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December 13, 2022

The Series Finale


The finale started off on a high note. Wood won the school board seat and the family celebrated at a casino.

Wood and Prosper go on a little trip of their own to a distillery. They use cane sugar. The whole operation belongs to none other than Jacob Boudreaux! The company is 5 hours away from St. Jo. and he doesn’t have to deal with Sam’s foolishness. But the men want to know why he’s registered for the auction. Jacob said it was probably an automatic registration. But, he’s done with all of ‘dem. He’s making a different choice and he needs to stay far away from them.

Vi’s pies has been making the rounds all on the innanet and the restaurant is jumping. Vi is overworked. She got Nova in the kitchen helping her again. Vi is over it. She can’t handle this rush. And she’s stressed out – mainly because she might be getting a foster kid soon. The timing isn’t great. Nova tells her to count her blessings. Vi doing what Vi been doing for 6 years and overreacting. Nova had to calm her down.

In the middle of the rush at the restaurant, an old friend walks in – Remy Newell. Well, well, well. Look whose back. And he came with some money, too! He’s working for a university in Texas and the school would like to acquire the Landry land for research. I’m glad to see him back and in a position to help the Bordelons get their land back. I hated how Remy’s story ended and I prayed for some kind of redemption for him after he tried to be with both of Ernest’s daughters. At the Real Spot, Nova and Remy have a chance to catch up. For a minute, I was scared they were gonna kiss. Through their convo, we learn he is married, with kidS and he has a BIG job. Remy says that he finally feels settled. He asks her if she’s found what can make her feel settled. She says she hasn’t, but she’s closer than she was. She thanks him for participating in the plan to get the land back.

Throughout the episode, Prosper takes us down memory lane with his stories about Pop. We get to see Pop and Prosper in the past. I had hoped they would have done this more in the last season, but it happened in the last episode. First, he tells RA that Ernest use to brag about how RA has a mathematical mind and can do any calculation in his head. At the time, RA was in the streets, but Ernest had hopes that RA would come back to the land and not end up there alone and that he does better than he did in life. That prompted RA to go get Darla and fight for his wife and family. The second time, Prosper launches into a story about Billie and Nova after seeing them at The Real Spot. After Billie’s mom’s funeral and Ernest was there. Ernest tells Prosper that it’s a blessing that Billie had a mother as an adult. That’s the issue with Nova. She didn’t have motherly guidance. Ernest also shares what Trudy tells him about love after their last breakup (I assume this is when he left and found Lorna). He says that it doesn’t matter how love comes, you have to go with it. Love flows its own way and we have to flow with it. That was music to Nova’s ears because you know she the most confused one in the bunch.

Wood and Vi get their child. Her name is Pauli (shout out to Pauli Murray). Pauli will be arriving tomorrow! Woot woot. She’s a beautiful little girl. And she’s a lucky one, too. Vi and Wood are over the moon.


It’s like deja vu. The last episode of the series starts like the first episode of the series did. With Nova and Calvin in the bed. *insert deep sigh* She ain’t even grieve for the relationship with Dominic before calling Calvin back to her bed…after that long azz diatribe she gave him the night of the storm…she called him. She tells him that he has to leave because she’s going to Martha’s to pack up her things. She has lost herself and who she used to be and she has to get back to that. Calvin understands and tells her that she will get there. Later, Calvin wants to know what Nova wants with him and what they are doing. It’s time for her to be open and honest. She says she doesn’t think she can give him what he wants. He’s not married anymore and he’s not a cop anymore. All the secrets are out. They are meant to be. And he won’t accept it. He walks out. But you betta believe he will be back.

RA and Blue sent Darla to get a manicure. While she was gone, they had a heart to heart. Blue doesn’t really fit in at school. He’s not being bullied, but the folks there don’t get him. You know RA was already in his feeling about Blue’s proximity to Chase in DC. So he takes that opportunity to tell Blue that his bio dad went to the same school that he’s going to know and he should know that. He tells Blue that his bio dad said that it was ok for RA to be his daddy. Blue’s conclusion is that his daddy doesn’t want to be his daddy. And it’s cool. RA tells him that he’s the lucky one because he gets to be Blue’s dad and he tells him that he belongs at that school. But then RA tells Blue not to say anything to Darla about their convo until he has a chance to talk to her. I got all the side eyes for RA. Darla made her stance known. RA did what he wanted to do. It didn’t take long for Darla to find out. Darla asked Blue about school and he said that RA told him that he had a right to be at the school just like everyone else. Then he said that he’s a DOUBLE legacy. Darla was like…double? Hmmmmm. She knows what’s up. Later, Darla confronts RA. He says he was going to explain what happen but he didn’t have a chance. He missed the whole point. There’s no explanation for doing the ONE thing she asked him not to do. He did what he wanted to do with total disregard for her. He argues that he always regards her – especially with all of the things she did to handle Chase. He just had to tell Blue because he thought it was the right thing to do. Darla don’t care no more. She’s tired. And she’s done. Sis got up and the next thing I know, she’s in DC – with her kids – on the before the auction. RA is pissed. But after the convo with Prosper, he heads to DC. Darla and RA get it all out. Darla says that she doesn’t trust RA. RA was like…holeup…you left with my kids and ain’t tell me. RA takes the convo alllll the way back to when Darla was working as a parking attendant and they were both front seat riding on the struggle bus to nowhere. But now, RA is saying they need to be done with all the secrets. What do we do now? Darla forgives him with a hug.


Micah comes to the restaurant and Vi is surprised to see him there. He’s supposed to be in LA with Charley. She’s two days away from Election Day. Micah tells Vi that he ain’t going because they had a disagreement. He doesn’t want to be there and she prolly doesn’t want him there either. Vi was like…you need to get your azz on the plane. He’s the only one who can go to LA. The rest of them have to stay because of the auction. Charley is going to be alone. Vi tells him HE needs to stand with his mama. Then Micah got real indignant and told Vi that this is the problem he’s having with Charley. Demands on his life. He’s a grown man and she needs to respect that. Vi told him that grown men show up for their people. Micah is such an azz.

It seems like all of the other Bordelons were winning, but that wasn’t the case for Charley. She lost her bid for Congress by a very slim margin. I do wonder why Ava chose this outcome for her. If anybody in the series deserved to have a happy ending, it was her. So the election is called and all of the Bordelons are in their own homes (why wouldn’t they have a watch party?) Anyway, everybody got tears for Charley, including Micah. And everybody calls her. She doesn’t answer the phone for anyone. Why would they think she would tho? Ain’t she busy conceding the race and addressing her supporters? And then they cut and pasted Charley waiving to a crowd and it made me mad. We ain’t need to see a Charley stand in. Let’s just move on. Of course Micah is feeling like trash, and decides to head out to LA – all late. Before leaving, he apologizes to Vi for being a jackazz. He’s also worried because no one has heard from her. Don’t be worried now, dude. You made your choice and you nor your mama can ever get that moment back. In LA, Charley is looking haggard. She walks out of her room to see Micah. He apologizes for not coming earlier and they hug. There was some cut and paste foolery going on there too, but let’s just move on. Later, Charley looks like she got herself together (a little too much) and Micah is talking bout his job and how wonderful it will be for him. Charley tells him that he’s perfect. Micah is happy because his mama approves. So I guess that’s where we will leave Charley and Micah. Of course, she forgave him and she’s given him her blessing. After all, that’s what she always does. Micah asks Charley how she’s feeling and she says that no one has asked her that in a long time. People are angry with her. Micah tells her that she left it all on the court. But now, it’s out of her control. She’s worried about what people will say. Micah gives her her own advice. You have to be satisfied with how hard you tried. Charley says that what matters to her is that she gets to unwind with him at the end of a long day. And that she loves him. Micah tells her that he loves her too and he will always be by her side.


Calvin joins Nova at Martha’s house. A man comes by to give Nova the deed to the church – Trudy’s church. Nova had no idea. Martha left her house to the church. The house now belongs to Nova as well and he gives Nova the keys. Of course she’s dramatically speechless and crying. And now she has the keys that actually opens the door that she was trying to open last week. It’s Trudy’s room. And it’s what Nova needs. A link to her mother. It seems as if nothing has been touched since Trudy’s departure. This is what she’s always wanted – to feel her mother and to feel this feeling and to feel like she’s home. And she can finally tell Calvin that she wants a life with him. Period. Ain’t no half-steppin’.

Auction Day has finally arrived. It’s time to put the plan into action. The Black farmers have all agreed to not bid at all. Sam is there and he’s ready to get his land back. Sam tells the Bordelons to just tell him how much money they got so his folks can outbid and they can go home. The bid gets up to $750k and that’s all the co-op has. And then Remy bids. And he keeps bidding. The bid gets up to $1M on behalf of Texas A&M. Yaaaassss, Remy. It’s almost a done deal, until Jacob rolls in with a bid of $1.1M. Say whetttt? Jacob says they gotta keep the land in the family. And I was like…what family? The Bordelons? Because remember Jacob got some Bordelon blood, too. #ijs

Back at the Boudreaux mansion, Sam wants to know how in thee hell Jacob got the money to buy the land. Sam was like…I cut you off and yo mama is a felon. Jacob says he had some good partners. Sam says he wants to meet them and Jacob is more than happy to make it happen. All of the “team” is right in the dining room sitting around the same table that Charley, Jacob and Frances sat at when Frances wanted Charley’s help to take Sam down. Remember that? Jacob said he ain’t even want the land. He just wanted to get back at Sam. So now, they can attempt to make things right in St. Jo. Sam almost had a dayum heart attack. He can’t believe that THEY bought the land. The Bordelons got their land back and Parthena got hers back too. And now Jacob has his own land to grow his own cane on for his distillery. And here’s how the team is gonna work. Prosper is overseeing the farming operations. Billie is in charge of the deals. Sam is still like wtf? How did this deal come about? Oh…glad you asked. It was none other that Charlotte Prescott Bordelon. She put the whole plan in motion. Of course she did! She called Jacob right before her election. They got Remy in as a distraction. They had the money. They were just waiting on the good ole boys to run outta money. RA told Sam that it’s over now and he lost. I am pleased that it was Charey working behind the scenes. Her only goal was to “fix it.” She’s fought harder for that land than the occupant (side eye at RA). I’m happy that it ended this way.

And then Ava took us to church with “It’s Over Now” as we leave the Bordelons for a final time.

It looks like some months have passed. Nova is settled at Aunt Martha’s house. What was once a dull a dreary looking house is now new and revived. She takes a seat on the porch swing with Calvin. He touches her stomach. Yes folks, the girl who said she never wanted to be a mama is going to be somebody’s mama. Bless it. As the two love birds get cozy, Pop appears and smiles.

At Charley’s house, she and Davis share a meal. Pop sits in the corner and watches his baby girl.

In NY, Micah is at his new job and Pops is watching.

At Vi’s, Wood, Vi and Pauli have fun cooking Pop is happy to see it.

And, in the cane fields, RA and Blue walk through what looks to be some very healthy cane. And of course, Pop is with them. On the porch, Darla give Blue his backpack. He’s home now, too.

The land is back where it belongs. After years of struggle and strife, they won. After losing Pop, they all lost their footing, but that shift led every one of them on a journey of self discovery and they are all better for it.


One of the things I have always loved about Queen Sugar is the music. The early season were thee best. And in the finale, some of the same songs from earlier seasons were used. Ahhhh. Such nostalgia.

Isn’t it funny how the series ended with the siblings in relationships with the same people they started out with? But they are totally different people now. Nova ended up with Calvin. It wasn’t the ending I was hoping for, but perhaps it was the ending that was meant to be. For 6 years, we have watched Nova go through person after person, leaving nothing but broken hearts behind. Internally, she was miserable and confused. Now she knows that her daddy didn’t have a problem with her sexuality. He accepted it. She never thought to address it, instead she ran away. And now that she’s done her own self discovery and she’s found all the things she’s been missing, she’s ready to accept what she had been running from. Calvin’s raggedy azz. I guess. And then there’s RA and Darla. They were estranged when we met them. RA would berate her every chance he got but he would also show up at her mobile home in the middle of the night to get what he wanted from her and she allowed it. And then there was the whole paternity debacle. And that time RA was ready to throw Darla away when she became Charley’s protege. That was funny. Them two have been thru some crazy times, but I guess love conquers all. And then there’s Charley and Davis. Who woulda thunk that them two would find their way back to each other. After Charley stormed out on that basketball court to confront Davis, after she played the hell out of him to get him to play in NOLA and got her money for the mill, after she forged his name on the loan docs for her business, after she had seemingly moved on and had 2 boyfriends and 1 possible (Jacob), after she was brought to her knees over his illegitimate child…after all that, he was the only one she could trust to call when she truly needed to be rescued. Whew. Chiiiiiile. And in true Ava redemption fashion, Davis had done the work and returned to Charley a better man and devoted to loving her like he should have loved her all along. So yeah. Same people ended up together. But none of them are the same. There’s a sermon there.

What would my final recap be without a little petty?

The thing that I’m side-eyeing the hardest is Nova’s new path. She will marry and ex-cop after devoting her life to exposing their corruption. She is pregnant and will have a biracial baby. Usually, I wouldn’t care about somebody having a biracial child. But…it’s Nova. Thee same Nova that basically hated her sister because she used her veil of whiteness to protect her…or something like that. She actually wrote that in the book. A lot of her hatred of her sister stemmed from something that Charley had ZERO control over. She’s half white. So now Nova is gonna have a mini Charley? That’s rich. And that’s also right on brand for Nova. SMH.

Now let’s go to LA, where Charley is readying for Election Day. No one else in the Bordelon family could fly to LA? Micah was the only one? They couldn’t vote and send one representative so that she wasn’t on that stage with just Davis? Or maybe send Nova. She wasn’t an integral part of the auction plan. The only thing on her calendar was cleaning out Aunt Martha’s house and bedding Calvin. Both of those things could have waited. And then on Election Night, they were all in their own homes. They didn’t feel the need to be together to cheer Charley on? St. Jo didn’t want to have a watch party for Charley? The family’s tears after hearing of Charley’s loss didn’t move me at all. If nothing else, it reminded me that at every turn, when Charley needed somebody, help was hard to come by. It’s always after the fact, that they show they cared. That’s how she ended up calling her ex to nurse her back to health! They ain’t loyal and Charley knew that. Maybe I should just applaud the consistency of the Bordelons. Clearly, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

All in all, I’m happy with the finale and the way the series ended. There aren’t any questions left to be answered. We got to peek in on about 6 years of this Black, American family as they lived, loved, grieved, fought, messed up, did better, navigated being Black in America and tried to do their best. I enjoyed my time with them. I hope you did, too.


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