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Greenleaf – Original Sin

September 4, 2019
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Season 4, Episode 1

At Calvary, church is in session.  Charity is singing. Oh wait…that’s not Charity. It’s a Charity look-a-like. Womp. All of the Greenleafs are seated in the congregation, except for Grace.  Bob Whitmore, President of Harvest and Hope Ministries greets his new church…by commenting on their…hats. It was awkward and low key racist.  He talks about how H&H has been eyeing Calvary for a while now and they are excited.  They are letting Grace stay on as Interim Head Pastor. She walks to the pulpit and Bob tells her to keep the sermon short.  He has absolutely no shame in his game.  We don’t get to hear Grace preach, but after the sermon, a church member says she sounds just like Bishop.  That same church member asks Sophia where she’s been. She hasn’t seen her at church in a while.  Hmmm…I guess Sophia is still mentally recovering from that ovaries situation she was dealing with last season.

After church, Bishop is struggling to deal with this new situation at the church.  He feels like a ghost in his own church.  Lady Mae encourages Bishop to chill. Grace reminds him that they have to play nice so that they can win the hearts of the members and get their church back. The plan is to get through this interim year, for Grace to be named as Head Pastor, and then Grace will hand the church over to Lady Mae. That’s the plan. Lady Mae agrees with Grace – for the first time EVAH. And even the Bishop is taken aback.  Bishop agrees to fall back.  But, Lady Mae sees Connie talking to Bob and she just can’t help herself.  She strolls on over to pay her respects to “the dead.” LOL. Bob compliments Grace’s sermon, but Mae says that was no sermon. It was a “minister’s minute.” Ole Connie Sykes tells Mae that the sermon may have been short, but the collection was fiyah.  Bob tells Mae that the sermon has to be short. In and out.  All of the services at H&H churches are the same, so the people know what they are going to get…Mae says it’s just like McDonald’s, eh? Yes, folks. H&H is in the business of drive-thru Christianity.  Connie let’s Mae know that she nor the deacons care that Bishop gave Mae the church because it wasn’t his to give, so she needs to get her mind right. *le sigh*

In Grace’s office, Phil tells Grace that there’s no way that H&H will hire Jacob or Charity.  They both have sketchy pasts. Grace stands firm. It’s important that her siblings be employed in some capacity. Phil doesn’t care.  He promises her that that will never happen.  Meanwhile, Bob got his feet propped up on Bishop’s desk and using his phone to call the wife.  Bishop came to tell him that he knows all about the game that H&H plays and how they coerce pastors to turn over their churches.  It happened to Bishop’s friend. They hired a PI to find out info on the pastor, shared that info with the congregation, turned the people against him, and swooped in to get the church.  Bob says it’s not fair for the people to suffer for the sins of their pastors. Basically, H&H ain’t nothing but a business – a business that preys on black churches.  Bishop warns him that his days are numbered at Calvary…and I kinda believe him.

At the Greenleaf compound, Grace gets a call from her brother, Aaron (Lionel’s son.)  Grace invites him to church, since they are an inclusive church now (apparently he is still with Kevin.) It’s also apparent that Grace and Aaron have been talking a lot. He knew all about the shenanigans at the church and that Connie probably got paid off by H&H.  She also shares that she was unsuccessful in getting jobs for her siblings, which is no surprise to Aaron. Grace knew that this might happen, but she wanted to give her siblings something. Aaron tells her that trying to pay them off with jobs isn’t much different from Mae keeping the big secret. It’s just another way to make it seem like nothing has changed, but change might be what has to happen. #sermon Grace can’t even argue with that.

At the mansion, Kerissa and Jacob are unpacking their things. They are back at the house with the Greenleafs and Kerissa ain’t happy about it.  Zora comes begging for her own space and wants to stay in Noah’s old cabin.  She needs freedom. I disagree. After that whole situation with Isiah last season she needs an ankle monitor.  They tell Zora that that decision is up to Lady Mae.  Lady Mae actually agrees as long as Zora does 5am Bible study with her. Well, that was easy…or was it? I have a feeling Zora is about to “pay” for her new crib. Anyway, Jacob gets a call from a woman and Kerissa gives Jacob the third degree about who it was. Because Kerissa still ain’t trusting Jacob or Basie or Tasha after all of the drama they been thru.

Bob and Phil meet up in the Bishop’s office to continue their plans for the takeover. I was just focused on those crackers Bob was eating all over Bishop’s desk. He ain’t got no respecK.  Bob is on his way to make the rounds to all of the black churches they intend to take over, because that’s what they do.

Back at the mansion, it’s dinnertime. And I was immediately anxious because the Greenleafs have never had one complete dinner in that dining room. It’s always a disaster.  Charity is going on and on about how Grace didn’t get them sh*t (actually, she uses the word “dookie” smh.)  No jobs. No nothing. Grace is pleading her case. She tried. Welp. That’s not good enough. Kerissa is on one too because Jacob doesn’t have a job. She wants to know if Grace told Phil that she wouldn’t stay on unless her brother and sister got a job too. Grace tells them that they have little leverage. If she leaves, they will just put Phil in the pulpit and then they will have nothing. Charity says that that’s basically what they have now. And, at this point, I’m kinda tired of Charity. Again, Grace says she’s “trying.” And, that’s the word that gets everybody up in arms. Kerissa goes back to Grace’s first night home, when she told them that “God is the part of us who tries.” Trying doesn’t cut it! Charity is here for Kerissa going in on Grace and offers comments from the peanut gallery – “you betta preach.” Bishop is not amused. Kerissa ain’t done tho. She is also big mad because had Gigi not come back, they wouldn’t be having all of these dayum problems. Per Kerissa, the fam has been on a swift slide down since Gigi’s return and she has slid the farthest of all. I got questions and so does Lady Mae. What has Kerissa suffered that even vaguely compares to what the Bishop and Lady Mae have suffered? Kerissa feels vindicated. They all agree that Gigi’s presence has had a negative impact. Ok. Point made. But it’s not over. Kerissa wants to keep going. If Gigi had stayed where she was, Bishop and Mae would be retired and Jacob would be the head pastor of Calvary. Wayment. Bishop doesn’t think that’s all true, but Kerissa says she would have “made” it happen. Oh, really? And at this point, I am tired of her, too. Kerissa tells Gigi that her work is not done. Go back to Phil and make something happen for her brother and sister instead of her own dayum self! And….Gigi’s done. She raises up, slams her hand down on the table and leaves. Kerissa drinks some wine and I was wondering if she came to the table drunk.  Lady Mae stares Kerissa down. Kerissa still isn’t thru. Mae…”you can side eye me all you want, but I have earned my place in this conversation, ten times over. And my opinion is as good as anybody’s.” Mae is ready. No, ma’am. Not when it is delivered with a stridency (vocab word) of screeching pride. You have got to know you are in the wrong, Kerissa. Nah. Kerissa isn’t budging. What she knows is that she cannot live here anymore…and she leaves the table. Bishop turns to Jacob and tell him to handle his business and keep his wife out the wine. Jacob tells his parents that Kerissa is having a hard time with them moving back in. Mae wants to know what’s hard – the staff, the 50 acres or the rent – which is free? Ha! Love her. All Charity wants to know is if Gigi is going to talk to Phil about their jobs because she has no plans to go back to singing. Apparently, Satan has a way of using your gift and holding you in bondage…so…that’s Charity’s story and that’s what she’s gonna preach about when she becomes AP. It’s gonna be a whole “series.” Jacobs wants to know what makes Charity think that she’s going to be AP and why is she always talking about the series that she’s gonna preach about. I actually want to know this too because Charity isn’t a preacher. We have never seen her actually preach. She has talked about it from the beginning, but what steps has she been taking to become a preacher? I kinda understand why H&H isn’t trying to hire her.  They are a business, not a church. Businesses usually don’t hire folks without experience. I’m just sayin’.  By this time, everyone has left the table, except Bishop and Mae. And, I was correct. Dinner at this table always goes awry. Always.

Lady Mae comes to talk to Grace and tells her that she has done nothing wrong (this is new for Mae.) Grace can’t understand why the siblings are so mad and why Kerissa is so gangsta.  Neither one of them deserve the AP position. Lady Mae agrees, but it’s not about them. It’s about what she can do for the family.  Grace pivots. She wants to tell the family about their secret – that Bishop ain’t her daddy.  That info is heavy on her shoulders.  Mae tells her that it’s actually hanging over her head, not Grace’s.  It’s still a lot for Grace to handle. Her identity is all tied up in this. But Mae says they need to hold off until they get the church back and are sitting together in victory and unity. I actually agree with Mae. There’s way too much foolishness going on within right now.  Grace agrees to ask about the jobs for her siblings tomorrow. Lady Mae tells her not to ask – TELL.  And then she gives Grace a kiss on the cheek. I am so not used to Mae and Grace playing for the same team. This should be interesting.

I guess Kerissa has calmed down now. Jacob tells her about the call he received earlier from Doris Saunders. She was a member at their old church and she has a son who plays for the Red Devils. He is having some issues and needs a life coach. I got questions.  Why would Jacob even consider being a life coach for anyone? He is one step away from needing Iyanla to come and fix his own dayum life. Anyway, all Kerissa wants to know is if this gig pays because she gotsta get up outta Lady Mae’s house asaptually. Turns out, Dante is a handful on the team and he needs a mentor.  The representative for the team talks to Jacob about all of his missteps and how he currently has no job (see…that’s what I’m saying.) Jacob tells him that he hopes to be re-instated at Calvary. Dante’s mom knows that Jacob is the guy. So, if Jacob can snag the AP job, this one will be his, too.

Bishop rolls up on Lady Mae undressing and gets all excited.  Mae wants to know what he wants. He was in his quarters and was thinking about when he might be able to move back upstairs with her. She says when they get remarried, but has no real answer on when that will be.  They will get remarried when they are in love…or whenever. Mae doesn’t seem to care that much.  Bishop is surprised. You ain’t in love with me? Mae says she loves him, but she’s not in love.  What do you want, Mae? Flowers and a ring? Yes! Mae wants all that AND more.  She wants to be swept off of her feet. Bishop seems up for the challenge and Mae looks like she’s about to enjoy seeing him try.

That night, Grace receives a voicemail message from an AJ, an inmate at a correctional center.  Grace looks shook. Who is AJ? And why is he calling Grace? Hmmmmm.  The next day, at the church, Grace gets a voicemail from Noah! Remember Noah from Season 1? Grace’s first love that used to live on the Greenleaf property. Yep. Him. Now…why is Noah calling? Hmmmmmm.

At the church café, Charity decides to take matters into her own hands and meets with Phil to plead her case and beg for a job.  She has gone thru the fire and has even done the work with Iyanla. She is ready to preach. Phil tells her that Grace has already gone thru lots of this information with him.  Charity tells him that she is certain Grace didn’t tell her everything – which is true. She knows Grace didn’t because Grace hates her, and she would hate Grace but Jesus told her not to. Ouch.  But, she gets it. H&H doesn’t want too many Greenleafs. But…she’s the good one and she’s better than Grace.  Phil sees opportunity.  He offers Charity a “job” once Grace’s year is up and he becomes head pastor. But, there’s a catch. She would have to be his eyes and ears among the Greenleafs. Yes…Charity is being offered a job as the family spy/snitch. #fixitJesus  Charity doesn’t give an immediate answer, but I got immediate chills. This won’t end well.

In Grace’s office (Bishop’s old office), Bob stops by to have that chat about giving her siblings jobs.  Bob cannot believe that Grace is willing to walk away from this job if her peeps don’t get positions (I find this hard to believe, too.)  Grace tells him it’s not negotiable. What would she do if she walks away? Grace reminds him that he’s the one that keeps saying how much he needs her. Bob tells Grace she should be worried about over exaggerating her own importance. But then, Bob tells her that he’s been following her for a long time (sounds kinda like that surveillance that H&H had going on with Bishop’s friend), he knows about her “Grace Greenleaf Reports” days in Phoenix and he knew then that she had the righteous truth in her. If she can put her family aside, this could be a great opportunity for her.  Grace is unmoved. She needs her family to have jobs. He tells her that putting the family first is a mistake, but she tells him she must do it.

Back at the Greenleaf Mansion, Kerissa is still being a bish.  The maid tells Kerissa that Lady Mae has certain laundry days, so she needs to get with the program.  Kerissa tells her that she can just do it herself. Now…why does it matter what day someone else does YOUR laundry? I am perplexed.  Jacob comes thru with some good news. If Gigi gets him the job as AP, he’s set and he can get the other job.  Kerissa ain’t tryna hear that and has little faith in Gigi coming thru.

Grace holds a family meeting to announce the outcome of her meeting with Bob.  She is happy to tell Jacob that he got the job as AP.  Jacob and Kerissa are pleased.  But what about Charity? Grace apologizes, but Bob wouldn’t give Charity a job. So…Charity wants to know why Grace still has a job. She was supposed to fight for them or leave. It was supposed to be Jacob AND Charity. Grace didn’t fight for her? Charity cannot understand this. Grace tells her that Jacob has led a church. She had to stop there, with just him getting a job.  Oh…Charity is about go all the way owf! Kerissa calls Charity crazy, and Charity forgets that she’s a PK and tells Kerissa that she will whoop her azz. LordT. And Kerissa raises up like she’s ready to take on this fight.  Jacob gets them both to stop. Charity isn’t done. They don’t care about her. Mae tells her to stop catastrophizing (I love her vocabulary.) Charity feels like she’s been walked over and ignored. No one ever validates her feelings. Bishop says that maybe they could if she would be quiet and stop spraying like a fire hose. I cackled. Welp. Charity is done. She tells her family to just watch. She will have the last laugh. It will be her who will be preaching and teaching and saving the church.  She will bring dignity back to Calvary…as Pastor Charity Greenleaf.  Charity heads upstairs, ignores her child and calls Phil.  She’s ready to accept that offer and just like that, she has become my least favorite Greenleaf. Gahtdambit, Charity!  Whyyyyyy?

Grace is pouring herself a glass of communion wine when she gets a call. It’s Noah…again. But this time, he’s outside! He wants to know who this AJ is that has called him. AJ says he’s their son. Oh, snap! Grace? How do you have a whole son out there in the world? We need answers!

So what next?

Noah is back and he wants answers about their son, AJ. I have so many questions! So.Many.Questions.

So, Charity is officially a spy and it looks like Phil wants more from her than just the tea on the Greenleafs.  Or does he? Is that just his way of making sure he gets all of the information he wants?

The family doesn’t know about the parternity secret. Aaron seemed to be very invested in the secret being out.  Will he be the one to spill the tea to the family?

I still have lots of reservations about Jacob being a life coach for anyone. We just gon have to see how that plays out.

As always, I am here for Lady Mae, her alphets, her hair and her words o’ the day.  I LIVE!

Will the plan that the Greenleafs cooked up work? Charity is a family spy. Lady Mae’s secret about Grace’s father is lingering. And, Grace has secret child and apparently led a whole ‘nother life in Phoenix that will all come out soon. What will happen when all of the secrets come to light?

This first episode was fiyah! I can’t wait to see what awaits for the Greenleafs. Until next week…

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    Courtney Snell
    September 4, 2019 at 10:38 am

    Oooooooo yes!!!! I am here for it all!!! Kerissa is on the last nerve I have left!!! Charity is about to get her silly a** played at the expense of her family. Bishop is going to romance his way back into his original sleeping quarters. I agree that little girl…needs an ankle monitor. Lol! And Grace, who is this child that I’m sure you had and gave up for adoption that has found you?!!!?

  • Reply
    September 5, 2019 at 3:30 pm

    Been excited about this premiere and it didn’t disappoint! Charity and Kerissa are both getting on my last nerve! I can’t wait to find out about this heanh love child. Oh my! Ok, Grace!!

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    September 8, 2019 at 7:32 pm

    Love this recap!

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      September 8, 2019 at 7:57 pm

      So. Over. Charity!!!!! Thanks for reading. 🙂

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