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Queen Sugar – “And Dream With Them Deeply”

September 15, 2021

Season 6 | Episode 2

Last week, Prosper was abused by a St. Jo police officer. The Bordelons (sans Charley) have camped out all night waiting for any updates they could get on his condition and his prognosis. Prosper is in a medically induced coma with serious head injuries. Prosper’s daughter, Billie Ann, has been called and for the first time is actually on her way from Chicago to St. Jo to see about her daddy. Micah wants to call Charley, but Vi advises that he not do that because she needs to focus on her upcoming meeting. There is no need to inform her right now. Just wait. And then Billie Ann arrives…finally.


BAD (funny that those are her actual initials) came into St. Jo HOT as fish grease. With a quick hello to the Bordelons who have kept watch over Prosper at the hospital and in life in general, she’s ready to get down to business. Vi thanks her for coming and BAD takes offense. He’s my daddy and I don’t need a thank you for coming to see him. But why was he at that vaccine drive in the first place? I ain’t gon lie, I had that same question. Prosper and Darla should have been at the house keeping each other company. Anywho, Billie is ready to lay blame at somebody’s feet. Might as well be Vi since she standing there. But Nova arrives and tells BAD to blame her because it was her event. And Prosper wanted to be there. Just then, the doctor comes out and BAD makes it known that SHE is the daughter and the rest of these clowns ain’t relatives. She also came prepared with all of Prospers medical docs, insurance, powers of attorney, so the doctor is aware that they got resources and that Prosper needs to get the best care. Billie came in like a hurricane and left Vi almost speechless. Vi dismisses the Bordelons. She will stay there and keep watch.

Vi took a seat right by Prosper’s room to watch over her friend and wait for any news. Billie is waiting too, but she has a problem with Vi signing off on the induced coma treatment for Prosper. Billie was on a plane and couldn’t be reached, so Vi went with the doctor’s recommendation. The doctor comes out with bad news. He’s not seeing the improvement he wants to see and recommends another treatment. BAD has to think about this new treatment. Vi starts to tell BAD about what Prosper would want and she got cut all the way off. This isn’t about what HE wants! This is about what will save him. VI tells BAD that whatever decisions need to be made, they can make them together. She’s not alone. But Bille was like…he should have moved to Chicago with me years ago. And then this wouldn’t have happen. Prosper assured her that he was fine and that the Bordelons would look after him (which they have) but look at where that got him. He was wrong. Vi also reminded her that the last time Prosper was in the hospital, she didn’t come to see him. Vi could have and should have reminded her that at that time, Charley was his caregiver, had moved him into her house, took him to the hospital AND stayed with him, while BAD was doing whatever she was doing in Chi-town. Anywho…that set Billie off. She then requested that ALL of the Bordelons be removed from the list of visitors. All of them. Vi immediately called Nova and told her that none of them can visit Prosper at the hospital OR at the house. Say what, now? Vi told Nova that she needs to go talk to Billie before they have a real problem. And since they used to be friends, Nova is the one that needs to do it. Huh? Friends, you say? This should be interesting.

Charley gets to the hospital super fast. Just as she reaches to open the door to Prosper’s room, BAD appears. They hug. It’s been forever since they have seen each other. Charley asks how Billie is holding up. She tells her that she just got back from LA and she wanted to drop in and see Prosper. Billie was like…ohhh…yeah…I decided its best to limit visitors. Then she says she doesn’t have anything against Charley (since Charley has been so good to her) but your family been crossing the line and she needed boundaries. Charley took a step closer and I thought she was about to drag Billie. Instead, she asked Billie what exactly did she mean. It means no visitors because she needs to maintain quiet and order in this situation. And then Charley took the high road like Michelle Obama implores us to do. She stayed even and gave Billie something to think about. She told Billie that they are very similar. There was a time when all she wanted was order and control. She wanted to fit her father into HER schedule. She missed his last moments because she was chasing something that wasn’t real (power and money) and she can never get that back. So, I hope you are luckier than me. And if he does make it, I hope that you will listen to and love him. And respect him by letting others love him. If you don’t, you are trying to control him and us. Billie says she never really tried to control things in her relationship with her father, it was her father who was trying to control things. Hmmmmm. Charley tells her that no one knows the relationship but the people in it (I guess she was really thinking that considering what she’s dealing with with Davis) and then she lets the whole thing go. Ok. I will be here if you need anything. And she leaves. My heart broke for Charley tho because Prosper is her dude. He’s also her second chance to get things right. I cannot imagine what walking through the halls of the hospital thinking that there was a chance Mr. Prosper would NOT be ok felt like to her. She’s been riding so hard for Prosper. Billie could have at least allowed Charley one visit. SMH.

Billie has been ignoring Nova’s calls so Nova decided to pay Billie a visit at Prosper’s house. Billie has been keeping up with Nova. She read the book (ughhhh) and she saw her panel discussion on YouTube. The two of them recount Nova’s early activism days in school. BAD is surprised that Nova stayed in Louisiana. Nova tells her that family is important to her so she stayed close. *in my lawyer voice that I use at work* I would like to challenge that. May it please the court? How has Nova shown that family is important to her? Let’s see. When her father passed away, she wasn’t on speaking terms with him. When her brother was incarcerated, she did not visit. While her sister lived across the country, she rarely spoke to her and told her drug dealing best friend, Rid, that she ain’t close like that with her sister. When said sister moved home and stocked the family farm account, Nova stole money from it to fix a problem that she created by selling weed to the 9th. Later, she goes on to get into a relationship with her sister’s ex. And then writes a book that is full of bs and half-truths about said family. But family over everything…I guess. I digressed a whole lot. Thanks for your indulgence. Back to the story. Billie takes offense. Family means a lot to her too. She tells Nova that Vi was disrespectful and thinks she knows what’s best for everybody (I mean…that’s kinda true tho). Billie was like…she ain’t gonna treat me like a child. Nova assures her that what Vi was doing or what she may have said was out of love. She reminded BAD that VI took Prosper in during COVID. Billie wishes that Prosper would have come to stay with her, but he’d rather not spend time with her. Nova tells her that Prosper loves St. Jo and he didn’t want to leave and he didn’t want her to worry about him. Prosper IS their family. Vi deserves to visit him. AND…BAD owes her! Say whet, now? And just like that, Billie said that she would allow the Bordelons to visit.


Today’s the day that RA and Darla find out the sex of the baby. It’s bittersweet, with all that’s going on with Prosper. Nova tells RA we always gotta have something good to look forward to.

At the OB appointment, RA and Darla find out that it’s a girl!!!! Angel Bordelon is on the way! That’s what I named her. They are elated.

They got a picture of the ultrasound, which RA is still looking at later. He tells Darla that he promised Mr. Prosper that he would show him the ultrasound when they got it. Darla tells him to take it to the hospital. Darla is way more optimistic about Proser than RA is. They talk, Darla pledges to eat better and have a healthier pregnancy. And then she tells RA that while they were at the hospital, they got a chance to see just how understaffed and raggedy the operations are. COVID has done a number on the hospital. She doesn’t want to deliver there. A home birth would be better. She’s been researching and it should be ok. Plus, Black women and pregnancy don’t have the best stats. Being at home would be good. We will get a doula/midwife. It will be perfect. RA agrees, but says that if anything happens, they are racing to the hospital.

Later, Darla is preparing a totally healthy meal. RA is struggling with the Prosper situation. Being at the hospital makes him think that Prosper might not make it. Darla is optimistic. Prosper is strong. She sends RA on an errand to pick up her prescription. I really thought RA was gonna go pick up a burger because he didn’t seem to impressed with Darla’s healthy dinner options. But he ended up at the hospital to see Prosper.


Charley is still in LA and it’s finally time for her “big meeting.” The party leaders love her and want her to consider a run for state senate. They’ve been watching her. She’s hesitant because there’s still work for her to do in St. Jo, but the party rep tells her that she can get more accomplished for her community as a state official. Charley has everything they are looking for (charisma, education, smarts, a high profile) and ask if they can start spreading her name around. Charley agrees, but she says she will need time to consider. However, one of the reps tells her that there will be lots of scrutiny. If there are any issues or sensitivities…or skeletons in the dusty azz closet, they need to be disclosed now. Charley tells ole boy that she has none and takes his card. And now we have the set up for the entire season. How will Charley deal with this?One good thing about Nova’s book is that it put all of Charley’s business in the sKreets for a second time, so it’s not like people don’t know about the Davis situation. In fact, Davis had a spotlight in the book too that almost caused him to lose his job. But life is funny. Had this been a few months ago, all would have been well. It’s not anymore because Charley is seriously considering taking it all the way with a relationship with Davis. Davis already knew this was coming and told her that they needed to stop hiding. She agreed to tell the family as their first step. I guess this meeting and the fact that her opportunity to jump in the state political ring has arrived will fast track her decision to go public about the relationship. I don’t think I fault Charley for not disclosing her relationship with Davis to the party leadership over lunch. I wish she would have said something to buy her a bit more time and give her a chance to talk to her family and then move forward with a public (and well-rehearsed and media savvy) announcement of their relationship. But alas…Charley did what Charley always does. She jumped in. Remember when she was presenting to the bankers and the loan was conditioned on Davis being part of the venture? Charley was like…oh, yes, Davis is on board! Even tho they were knee deep in divorce mediation. It pissed Remy off (which I really don’t care about at this juncture) because it was a lie. Charley didn’t know what she was going to do. She just knew that she was gonna figure it out. And now she has done the same thing and will have to figure the rest out later.

Micah is having a hard time with all that’s going on and needed to talk to his mama. Of course Charley picked up on the first ring. Micah tells Charley he just wanted to see how the meeting went. Charley knew immediately that that was a lie. She knows something is wrong with her baby (because a mama knows). Micah breaks the news about Mr. Prosper. And of course Charley is devastated. Micah tells her not to rush home. She should stay there and Micah will provide updates. But Charley ain’t bout to let HER Mr. Prosper be at the hospital without her. She’s taking the FIRST flight home! Ain’t no stopping her. And I promise you Micah knew that too. That’s why he called. He needs his mama. I am kinda glad Micah did call her. Because if she had continued to lay up in Cali and then got back to St. Jo and realized that NOBODY told her about Prosper, there would have been some problems. SN: Remember when Charley told Micah she was sick but Davis took care of her and she was fine? And Micah was like…I’m coming home. *click* Charley just played the same card. Like mother, like son.

Charley made it back to St. Jo in record time and since Billie Ann didn’t allow her to see Prosper, she’s back in her home office. Nova has made another mess for her. That vaccine drive was horrible AND Prosper got hurt there. Charley is on the phone with a constituent keeping her cool while they yell at her about the vaccine drive. After the constituent hangs up on her, she pulls a business card out of her purse. It’s the one from the party official. Seems she’s really considering this run. One problem it could solve is to put some distance between the day to day problems of the folks of St. Jo while still helping St. Jo. That would be cool because right now them folks got a main line to Charley and it works my nerves.


As if dealing with Prosper’s situation wasn’t enough, as a result of the botched vaccine drive, Nova has a whole lotta other problems to deal with. First, it seems that her phone is being tapped. Second, she’s receiving recordings of her calling the police for help (see…Micah told her not to call). And third, she’s trending on social media…#cancelNovaBordelon. And Nova is shooketh.

Nova is still on edge when she runs into her new neighbor, Dominic. He teaches cultural anthropology at Tulane (Nova’s alma mater). Dominic lives with Loretta and and they have a very friendly first encounter. Later, Dominic comes by with a plate for Nova. Loretta made it. And Loretta is his sister…not his mate. Mmmmm hmmmmm. I see where this is going. Nova is thankful because she needed some kindness today. Dominic is ready to listen if she needs to talk. Nova tells her about the #cancelnovabordelon hashtag and the backlash she’s receiving because she has failed to address the relationship that people think is not aligned with her values. Ummmm…I’m waiting for you to address that too, sis. Nova says she expresses herself thru her work and she doesn’t owe an explanation about her personal life. Oh. Ok. Dominic was like…yeah, but you are asking people to follow you, and there are high expectations that come with that. Nova says she’s lost the men she’s loved while living in her truth and she doesn’t understand why things are so off. I do. It’s called karma.


Hollywood’s place, “The Real Spot” will be featured on the news today and he is so excited to share his story. But, he’s thinking about canceling it because of all the stuff going on with Prosper. Vi talks him out of that. And they all got Prosper, so it’s good. Wood was like…ummm….you can’t even go see Prosper. Vi was like…you think imma let his fast-tail daughter stop me? And I wonder why she gotta be fast? Like…is she a heaux? Whaaapppend? Details please. Wood asks Vi to get there early because she is his good luck charm. She agrees and hypes her man up.

At The Real Spot, Micah shows up and Wood is happy to see him. Wood’s spot is cool. He gives Micah the tour and shows him the war room (the place where they bring all the issues to discuss) and then he shows Micah the wall. It’s all for Micah’s photography. I LOVE IT. And then it’s showtime! Micah hypes Wood up. Vi is a no-show.

Why is Vi a no-show? I’m glad you asked. Because she still sneaking around. But this time, we find out who lives at the hotel. It’s Celine and her son, Gabriel. Celine is hiding from her husband. Celine left him and she’s scared that he will track them down. Celine is thankful for Vi. Vi is paying for that hotel room and bringing them food and other items. Vi’s been there and she just wants to help. Gabriel is having a hard time adjusting and he wants to talk to his father, which is why he used Celine’s phone to text his father. Thank God the text didn’t go thru. Celine asks Vi to talk to Gabriel. Vi does and Gabriel asks her to stay for dinner. Of course Vi has somewhere to be, but she agrees to stay. Leaving Wood at The Real Spot waiting for her…

By the time Vi got home, Hollywood was watching the segment on tv. Vi tells him he looks good and Wood says that he guesses he didn’t need his good luck charm after all. See. I don’t like where this is going.

In the final scene, RA heads to the hospital and pulls back the curtain where Prosper is. And Prosper ain’t there. I swear I had a mini heart attack and my mind went running back to Season 1 where RA and Blue are holding Ernest’s hand in the hospital. I was ready to scream and cry, but then Prosper came walking out. Now…I got sooooo many questions about how Prosper went from dayum near dead to walking up on RA unassisted (except for the IV pole), but I have decided to suspend them because Prosper is alive. These the kinds of recoveries only Jesus (and TV) can produce, but imma just take it and be quiet. RA was already having a breakdown when Prosper appeared. He gave Prosper a picture of his baby girl. She’s a blessing. Prosper tells RA that RA is going to be a better father than he was because he’s going to show her that he loves her every single day. RA tells Prosper that it aint over yet. He still has time to make things right. And then they embrace and then I lost it. RA tells Prosper that he loves him. Prosper tells RA he loves him, too and calls him son. Whew….chillllayyyyyyy. Why is my face wet? Ughhhhhhhhh!

In other news…

This latest incident with Mr. Prosper and the police has triggered Micah’s PTSD. I shole do wish that Micah had gone through with that therapy that Charley set up for him after his encounter with the police. He needs help ASAP. One of his frat brothers notices that he is totally out of it and Micah tells him about the police situation at the vaccine drive. Micah tells his friend that he had a police situation a few years ago and it has stayed with him. His friend offers him a friendly ear…if he ever wants to talk about.

Let’s chat, shall we?

Why is Darla pretending like they aren’t broke? Is it denial? She’s got a new healthy diet and buying up organic food at Whole Foods. She wants to hire a doula (which I love) that they cannot afford. I know this is a story about access and Black maternity and all, but I want Darla and RA to have a conversation about their finances…or lack thereof.

How will Charley work around her skeleton aka Davis? Will he put himself out there in the media and do those interviews Charley told him to do to smooth the way for her? When we met Charley, she was a strategist and PR wiz. Will we see her put those old skills to use to pursue her new dream? Will she have to choose between Davis and politics? I don’t know. But…my money is still on Charlotte Prescott Bordelon.

Vi is doing the Lord’s work and helping a domestic violence victim in need. So why is it a secret? Wood is about tired of her tho.

I want to feel sad for Nova, but I don’t. Two seasons ago, she lit her whole family on fire with her book and walked away like Angela Bassett did in Waiting to Exhale. Karma took a while to visit but she here now. That vaccine drive got Prosper hurt and got Charley on the ropes. The world wants an answer on her relationship with Calvin. She had to leave Calvin (I assume). They are about to dig up her brother’s farm looking for bodies based on some bs she wrote in that horrid book. When and if RA loses his harvest, that’s on her too. So…yeah…

And Billie Ann. What a bish. She rode into town on her broom. The first thing she should have said when she got to the hospital was thank you. But she didn’t. Instead, she reminded them that they weren’t family. I see there’s a lot of backstory. There’s the relationship she has with her father and then there’s the relationship with Nova. I cannot wait. What I found interesting was how she had all the smoke for the others, but when Charlotte showed up, she piped down. I was totally ready for Charley to lay it out for her, but Charley must have been listening to Tabitha Brown too. She broke it down…with love. Charley and Billie do have much in common when it comes to how they dealt with their fathers. One thing that struck me is how different both of their entrances to the hospital were. In Season 1, when Charley found out, she rushed to St. Jo. Upon opening the hospital door, she dropped her bags and was walking (almost running) to get to her dad. The family met her in the hallway and she knew Ernest had passed away. Billie on the other hand, rolled in, with her luggage (2 pieces) with a folder in hand, with documents and ready to handle this business matter that is her father. None of that sat well with me.

And next week, it’s on again. The relationship news is on the front burner for Charley now and Davis is ready to “plead his case” to the family. I look forward to the fireworks. And there’s more Billie Ann and Nova. And Darla keep racking up bills.

See yall next week….

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