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Cherish the Day – Nemesis

March 13, 2020
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Fast forward two years…


Evan is anxiously getting ready for a meeting with some investors for his company. It’s been two years and this is a really big deal.  They threw a party the night before to celebrate, which Evan now questions. Gently, the supportive wife, tells him that’s what you are supposed to do – put it out into the universe and let it come back.  Get that win, baby!

Evan’s business partner, Jay, calls to be the debbiedowner that he is. He doesn’t have a good feeling about this meeting.  Both Evan and Gently dismiss him and his negative energy. 

Later, Evan throws a blanket into the basket of things to be washed…because he knows that there was nothing to be washed… because Gently already washed all the things… because she doesn’t like the cleaning lady to do it. Then Gently asks Evan why Ms. Sonia doesn’t like her. Maam. It’s because you keep doing her work for her. Now…I love it when the cleaning lady comes to my house and blesses my soul. I get the laundry part (even though EYE would let her wash all the thing EXCEPT the undies).  Evan is finally ready to head out and tells Gently that he hopes her meeting with Miss Luma goes well. Gently is surprised that he remembered – which is the first sign that there’s trouble in paradise.

This episode was full of flashbacks, which basically let me know upfront that trouble was on the horizon. Evan leaves and Gently’s mind travels back to the pastor and their marriage counseling session.  “You both must be willing to consider the other first…you’re his rib…accept that he is flawed…accept him as he is.”


Gently doesn’t work for Miss Luma anymore and she has a new assistant. He is the pits. He’s clumsy, clueless and annoying. Luma says he couldn’t find water if he fell off a boat and he cheats at chess, so there’s that. Miss Luma got a gig! She has been tapped to be the host of a show where she can share her stories and choose movies for other people to watch. This sounds exactly like what Ava does on TMC, and I absolutely loved it (she picked some amazing movies – Julia, Sounder, Daughters of the Dust…I got my WHOLE life). Anyway, Miss Luma is so excited. It’s nice to be seen and to help someone else be seen, because that’s what life is all about (sounds like something Oprah would say).  Luma and Gently enjoy each other while they wait for Barbara to come over with more news about the show. Yes, Miss Luma! You betta do it.


Jay and Evan meet with the board and it’s real tense. They want to bring in a woman named Maha Shaw. But Maha has a reputation for coming into companies and raiding them. That’s not what they want for their company.  The board encouraged them to think differently about this one and at least have dinner with her and hear her out.  You never know. 


Jay is 100% not on board with Maha.  He can’t believe that the board is against everything they stand for. They have been running things their way and according to their beliefs for 2 years now. They shouldn’t allow these guys to change that.  But Evan is starting to have a change of heart. Maybe they can do the things they want to do (help people) AND make money.  And now, flashback #2. Remember when Evan introduced Gently to his family at the anniversary party. One of his aunties mentioned that Evan should have been included in an article about the most influential men in tech. Evan says that he will be on that list one day. It’s clear that Evan wants to help people, but he also wants to be a tech giant.


Barbara (Luma’s long time agent) comes by to break the bad news to Luma.  The station got a lot of interest in the hosting gig that Luma was supposed to have. They wanted someone with more “exposure” and kicked Luma to the curb. Luma is disappointed, but I don’t think she’s surprised.  In true Luma fashion, she says that that’s life.  And she thanks her friend and longtime partner for being in her corner when no one else was.  Luma quickly picks herself up. It is better to laugh than cry. But guess who is crying – Gently.

Evan facetimes Gently and sees her tears. Gently cannot believe that this is happening to Luma.  She deserves to have this opportunity.  Evan tries to comfort her.  Gently gets herself together for Evan. It’s his big day. How’s it going? It’s not going really well. And, he springs a dinner on Gently.  A dinner that they (well…Gently) has to host.  Gently tells him to text her the details and she will get on it…but she ain’t happy about it.  And all while Gently is having this conversation on the porch, Philip (Luma’s assistant) struggled to park Luma’s vintage car in front of the house. I’m surprised Luma lets him anywhere near her car. #fixitJesus


Gently is preparing for Evan’s dinner and talking to Barbara. She hasn’t given up.  There must be something that they can do.  Barbara tells Gently that this is something she has come to accept with being Luma’s agent.  She used to have the best “colored” clients (she corrected herself and said black *insert side eye here). Gently ain’t done. We just need to find a way for Luma to tell her stories. A podcast!!! Interviews and sage advice from Miss Luma Langston. It sounds like a winner to me and Barbara is on board! Gently is so into this idea that she cuts herself.  I love this idea. I would listen. Is this something we can do in real life? I said back in one of the first recaps that we needed a whole show on the Life and Times of Luma Langston. It looks like we might be getting that – as a podcast. I am here for it.


Evan’s home! He checks out things to make sure it’s all good for his dinner guests.  She got the olives. Cool. *But why did Evan get an olive without washing his hands. See. That’s why we have da Corona problem now. Wash yo hands!*  Gently got some champagne, but Evan was like…our guests like bourbon. Gently tells him that the bubbly is for them. She’s starting a podcast. Celebration, bishes (in my Dave Chappelle voice).  Evan is excited – or is he? His next question is about capers. Huh? Do we have capers? Yall. I can’t. Gently was like…nah…we don’t have capers, but I am excited to talk to you about my podcast tho.  He says he’s happy about it, but he wants to talk about it after dinner.  Gently’s immediate attitude let him know that wasn’t the move, so he apologizes and tells her he’s listening.  Gently tells him that she’s over it. It’s clear he’s not interested. And then all hell breaks loose. Gently tells him that her podcast is JUST as important as what he has going on right now. Evan was like…wait…whet? Yo lil podcast is just as important as my pending $17MILLION investment in my company? Nah. This company that EYE am running everyday allows you to have all the dreams you want and none of the worries.  In a surprising move, Gently agrees. You’re right. I live a good life and I am not trying to add any more weight on your shoulders.  Evan apologizes for what he says and how it came out.  They end this argument, but yall know it ain’t over. Flashback #3: Remember when Ben told Gently that Evan and his people were different from them. Lemon cake and rum-soaked cake are two different things. Accept that. Le sigh. With that, Gently joins Evan in the shower for some reconciliation sexy time. Honestly, I don’t even know why Gently joined Evan in the shower. They weren’t even close to making up.


These two gotta hurry up and get ready for the dinner since they decided to take up some of their time being fast in the shower.  Gently seems cool. But as she gets ready, her mind wanders again. Flashback #4: Remember how Evan and Gently laughed off what the pastor was saying in marriage counselor? All that stuff about Gently being his rib? Yeah. That part. Gently is still lost in her thoughts. The conversation/argument she just had with Evan is on repeat in her mind. My podcast is important…just as important. My company allows you to have as many dreams as you want…


The Fishers are ready for their dinner party.  Barbara calls. She needs Gently to head on over to this spot called Ear Hustle because they need to work out the podcast stuff and that place is a podcast studio. Barbara needs to get Gently in front of the powers that be so they can get this thang going! Woot woot.  Of course this is totally the wrong time for this. Barbara tells her that Evan is a business man and he will understand her having to leave.  Evan asks who Gently was on the phone with…because he was ear hustling.  She tells him and he asks some follow up questions. Gently tells him that it’s nothing he’d care about.  Do you care about anything that doesn’t have to do with you? Evan is over it.  They have to pull it together for this dinner. Let’s just do this. *le sigh*

Maha and her husband are an interesting pair. Maha and Evan get all into conversation and Maha basically forgets to even introduce ole boy. His name is Breno, by the way. It looks like he’s used to it.  They step inside. I loved that the painting Evan bought at the art gallery in Episode 2 was front and center. Maha notices it.  Maha loves their home.  She asks how long they have been here. Gently tells her that this is Evan’s house. She’s just been there for two years. I felt some salt on that one. 

Gently prepared quite a beautiful spread and the guests are impressed. We have some charcuterie trays – inspired by Switzerland and Portugal (Breno and Maha’s home countries). See. This is where it helps to have a wife who is exposed and well-traveled. Breno is soooo impressed. Evan is…bothered. I am really not sure what this is about because he should be highly pleased that his wife pulled off this last minute, international charcuterie from heaven. Get yo life, Evan. Gently had cut herself earlier and it begins to bleed again. She leaves to handle it and Evan is still…off. He has a flashback. Flashback #5: Do you care about anything that ain’t got to do with you?

In the bathroom, Gently hears their wedding vows in her head. To love and to cherish…


They sent Breno outside while they talked. Gently joins him (with a coat on and her purse so I guess she’s going to EarHustle after all). Breno is headed to Bahia (his home). He travels a lot and it’s making Gently miss traveling even more. She misses feeling the warmth of other suns…which was interesting to me because I am currently reading The Warmth of Other Suns! I love it when stuff like that happens. I digress.  Gently tells Breno that she always travels alone. He is able to travel alone for 6 months out of the year. His wife got the money handled so he’s free. Why can’t Gently do the same? Evan got it. She doesn’t have to work. Go. What’s stopping you? Gently says her husband is here. Breno breaks it down. When you’re confident in it, you can go and return. And it’s there waiting for you.  That’s a word, but Gently better proceed with caution.  She thinks about it and we are up to Flashback #6. Remember when Gently took Evan to the hospital? They talked about their dreams and they made a deal. He would start his app and she would make it to Victoria Falls. Is that about to happen?

Evan’s meeting with Maha is going well. She seems to like him and she likes his app. People lie to themselves everyday – why not have an app that does it for you? LOL. Evan won’t accept that. His app is just the opposite. It wants to amplify the voice within and help you find peace and truth.  Maha sees money. Your app is a gold mine because of the DATA! That’s what she wants.  It’s priceless (ask Google and Facebook).  Evan is concerned with helping people…not consumers. Maha says this isn’t about people. This is about information. The only people involved are you and Gently. That’s it. Create generational wealth and help people after you’re wealthy.  Basically, Maha is here for the data and she can make his dreams come true. 

Gently calls Barbara. She’s coming to the meeting. Barbara tells her it was smart to sacrifice the night with Evan for this opportunity.  “You can stand by your man, but at some point, you got to stand by yourself.” Gently looks inside. Maha and Even clink glasses. I guess he made a deal. Flashback #7: Remember the cheesecake conversation? Evan asked what if he made the wrong choice and made her unhappy? You’d be upset, right? No…I’d be gone. Life’s too short, you know? And she leaves.


Let’s start with something positive. I am loving Gently’s hair journey. When we met her, she had that cute tapered cut. Now her hair is long and lush and cute. I loved her hairstyle on this episode.

Miss Luma filled my heart, but what they did to her broke it. She absolutely deserved to be heard. We can all learn from the Miss Luma’s of the world. She needs a blog, a podcast, a book, a movie…all of it! Miss Luma done weathered the storms of life only to end up with an assistant like Philip. Yall. I can’t with him. He’s nice, but that’s it. He aggravates Luma and she don’t need aggravation at her age. I’m finna get on to see if I can find a new caregiver for Luma.

The Newlyweds. Evan and Gently have been married for two years now. I would still consider them to be newlyweds and trying to figure out marriage and themselves within this relationship.  I was kinda sad that Gently could no longer work for Miss Luma, but I wondered exactly what she’s been doing for the past two years? Gently is a busybody. How has she been filling her days? It’s clear that she’s been supporting Evan in building his company, and that’s great. But in doing that, she lost herself.  There’s nothing more sobering than looking in the mirror and not recognizing the person looking back at you.  It sucks, but happens so easily.  So, I get Gently.  She finally had something to be excited about. The podcast was something that she could build and turn into something great and after all of the support she had given Evan, she needed him to be excited for her. But you know what…I get Evan, too. He is stressed to the MAX and anxious about this investor and moving his company forward. He is the breadwinner and he wants to give Gently a good life and be a titan in his field. This may have been the most stressful day ever for him and he wasn’t ready or able to adequately deal with Gently’s news. I wish he could have found a little more compassion though, especially after he sprung the dinner on her and she made it happen. Is Evan selfish or is he just stressed? Last week I wondered if Evan had compromised too much. Now it seems like Gently is the one that has compromised the most in the marriage.  Did she not take Ben’s advice? Did she let her guard down?

Breno gave some good advice (kinda). Gently is a traveler. It’s in her heart and I am sure that not traveling has done a number on her soul. I was lowkey scared she was going to book a trip to Indonesia and dip – without having the necessary conversation with her hubs…cause yall know Gently be doing things like that.  She needs to talk to Evan about it. This could all come down to the way she handles it.  And she shouldn’t have left to go that meeting without giving Evan some notice. Remember when they went hiking and she wandered off? We didn’t need a repeat of that.

And I think Evan made a deal with the data shark. What will that look like for this company? What will Gently say about the new direction?

Can these two get it together? Can they find a happy medium? I am lowkey scared, but I am choosing to believe (and hope) that the strength of their love will prevail.

Until next week…

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