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Queen Sugar – Of Several Centuries

August 1, 2019
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Welp. We are still on this book tour (when is this thing gonna end?) and Nova rolls up to the venue like a star. Apparently this interview is a “Finding Your Roots” type of situation and she is briefed upon arrival of some info that they found.  Before seeing the info, she claims that being reconnected with her history and family makes her happy and is a privilege.  Skip-ish Gates and ‘nem found some interesting stuff once they started shaking Nova’s family tree.  Nova sees the info and is shooketh. No! They cannot use this information on the show.  Only her matrilineal side of the family was supposed to be the focus. Not this.  She will not allow it.  Now…correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Nova’s goal to be free of all secrets? And, especially family secrets? So, if that’s the case, why won’t she allow this information to become public knowledge like she made everything else. What is this new secret? I need to know. Anyway, the show begins, and Skip-ish Gates presses Nova about her account of the alleged murders of her ancestors by the Landry and Boudreaux families. He is not buying it or her lack of proof to back up the claims. He then questions her about her being her mother’s last living relative, because apparently, she’s not! Tru has a first cousin, who is still alive and they have made contact.  Martha and Tru were close – almost like sisters. Martha lives deep in the Bayou. I sure hope we get to meet Martha soon. Nova is excited about the news.

Whilst leaving the studio, Nova runs into Calvin. Well, well, well. It’s been a long time, sir.  Nova is shooketh, but in a good way.  He is in Philly for a few days. He is divorced (happily, it seems) and is living in Baton Rouge now.  When Calvin mentioned the divorce, Nova apologizes and I found that odd. It’s odd because Nova doesn’t apologize for anything, but here she is offering Calvin her apologies. Calvin has read the book and he is THEE only person happy to have been written about.  He loved it.  Mainly because it’s not everyday the love of his life writes a book and proclaims the same thing about him. Lawd.  These two. They plan to have lunch tomorrow.  Calvin has left the force and has his own business. He’s a bodyguard now. That’s great because Nova gon need one when she heads back home.  And I guess this will make it easier for Nova to be with him, since he’s not the po-po (and divorced)…I guess.  At lunch, the gravity of losing her family is hitting her. She opens up to Calvin.  She did think that it would take time for the fam to heal, but as the weeks have turned into months, she believes that she has lost them.  Calvin gives her something to hold on to – there’s too much love in their family and it’s not possible for them to just be done with her (oh yeah???) Nova and Calvin discuss how they both have no idea how they feel about each other now.  He thought he was over her, until he saw her. And apparently, seeing each other had both of their worlds “spinning.” They have a great date. Nova thanks him for the best day she’s had in a long time…

Calvin walks Nova to the elevator and they have a heart-to-heart before parting. She misses him and she has faced all that she has done (not yet, Nova, you ain’t been home yet).  She apologized for all the things she did and didn’t do (again…only Calvin is worthy of apologies) and he apologizes for not being her ideal.  They promise to keep in touch and hug. Now…I thought sure that Calvin was gonna end up as the next chapter in Nova’s book tour escapades, but nope. I was shocked.

Nova is packing to leave, when there’s a knock at the door. Oh, Lawdt. I just knew it wasn’t housekeeping. It’s Calvin. He needed to catch her before she left.  That last goodbye wasn’t right so he came by to rectify the situation.  They are different versions of themselves, so can they work now? Nova has had the same thought, but she is scared of them as a couple.  What would that be like for them to be out in the world? Remember the last time she went out with Calvin, a white man spit on her.  Nova says it broke her and Calvin said it broke him too. But, they can try again.  Either way, they are willing to “explore” a relationship and take it slow (new for Nova). So, I guess they are a couple now.  I am not sure that I care.  I am still bothered by their initial relationship and the fact that he was a married man with kids when they started. But maybe they deserve each other. Idk…I still need to process my feelings on this one.


We find Charley on the campaign grind with her hair straightened and in a sleek bun. Hmmm. Anyway, Charley is meeting with the only woman on the St. Thomas City Council, in the hopes of forging a partnership.  Councilwoman Joyce ain’t here for Charley. She doesn’t see them working together to stop the highway and she has questions. How did the highway they wanted (in St. Thomas) end up in a place where it’s not wanted (in St. Jo)? Charley doesn’t have all the answers, but all she knows is it’s because it’s what the Landrys want. Councilwoman reminds Charley that a few months ago she WAS a Landry and profiting from their greed.  Then ole girl calls Charley out for being duplicitous…because she has read Nova’s book (of course…and that explains the funky attitude). Charley tells her it’s all in the past and she has divested. The Councilwoman isn’t phased by the explanation and tells her that she’d rather be betrayed by one of them, than one of her own. Dayum…for real tho? Charley isn’t ready to give up just yet. She tells her that if they can get the highway out of St. Jo, they can fight to get it back to St. Thomas, but they have to work together.  Joyce has a parting assignment for Charley – find out why the highway was moved in the first place and then *maybe* they can talk. Joyce is just like Pastor Martinez from last week. SMH.

Charley is off to the next fire…which is Vi’s diner (see the Aunt Vi section below). She is shocked by the damage, confused about Vi’s reaction and curious about Hollywood’s absence.  The police came by, but didn’t do much. That’s cool tho. Charlotte Bordelon is on the case and she promises Vi she will handle it and this WILL NOT stand. And we all know that once Charley promises something, its finna happen.  She heads behind the counter and makes a call. Olivia Pope-ish is on the case. 

Well, as promised, Charley is getting some answers.  The owner of the pharmacy near Vi’s spot has cameras (Vi didn’t have any).  He comes over to Charley and has all of the footage they need. First, Hank Miller has been casing Vi’s diner (Hank was also at the clinic raid). And then they get a picture of the perp.  Got em’. But wait…RA pulls Charley aside to tell her he knows the perp. It’s Ignacio’s son, Joaquin! Wayment? Say what, now? RA says they can’t call the police. It’s not an option.  Ignacio is about to be deported.  The family is going through too much.  They will have to handle this one on their own. But they still need to find out why Joaquin would do this. It makes no sense.

Charley is wasting no time. She has Joaquin, Joaquin’s mom and Pastor Martinez at the house. He thanks her for not calling the police and handling this on her own. Mmmm hmmmm. I hope the Pastor has learned his lesson. Imma give him a break because he was at the rally last week to support Charley.  Well, here Charley is, telling Joaquin’s mom (in Spanish) that she doesn’t want to call the police. She just needs answers.  Joaquin confesses. He didn’t want to, but Hank offered him $500. He refused and Hank went all out with the threats.  If he didn’t throw the brick through Charley’s window and trash the diner, his mother would be deported.  Oh, but there’s more. Charley shows them all a pic of Hank and surprisingly, the Pastor has seen him before.  Hank works for Old World Gas Company and had approached several of the members of the church to sell their land to him – for cheap of course. But this is still confusing.  And it seems like OWGS is fracking in St. Jo…but why around the diner? Mrs. Avila needs reassurance that Charley won’t call the police.  Charley won’t but she is going to get to the bottom of who put Joaquin up to this and why.

And…now…to the scene of the night…and a celebration of the badazzery that is Charlotte Bordelon. I wonder what her middle name is. I feel like I need it. Could it be Prescott – her mom’s last name? I digress. Back to the scene.  Charlotte is at the office at the mill and pouring some wine – for Jacob. Oh yes, Jacob “Creepy Ass” Boudreaux is at the office and on Charlotte’s comfy sofa.  She offers him wine, but he is looking like my 6 year old when I give him something he doesn’t want. Eventually, and after Charlotte tells him its not poison, he is ready to drink with his girl.  Let me just say that I love how Jacob was on the sofa and Charlotte was standing over him in a position of dominance. Remember when she met Jacob the first time at his mill? He had all the power then. Things have changed.  Charlotte knows what Jacob wants and she is giving him all of her sexy. She apologizes for how rude and wrong she was during their last meeting. He tried to warn her and he was just trying to help. He pushed her into thinking about what she was afraid of in the first place. Jacob laughs. Charlotte tells him ain’t nothing funny. Jacob tells her they are running against each other, but Charlotte tells him that people make arrangements to get what they want or need all the time. That’s not new. Jacob got ONE thing (Charley’s brown sugar) on his mind and all he wants to know is what’s the catch.  Oh…and did I mention that Charlotte had on a bodysuit and arse hugging jeans. She turns around to give Jacob a full view of exactly what she is working with, LEANS over for emphasis and grabs a folder…with Old World Gas Company on it. BAM! She knows about it and Jacob had to pick his jaw up off the floor. His reaction let Charlotte know that OWGS is a thing and she wants to know all the deets.  Jacob plays dumb (not hard), but Charley presses. What’s this plan to turn St. Jo into a toxic ghost town while they get rich?  Is the highway a way to transport equipment? Jacob claims the highway will bring jobs – just like the prison. Remember when the colonizing fam had all of the farmers evicted so that they could build the prison? While they were doing surveying for that project, they discovered gas deposits. Frances jumped on that ish and is working with Hank to get the land. Due to Trump, sugar ain’t that sweet of a crop anymore, so this is their next money making scheme – at the expense of the farmers of St. Jo.  Jacob tells her that this isn’t about race (lies), it’s about winners and losers. The money is in oil and gas. She needs to pick a side, just like they did.  Oh…she has picked a side, and you already know what it is, Jacob.  After Jacob spilled all of the piping hot tea, she gives Jacob the folder. All that was in it was a post-it note that said, “thanks.” Yall!!!! Charlotte got everything she needed by pretending she already had everything she needed and Jacob fell for it. Straight gangsta. Charlotte is indeed a G. He is BIG mad now. He tells Charley that he won’t let her make a fool of him (too late). She tells him it’s a little late for that and dismisses him. #boybye

Charlotte is ready to continue the fight. At 9am, on the dot, she leads the people at her campaign office and throughout the two parishes in a silent protest for solidarity and resistance to the latest colonizing scheme. They are wearing shirts with the colors and the motto of the Louisiana State flag. Romero is there, front and center, holding Charley’s hand…because apparently, he ain’t nevah scared neither.  The news catches the protests at different locations. All wearing the shirts and standing in solidarity (Deesha and RA got one too).  They are fighting against fracking on farm lands and against OWGC coming to St. Jo.  Charley gives a speech. It’s time to end corporate greed and the exploitation of vulnerable communities.  And you know who was standing on Charlotte’s other side? Joyce! Charlotte got the answer to her question and now she’s ready to ride with Charley. She makes a speech too.  Charlotte tells the people they ain’t done fighting and they WILL win! Go, Charlotte! Si, se puede.

At the house, Charley and Micah are in her office. This is week TWO of Micah not being on my trash list. Keep up the good job, Micah.  He is looking at the pics he took and showing his mom how impactful her protest was.  He encourages her to use the pictures he took for campaign ads, but Charley isn’t sure that that’s the message she wants to send. She didn’t do this for social media likes. The reason for them standing up was real.  And FINALLY, Micah acknowledges that his mom is indeed a badazz! Yes, Micah. She is. Charley couldn’t even bask in the glow of Micah’s compliment before ALL of her phones start ringing. THE MILL IS ON FIRE. I promise you the St. Jo fire department ain’t in no hurry to put it out, either. Honestly, I expected them to burn her mill down when she first opened it. I’m surprised they took this long.


Back at the farm, RA rolls up just in time to see Benny being handcuffed and put in a police car. Of course the Sheriff is there.  Let’s stop here. Last season when Micah gave his speech at the rally and outed the police, it was this dude who immediately decided to give the Bordelons hell. Charley caught his eye at the rally and I KNEW he would be front and center this season. Anyway, he “claims” he found 20 bags of meth in Benny’s car. They got an anonymous tip. RA is not about to let this go down. This sounds like BS to him and he lets the Sheriff know it.  Barney Fife (new name for him) tells RA that his farm is a known gathering place for ex-cons. Excuse me sir, it’s called a Re-Entry Program and it has Ernest’s name on it so he better show some resecK. Barney tells RA to pipe down before he ends up arrested too.  RA tells Barney he has cameras all around this place (did they install those after the Landrys had the black farmer steal cane?)  Barney doesn’t care and the arrest is happening. Benny says he’s innocent and would never do anything like this. RA believes him and is ready to make this right.

Benny is free, thanks to Deesha and they are all at the farm. RA has connected the dots. These hits on the Bordelons are intentional.  Deesha is officially in the game and she is not having this ish either. Meanwhile, Benny seems traumatized by the whole ordeal and is not talking.  RA tells Benny not to give up, but Benny hasn’t. He is just thankful for RA and Deesha.  RA tells Benny it’s gonna be alright, but I think he was trying to reassure himself of that as well. 

Deesha is back with bad news for RA. The arrest may threaten his re-entry program. It will go under review and they will try to shut him down. But, he will have to fight them and Deesha is ready to do it with him.  RA has footage of the police tampering with evidence. They have to clear Benny’s name AND save the program.  Deesha is ready to fight with her new boo, yall. I keep thinking that Deesha and Charley would be a helluva team.


Well, Hollywood heard Vi loud and clear and he is gone. He went to go take care of his mom (insert sad face here).  As soon as Vi closes the diner for the night, a vandal comes and destroys it all.  *le sigh* The next morning, Vi is horrified. They call 911, but does that even matter? The police DO NOT care about Vi’s diner…especially since Vi is a Bordelon.  Rhonda tells Vi to call Hollywood, and she looks like she is about to, but she doesn’t.  Her pride won’t let her.  She is determined to be strong and she has been through this and more before. 

Vi is putting on the strong woman act when Charley starts asking questions.  She cannot believe how well Vi is handling it.  Vi has been through this before, when Jimmy Dale did the same thing to her house.  Charley asks Vi about Hollywood. She doesn’t know about their separation.  Vi finally lets Charley in a bit and tells her that she is the one with the problem. Since Jimmy D showed up, she can’t stand to be touched by the man she loves, because of the man she hates. The doctor says she has PTSD.  She says she’s ok and still strong. Poor Aunt Vi. I wish that she would see that she doesn’t have to be strong. 

As promised, Charley delivered. Did we ever have a doubt?  She has found the perp and she has brought him to Aunt Vi. Joaquin apologizes and tries to explain, but Vi stops him. Vi is going to make him pay the old fashion way – at the diner. He will work to pay for the damages…starting now.  Vi must have been in her office for a while, because when she emerged with Joaquin, the diner was recognizable again. The community came thru for Vi.  She is touched. Charley tells her that this is what St. Jo is all about. Coming together. And it’s time for the world to know what they are about.

In other news…

Darla comes to work to find a copy of Nova’s book on her chair, turned to the chapter about her, with her co-workers snickering.  She throws the book in trash and tries her best to put on a brave face. She is crumbling and calls RA, but gets his VM.  Remember how Nova said that no one would know it was Darla? Yeah, right. Darla meets up with Leo and he is trying his hardest to console her. He’s trying, lawd knows he is, but he really isn’t getting through to Darla. He suggests that she call Marlene (her sponsor), but she is adamant about not doing it and tells him that she is not weak, she is upset. Then, she ends the meeting.  I think RA is the only person who can give Darla what she needs.

Y’all. This episode was a lot, but my mind is already racing about next week. The Landry Klan has shown that they have no bottom or problem with taking away what other people have worked hard for. Up next is the mill!! That is Charley’s baby. It is really about to be on now.  Remember when Charley and Remy broke up? They were in a hallway at the mill and Charley told him that she lets pain fuel her. Well, I do believe that after all that has happened to her family + the book + the mill fire, she will have ALL the fuel she needs to fight this. In the preview we see Charley going through the ashes of her mill and losing it. My heart ached for her.  And it looks like Nova might be coming home next week and all Vi can do is pray for her family and for Nova to see and understand the hurt she has caused. Nova is frustrating me so much by pretending she doesn’t understand exactly what she has done. Gawd, I hope that at the very least she can find it in her heart to offer someone (it should be everyone, but I’m not pressing my luck) an apology.  She is crying because she has lost her fam, but I am not buying this Nova being the victim thing. She has set off all types of bombs in the hearts and lives of her family. The comeback won’t be quick and she shouldn’t expect it to be.  The fam is gathered at Vi’s for dinner.  History teaches us that dinners at Aunt Vi’s house usually go awry. I expect nothing less from this one. But I noticed RA’s #lawyerbae is there and so is Hollywood.  Where’s Romero tho? He better be at the border treating some folks. I need him at that dinner table asaptually! Charley is going to find out who is behind the fire. Which conniving colonizer was it? Frances or Sam? I really don’t know who the biggest devil is between the two. Hell, maybe Charley made Jacob feel like such an azz, he was the one who threw the match. And it looks like RA’s program is inching closer to being snatched. RA really can’t take too many more Ls. Darla wasn’t in the preview, but I am rooting so hard for her. I need her to make it. And Martha. Will we meet Martha soon? And what will she share with us about Tru? Martha better be careful tho…she might just end up in Nova’s second book. But what about that info that Nova didn’t want to be shared? Something is going on the other side of the family tree. Whew, chile.

Welp. That’s it until next week. I am going to have to lift up some prayers, get the oil and gather the prayer circle for my favorite fictional family. #fixitJesus

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