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David Makes Man – 3 Sons Sky

October 16, 2019

Episode 10 – Season Finale

In the final episode of the season, David takes us all the way back. If he could, he would ask Sky what his last day on Earth was like? He would ask all of the questions he never got a chance to ask. What was your favorite food growing up? Do you have any regrets? Is there anything you wish you could over? Who’s your mentor? What’s your favorite holiday? We get to see Sky’s last day.

Sky is in his kitchen. He looks happy as he makes a meal from scratch. And then there’s a knock at the door. Sky reaches for a gun, but he doesn’t need it. It’s Nobi. Sky fixes Nobi a plate of salmon croquets. Nobi’s sister was just killed by a stray bullet. He is supposed to be in West Palm with his family as they grieve. Nobi went, but he came right back. Sky wants to know how much more he needs to get out the game and do better? Nobi can still turn his life around and Sky is encouraging him to do that and go be with his family. Nobi says he’s already with his family. Then Sky gets a call about Raynan.

Remember when Raynan told David the story about how he totaled the car that Sky bought him. Well…it’s that day. Sky rushes over to Raynan’s house to see about his son after the accident. Raynan is playing video games and is cool as a cucumber…as if he wasn’t just in an accident that could have taken his life. Sky can’t believe that Raynan is so cool and he punches him. And he does it again. Sky continues to beat Raynan’s azz until Angie comes to stop it and tells him to get out. Raynan screams at Sky and tells him that he’s going to call his uncle. Sky tells him to go ‘head and tell him where he’s at.

At Sky’s apartment in the Ville, Dai continues to ask Sky questions. What would you be if you could be anything? A singer. Dai thinks that what Sky is currently doing is great. Sky is tired of all of his sons. He is not grooming them for THIS. Focus on school. It’s summer and his classmates are in Tuscany drinking wine…while he is sitting at the Ville worried about getting in the game. And just when Sky was about to launch into another speech about how Dai needs to strive to be better, a masked gunman enters. Sky offers him money. That’s not what he’s there for tho and fires a shot. Sky and the gunman (who is Desmond) fight and Sky yells for Dai to run. He does. Dai hears another gunshot and Sky yells for him to run home. Dai sees the gunman jump the stairs and run (just like he has seen Desmond do previously). Another gunshot…and Sky is gone. “Father, Father” by Laura Mvula is playing and proceeds to take me all the way out. “Father, father, why you let me go? Father, please. Father, please don’t let me go…” Dai is dreaming about that night. Gloria calls his name. They have been on the bus this whole time. They are on their way back home from their grandmother’s house. The storm is over.

Gloria, JG and Dai walk back to their apartment, thankful that they have somewhere to come back to. Nobi appears out of nowhere with a bloody face and tells Dai that he’s next in line for one of Desmond’s azzwhoopins. Desmond is looking for Raynan and he believes that Desmond and Teo fell out. Dai tells Nobi to get out the game. It’s what Sky wanted for them anyway.

Out in the courtyard, Dai tries to figure out why Tare is mad at him. Her mother doesn’t want her talking to Dai because of what he did to Willie Derrick – running pills for Raynan. Tare questions Dai and Dai denies it. Dai also asks Tare if her noseyazz Mama told her that she used to by weed from Sky. And if she was so concerned, she should have stopped WD from running with people she knew was into drugs. I mean…he has a point, but still…

Dai goes to visit Mx. Elijah. He wants to get the script pad back. Elijah knows that Dai stole the script pad and needs answers. Dai tells her that they were broke and he was trying to fix it. Elijah is mad that Dai let her get swept up in it. Dai is ready to get out. They need Teo to focus on somebody else. And WD is dead. He needs to stop this before anyone else gets hurt. He wants the script pad back and he needs Elijah to help him exit the game. She claims she can’t help, but eventually she does. Call Rayan. One last prescription. This needs to work or Teo will make sure that they will all get stuck.

At the Ville, they are holding a vigil for Willie Derrick. As soon as Gloria, JG and Dai come in, they call Dai out. They need him to speak up or this death is on his hands. Gloria tells them not to even try it. Dai speaks up and says he hasn’t been doing his part because he has been busy trying to get up out the Ville. He also tells the people he ain’t dealin’ but he knows what’s up and he can’t snitch. He encourages the people to stick together and stay ready so they don’t have to get ready. And the people buy his whole speech.

Nobi shows up at Mx. Elijah’s for his “night cap.” Elijah won’t let him come him and Nobi gets big mad. Elijah calls him out for what he is – gay. Nobi claims that Elijah was just a distraction that he needed a few times to get him right. Ok, Nobi…ok. Anyway, now that he’s done with Elijah, he wants the script pad back and tries to lay hands on Elijah. Oh, no, sir. Elijah ain’t having it. She gives him ONE slip. That’s the last one. Nobi leaves, but not before he hurls a few insults Elijah’s way. I swear Nobi works my last nerB. The plan has been activated…now…will it work?

Meanwhile, Teo is waiting for Raynan (in the dark) and scares the ish out of him. Teo goes into a whole story about how he will always protect Raynan because he’s family and he promised to look out for his nephew. But…he’s messing up his business, so he’s fired. He’s headed out to clean up another mess that Raynan made. He also has questions about Dai.

Back at the Ville, the lights finally come back on and Seren’s mom rolls up. David “greets” her and tells her not to worry because the people are so happy that the lights came on that they won’t rob her. LOL. Anywho…she’s looking for Seren and David tells her that he ain’t here. She says she is trying to retrace his steps and Seren was with David last (she knows it). She wants to know more about the letter. What did it mean? Seren’s mama looses it. She knows David knows something! David never texted him. That’s how she knows. David tells her that she doesn’t want to know what he knows. He knows about the bruises, and his stepdaddy. Nah, you don’t want to know. Now take ya azz home and hope they find my friend. Bye.

Dai walks up on Sky’s ghost. He’s chillin and smoking a cigarette. Are you leaving? Yes. You don’t need me anymore. Dai tells him he will always need him. Sky tells him he will always be there. And now we are full circle. David asks all of the questions he has asked throughout the episode. If you had one wish? Sky answers…that my son would be better than me. Am I? Am I better? Sky answers…you the man. I would ask what you would have wanted to do with your life? Sky begins to sing. “I got a rainbow. Tied all around my shoulder. I gotta rainbow. Tied all around my shoulder. I’m goin’ home. My Lord I’m goin’ home.” Dai leaves to go home.

Back home, Gloria is waiting to light Dai up! You basically told the whole neighborhood that you were running with the people who are responsible for hurting WD. Dai said he didn’t lie. Glo tells him that the truth don’t fix ish. And this is where the whole thing goes off the rails. Dai calls Glo a liar. She got fired, she been slippin and she BEEN lyin. Glo tells him to get his ish and get out. Dai tells her that he’s tired of all of this ish and he’s just like Glo. He makes bad decisions and expects other people to fix it – just like Glo. And he kept going. Lawd. I didn’t want to see this blowup. But it turns out, in true DMM fashion, it was all in Dai’s head. What really happened was that he came home to find Glo and JG sitting on the couch. And, sadly, Glo asks Dai for more “aspirin.” And, Dai gives it to her. But he does ask her if this is how it’s going to be? Gloria doesn’t want to talk about anything that Dai wants to talk about. All she wants is the pill. Ugh! I hate this.

David goes to school and comes face to face with the principal that’s been getting on my nerBs all season. She calls him DJ and David tells her to call him David. Ha! Good for him. The principal tells him that Ms. Kelly wants to talk to him about Seren. Ms. Kelly also asked her to call David’s mom. Dai was ready for that. Oh, yes. My mom is waiting on you to call, so you can talk to her about why Ms. Kelly put her hands on me and she wasn’t notified. Welp! Principal wasn’t ready for that one. Dai dropped off the script pad discreetly. Dr. Bree got it. I guess that’s that.

Nobi is at the pharmacy wondering why it’s taking so long to get his drugs. He’s jumpy and he has good reason. The po-po come and get him and guess whose sitting in da car —– Uncle Teo. And the cop is working for Teo. The number on the script was the number to the precinct. The name on the pad was David’s name. Later, Desmond sees Raynan’s car and runs up on him to shoot him. But, surprise, it’s Teo in the car. And Desmond is shot.

Raynan fills Dai in on everything his uncle did and Dai tells Ray that it’s time for him to leave the Ville. Ray tells Dai that he sounds just like Sky. Dai thanks him watches Ray walk away.

Back in the courtyard, King David surveys the land. JG is still being crazy azz JG. David and Tare make up. The kids are playing. The drug dealers are on “sabbatical.” The grass is green. The sun is shining. And…Dr. W-T makes that phone call to Hurston Prep to recommend David Young. David sits back and enjoys the peace.

And that’s how it ends. I wasn’t expecting that ending at all. Is the game a thing of the past now? Can we trust that Uncle Teo is gone for good and that Raynan is too? Is Gloria going to become the full-blown addict that she once was? Will JG get it together? Where is Seren? I was very disappointed with the lack of closure I got from that storyline. Will David get into Hurston and what will that life look like for him? I have about 50 more questions, but all I can do is hope that there’s a Season 2 and that we get more of David and the gang. This show was certainly one that was difficult to watch but hard to turn away from. Kudos to all involved. It has definitely become one of my favorite shows to watch and think about.

Until next time, fam…

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