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Greenleaf – The Seventh Day

August 10, 2020
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Well y’all. Here we are. The penultimate episode of Greenleaf. *insert deep sigh here*

So last week ended with Grace visiting Darius to get the scoop on the information he found out about Bob’s shenanigans. But she was met in the driveway by Fernando and it seemed like something tragic had happened to Darius. Thankfully, Darius is ok, but he was arrested for driving under the influence of PCP…a setup of course. Grace bailed Darius out and as soon as he got his car back, he was back on Bob’s case. He still has to meet with the family that will corroborate Yusef’s story about Edenveil Lending. He invites Grace to come along, but she has to meet with Superlawyer Aaron. She thinks they may be able to get an injunction to stop the church from being demolished based on City on a Hill’s lack of disclosure when they purchased Jacob’s land. Good luck with that, Grace.

Bishop hasn’t given up on marrying Mae and wants to push that date up. He has found the first ring he proposed with and he is hoping that this is just the push she needs to get this party started. He even tells her that all she has to do is say “I do” and they can skip the ceremony part. But, per the usual, Lady Mae just isn’t there yet. She says they need to be on one accord and they are not. They do not agree on how to handle this Tara and will situation, so this marriage can’t happen until they straighten everything out. She wants to sell some land they have and give Tara the money, but Bishop says that makes him look guilty as hell and he’s not. And that ends the conversation. Mae takes the ring off and Bishop is over it.

Over at Calvary, it’s almost time for them to tear it down. Judy, Phil and Fernando are waiting for Bob. But before Bob arrives, Grace and Superlawyer come thru with a cease and desist order. Nothing can continue until the judge reviews their claim for real estate fraud. Fernando was like…ummm…they knew we were H+H. Grace was like…oh really now? My brother didn’t know ish. Fernando is very confident about this little fact tho. Remember that Kerissa knew it all and she was good with it all. Jacob knew nothing…per the usual. So Grace tells Jacob to confirm that Kerissa knew nothing. And that’s when he finds out that Kerissa knew everything. Smh.

Back at the estate, Mae has taken matters into her own hands and invites Tara over…again. She tells Tara about the land that she mentioned to Bishop earlier thinking that it would put an end to this situation. Tara is sure that it won’t. Rochelle wants the Bishop to admit that the killed Darryl. PeriodT. Tara says that she was trying to meet her in the middle, but at the end of the day, it’s their daddy that was murdered and his name on that first will. They ain’t in this together. And with that, it looks like there will be no resolution.

Darius has been working hard on this H+H situation, but Noah has been putting in work too. He has found the infamous groundskeeper! So the groundskeeper tells them about this “poor Negro man” who was always around and treating Mrs. Davis horribly. Sometimes he would abuse her. Grace and Noah ask if they had a romantic relationship? Groundkeeper dude was 100% sure that that wasn’t the case. How can he be so sure? Because Darryl the Negro Man was her SON! And now it makes sense. The house wasn’t left to a random negro. It was left to her son. Say whet?

Darius was correct about Bob running for office. And Bob is choosing to use the demolition of Calvary as his backdrop for an announcement. Charity, Bishop and Mae hear of this travesty on the news. At the same time, Grace comes to drop another bomb – Ms. Davis was Darryl’s mama. They cannot believe it. Loretta wasn’t married and that’s why it was a big secret. This one knocks the wind outta the Bishop. He says he should have known. This news puts Charity into high gear, so she storms out to make a final attempt to save the church. Bishop decides that they need to invite Tara and Rochelle over for a chat. Uh.Oh. So the sisters come over (with attitude) and Mae tells them that Loretta was their grandmother. What’s interesting about this confession is that the sisters didn’t seem surprised. Mae says that this tidbit of information forces them to accept the first will. Rochelle finds that comical. Tara is interested in knowing who the father of Darryl is. Mae continues that if they can prove it (by DNA), they are willing to give up the house. Rochelle isn’t moved by that either. It’s not what she wants – she wants the truth.

Remember how Charity decided that she wasn’t giving up without a final fight? Well, she sent an email to all the church members telling them to come to the church house to hear the truth about Bob and ‘nem. Bishop tells Rochelle that if she wants the truth, she should come to the church with as well. He is ready to spill allll of the tea. Bob is at the church trying to explain all of his foolery away. He tries to explain what Edenveil really did was to help poor people with loans they needed but they weren’t targeting Black people. So Charity pops up to ask why almost 100% of his clients were Black. Bob is ready to refute it, but Darius comes on down the aisle with proof of Charity’s claim. And then Grace asks Bob who Gladys DeMars was? Who was this Black lady who signed off on every loan and was your go to girl? Bob says that was all on Gladys. It wasn’t a plan. And then they let the church in on a lil secret. Gladys was Phil’s mama. *the crowd gasps* And FINALLY Phil gets up and does what he should have done a LONG time ago. He says that on her dying bed, his mother was worried about God forgiving her and he couldn’t figure out what it was. But now he knows it was this. And then he tells Judy to give him his mama’s ring back. Bye, bish. Bob is still trying to control this situation, not really realizing that it’s done. But he does call out Connie…because she is the one who invited them in the first place…because the Greenleafs were ruling Calvary with an iron fist and taking advantage of them.

And then the doors open and the rest of the Greenleafs walk on down the aisle with Bishop leading the way and confessing that he had misled them all. He took advantage of their faith in him and their faith in God. He gained from all of that and that was sinful. He tells the church that the building exists because he was given the house and he was able to use that house as collateral to get a loan to build the church. He tells the church about the will and about Darryl. Apparently, Mac told Bishop to go talk to Ms. Davis because she was looking for a beneficiary for the house…since her son had died…in a fire. He did just that, but he should have known that Darryl and the fire she spoke of were connected. He didn’t try to investigate it tho. He kept moving because he wanted it. But that is all he’s guilty of. And then he confesses to letting little sins go so that he could keep going and succeeding and he got caught up and lost his way and the church and his family paid for it. He apologized for it all. But in the end, the church forgives and lets him know that it wasn’t all bad. And at that point, the old Calvary was back and standing behind their Bishop. And that was Bob’s cue to leave. He gathered up Judy and they left and just like that *poof* all of this is over. And then Charity starts singing Amazing Grace, the Greenleafs gather around Bishop, Rochelle and her sister leave and the congregation joins in song. I got questions, but imma let them finish the song.

Grace catches Rochelle before she leaves and asks if she’s happy with all of the mess she caused. Rochelle says she’s not, because all she wanted was the truth. She got it and now she can go. But before she leaves, Grace thanks Rochelle for AJ. She knows it was Rochelle that dug up that little secret, but she’s thankful for it. Rochelle said she just wanted to remind Grace that she wasn’t any better than anybody else…and that God can use anybody to be a blessing to someone else. Oh…and on Charity’s way out, Phil had the audacity to try to holla at her. Charity is usually the MVP of TeamBadDecisions, but this time, she wasn’t. She wasn’t tryna hear NOTHING Phil had to say. #boyBye

Darius takes Grace home and before she gets outta the car, she reaches for his hand and thanks him. And then they kiss. And then Darius wants her to come on over to his place, but Grace declines and offers to come over tomorrow. Sophia needs to talk to her. Earlier, Zora tried to play nice with Sophia so she could get Sophia to ask Grace for some cash. Smh. Her new plan is to convince Sophia not to go back to Hampton, but to come live with her in NY instead…so Sophia could foot the bill. Sophia was halfway considering it, especially since she was the reason that Zora’s NY plans got derailed. So Sophia is ready to talk to Grace and the first thing she does is apologize for the pictures she sent to Dante. Grace was like…what pictures? Ummmm…Zora stays playing folks. She never said anything to Grace about the pictures…but she told Sophia that she did. *le sigh*

Ok. I am going to give yall a minute to go grab some Kleenex before I tell yall what happened in the final scene. Ready? Ok.

So Mae is in a REALLY good mood and got on some ca-auteee nightwear. She is putting on perfume and errrrrything. So she calls for James who is sitting on the side of the bed with the Bible and tells him that she wants to get married tomorrow. James is barely moving and she finally realizes that he is having some sort of medical emergency. He can’t talk and she rushes to dial 911. But he stops her and motions for her to get a pen. She calls, then gets the pen. He manages to write I DO. Mae says, she does too and begs him to stay with her. She lays him down and it’s not looking good for the Bishop. She tells him how much she loves him and then she stops and screams. Yall…I think the Bishop has gon up yonder. And then they ended with the silent credits, so I will just have my black dress ready for the next episode. It’s the end of an era folks. 😭😭

The last scene got me. I won’t even lie. But I still have questions, because that’s what I do.

Was anybody else expecting the Bishop’s tea to be hotter? I was expecting a whole lotta answers. I thought he would mention his affair with Mavis. I thought he would talk about all of the things he knew Mac was doing (and in some cases may have been equally as guilty of). I thought he was going to say he knew about the will but looked the other way when Mac worked his magic. I thought he was going to confess about the fire. But nope…Bishop just served up a lotta iced tea and I was like…ummmmm…dassit?

And can we talk about how this whole H+H situation just dissolved with Charity singing Amazing Grace? Like…after 2 whole seasons of this shaggidy, dassit? It ends like that? Bob didn’t even put up a fight? Judy didn’t give some dry arse soliloquy about why they need to stay? I was underwhelmed.

Oh…and am I to really believe that Rochelle wasn’t after money? After she had that whole scheme before and ran away WITH money…she doesn’t want money? Ummmm…ok.

And who will Grace end up with when it’s all said and done? Both of her men worked graveyard shift hours to help save the church and the house. It looks like Darius is in the lead, but you just never know what’s gonna happen.

And Bishop. Lawddddddddddd….Bishop! Why did it have to end this way? Was all of the stress and the “confession” just too much for him to bear? Imma cry like a baby at the fune.

Welp. There’s one more episode of Greenleaf left…ever…

What are your predictions for how it ends?

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