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David Makes Man – Bubble House

October 9, 2019
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The prescription drug game is in full swing. Shenobi is looking like a clean cut customer at the pharmacy and making small talk about the impending storm with a little old lady. He pays for his grandma’s prescription in cash (it’s over $300), compliments the cashier and heads out. On the way out, he tranforms into Shenobi right before our eyes. Their plan is working out. The pharmacy didn’t even call to verify. Mx. Elijah gets her cut of the drugs and presses Nobi about the cash that’s owed to her – which he doesn’t have. Elijah says they are sloppy and they need to get it together. Nobi ain’t really worried. He’s there for another pleasure session with Mx. Elijah anyway. All she needs to be worried about is keeping him happy and he pulls down his pants so they can get started. But, Starry interrupts which makes Nobi BIG MAD. Shenobi was rude to Starry, but Starry was quick with the clapback which prompted Nobi to threaten Star. Elijah tells Nobi to leave and go talk to his CEO so she can get her coinZ.

Shenobi heads out and right into The Ville’s next tragedy. Willie Derek (the boy who JG almost fought in the first episode) took some drugs and something’s wrong.

At school, DJ and Marissa attend an assembly where a black politician is the speaker. The politician graduated from their middle school and went on to Hurston. He, too, is from the hood and is there to encourage them to do their best. After the assembly, DJ sees another avenue to get to Hurston. He takes the chance and tells the politician about his hard life in the hood and tries his best to make a good impression and asks for a letter of recommendation. He gets what he wants. He is told to call the office on Monday. He smiles and looks over at Dr. WT who is extremely unimpressed and underwhelmed by DJ’s latest stunt. Noticeably missing from the assembly is Seren.

At Seren’s house, his mom receives a call from the school letting her know that Seren was absent from school. She had no idea. She heads to the school to find out what’s going on. She immediately goes off on the secretary because she is sure this is a mistake. She insists on going to the class herself, where she finds that Seren is indeed absent.

Meanwhile, DJ heads to see Dr. WT. They are long overdue for a chat. DJ claims he came to thank her for having Congressman Reed come talk to them and that he feels like Reed is a good role model. Dr. WT is bothered that he sees Reed as a role model AND he chose to drag his mother’s name through the mud and exploit his family situation for a letter. DJ is confused by Dr. WT’s attitude about this whole situation, but she calls him on it. Congressman Reed is a regret and an embarrassment because he cashes in on pain and his past and only comes to the hood when it serves him. You don’t want to be like him. Dr. WT tells him that he won’t call Hurston for him nor will he lift a finger to help him get where he wants to be. DJ starts to walk away, but he can’t. He is tired of playing games with WT. Is this a joke? You taught me to pick up context clues and that’s what I did. I am doing everything I can to survive. School is supposed to be safe and it’s not. I keep playing these games with the rules yall keep changing. I am jumping thru all yall’s hoops here, while trying not to get shot at home and you mad? You mad because I am trying to do this a different way from what you said. I am tying to live and you are worried about me being shamed? Whew! I felt all of that. He collects himself. I came to ask for a letter because I work my ass off in your class, I worked hard and I deserve it. But before he could get an answer, he’s called to the principal’s office and the bell rings.

David walks into the main office, and right past Seren’s mom. The principal asks about Seren. DJ asks if he’s ok. Is he hurt? The principal wants to know why he would think that. DJ gives the principal the note that Seren gave him. She goes to get Dr. Bree. Seren’s mom basically attacks DJ. Seren hasn’t been acting right and I KNOW it has something to do with you. Is he in danger? I know this is your fault. Excuse you, maam? DJ won’t answer and this bish actually put her hands on DJ. Dr. Bree gets there just in time. Seren’s mom is playing the good mom. She is telling Dr. Bree that she tried to protect Seren from the way the world sees him – a brown boy. She has been tough on him because she has tried to protect him. Meanwhile, Ray is real cool. Dr. Bree says that since a storm is approaching, they need to get the police involved. Ray perks up on that one. Wayment. Seren might be with his father in Tampa? Oh, really, Ray? How you know that? Ray says that Seren has been asking about his father. They should try to call Aaron first and Ray says that he will drive up there if he has to. Dr. Bree leaves to give them some privacy…and to get some answers from DJ. Doesn’t Seren’s note seem off? Why did you give it to the principal? DJ says he was supposed to keep it, but he’s losing and he’s tired of losing. Maybe this will help find something or keep something. He had to do something. He felt like he was losing Seren, too. Dr. Bree tells him that he’s doing a lot of half-azz question answering. The question is does he know where Seren is? And is there anything about his home life Dr. Bree should know about? Of course, DJ gives no answers. Dr. Bree tells him that he wants to make sure Seren is safe, too. Oh…and before I go…I know you stole that prescription pad. You better bring it back before Thanksgiving and we will fix it. I am tired of your lil games.

Back in the hood, Desmond is back to settle some stuff with Raynan and they have a real testy encounter. Willie Derek’s situation got Raynan on edge and he confides that one of their corner boys swallowed some pills…but it was his own dayum fault. And then the po-po show up to arrest Raynan and Desmond. Raynan ain’t new to this, he’s true to this. The police even roll up to a drive thru and get Raynan’s favorite meal. They even know how he likes it – extra cilantro sauce. Lawd. The police think this is soooo amusing.

Dai finally makes it home and finds out all the tea for the day. Raynan and Desmond got arrested and Willie Derek od’d…on his stuff. And…Teo shows up. When it rains, it pours. He was looking for Desmond and Raynan, but since they are busy, Dai has to handle the business with Teo. He gives Teo their roll of drug money and Teo can tell by the weight of the roll that there’s more money there than there should be. Dai says it’s because their cuts are still in there. But even after Teo gives him their money, it’s still not right. Have they been moving more product? Dai plays innocent. Teo says he looks scared and he should be. Dai tells him that he’s caught, but it’s usually worse. When Desmond comes, it’s a bigger problem. Teo acknowledges that Desmond don’t know how to talk to folks, but that’s not his job. Dai questions Desmond’s actions. Why would he treat those that are loyal and bringing them profit like that? Why does he threaten their family and little brothers? It’s uncalled for. That gets Teo’s attention and he says that he will tell Desmond to chill. Dai digs a little deeper. This is MY neighborhood and Desmond’s tactics ain’t working here. Dai plants that seed that Desmond is threatening his family. Teo is kinda impressed that Dai had the courage to step to him. Dai also uncovers that Teo may know more about Raynan and Desmond’s arrest than he thought. He knew when they were getting out, which Dai questioned. Teo said he had a “hunch.” Smh. Dai recovers from the encounter with Teo and finds Shenobi crying and holding Willie Derek. It’s clear that the little soldier is dead, but Nobi keeps holding on. I was perplexed. Is there a greater relationship here besides WD being a corner boy. I did not expect Shenobi to react like this. Hmmm.

As a result of the latest events, King David shuts down all operations in The Ville. His foot soldiers turn in their money and Dai gives them instructions on cleaning up the crime scene to make it look like WD was alone. Dai is calling all of thee shots. Shenobi is still in shock and has to be escorted out of the drug den. Now it’s just Raynan and Dai. Dai tells him that he gave Teo all the money. This is a problem. Teo wasn’t supposed to know that they were selling prescription pills, too. Now they have a HUGE problem. Dai tells him that at the end of the day, Teo is his uncle and he won’t touch him because he’s family. Raynan tells Dai there’s so much ish he doesn’t know. And now it’s story time. Back when Raynan totaled the car Sky gave him, Sky wore his azz out. Raynan went to Tio about it and Tio went off. Raynan told Tio where Sky was and Tio handled the rest. And this is Dai’s final straw. He manhandles Raynan. You can’t take an azz-whoopin? You had to get somebody after your dad whooped you? Dai is LIVID. He is all up in Raynan’s face. I may not beat you, but I will try. Dai goes all the way in. You had to take him because he wasn’t yours no mo! Yep. That’s probably the reason. Raynan is hysterical, too. He got Teo all over him now. He tells Dai to lay low till he figures it out. Dai asks him where he’s supposed to go and he’s not accepting this as an answer. He pulls up a chair and tells Raynan to sit his scary azz down. They got ish to figure out. PeriodT. And you know what…Raynan sat his azz down. And Dai took the big chair. They both got somebody to worry about, now they have to make sure that Teo is worried about him, too.

Out on the courtyard, The Ville is preparing for the storm. Dai sees the police and I assume they are giving WD’s mom the news that he passed away. Mx. Elijah walks by and tells Dai that they got the package in Tampa today. And then there’s a flashback of Dai and Starry. Dai gets out of the car and Seren gets in. Remember Starry said he was going to Tampa? Looks like Seren went, too. Thank Gawd! I was so worried about Seren. He’s alive and gave Dai a nod and a smile. Back in the present, Dai looks at Elijah. Elijah tells Dai he can’t save them all. Dai says he knows and looks up.

Wow! What an episode. We got answers. We know it was Desmond who killed Sky, but it was at Teo’s request and Raynan put the whole thing in motion because he was mad. Seren didn’t kill himself, but he did run away and we know what the note says. Dr. WT and Dr. Bree called DJ out for the games he plays at school, although I understand why he does it.

What next?

There’s a storm brewing, both literally and figuratively. DJ and the fam head to Gloria’s mom’s house and mama is being played by thee Lela Rochon. This gon be goodT. There’s a lot of story there and I can’t wait to find out what it is.

Dr. Bree knows that DJ took the prescription pad. Will he return it? Can he return it? And if he doesn’t, what will happen?

And…when is WT ever gonna give DJ an answer about that letter? At this point, she just needs to tell him yes or not and let him move on. She bout on my last nerB, too. And will Reed come thru for DJ and prove WT wrong?

Seren went to Tampa. Will he find his dad? Did he know where his dad was? Did Ray have anything to do with this? Ray was acting way too cool.

Willie Derek took the drugs that the crew as peddling in The Ville. Will they get caught? And who was WD to Shenobi? I am still shocked by Nobi’s reaction to WD’s death.

What’s gonna happen to Starry in Tampa?

Will David/DJ/Dai ever catch a break? Will he make it to Hurston?

What will happen with Teo and Desmond? Teo seemed to really pay attention to all of Dai’s grievances with Desmond. How will that change the game?

There are only TWO more episodes left this season. I am not ready for this saga to end.

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