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Greenleaf – The First Day

June 25, 2020
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Hey Greenleafers! I missed y’all! Greenleaf is back and the first episode of the season did not disappoint. Get ready to clutch yo pearls.

This episode opens with Bishop in the empty sanctuary of the church that he built. It will probably be his last time in that building. Grace joins him to provide support. Outside of the church, movers are busily throwing away all of Calvary’s stuff, while Bishop and Grace look on. H+H has plans to demolish the building. Grace wonders why Bishop even wanted to come to see this tragedy unfold in realtime. Bishop says it’s always good to see something pass away. But after he sees them throwing a big ole cross in the back of a truck and treating it like trash, he changes his mind. It’s time to go. Bye, Calvary.

Back at the Greenleaf Mansion, Mae is fasting and praying and waiting on a word from the Lord about what to do. She won’t even drink tea. Just water and lemon. That’s dedication. Charity walks in and Mae is ready to throw some shade her way. Oh…here’s Charity…Little Miss Benedictine Arnold – traitor to her whole family. I cackled. Charity deserves every slick comment and side eye that the Greenleafs have to give. Aaron the lawyer/brother of Grace comes by to see Grace. Mae confides in Aaron – she don’t even want that ole raggedy church back. I feel you, Mae. Now go eat some bread.

Aaron “I do every type of law under the sun and things are miraculously solved under my watch” Geoffries has some good news for Grace and AJ. The case against AJ is closed. Just like that. Ain’t God good? They caught the guy that did it and AJ was looking shady, surprised and guilty as hell. He asks who they think did it and Aaron pulls out a picture. It’s the guy who rolled up on Grace while she was at Faith’s grave! What the hell is going on?! Apparently the police shot and killed him, so now this robbery is pinned on a dead guy. Grace has lots of questions about this mystery guy and is stunned. AJ is too. Aaron is confused. Why aren’t these folks happy about him going scot-free?

The look on Grace’s face when she got the news from Aaron let me know that she was nowhere near done with this AJ store robbery situation. She heads on out to see Darius. Remember him? They had a relationship. They broke up. He disappeared. And now Grace is running to him for a favor. Darius is clearly still getting over her and can’t believe that she is just showing up after months of not seeing each other. But Darius immediately softens up. I think he still has a thing for her. She wants Darius to help her find out who the mystery guy that looks like AJ is. Now Grace needs to talk it out with AJ. She tells him that God is giving him a way out. Why can’t he accept it? He can’t because he did it. They both know he did it. He’s scared that it’s going to come back on him. Grace tells him that she’s done some extra due diligence, and it’s a done deal. Take it, dude. Grace leaves thinking all is well, but AJ starts packing his stuff, looks at himself in the mirror and is clearly tortured about this whole situation.

Darius was working overtime for his ex and found even more information for Grace. Bob Whitmore has plans to run for Senate. And that explains why he was so pressed to have Calvary/H+H in his pocket. He will run on the “racial harmony” platform and Calvary was just a part of his plan. Grace is remorseful. She wishes she would have know that before she gave up her job all willy nilly and Charity became AP. The church is scheduled to be demolished next week. There’s no hope. Darius, of all people, tells her to have some faith. Oh…and while they were having this conversation, Grace was sitting on his desk and they were hella close and I thought that any minute they were going to kiss…and then her phone rang. Saved by the bell…for now.

Kerissa is casually eating breakfast while she drops yet another bomb on Jacob’s azz. She gives him the will she got from Fernando and yall know Jacob is high key mad about it. Jacob asks her if she got if from Fernando and if he’s passing out wills and chlamydia. *chuckles* Kerissa had the nerve to tell him to chill. So far, this plan is turning out exactly how she wanted it to. She has Jacob where she wants him and her ask is that she be divorced and taken care of. Jacob agrees and tells her to get an attorney and a proposal. I would feel sorry for Jacob, but he’s done way too much dirt for me to care about his feelings. Jacob sees Aaron as he’s leaving and calls him over to take a look at this will…because Aaron practices all kinds of law. Aaron agrees that since Mac’s name is on it, it’s fishy. But he tells Jacob that what he needs to do is find the will that supersedes that one to determine who the beneficiaries were before. So after Aaron leaves, Jacob makes a call to “Joyce Meyer” and I was like…huh? Well, that’s his code name for Alexa. Remember her from Season 1? The one he was gettin in with in the back of the church during the church service. Yeah…her. This should be interesting. Jacob meets up with her at her apartment and is surprised to learn that she has a child. Yall. That child had a Black baby hairstyle. Alexa definitely has a biracial kid. Jacob is real uneasy because he sees what EYE see, too. He tells Alexa that he needs to know where Mac kept his papers. Alexa is tired of people asking her about Mac. She was his assistant and she didn’t know everything he did. Alexa is over Jacob, too. She isn’t surprised that Kerissa is getting a divorce and calls Jacob an idiot. Jacob comes out and asks if the kid is his. Alexa tells him that if that was his child, she wouldn’t have kept it. OUCH! So, Jacob is done, but Alexa decides to come clean as he gets up to leave. She tells him about Mac’s storage unit and that’s really all Jacob needs to know. He apologizes for the way things ended between them.

At Calvary, Charity shows up for work. She’s the AP now *insert side eye here* and Phil is still her boss, so it’s mad tense since Phil broke off the engagement. Hold on a second…I have to pull out my tiny violin for Charity. Ok. I’m back. *starts song* Charity tells Phil that her family hates her, she has no man, the AP job that she got only because Phil dropped her like a bag of ish (she actually cursed IN the churchhouse, so you know things are bad) is the only thing she has left. Phil kinda blows all that off. He just wants them to go into this meeting with the deacons with a united front. Phil must not know Charity well. I knew she was going to cut thee hell up and she did. Charity put on a show, overshadowed Phil’s lil speech and told the people that she was the AP and she has a whole series planned and is ready to preach to them. Then she starts preaching and Phil couldn’t get a word in. Phil isn’t impressed. Charity tells him that when his “great white heaux” shows up, she can preach about vanilla and white Jesus. #dead. Carlton overhears the convo. Connie gives Phil a concerning look. And it looks like that whole situation is going to hell in a hand basket. Carlton catches up with Charity later to tell her that he ain’t gonna stay around to serve up “pinkberry hymns in a gym.” He’s quitting. And Charity says she wishes she could quit, too. Charity just insists on making her day suck even more. She visits Phil to return his engagement ring. Phil claims he still loves Charity, but he has to marry Judy in order to get the job. He can’t let go of that, but he can let go of Charity. So…there’s that. Ya know, guys…I really think that Phil loves Charity. I know Bob is making him do this. But what Phil needs to do is get a spine, leave H+H and all of their demonic plans and live his life. Just my 2 cents.

Bishop and Mae haven’t been seeing eye to eye. Bishop has come to make things right. Some members of the board are finally seeing the light as far as H+H is concerned, but it’s way too late for that. He is not interested in leading the charge to get the church back and Mae agrees. Bishop is ready for a new thing. He doesn’t have a long term plan, he just wants to take it step by step and start a new church – together. And the first step is for them to head to City Hall and get re-married. And then they need to eat, because yall know Mae was serious about that fast.

So, Bishop and Mae are about to tie the knot and all of the family has been alerted about these last minute nuptials. Jacob and Kerissa get ready to go. She has spoken to a lawyer and they can meet with her tomorrow. Bishop is hype and tells Zora to post all of them pics on Instacart because everybody at Calvary needs to see this. I chuckled. Sophia rolls up with them little bit of clothes she had on from her trip to see her ex-boo. Mae was like…that girl is naked. Facts, Mae. Facts. Grace rolls up and runs in the house to get AJ. Charity rolls up last and she can’t believe that her parents want her at the wedding. Me neither.

Grace reaches AJ’s room and has to break her way into the bathroom. AJ is on the floor with his wrists split. There’s blood everywhere. Grace screams for help and attempts to help him. What a way to end the episode.

Whew, Chile! That was quite a premiere. Where do we go from here?

Sophia went over to her new boo’s house only to find his ex (who is actually living with Zora and Sophia on the Greenleaf grounds) there. They were trying to figure things out. Sophia was mad mature in her response and told ole boy that nothing ever ends that quickly. And then she dismissed herself from the situation. But yall know Sophia doesn’t make the best decisions, so we are just gonna have to see how this plays out. She needs to take her tail back to Hampton and live her best life.

What will Jacob find in Mac’s old things? Will it save him and make Kerissa pay? And do yall really believe that that child isn’t Jacob’s? I feel like it is.

Will Phil figure out that he’s being used and go back to Charity? He really could help the Greenleafs save Calvary.

Will Grace and Darius get back together? There’s still something there. Or will whatever happens with AJ bring Noah back into the picture?

Speaking of Noah…why has he been MIA? He came back to Memphis like a storm and then disappeared. Weird.

Who is the mystery guy that is taking the wrap for AJ? Do they know each other? Was that guy the real AJ? I am soooooo confused.

Will AJ make it? Or will he die?

And…will Lady Mae get something to eat before she passes out. I was high key worried about her the whole episode.

That’s all I have for now. Let me know what you thought about the season premiere and what your predictions are.

See ya next week.

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