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Greenleaf – The Stranger

October 10, 2019

Last week’s episode ended with Grace dropping her bombshell on Mae. Now it’s time for the whole family to come face to face with the secret.

I did NOT get the reaction I was expecting from Mae or any of the other Greenleafs, for that matter. Even Grace was surprised. Don’t you have anything to say? I just told you I have a son. Mae asks to see a picture and gave off some nice grandma vibes. She was uncharacteristically understanding and compassionate, and told Grace that this must be quite an ordeal for all involved. She just wants to know if Grace has prayed about this situation. She wants to meet her new grandson – if Grace can find him. But…what will they tell the church? Grace says she’s the Greenleaf with the morals, so what shall they tell the church? Mae tells her that there’s no shame in giving up a child for adoption. The only problem was the way she handled it when AJ reached out. And here comes the snitchspy, Charity, nibbling on a croissant and sensing that something is going down. Grace has a massive eye roll for Charity. Mae prefaces the news by telling Charity that this news has to be kept in the family. But we ALL know that ain’t gon happen. The only question is exactly how long it’s gonna take for ole girl to get down to the church to spill the tea to Phil.

Mae and Bishop try to digest the news of their grandson’s existence. Mae is being dramatic and comparing her current situation to a squirrel on an unstable branch. Bishop is in his feelings because he remembers a call from Grace about a week after she left home. She needed money and offered to come to Chicago and get her. She said no. He thought she was just being proud. Now he knows that she was pregnant and alone and that has him sad. He should have gone and got her and maybe this wouldn’t have happened. Mae tells Bishop that all they can do now is welcome AJ.

Down at the church, Karine is watching Jacob’s fight on YouTube. He got a new name – Paster Holyfield. Jacob is there and has to know that the end of his employment at H&H is near. And guess who comes to see Phil and looking like a kid at Christmas – Charity. She got the tea! Grace has a secret son with Noah. Phil is cool about it. This isn’t the silver bullet tho. She gave him up for adoption, she didn’t have an abortion. They have to be strategic about this. He needs some more info from AJ himself to make this stick. And now Phil has a chance to take another Greenleaf down. Jacob screwed up and now Bob wants him fired. Phil does the dirty work. But before ending the convo, he reminds Jacob that this needed to happen. He never took the job at the church seriously anyway, nor did he make it his first priority. Welp. Oh…and before Phil leaves he tells Jacob that not all PK’s are annointed. Some are just…children. Ouch.

Grace makes her way to the church and just as she arrives, she gets a call from AJ. He’s been arrested! Gahtdambit. At the police station, AJ tells Grace that he needs an alibi and he wants her to lie and say he was with her. Houston, we got a problem. He was at his house when this happened, but he can’t prove it. AJ guilt trips her. You help strangers, pretend I’m a stranger and help me. Lawd. This dude knows exactly what to say to her. She asks him to promise her that he didn’t do it. He does that. The police show Grace the surveillance footage from the drugstore that AJ is accused of robbing. I found it interesting that the police said AJ was a regular customer at the pharmacy. His prints are on the counter, but that’s not enough evidence. And, then Grace risks it all and lies for him…in a recorded confession. #fixitJesus

Kerissa visits the dude that they sold the land to to collect her coins. She tells him that she knows he’s a part of H&H. She wonders what H&H is up to. How much is it worth to him that no one at Calvary finds out about this? She threatens to call Jacob, but even he puts her on blast for that. Why doesn’t your husband know that he sold his land to H&H and you do? Mmmm hmmm. Kerissa doesn’t call Jacob. She then starts to lay down all her burdens at this random dude’s feet. Her mother-in-law is driving her crazy, her husband just lost both of his jobs and she needs more money to get a new house. Ole boy sees an opening. He offers her a substantial sum of money – a check that he makes out to Kerissa (at her request). It’s basically blackmail for her to keep her mouth shut. She takes the check and he asks if he can see her again. He tells her that if she were his, she wouldn’t have to go around looking for coins. He would make sure she was always good. That seems to be music to Kerissa’s ears. She says that his advance may be an option – after the check clears. They got Kerissa looking real desperate right about now. Ijs. Kerissa goes over to see Jacob and tells him they need to celebrate. She put an offer in on a house. She “scraped” up the additional money they needed, so it’s done. I have questions about why Jacob didn’t have more questions. Maybe he was caught off guard because he was just looking at Tasha Skanks’ contact info in his phone…or maybe he is just clueless. Idk. Jacob is cool with a celebration for tonight. Then he gets a call from Mae. You gotta come home for dinner. There’s somebody I want you to meet – Grace’s son. And again, Jacob had no questions. He tells Kerissa they have to cancel their plans because Grace has a son. And, again…nobody is asking enough questions for me. Kerissa doesn’t care what Grace has or that Jacob just said Grace had a kid. She is not cancelling their plans and he needs to decide who he ridin with tonight – her or Mae! She is LIVID. She reminds him that even tho he lost TWO jobs in one day, she is still there. Jacob asks where would she go if she left. LOL. I mean… Anyway, Jacob tells her that he is going home to meet this mystery nephew and he’s doing it without her. Kerissa is big mad and makes a call to the H&H land guy. The check has cleared and she is ready to take him up on his other offer. SN: While Mae was on the phone with Jacob, she had the help packing up all their valuables…because you now AJ is a criminal and whatnot.

The moment has arrived. Grace brings AJ to the Greenleaf mansion to meet the fam. Mae is welcoming. AJ gets a big hug from Bishop. The grandparents dote on their “new” grandson. Mae takes AJ down to Zora’s cabin where she immediately asks AJ if he wants to get high. SMH. Meanwhile, the police show up to ask Grace some follow up questions. Her plan of keeping AJ’s latest shenanigans a secret just went out the window. The police question her in front of Bishop. The police have reviewed the footage of AJ and Grace at the police station. They find that suspicious. Grace tells them that she suspects they don’t have enough evidence to put AJ away and he was just a black kid who got picked up for a crime he didn’t commit. Mae walks in on the tail end of this and is high key bothered that Grace has yet more drama for them to deal with. Mae can’t believe that Grace lied for AJ (I can’t either) and tells her that she can’t really trust AJ. AJ might confess to the whole thing and then Grace is SOL. Grace believes AJ and that he did not commit this crime. And then Mae says what I been thinking. AJ isn’t trustworthy. She has given him money, he wants more. And then he threatens her when he doesn’t get it. Like I said last week, it’s blackmail. So…if he does that to her, who is to say he won’t do that to the family? And then AJ and Zora return to the main house. Mae is ready to have a talk with her lil grandson. Mae tells AJ that he looks guilty. Did you do it? AJ tells her that he would be stupid to do that. Not good enough for may. Did you do it or NOT? Because Mae will not allow some criminal to drag her daughter down. AJ is bothered that the family keeps asking him about the robbery. And then Charity’s azz comes in with an “It’s a Boy” balloon. Ole shady azz. Grace is like…wth? Charity said they ain’t had balloons that say “It’s a man that your sister kept a secret for 25 years” balloons. Ole Petty Boop. Zora is amused. And then Jacob rolls in with a handshake for his nephew. Jacob finally has questions, but there’s not time for them to be answered. Mae is still trying to get AJ to admit to the crime and now Charity is privy to this extra tea about the robbery. Ugh. Mae tells AJ that he don’t know her and what she’s capable of and basically reads him. He still refuses to answer the question and leaves. Mae begs Gigi to go tell the police the truth.

Kerissa made her way over to ole dude real quick. She gets all of her problem with Jacobs off her chest and then she ends up actually hooking up with his guy. I mean…dayum, Kerissa! Whyyyyyy? I know Jacob has done some stuff, too…but…LordY. After she did the do with ole boy, she finally makes her way back home. It’s late. Jacob has questions. Kerissa says she was out with a friend. Jacob leaves to go pack up his stuff at Calvary. Jacob seemed real cool about this one, too. I feel like he kinda knows what’s up. Idk.

At AJ’s apartment, he is packing his things. Interestingly, he has a ziplock back of pills. Are those stolen OR is that what he was using the money that Grace gave him to buy? Grace is at the door. You’re leaving? You will violate parole. AJ doesn’t care. He doesn’t know where he’s going. AJ is over it all. And then he gives her another guilt trip about how he should have never been born, etc. Grace is still in Grace mode and asks if he wants a family? AJ says not THAT family. No. I can see his point. She tells him that if he leaves, they will think he’s guilty. He doesn’t care what other people think. And then in another dumb move, Grace gives AJ her car. Does he have a license? Anyway, AJ gives her the keys back. Thank Gawd.

At the church, Jacob packs up his office and Charity pays Phil a visit. She has some more info about AJ and what went down at the house. Phil is happy. This is what they need. Grace lied to the police? And…Charity recorded her saying it. Phil is overjoyed. Then Charity has a moment of clarity…let’s use this, but I don’t want AJ to go to prison. Ok…but do you want your sister to go to jail? Because that’s where we are headed. Anyway, these 2 sinners are on cloud 9 and kiss. *insert side eye here* Jacob got all his ish and heads out the church. On the way out, he hears laughing coming from Phil’s office. He looks through the door and it’s CHARITY! Mmmm hmmm. She’s caught.

I can’t lie. I was very underwhelmed by the reactions from the family. I was expecting way more questions and way more emotion from everybody! I didn’t get that. Also, I just have more questions. Like…Noah moved back to Memphis, right? Well…where the hayle is he? Shouldn’t we have seen a Noah/AJ scene by now? And, AJ did have prescription drugs in his possession. Is that what he’s buying with the money Grace keeps giving him OR did he steal those. I am thinking that if he stole them, there would be much more. And does AJ have an addiction problem? I already think he’s an alcoholic.

What next???

Is Kerissa going to have a for real relationship with the H&H land guy? And will she get caught? And, I see Jacob ain’t over Tasha. Will Jacob find out about Kerissa and feel justified about getting back with Tasha?

Where is AJ going and how will him fleeing Memphis impact Grace? Won’t the police be all on Grace’s tail now because AJ looks hella guilty by leaving?

So Phil has the info now, but how will he use it? How can he share this information without it having ramifications for Grace that are far outside of just being removed as Pastor. And, Charity is a bish. Periodt.

What will Jacob do now that he knows about Charity and Phil? Will he put her on blast with the family? He needs to.

Mae let Bishop sleep in her room! Are those two on the path to remarriage?

Grace was the MVP of Team Bad Decisions this week. I need her to take a timeout.

Until next week, folks…

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