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Greenleaf – Unwanted

October 2, 2019

This episodes start with Charity playing with her son and telling him all about how she is going to be helping Phil run the church. Sure, Charity. Sure. Grace comes knocking and she wastes no time getting at Charity. You called Noah? Charity tries to pretend like she’s surprised that Grace is upset. Grace is tryna figure out why Charity would even care that Noah came back. Charity claims she been knowing Noah since they were kids and there was a time when the talk was about Charity&Noah, not Grace&Noah. Grace isn’t buying any of it. She knows that Charity knows that Isabelle has issues with Grace. Grace tells her that she blew up Noah’s marriage. Charity tells Grace that actually Noah and/or Grace is the reason that that marriage was blown up. They were the ones messing around. Get yo facts straight. Later, Charity is watching a sermon and eating in her bed, and the sermon is getting to her. When you go messing with other people, you are playing with fire. Charity is having second thoughts about being the family snitchspy and being responsible for the demise of Noah’s marriage. She ends up confiding in Carlton and he assures her that she’s not going to hell (you sure about that?) because she is turning to God, but Charity acknowledges that she hasn’t fully turned away from the sin that got her in this mess. Carlton tells her that that’s what she needs to do.

Mae is reading Bob Whitmore’s latest literary work and searching it for clues when Kerissa comes in clearly wanting something. Mae sniffs out her neediness immediately. Kerissa wants to take the furniture when they move. Mae didn’t know they were moving…since they just moved in, it seems kinda odd. Kerissa tells Mae that they can pay for the furniture – eventually. Mae reminds her that they took the furniture the FIRST time they moved out and into that shack over at Triumph. And, then they left the furniture there for a Nigerian to sell on eBay. I cackled. Mae told Kerissa that this is not a “sensational sofa showroom.” I cackled even harder this time. She told Kerissa that she can go on ‘head and pick out (and pay for) her own furniture and see what kinda joy she can get from that.

Grace heads on over to the church and is greeted by Pastor Phil. Per the usual, he has a problem with something a Greenleaf has done. This time, Jacob is trying to help the homeless. How could a church have a problem with that? Go figure. After getting rid of Phil, Grace walks into her office and another problem is waiting for her – AJ. Yep. AJ just showed up at the church and Grace is floored. Did anyone see him come in? He doesn’t think so. He has been looking at all of the pics in her office and seems to be in awe. Grace tells AJ that he can’t just show up at the church. He says he came for money. Grace JUST gave him money 3 days ago and he’s blown thru that. What exacTly is he doing with this money? AJ reminds Grace that he’s done everything she has asked since he’s been there and she got the money…so…hand it over. Grace obliges and promises to put more money in his account. This is lowkey blackmail. He takes the money and Grace asks about this job search and offers to make some calls for him. He is defiant – he is not a charity case. And then, Phil comes back. Uh oh. He just came to remind Grace that her lawyer (Aaron) is here to see her. AJ stays silent. Grace is relieved. AJ leaves…through the fire door…per Grace’s request.

Aaron came through with some paperwork and announces that all of Bishop’s money troubles are over. Grace asks Aaron to give a “kid in the church” a job. This kid needs to get a fresh start. Of course she doesn’t tell him who this kid is. Aaron agrees and he is willing to give AJ a shot. AJ meets Aaron at his office and discovers that the two of them are old friends. Aaron doesn’t tell AJ his secret. AJ doesn’t tell Aaron his. They talk about AJ’s post-prison life and Aaron tells AJ about how great Grace is. She is such a kind, giving and caring person. AJ is triggered. He asks to use the restroom and never comes back. How could Grace be all these things to all these people, but not to her own son? Poor AJ. Grace finds out about the meeting and rolls on over to AJ’s apartment. He hasn’t been answering his phone. AJ tells Grace he couldn’t stand to hear about her greatness and all the people she has saved, while he endured a horrible life. He was thissss close to telling her secret, so he left. AJ is ready to call this whole thing quits. He doesn’t trust Grace. He doesn’t trust people who can’t see their own shadow – like Grace. They are done. He wants to cut ties with her. The next person who asks him who he is is going to find out exactly who he is.

Charity visits Phil and Phil immediately asks who the guy in Grace’s office was. Charity doesn’t know. Phil tells her to find out and Charity tells him she can’t do this anymore. Phil reminds her that she’s barely done anything yet. That’s kinda true. Charity confesses that she called Noah’s house and now he’s getting a divorce. Phil seems kinda happy to hear about something that may have been going on with Noah and Grace. Charity basically gives her letter of resignation from this snitching position. Phil tells her that uncovering evil isn’t evil. Phil asks her one more time to find out who that guy was. Charity declines. She’s done with this. She tells Phil that she’s not like him. Phil has one more trick up his sleeve. He invites Charity to dinner so she can understand what he is really like. She has the wrong idea about him and he wants to clear it all up. Charity is reluctant, but eventually agrees. At dinner, Phil confides that he is really Bob. He is the one that writes all of Bob’s books and sermons. He does it for the money and the chance to share his vision with the world. Plus, Calvary is his chance to take over a huge church…he hopes. There are no guarantees, Calvary is the only black church in the H&H family and taking Grace down is his only chance. Charity sees their similarities. I think the family snitch is back in business. That night, Charity reads Bob’s book (it’s actually Phil’s book) and I believe she is catching feelings for Phil. For real.

Kerissa musta really wanted that furniture because she went to Bishop to ask even tho Mae already gave her a resounding hayle no. Mae isn’t amused. The answer is still no. Bishop tells Mae that she should bless them as they leave. Mae says that she wants them to stay in her house. Interesting. Nonetheless, Bishop reminds her that that’s not her decision to make. Mae is willing to make a deal tho. She will give them the furniture if Bishop agrees not to go to Atlanta. Bishop tells Mae that she is unbelievable. Mae makes a final plea. They have to be loyal to the church and the Greenleaf name. Bishop won’t be bullied. After Bishop leaves, Mae gets an email from Bob inviting her to speak at some lil conference in DC. She tells Bishop about it and about the way she respectfully declined because her people need her at Calvary. Basically, she did what Bishop should have done. Bishop tells Mae that she has no idea what it feels like to be undesired and unwanted. She has never felt that. All Bishop wants is one more Sunday to feel what it’s like to exist. Mae tells Bishop that every time he went to Mavis or Rochelle, she felt unwanted. She wants to be respected and heard, too. Bishop says she got the word wrong, it’s actually that she wants somebody to obey her. Plus, he hasn’t mentioned the whole situation with Lionel. Mae gives in. Just go to Atlanta. Go. After watching one of his old sermons, Bishop is enlightened.

Earlier, Zora got a call from Dante’s girl, Nikki, to come on over to a party at their house. Of course Zora goes because that’s what Zora does. Dante is lit and I knew that this was going to take a left turn really soon. While Jacob was presenting his homeless people program to the board, Zora kept blowing up his phone. She needs for him to get over to Dante’s asaptually because he is outta control. Dante decided to burn a confederate flag at his house. Jacob tries to stop him. His white teammates come with some unflattering remarks and all hell breaks loose. Jacob gets caught up in the fight and the fight gets broadcasted.

Kerissa ain’t done with Mae. Bishop told her about the furniture. Mae told her that she wishes Kerissa had some furniture so she could take it from her. LOL. How dare she divide them up like that…like a child. How about you go get a credit card and getchu some furniture. Kerissa wasn’t there to ask about the furniture. She was there to deliver a letter that she wrote telling Mae about herself and about how she has hurt her. But, she wanted to say all the things to Mae’s face instead. She doesn’t know why Mae never liked her and that’s all she wanted. She sees Grace and all of her mess clearly, but this whole H&H mess, Faith’s suicide, Mac going to jail… all of it…is Mae’s fault. Because she is to blame, she should be somewhere in hiding, but instead she glides around the house like she’s the ish. She then calls Mae an old, rusty car with a corpse in the trunk and Mae slapped her azz. Personally, I am here for it. Kerissa calls Mae trash and Mae tells her to get the hayle out. Kerissa says when she does leave, she’s never coming back, but she will send Jacob and the kids up to the house like she would send anybody to a grave. She’s done with Mae. Then Bishop walks in and it’s mad awkward. Have you two made peace? Per Mae, they have come to an understanding. Mae tells Bishop that if he’s here to attack her, she ain’t got the time nor energy. But he’s not here for that. He has decided not to go to ATL, because he has heard God and he was just trying to busy himself. He was running away. Mae was right and he should have listened.

After her match with Mae, Kerissa is getting ready for bed. Jacob comes in and tells her about Dante. It’s all over the news. He got fired by the Red Devils. She will have to wait on the house. Lawdamercy. Kerissa done went in on Mae and now she has to continue to live at the Greenleaf mansion. SMH.

Mae is doing Bible study when Gigi comes by. She is puzzled by Hebrews and asks if Gigi has gone through that entire book. Gigi has to share something that she is mystified by as well. She needs Mae’s help. What is it? My son.

Now see. They are so wrong for ending the episode with this cliffhanger! So. Wrong. In this “Unwanted” episode, we felt everyone’s shortcomings. Bishop feels like he has no use anymore. Mae is still grappling with feeling unwanted because of Bishop’s relationship with Rochelle and his previous relationship with Mavis. Kerissa has been trying to find her place in the family and acceptance from Mae since the beginning. Charity always feels unwanted and unappreciated, which led her to this relationship with Phil. Jacob prayed for God to use him, because he often finds himself in situation where no one even cares about the talents he has to offer. AJ feels a void from being given up at birth. Grace probably feels the same at his point, because AJ doesn’t want her now, either. It’s A.LOT.

So…what’s next?

Per the usual, Zora was somewhere she didn’t need to be. Will there be consequences for her?

Kerissa done gave Mae a piece of her mind before it was time. How is she going to continue living there considering what just went down? And when will Jacob find out about this land?

Grace is about to share her secret with Mae. How will this shake out? Can Mae be too mad about this tho? Technically, Grace is Mae’s secret child. She might need to come with an understanding spirit about this one.

Charity is back on the case and catching feelings for Phil. But will she even have to do any of the real work? Grace might just tell all her secrets her dayum self.

And what will the Greenleaf family look like with AJ in it? Hmmmmm…

Until next week.

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    Arena Jackson
    October 4, 2019 at 11:28 am

    Kerissa… girl, bye!!!!! Whatcha gonna do now?! I laughed so hard when Mae smacked her. And whoever writes Mae’s words needs all the awards. “Nigerian… eBay…” I hollered!

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