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Queen Sugar – I’m Sorry

August 29, 2019
Photo Courtesy of OWN

Season 4, Episode 11

“Not all storms come to disrupt your life. Some come to clear your path.”- Unknown

A storm comes through St. Jo and changes everyone’s trajectory. The storm seemingly messed up everyone’s plans, but perhaps it was for the best.


The family is gathered at Charley’s mini mansion to see Micah off to the prom. Vi and Wood are there. RA is NOT…but Nova is. I have sooooooo many questions, but all I could do is assume that there was much more to that conversation between the sisters in the tent than we were privy to. Chile…they fast tracked this Charley/Nova forgiveness thing. Oh…and trash azz Davis was nowhere to be found either. I am usually not in support of Davis showing up, but this was different. Anyway, Charley is being the proud and sentimental mom and it’s kinda cute.  Micah nervously handles the corsages, Charley is snapping pictures and getting on Micah’s nerves, Vi and Wood are shouting comments like your aunties and uncles do, and Nova is serving up sparkling cider to toast the kids.  The young Queen Keke is going to Tulane on a full scholarship for visual arts.  And, Micah made Charley’s dreams come true by getting into Harvard. Charley is so proud, but Micah doesn’t seem that hype.  I am going to let Charley enjoy this moment tho, because Ivy League was what she always dreamed about and talked about for Micah.  I have a feeling that ultimately he won’t be going there (wouldn’t that be funny if he ends up going to Xavier – an HBCU where he can get his whole life together?)  Anywho, Wood likens Micah to Skip Gates (who is bae), another Harvard grad, who finds stuff in people’s family trees. Love the shot out to Skip. And just when I almost forgot that Vi was there, she came thru with that elder shade for Nova.  Vi said we done had enough roots finding and dodged enough trees to fill a whole forest. Everyone laughed except for Nova.  Well, it’s time for the kids to head out. Micah tells them about how they got a suite for a party with their friends.  Charley gives Micah a wad of cash, cancels his curfew and tells her baby boy to have a good time. Uncle Hollywood came on through to fix Micah’s corsage. He takes that opportunity to remind Micah to be responsible, like a good uncle should.  Charley gets that last annoying mom pic and the Young King and Queen are headed to the prom.  I must say that even though I am no where near ready to give Nova the time of day, I did enjoy seeing the family gather for something celebratory. It was refreshing. Nova still trash…but…

Charley is all in her feelings after Micah leaves. She’s reminiscing about when he was a baby and how tiny he was and now he’s almost a grown man. Wood tells her that he knows she is worried about what’s bouta go down with Micah and Keke. Charley denies it and says she raised him right, but she plans to keep busy with town hall prep to keep her mind off of it all.  The polls have tightened up and Charley has no room for error. She gots to be ready for all the smoke that Landrys and Boudreauxs will bring.  The town hall will be at the diner and Vi has set Charley up with the keys and everything she needs for her walk thru and prep. Charley thanks her and Vi leaves…without a word to Nova.  I ain’t mad. Nova deserves any and all shade coming her way…and she felt it, too.  But, she brought over some “ammunition” for Charley.  Remember I told yall how that show Nova was on reminded me of “Finding Your Roots.” It really was like that and Nova actually got a book like the guests do on that show. What Charley needs is in there…

At the diner, Nova is helping Charley with her prep. Ya’ll. I still don’t like this. Anyway, Nova is coaching Charley.  They are going over her speech and Nova actually looks…proud.  Charley continues with her practice, when Nova hits her with a question. Why should they trust you? Jacob was born here.  You’re just a carpetbagger basketball wife from Hollywood.  Charley is caught off guard, but Nova reminds her that that’s exactly what she’s gonna get from Jacob, the local press and the crowd.  She has to change the power dynamic, and throw him off his game.  Charley agrees. She has to control the narrative and she knows that he will attack her past. But…her life is an open book now, right? It shole is Charley and you have that chic sitting in front of you helping you with your speech prep to thank for a good portion of that. Anywho…Nova agrees, but Jacob’s life is not an open book – yet. So now is the time to use the info she got from the show. It would be an unexpected bomb for him. He won’t know what hit him and it will put him on the defense. Charley asks Nova if she’s sure the information is accurate and I hollered. Nova’s track record with truth is sketchy at best. From this point on, we should all ask Nova all the time if her info is legit.  Real talk.  Nova says she’s checked it out and it’s the real deal.  Then Nova’s phone buzzes and the smile that hit her face was magnificent. Charley can tell that whatever is happening, Nova is more than happy about. Nova tells her it’s Calvin and he’s coming – a belated birthday gift. She tries to play it off and get back to what Charley has going on, but little sister tells her big sister to go and get ready for her man. Charley even tells Nova to go home and change the sheets. LOL. Nova takes her up on permission to leave and heads on out. Charley tells her not to hurt him. Ha! Nova says he can handle it. *le sigh* I loved the sisters back and forth here, but again, Nova doesn’t deserve all this niceness. And, I felt a little sorry for Charley, too. Where’s Romero? Does she miss him?  It seems like weeks have passed since the mill fire. Has it been that long without them even speaking? #fixitJesus

It’s night now and Charley is still deep in prep at the diner. Guess who shows up? Jacob “Creepy Azz” Boudreaux.  Why is he here? Spying? His time for prep is tomorrow morning.  Jacob has been calling Charley to talk but she’s been ignoring his calls so he rolled up on her.  *SN: Charley should have locked that doe.*  Charley tells him that she ain’t tryna talk to him. They are competitors. Then Jacob pulled out all of his privilege.  To say that we are competitors would mean that you actually have a chance of winning – and you don’t. He apologizes, but he’s been told it’s a done deal and he’s already won.  He wants to urge her to get out before it’s too late.  And then the Charlotte we have been waiting for returns.  “The arrogance of mediocre white men never ceases to astound me.”  Chile…I think I heard a roaring applause from all the sisters and brothers after that line. That doesn’t even phase Jacob. It’s not arrogance, it’s power. He already warned her that his fam was coming for her and now the ole hag Frances is BIG BIG MAD at Charley. Well, that’s no surprise to Charley. Especially not after that verbal lashing Charley gave Frances back at the plantation.  Jacob tells Charley that everything up until now was “just business,” but now Mama Boudreaux and the folks she’s in business with are making it personal and want to destroy her.  Charley is not here for Jacob’s weak attempts to scare her. She packs up her ish to leave…but the storm is coming thru and she ain’t going nowhere. She is stuck…with Jacob. Let me just say that it was good to see Charlotte back in action. I know my girl needed time to regroup, but I was getting a little depressed about it. I needed to see Charlotte “Badazz” Bordelon and I got my wish.

It seems Charley and Jacob have been engaged in a heated discussion as the storm continues. Jacob is proclaiming that he knows who he is, where he comes from and how he was raised. I guess Jacob was giving Charley the ole sad story he always gives her about how different he (and his family) is from the Landrys.  This stops Charley in her tracks.  Do you REALLY know, Jacob? Hold that thought. Remember when Charley and RA (aka Bonnie and Clyde) went over to the Boudreaux Plantation to let Frances have it and RA recorded the epic showdown between Frances and Charley? Well…that recording won’t help Charley in the court of law, but it’s purpose finally surfaced. Charley pulls out her cell phone, finds the recording of his racist mama going in on Charley and provides audio receipts for Jacob. “You needed to be put in your place. You’re nothing more than an upstart mulatto gal pretending to be white. I guess that’s your mother’s fault.” Charley still cringes when she hears it and Jacob sits in disbelief.  Charlotte turns around to face Jacob. “That’s your mama, Jacob. You still want to talk about how you were raised?”  Jacob can’t play the same song anymore. He had to know his mother was racist trash. Or was he in denial about it?

Now that Charley has provided receipts, Jacob is ready to sit down and talk for real.  Charley tells Jacob that the difference between the two of them is that she knows her shame, she knows her issues and she has dealt with them. But, for him, even with American history as proof and evidence, he still insists on not seeing all of the issues around his whiteness.  Charlotte is giving him all the feels, and all the emotion – and Jacob wants to know how he can be better. Jacob always falls for Charley.  Welp. Glad you asked. Charlotte tells him to drop out of the race. He says he can’t do that, even tho he wants to. I KNEW Frances made him do it. She is using him just like she is using everybody else.  But he says that he will promise to work with her once he gets in office (he’s still assuming she ain’t gon win.) She tells him that ain’t gonna work. Do better. He can’t drop out, but Jacob says he can find a way to make himself un-electable and throw the race. Charley tells him she can help with that. I bet you can, Sis. I bet you can.  She shows him Nova’s book.  Why is there a picture of his great-grandmother Landry in it? Wayment. I do believe Jacob is a Bordelon! How bout that? Now…let’s go back to when Charley dragged Frances at the plantation. Remember how Frances was going on and on about sugar and how when it’s processed, it’s white as snow and pure as it should be. She went on to say that the men in her family love melanin but they always come back home and how their bloodline can’t be diluted. Oh, Frances. Dear old Frances. It looks like your bloodline was diluted a long time ago. She might want to hit up asaptually.

Charley calls Nova to thank her for the info and Nova is pleased that she was able to come thru for her little sister again, as evidenced by the satisfying look on her face (Lawd knows she owes Charley the moon and stars.)  Charley tells Nova to turn on the news.  Jacob is giving a press conference at Landry Enterprises. It has come to his attention that their company has a bias pricing structure based on race and it’s unacceptable. So, because he wants to be a better candidate, he has pulled out of the town hall and he is opening up an audit of the books to overhaul the pricing structure at the company. And, there’s more.  He got some new info (from his bestie Charley) and it has changed the way he sees things. They are one big family in St. Jo, and he has learned that his great-grandmother was an African-American woman, who was secretly a member of the Bordelon family. And, since great-grandma was a sister, he is embracing the diversity of his heritage.  So now he wants to learn the history of our people and support real change.  Nova doesn’t quite understand the plan here.  Won’t this win him more votes? Charlotte says no. He will lose about 10% – 15% of his MAGA voters, and the small percentage of black supporters will reconsider when Jacob starts laying on his African roots because it will seem like pandering.  And that’s enough to tip the race. Nova tells Charlotte that this is bold and the families involved and the people that the Landrys and Boudreauxs are working with don’t handle losing very well.  Charlotte says neither does she. Go get ‘em, Charlotte. I hope this works. #lettucepray I totally believe that Charlotte wrote a rough draft of that speech that Jacob gave while they were waiting on the storm to pass. She had more than enough time “help” Jacob throw the race. Also, the Landry books. Isn’t that what Charley has been trying to get to the whole time? The 1% access that she negotiated for when she sold the mill was so she could get to the books. When she struck a deal with Frances, she also mentioned the books and even Frances, who wanted to see her brother destroyed, would not give them up. But now, here’s Jacob opening up the books because Charley told him to. Oh, yes. While the storm raged on, Charley was engaged in a good game of chess. She laid out a full plan for Jacob to follow. I was also reminded of the conversation that Charley and Jacob after she had gone to pay Frances a visit. Charley told Jacob that he did not have to follow along with his family’s racist and greedy shenanigans. He is a grown man and he can make the choice to do right. Is that actually happening here?


Nova ain’t waste no time getting back to her house and getting right for Calvin. She got on a silk dress and the incense burning. Calvin shows up with balloons and he is hype to see his girl. They kiss. He has made reservations and he has gifts (a necklace.)  But the storm that’s impacting everyone’s night is upon them, so they decide to stay at home and cook.

Calvin and Nova’s dinner is coming together and he is in awe of how domestic they have become together.  Nova said they never had the time or freedom to do so.  Ummmm…yeah…that’s because he had a WHOLE family cross town. Nova is already ready to plan for next weekend and they go through their calendars, but they are both busy and he has his kids often and he is living in Baton Rouge so that doesn’t help.  It will be four or five weeks before they can see each other again.  Quick question here. Can yall see Nova as a step-mom to Calvin’s kids?

Nova and Calvin have a heart to heart. She had convinced herself that it was her choice to be away from him and she was in control of that, although it didn’t make her happy.  She confesses that writing her memoir (I am still not sure if we can call it that, but I digress) has allowed her to see all of her relationships for what they were. They all had barriers that guarded her heart.  For Calvin, there were lots of things in the way. His race, job, marriage, kids. Calvin points out that now they don’t’ live in the same city and have schedules that are crazy – but kinda calls her out on her fear of commitment.  But what if they didn’t have distance? Nova tells him that maybe their happiness is on the other side of what they are comfortable with?  And then Nova and Calvin do what Nova and Calvin do and get it in in the kitchen. 

Charley told Nova not to hurt Calvin and she didn’t, but apparently she did put it on him because once they did the do, Calvin was ready to move back to NOLA. Just like that. He would rather commute if it means they can have something real. I don’t know Calvin…rush hour traffic really sucks. Think this thru.  Anyway, he doesn’t want strange looks from Nova’s family because he’s not that guy in the book anymore. Nova says it sounds nice and like a dream. Calvin is ready to make it real…all she has to do is say yes to them. I don’t think I heard a clear yes…so we shall see how this goes. Looks like Nova is still being Nova.


So, Ralph Angel missed out on the prom sendoff because he was at Deesha’s house. Joie and Blue have a play date.  Deesha is still upset about RA missing their last date. He apologizes and tells her he should have been truthful about what was happening in his neck of the woods.  Apparently, they haven’t really spoken.  It was the play date that brought them back together, so she wants to know if there’s anything she needs to know. So…they haven’t spoken in weeks? That’s crazy. RA hits her with “it’s complicated.”

The storm rages on over at Deesha’s house.  I guess Blue has been there all day.  Deesha wants to make sure that RA was able to stay dry today. Did he make it back over to the farm? RA is honest. He didn’t because he was with Darla.  And he has been with Darla everyday for the last two weeks now because she had a relapse.  And the relapse was why he missed their date. Deesha seems genuinely concerned about Darla and Blue.  RA tells Deesha that Darla is working her steps to recover.  RA tells Deesha how amazing she is. Deesha interrupts and assumes that RA wishes he didn’t have other obligations. But, for RA, this isn’t even an obligation, it’s just that he can’t see Darla hurting like this. If she’s hurting, he’s hurting. It’s not even a choice at this point. He’s still in love with Darla.  Deesha is heartbroken, but she commends him for the beautiful words that were for another woman. And then Deesha reminded me of why I love her.  She respects herself too much to play second fiddle. RA tells her she deserves more than that. Deesha tells him she knows she does. You betta say that, Queen.  In a real MVP move, she wishes RA, Blue and Darla well. They will work something out with the kids and then she has to walk away…even tho they are in her house.  I was pulling for RA and Deesha, but maybe it could have never worked out if he is still truly in love with Darla.

RA comes over to check on Darla and brings her soup – in the rain.  She looks better and is thankful.  Darla has taken time off work, she called her sponsor, and she’s working her steps.  RA is happy to hear it.  RA asks Darla not to take too long before she sees Blue. He’s not doing well with this. He needs to see her. Poor Blue.  Darla says she needs more time. She has to be in the right condition.  Darla thanks RA for the soup and for keeping her company because she knows this is something he doesn’t have to do.  She hugs him. He holds her. But then they let go.  Darla tells him that he doesn’t owe her anything, but she wants to know why he keeps coming.  RA tells her that he still cares. He has to come for his own piece of mind because all that’s on his mind these days is the two guys who raped her and how nobody was there for her.  He doesn’t want her to ever feel like that again.  He doesn’t ever want her to relapse again. It takes him back to when she was pregnant with Blue and he was constantly worried about if she was ok.  RA tells her that nobody ever tells you that loving somebody could ever hurt so much. Whew. I felt that. Darla tells him that she prays for him and she prays that he will forgive her one day.  He says he already did that. She says she wants him to “really forgive” her, so much so that they can go back to what they used to have.  Could he ever think about them again? He always does and he never really stopped.  Welp. Yall can go ‘head and ship these two.


Micah and Keke meet up with their people for the pre-prom activities at the hotel.  Everyone is there, except Ant (supposedly, he’s sick.) I really hope that this crew is checking up on Ant like they should be.  I worry about him.  The crew seems sad that he can’t make it, but raise a glass (actually a blue solo cup) in his honor. There was alcohol in those solo cups, but imma let that slide because it’s prom night.  There was a mix up with the rooms when Malik checked in. He basically puts Micah on blast for booking a private room – cuz we all know THAT room is for Micah and Keke. Micah doesn’t want to embarrass Keke, but it’s too late. Po Keke.  And right then, the storm comes thru and knocks the lights out.  Dammit!

Micah and Keke are in the suite and Micah is being the perfect gentleman.  Keke seems really down. Micah turns on some music so they can dance – it’s still prom night, right? They slow dance and Micah apologizes for getting the other room, he just wanted it to be a surprise. More than anything, he doesn’t want her to feel pressured. Keke tells Micah that she got on birth control six weeks ago because she wanted to be prepared – just in case. But now that they are here, she’s really not sure that it feels right. Micah isn’t sure either and asks how will they know when it’s right? And they kiss. And then they are interrupted by the other dudes and then the prom is cancelled due to flooding. *le sigh* Just let me say that I love how neither Micah not Keke are taking this sex thing lightly.  They are having real and honest discussions about it and they are being responsible. I am here for it.

Since the prom was cancelled, the gang has time to chill and talk.  The question is where they see themselves in 10 or 20 years.  Malik says he will have at least 5 Grammys and producing albums for all the top artists. Asha plans to have a chain of urgent care clinics in Louisiana, offering low cost healthcare for those who can’t afford it.  And her slogan, posted in all offices will be: “Do no harm, but take no sh!t.” I approve, little Sis. KJ says that he plans to start a bail bond for all the brothers and sisters who have been stuck in jail over bail. Remember when that used to be Nova’s thing? I miss that Nova.  Anyway, he says it would be like an Innocence Project/ACLU hybrid type thing. *I felt the Exonerated 5 story all up in here* Keke plans to be flying to NY to present her latest art installation and then to DC to unveil her commissioned art work at the National Museum for African American History. And now it’s Micah’s turn. And he is lost. He really doesn’t know. He likes his photography, but feels like he will end up doing something “respectable” like being a hedge fund manager or investment banking.  Poor Micah. I FEEL his pain. Micah is living Charley’s dream for him. Or maybe Micah never really had to have a dream. The other kids had to be focused on their futures because they don’t have rich celebrity parents and trust funds to prop them up. I think privilege coupled with all that he’s been through has rendered him dreamless. I absolutely loved this scene. I have given Micah and The Woke Ones a hard time in the past, but these kids made me happy last night. Black kids dreaming big dreams and encouraging each other was good for my soul. And I think that hearing all of their dreams was good for Micah, too…and maybe it will change his entire outlook.


Vi and Wood make it thru the storm and back to the house. Amazon Prime done dropped off some packages – it’s Wood’s helmet and gloves for his new hobby.  He got some for Vi too so she can ride on the motorcycle with him. Now, yall know Vi ain’t bout to do all that. Wood should have known it too. Wood told Vi she ain’t no fun, so Vi had to show him that she is indeed fun. She is BIG FUN. Vi had Alexa turn on her party playlist, chile. And she gives Wood a lil dance whilst getting undressed. Good to see these two having fun again and Vi getting her groove back.

While the storm continues, Vi gives Hollywood a bath and they talk.  Wood is happy they have this time. Whilst scrubbing his back, Wood is really thinking about his support group idea for black men. And he’s gonna call it “The Real Spot.”

In other news…

I have a few alphet shoutouts. First, Asha’s prom pantsuit was fiyah and so was her hair. Yes, Young Queen. Do it. And, Charley’s blouse was kinda nice too. Lots of back action. I love her blouses and she usually wears the silky ones when she is going hard with the Landrys and Boudreauxs.

Nova’s hosting a writing workshop in Atlanta? Who booked that ish? Nova has already said that a good portion of her book was trash. I really need to know when she is going to let the people know that another good third of that book was incorrect? When is that bombshell gonna drop?

How do the wypipo know Jacob was gonna win? How were they going to ensure that was going to happen? Are they planning to thwart voter registration efforts? Will they purge the voter roles? Are they going to change up the precincts? Will they harass the black farmers? Will the machines be down at all of the black precincts? What all are they planning to do to make sure this swings in Jacob’s favor? Where’s Stacey Abrams when you need her?

I worry about Micah and Harvard. First, Micah needs a good ole HBCU to nurture him. But, if he must go to Harvard, I want him to have a dream, a plan, a goal, a passion. Something. He might need a gap year.

And how much time has passed since the glamping trip? How have Nova and Charley become so tight so fast? Is Charley just that good of a human? I still have feelings. I have lots o’ feelings about this. At least ole girl came thru with some info Charley could use. I think Charley will win the race, but I fear she will feel indebtedness to Nova for helping her get there. I don’t like this.

And where TF is Romero? Weeks have gone by and we ain’t heard a peep from our favorite Latin Lover. I thought Charley meant more to him than that. I am so disappointed right now.

The storm that no one was ready for came with fierceness and quietness and changed everyone’s plans, but it also left clarity and possibly renewal. The storm cancelled Micah’s prom, but thanks to the conversation with his friends, he realized that he doesn’t have a vision for his future. The storm led to Vi and Hollywood reconnecting and Hollywood was inspired to move forward with his support group. The storm held Nova and Calvin hostage, which allowed them to have a truthful conversation about their past and their future. During this storm, RA was honest with Deesha and Darla…and himself. And, the storm caught Jacob and Charley and forced them to share space. Charley was extremely bothered that she had to be there with him, but the turn of events seemingly cleared her path.

So what’s next…

Frances Boudreaux pays Charley a visit. I cannot imagine how mad she has to be rightnah. I assume Frances had no idea that there was some black girl magic in the family tree. She probably passed out when Jacob did that press conference. You best believe she is coming for Charlotte. HardT.  I love how Queen Sugar manages to weave all of these historical themes in the story. Passing for white was indeed a thing and this kind of thing was quite common. However, after Vi shared the family history with the siblings back in Season 1, this wasn’t really a huge surprise. The families seemed to have been continually intermingled.

Looks like Nova is still trying to earn her keep with Charley and working the graveyard shift with extra overtime to get her sister the answers she needs. She is digging all up in the Old World Energy business. I hope she finds some good stuff.

The police are coming to ask Charley about the mill fire. Now…we all know the St. Jo Police Department ain’t ish. Are they really investigating? I doubt it. But they beT not be trying to say Charley set her own mill on fire. If they do, I’m coming up there.

And it looks like Nova will finally have to face all of the pain she’s caused the rest of the family. I think Charley was the easiest one for her to make up with. The stuff she wrote about Charley wasn’t exactly “family secrets.” It was basically Nova’s diary entries about how much she hated Charley and thus far, the implications haven’t been as great for Charley as they have for the rest of the clan. But now Nova will find out about Darla’s relapse and possibly get the full rundown of all the hurt and pain she has caused Vi. It’s time to face the music, Nova.

And Jimmy Dale is back! But this time, Vi goes to see him…and she’s holding that memory box. What answers are we about to get?

And, will Calvin and Nova be a thing for real? I don’t even know how I feel about those two…or if I really care. But yall know who will care? Woke Micah.

Well, friends, we only have TWO more episodes to go. I am so anxious to see how it all ends. Until next week…

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