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Greenleaf – Behold

August 25, 2020
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Previously on Greenleaf…Bishop was having a medical emergency and it wasn’t looking too good. This episode begins with Mae and a lifeless Bishop in the bed. Mae reaches for the ring Bishop tried to give her days ago and places it on her finger. She kisses him and she leaves the room. Ughhhhhhhh!!! Why y’all, why????? Not the Bishop….Lawd. I might don’t make it.

In Grace’s suite, Sophia is trying to explain her decision to change schools and the reason she feels she has to (them innanet pictures). The convo ends abruptly when Grace gets a call from a prospective employer in NY. It’s the same lady that tried to hire her to work for 20/20 right when this Greenleaf story all began. We have been through so much that I *almost* forgot that Grace was a journalist. Anyway, the story that Darius and Grace helped expose about Bob Whitmore has this lady calling again about a job for Grace. Grace seems very open…but then Mae comes knocking at the door.

And then all the family gathers in the bedroom with Bishop to say their last goodbyes. They were all in the bed with him…which was kinda scary and sweet all at the same time. Tears were flowing and Charity begins to sing (per the usual). The ambulance siren is in the background. Ummmm…I have questions about the timeliness of the ambulance but I will let that go for now. The Greenleafs have a private service on the grounds, so we are taken back to the family plot. I was high key wondering why Bishop didn’t have a grand homegoing service at Calvary. With all of the people who knew and loved him, this graveside situation seems odd. And this was before COVID, so….

Dinner is served at the house and everyone is just staring at Bishop’s empty chair. Even AJ is missing Bishop and he says that he is going to build that car he was supposed to finish with Bishop. Grace shares a story about a conversation she had with Bishop when she first moved back. Mae excuses herself to take a call. The remaining family makes a toast to the Bishop.

It was Misty who was calling Mae. She has met with the Deacons, minus that bish Connie Sykes, and they want Mae to lead worship this coming Sunday. Calvary finally came to their senses after all of this foolery. Phil is gone and H+H is a thing of the past. So now that they have been made fools of, they are back to the Greenleafs. They want to pay tribute to Bishop and they want Mae to come and speak and remind them of the goodness of Calvary. I got a bone to kick with the idiots at Calvary. They have put everybody through all of this drama only to come back to the Greenleafs. They make me sick.

After the fune and repast, Noah shows Grace and AJ his new casa. Yes, Noah has found a job and he is showing off the house he plans to buy. It’s nice and not cheap, but AJ is committed to making a home for AJ…and Grace…if she wants (or needs it). Grace isn’t really considering it, but you can’t blame Noah for trying.

Back at the mansion, Kerissa has comforted Winky and is headed out. She still needs to find a place to stay and has asked if Winky can stay there until she gets settled. Jacob is cool with it. Jacob invites her to come in, sit down…and stay. Kerissa declines because she doesn’t want to confuse the baby…or Jacob. Good move. She tells Jacob that this IS their happy ending.

In Grace’s suite, Darius is encouraging Grace to call the lady in NY back about that job. Grace says that her family needs her right now. Darius understands, but he feels like she should still call her back. There’s nothing to lose. Sophia is worried about leaving Sophia and AJ, but Darius reminds her that they are all adults. She asks him about them. What about us? What about our future? Darius is ready to move to NY and “accompany” Grace and that brings Grace to tears. Hmmmmm…these two might be headed to the big city.

Jacob heads over to Tara’s church to talk ask if they could have a little time before handing the house over to her. Tara is feeling a bit guilty about the Bishop’s death. Perhaps the stress of all the drama they caused Bishop’s stroke. I agree. But Jacob tells her that the Greenleafs aren’t holding any grudges. Tara tells Jacob that she appreciates how upfront he was with her from the beginning…and tells him that they can have the house. What?? Tara says she can’t throw Mae out of the house. She knows how Mae feels and how the rest of them feel and she just cannot do it. And that she’s praying for her. Wow! Tara might be the good sibling after all…

In another surprise move, Grace gets rid of all of her cash. Remember that inheritance she got from her real daddy? She set up trust for AJ and Sophia and funded it with that money. She is officially broke but happy to get rid of that money that has been nothing but trouble. And of course her brother and Superlawyer Aaron handled the paperwork. He also gives Grace some good advice on how to move forward.

It’s Sunday! Jacob is in the lobby greeting the churchgoers. It’s a Welcome Back Calvary situation and apparently they have been broadcasting how special this Sunday was going to be all over the radio. Tara even shows up and brings her whole congregation (it’s probably like 10 people, but still it was a nice gesture.) . Anywho, Jacob and Tara start talking and they realize that they have a similar interest – the homeless. Tara offers to work with him on homelessness sometime soon. Jacob thanks her for her graciousness and or allowing them to keep the house. It seems like these two have a little thing going on…hmmmmmm…

It’s time for the service and just like back in the day, Charity is leading the praise and worship and warming up the crowd for the guest speaker, her mama, Lady Mae. The crowd is ready and happy to see Mae. They cheer and applaud as she makes her way to the pulpit. And I just know that Mae is about to bring a mighTy word.

Mae says that she has been talking too James…a lot. And when she told him about how she was to speak in his honor today and he spoke to her and told her to “tell them something new.” And she did just that. So let’s talk about something new. Isaiah said, “I am doing a new thing. Do you not perceive it?” So let’s think together about the new. Let’s dream together about the new…not about what this church HAS been, but about what this church has NEVER been. The early friends of Jesus gathered in small groups in upper rooms where the fire of tongues rained down on them. No one had heard of such a thing, but it was something new. When God saved all the guilty people with the death of one innocent man, that was new. So…I stand here at the edge of infinity with NO plans, with my arms and my heart and my mind opened and saying…Oh, Lord Jesus, make me something new. Show me forgiveness where there can be none. Show me redemption when it’s far too late. Let there be waters where the wells long ago ran dry. Acceptance where there is hate. Show me what I can’t explain. Make me what I came to become. Torment my tongue in the fire of your light. Please, make me NEW. We are asking God to help us learn and love our past enough to let it go and move forward. I want to move forward into the future. Jesus, MAKE.ME.NEW. And bayyyyyybeeeeeee. I felt all of that! Where’s the collection plate? I almost walked down to the altar my dayum self. Sophia turns to Grace and tells her that her work here is done. AJ is moved by Lady Mae’s sermon and gives himself to God. And that old Calvary that I fell in love with in Season 1 was back.

After the sermon, Mae is in Bishop’s office and Grace comes to tell her that she got the church back. Calvary wants Mae back next Sunday and the Sunday after that. But Grace was really there to share some more news. She has decided to pursue that job in NY. Mae tells her that this isn’t the time to leave…not with Bishop gone. Grace stops her. It’s YOUR time…and it’s MY time…let us trust Him. *insert tears here* Mae understands.

And so the family gathers on the front steps again to say farewell to another Greenleaf. This time, its Grace. She’s headed to New York for that interview. They are all sure that Grace will definitely get the job. Zora is banking on this because she’s trying to get to NY too. Jacob is super supportive. Charity is teary and tells Grace that God is going to do something special and something new for her. And that she’s the best sister. My, my…how far we have come. And now for Mae. She hugs Grace and tells her thank you for “sowing discord in the fields of my peace…they needed it.” Whew! Remember that line from Season 1? Mae tells her goodbye and the Lord will take care of her. Grace looks at the fam one last time and gets in the car. She blows them a kiss and her car pulls off.

She rides past the lion and past the lake. The driver asks if she’s Pastor Greenleaf. She tells him it’s just Grace Greenleaf now. He says he hopes that’s the way she wants it. She replies, “me too.” And they officially exit the the Greenleaf Estate and the G gate closes behind them. Grace looks back and the light shines through the car. It’s a wrap.

Grace left just how she came, and it’s safe to say her work there is done. She got to the bottom of her sister’s death and abuse. She killed Mac. She unearthed all of the Greenleaf secrets and though it was hard to watch, they dealt with them all. There aren’t anymore secrets or surprises and now even though they are without Bishop, they can move forward with a renewed spirit and purpose.

So what’s next for the Greenleafs? There’s talk of a spinoff. What do yall think that will be about? My guess is that it’s all about Lady Mae. I think she’s the one with more story to tell. How will she manage and move forward with Bishop? Will she lead Calvary into a new era? Will Mae find love again? Will she find her true purpose?

I must say I am sad to see the Greenleafs go. It’s been quite a ride and I have enjoyed it all.

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