on news, Charley immediately meets Councilwoman Berrara for lunch.  She then finds out that CB is stepping down. Jacob isn’t running against her – the seat is practically his. Charley begs CB to stay in the race and help her stop the highway. She will support the campaign, but CB is scared of the Landrys and is picking her battles wisely. She ain’t tryna be on their ish list.  They have probably threatened her anyway.  She tells Charley she is barking up the wrong tree. This is a brick wall and the highway can’t be stopped because there are too many deep pockets.  This project is federal and the dollars are long. Clearly, CB doesn’t know who she is talking to. Charley ain’t never seen a fight she didn’t want to partake in.  CB is out.  But, I promise you, Charlotte is not.

Charlotte heads right on over to Frances Boudreaux at the Country Club (Charley had a busy day), to look the devil in the eye.  Just as she is headed towards FB, Davis’s ole trash azz sends a text. He has a surprise for Micah and wants to know if he can come over. Charley responds with “fine.” Charley should know by now that a “surprise” from Davis ain’t never good.  Anyway, back to the showdown with FB. FB took the liberty of ordering a drink for Charlotte. Mistake. Charlotte declines it and tells her she doesn’t appreciate being handled. They are giving her fake board minutes and she’s on to them. The highway project that will take half of her family’s land wasn’t included in those minutes. FB tells her to not take everything personally (ma’am, how is this not personal?) and enjoy the money that will come from this project.  FB tells her land is the only thing God isn’t making any more of – it’s a blood sport. Charlotte tells her that she WILL NOT sit by and watch her family and the other black farmers of the parish be thrown away like trash.  And then FB launches into a speech that sent my blood pressure to the moon.  “Forty years ago, you’d be lucky to be allowed to clean toilets here, and yet you just walked across these grounds like you own the damned place. You are not one of them (pointing at the help?). I read your sister’s book.” AND HERE WE GO. Remember, I said that Nova could have given the Landrys the ammunition they need to fight Charley. I am sure Frances enjoyed reading about all of Charley’s business.  Anyway…FB tells Charley that she conquered the League and turned a basketball player into an empire – only a stone cold capitalist could do that.  They are more alike, than not. Charlotte told FB to get her life and then she proceeded to help with that task. Her sister’s “sentimental drivel” ain’t ish. That book falls short of giving insight into who she really is and what she’s done – but Frances, you don’t know the half. Charlotte steps in closer so she can fill ole girl in on who she really is. She tells FB that she wouldn’t make it one day in Hollywood OR the League, but she has conquered them BOTH. So what do you think she’s gonna do to Jacob when he “tries” to run for office? Oops, she knows about that too. Frances looks shooketh. I told yall Charley is gonna run. But it looks like she is running against dumb ass Jacob, instead of CB.

Charley is back at her house, in her office and in “take down Landry mode.” She already has maps and everything. She ready. Doorbell rings and it’s Davis AND Tia. Fix it, Jesus.  Micah didn’t know Charley was home. To say she was shocked is an understatement.  Micah wasn’t ready for this either. Charley manages to hold it together and is gracious to Tia. She shakes her hand and compliments her name. She tells Micah that now that he’s met his sister, they should get to know each other better.  Micah responds with “yeah,” and Charley seems to be searching his face to determine how he’s taking this all in. Meanwhile, she is visibly shaken herself.  And then Davis continues to be the trash that he is. He invites Charley to their family breakfast. Ummm…no sir. Yall can have pancakes without me! He tells Charley it will be a nice family gathering, plus he has some news to share. Charley tells him he has shared enough (I concur, girl).  Micah feels the heat radiating from Charley and takes Tia in the kitchen.  But before he goes, he gives Davis a “man, why are you up in here being trash again” look.  And for the first time, he actually looks like he cares about what Charley is going through at that moment. He looks at her before leaving and she nods her approval.  Now that the kids are gone, Charley can get some thangs off her chest. She doesn’t know what Davis’ news is, but she WILL NOT be what he wants her to be – some kind of surrogate mom to that child. He tells Charley she is going to have to face the truth (I think she’s done that, dude) because the child is innocent and here to stay. His news is that he is retiring and he got a coaching job at Bayou State. Charley tells him that’s great and Tia is welcome at her home anytime she wants to spend time with Micah (that’s might big o’ you, Charley), but she won’t be backdoored into raising his kid. This extra kid is on you, bruh – she wasn’t the one leading a double life. She tells him to enjoy his time with his “children.” Enjoy, love. She tells him she wishes him well and and God help that poor girl.

At the house, Charley is thumbing through Nova’s book. There are lots of family pictures.  Micah returns from supporting his aunt and Charley tells him he can be honest and tell her how it was. He tells her she should have been there because they had a video of two families who found healing via Nova’s book, but the best part was when Nova told her story about the fishing trip and how Pop protected Nova and how sometimes justice has to be taken. Charley is confused. 

Charley drops Micah off to meet Davis and Tia. She looks sad and she watches as Micah joins them and hugs his sister.  She puts her stunna shades on (and I swear she thought about taking Davis up on his invitation) and cranks up the car. This won’t be the last of Davis or Tia.


In a touching scene, RA is talking to a group of ex-convicts who are fresh out of jail. He has started a re-entry program and named it after Ernest. He tells them that they can make it and that farm work was good for him and it can be for them, too. It’s hard work, but here, you are not working for the man and there’s space – so make it beautiful.  Go, RA! Be a leader.

At the farm, Benny asks RA if what he heard was true. The word is out. Benny gives RA his stamp of approval. His father never stepped up.  He admires the way he has stepped up for Blue and he is proud to be working for a brother who is doing the right thing. Awwww….

RA returned home that night to find Darla crying on his doorstep. I told yall that RA needed to read that book! Darla had to find out on her own. She is inconsolable and I was in shambles. RA was there to comfort her, thank God. But I am scared for her sobriety. This is quite a blow and one that she didn’t see coming or deserved. 


Vi is struggling. She’s not able to sleep.  Hollywood wants to her to talk about Jimmy Dale, but Vi refuses because she ain’t thinking about no Jimmy Dale. Now…yall know that’s ALL that’s on her mind. How could it not be? Wood mentions Nova and Vi tells him not to say her name either. Clearly, Vi meant what she said last week. 

At the diner, Vi is still struggling and going off on folks. RA comes in through the back door because Vi’s niece (that’s the way he referred to Nova – I LIVE) is outside. Vi won’t let Nova in and sent Rhonda outside to let Nova know (again) she is not welcome at the Diner. Ouch. I guess Nova been camping out trying to talk to Vi. Listen, Nova – when somebody tells you to not even bring flowers to their grave, I can promise you that they don’t want you at their establishment, either. Poor Nova – NOT.

I guess Charley called a meeting at the diner, so the family (minus Nova) met up. Charley told them about the fishing story that Micah heard.  Charley beings to speak about it and Vi says she doesn’t want to hear it. Charley wants to know what Vi knows (because yall know Vi is the keeper of all secrets).  Vi says she doesn’t know what happened. Charley asks her what she suspects.  She suspects that “something happened to those ratchet men.” Are you implying that Ernest did something??? Fix it, Jesus. Vi goes off. Yall don’t need to know every dayum thing! Vi is over all of this digging up of the past. All she knows is that after the trip, Pop was worried. But one day, he wasn’t worried anymore. She doesn’t know what happened. And everybody deserves to keep somethings between themselves and God. I don’t believe her. I think she knows exactly what happened.

At home, Vi is running bath water to muffle her cries. Her crying is so loud, she muffles it with a towel. But, Hollywood still hears her and he is clearly worried. Vi is having a full breakdown and I am scared for her, too. 

This season is not letting up! I haven’t been able to breathe yet.  So, what now? I see in the preview that somebody will finally challenge Nova on the lack of family support – and it’s Cree Summer! I cannot wait. The clinic might be in jeopardy, it seems. And, when is Charley going to introduce Micah and Romero for real? What is she afraid of? Will Woke Micah find some loyalty for his mom? Will Charley end up with a relationship with Tia? I can see it happening – no matter how hard Charley tries to fight it. Does Davis know about the book? I have a feeling he is going to have some major issues with it. Oh, and you know your girl is going to run against Jacob – buckle up.  Is Vi going to be ok? I am scared her lupus is going to flare up due to all of this stress.  RA is going to have to be the one to support Darla. I don’t see any other options.  And, will Darla be ok? This might just be the thing that causes her to relapse. How long will it be before the kids get to Blue? And what will the ramifications of Nova’s latest bombshell be? Will the people come searching for what (or who) Ernest buried? I am not ready!

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  • Reply
    July 4, 2019 at 11:14 am

    I have to admit that this episode made me angry, angrier than last week!! Nova’s insensitivity and selfish, ugly ways reached an all time high (low)!! A. Asking Micah to house sit, B. telling Darla that exposing all of her dirty secrets shows how resilient she is C. reading a chapter from the book that was not in the script she gave her family and it’s about their father?!!! When does it end?!! Who tells a story that could potentially bring more negative attention to the farm and the family name and reveal the possible murder of these white men?? Something the police can investigate easily now and who has the police in their back pocket…the Landry’s. Ernest was protecting Nova from harm and she thanked him by putting a possibly harmful secret on blast. I literally can not stand Nova. Aunt Vi’s crying in the bathroom was gut wrenching for me…it’s all Nova’s fault. Vi is having to deal with feelings she’s suppressed for years!! Poor Hollywood had the good sense to realize he can’t fix everything and let her be!
    I’m going to need a couch before this season ends…I need somebody to confront Nova while she’s on her 6 week book tour…she is not Michelle Obama…this tour needs to end!!
    Loved your recap…I’m just all in my feelings with this episode!!

  • Reply
    July 4, 2019 at 8:38 pm

    Wooosaaaa! There is just so much to unpack in this episode! I literally cannot focus on this 4th of July. It’s as if I AM one of the Bordelons! Words escape me when it comes to describing what I feel about Nova. She has sacrificed her family and her family’s sanity for the sake of this “World Tour of Healing”. How she rationalizes her actions is beyond me. One “truth” Nova told was when she was talking to Micah. She said “I don’t know what I’m doing with my life either”. That’s obvious, but the gravity of it all is beginning to break her. I ask, “Was it all worth it Nova?”
    Charley was my SHE-RO last night! I am still reveling over how she handled that ambush by Davis. How dare he bring that child to Charley’s house without talking to her first?? E V E R Y time Davis shows up, you can count on a dagger being thrown at Charley, but in that moment, Charley took every high road in existence! It’s not that child’s fault and she did not want to come off in front of her to make her think that it was. I initially thought that Micah had already met her prior to that day, but after several revisits of that scene, Davis rammed Tia down both of their throats. He has no redeeming qualities. My thoughts would be if I were Charley, Davis, just father your children and stay out of my face.
    Aunt Vi is still holding secrets. She KNOWS – either firsthand or via Ernest – what went down. Now whether she tells it all is another thing. I felt that cry down in the depths of my soul!
    Nova is dredging up so many memories that had been laid to rest. Who says they hadn’t already dealt with their demons in their own ways, but because it wasn’t “Nova’s way”, it couldn’t be “healing”. I am so over Nova. She needs to take a 6 weeks sabbatical from my television.

  • Reply
    Jenita Shorter
    July 8, 2019 at 7:54 pm

    I love everything about your recap. Please keep them coming.

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