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Queen Sugar

April 7, 2021

Season 5 | Episode 8 – ‘June 3, 2020’

So…the rollercoaster ride is no where near over in St. Jo. And after every episode I seriously wonder why I let Ava do this to me! Let’s get into it.


The run in with the police has traumatized Blue. He is having nightmares about the police, running, hearing RA’s advice about how to stay safe, seeing his mom and being shot. He wakes up and he’s scared, but he doesn’t go to his parents. He just gets back in the bed and tries to comfort himself. Poor Blue. 😭

The next morning, Darla is having a real stressful call with her mama, Darlene. Darlene sent them a wedding a gift – Blue’s acceptance letter to Sidwell Friends. Yep. She done got Blue all the way into a new school…in DC. Darla was like…I can’t believe you did that. You don’t know what’s best for my kid! Darlene was like…pump your breaks, sis. What’s best for Blue is that he gets an education that matches his intellectual abilities. I got him an application, admission AND a full-ride. Booyah! All Darla could ask next is how Darlene worked all this magic so fast. It’s quite simple, actually. In the midst of this racial reckoning, all of the schools and business are eager to be more “diverse” and shout “Black Lives Matter.” So she called them on it, called the board members she knew and gave them Blue’s story. Add their philanthropy and other connects and voila! Bottom line, Blue is young, gifted and Black and they need him. Darla tells Darlene she doesn’t want “that” life for him and Darlene calls her dramatic. But Darla has lived that life. She’s the product of that environment and she doesn’t want it for Blue. But are you going to deny Blue this extraordinary opportunity? Darla has to think on it.

I don’t know how much time Darla spent thinking, but the next thing she did was call Vi. Which is hella interesting considering that last week, she told Vi to mind her business. Anyway, here’s Darla inserting Vi into her business and a decision that should be made by RA and Darla alone. Darla tells Vi all about what Darlene has been up to. Darla is angry and upset at her mom and RA is actually considering it because it might be best for Blue. At this point, Wood and Prosper look at each other because they can feel the storm brewing. Vi was like, this ain’t even about to happen. Imma talk to RA and to Darlene. Darla thanks her. Lord. Prosper tells Vi that THEY will work it out. Wood tells Vi that she promised to stay outta their business. Vi don’t care about nothing they just said.

Vi ain’t wasted no time calling Darlene. She was like why are you trying to take MY Blue away from his family? Darlene says that’s not what she’s doing. She just wants Blue to have the best. Vi told her that she’s made her point, they need to find Blue a better school and now the case is closed. She is is grandmother, but they are his world. That was a good line. I gotta give it to Vi. Darlene piped back with, “with all due respect” and my jaws immediately got tight because whatever was going to follow was going to be a problem. Darlene was like – who are you to say that? Vi was like—hollup, partner. EYE am the one who raised him when you didn’t and couldn’t. That’s who EYE am. Darlene reminded her that she sent checks. And at the end of the day, HER daughter gave birth to Blue and it will be HER daughter who will make the ultimate decision. Vi told her that Darla was the one that confided in her and Blue ain’t going nowhere. Periodt. Don’t try me, Darlene. Darlene did try it and hung up on her. Wood heard the whole conversation and wants to know what’s up with Vi.What’s really going on? Vi said that she won’t have it. SHE WILL NOT HAVE IT. Ya heard?

Later, when RA and Darla have a chance to talk again, RA is still in favor. He doesn’t want to limit Blue. He wants him to have options. He deserves that. Darla tells him that Blue doesn’t have to leave to get a good education. RA reminds Darla that the Obama kids ain’t go to them other schools. They went to the one Blue has a chance to go to. That means something. Darla said they should and do feel proud of Blue for getting in, but he ain’t going nowhere!

Later, Wood and RA get drunk via FaceTime, where they talk about their women and keeping them happy. They toast the women in their lives the hold them down…and get on they nerves. Wood realizes that he needs fellowship with the fellas. RA tells him that the Real Spot needs to be a real thing. They need it.

At the farm, the happy little family is playing an entertaining game of Jenga. RA still isn’t over the school thing tho. He looks at the letter and puts it away. Darla joins him in the kitchen and tells him that this is nice. The three of them. She has missed so much. It feels like they are just getting started as a family. RA agrees. They gotta keep their little family in tact. They can make sure he gets what he needs. They got this. But why am I not as sure as they are?


Nova and Vi are checking in with each other. Nova has talked to RA the newlywed, and he is beyond happy. Vi asks Nova about her man. Yall been boo’d up for months now. What’s the deal? Yall gettin married? Nova tells Vi that Calvin has talked about marriage and Vi says that means he’s ready – whether Nova thinks they are there yet or not. Nova asks about Hollywood and Vi says it’s still rough with them. Nova tells her that as long as they have each other, they have everything. Nova thanks Vi for calling to check on her and Vi tells her that she loves her. And all of this made me livid because (1) Vi is checking on folks but ain’t callT Charley and (b) Nova hasn’t thought to check in on Charley since she’s been back – even though she told Charley she would. Anyway, Vi ends the call and gets back to the task at hand. Putting up Biden-Harris and Black Lives Matter posters up at the diner.

Calvin made it back from Texas. They have missed each other. Nova is ready to talk about marriage now. Calvin sees that it’s difficult for her to even talk about. He tells her that they can be whatever she wants them to be. They can be Steadman + Oprah or they can be Samuel + Latanya. It’s whatever. Nova was like…we ain’t neither of them couples because one of us isn’t Black. Calvin just wants to know what she wants to be. Whatever it is, he’s ready. And of course, Nova has no answer. And that’s no surprise.

Later, Nova climbs out of bed because something has been laid on her spirit…per the usual. She has an email telling her to check out a story. A Black man named Andre Nixon was paralyzed in a police beating. And something tells me Andre is about to be her next Too Sweet.


So when we left Charley, she had called DumpsterFire Davis after not being able to get in touch with/not wanting to bother her family. Of course, Davis came RIGHT over (probably faster than the EMT would have). Charley can’t move when he gets there, so he’s forced to break into her house. I was kinda mad that it was so easy for him to break in via the back door and prayerful that Charley has a powerful alarm and home monitoring system that happened to not be activated. But I need to stay focused on my bestie Charley, so I am gonna get back to the story. Anywho, Davis broke in to get to his girl. He finds her laid out on the sofa and struggling to breath. Charley stops him and tells him to put on a mask because she thinks she has COVID. COVID?! I was wrong, y’all. Usually #ibeknowin but not this time. Me and Davis said the same thing – sh*t! Ok. So Davis springs into action. He goes through some symptoms with her to find out what’s going on. He tells her that he’s GLAD she called him. I think he knew she needed to hear that she wasn’t a burden. He gets her to turn over on her stomach and he has to assist her with that simple task. He calls the doctor that he has on speed dial to walk him through how to take care of his girl. The Bordelons could never.

It’s morning now and Davis has literally been watching Charley sleep and taking her temperature every hour. He has a lil notebook and everything because he’s very serious about her recovery. He wakes her up so she can get in the bed, per the doctor’s orders. Charley was like…yeah…I can’t…imma stay here. And I can actually hear her wheezing and I am like…sis…you need to go get in the bed. Davis isn’t taking no for an answer. When he tries to get her up, she decides to be old Charley and adamant about how she can do it herself, except this time she can’t. She just can’t. Davis picks his girl up and carries her up the stairs. She thanks him. I had a flashback of Season 1 – Episode 1, when Davis came home right after that scandal broke. Charley was comforting him and assuring him that everything would be ok and that she would do whatever it took to make things ok again. And then she straddled Davis and he got up and carried her to their bedroom. That was before we knew the truth and we were rooting for them. Now we here. 😢

I don’t even know what hour of Charley-Watch we are on, but Davis is hanging in there. Charley has been resting in her bed. He has been watching over her from the chair next to the bed. While he waits for the next temperature check time, he has a flashback to that night when Charley came to his hotel room and poured her heart out. She told him just how much he meant to her and how she had put every ounce of herself into him. She gave him all she had and he threw it all away. I imagine Davis has been having all kinds of thoughts since arriving at Charley’s house and I hope every one of them makes him feel horrible. Charley is awake now and it’ time for another temp check. He tells her it’s a little high but they don’t need to go to the hospital – yet. Charley tells him that can’t go because there aren’t enough beds or doctors and there are people that need them more than she does. And, my heart broke for her. That explains why she didn’t want to call 911. She is totally out of it and STILL concerned about other people. Davis was like – what? No ma’am. If you don’t get better, we out. And we are going to the hospital. PERIODT. There’s no shame in it. Now…this is what’s finna happen. I got THREE (not 1, not 2, but 3) doctors on standby and they are helping me out. I am monitoring you hourly, but if anything changes, I will not hesitate to get you the care you need. Even if I have to build the dayum bed myself. Yall. For 2.5 seconds, I was like…yes, Davis!!! Tell her. Charley knows he’s not playing games. And then she realizes her hair is in a ponytail and she didn’t do it. David did it while she was sleeping to help keep the hair out of her face. Whew, Chile…Davis coming all the way thru, ain’t he? Now that Charley is half out of her haze, she asks if Micah called. He has texted and Charley panics for a minute. You didn’t tell him, did you? Apparently, Charley told him not to, she just didn’t remember. And Davis ain’t happy with that either. He gives Charley her phone and she sees Micah’s text. She tells Davis that Micah is happy and doing important work. She doesn’t want to slow him down. Davis tells her that Micah should have the choice. He knows Micah would choose to be with her because that’s what you do when you love someone – you show up. Kinda like you did for Charley, Davis? Yeah. I have a feeling I know where this is going. 😩 And with that, Davis leaves Charley to go make her some broth. Doctor’s orders.

On hour 78 of Charley-Watch, the coughing has started and Davis runs to get her some water. She wants him to stay away because she’s coughing but Davis said he done been at the house for DAYS, so whatever happens happens. He was maskless during Charley’s coughing fit and I was anxious for him. Maybe he’s ok with this because he’s had COVID? Maybe he has some antibodies? Maybe he just doesn’t give a dayum because this is his chance to shoot his shot? Idk. I am trying not to care if Davis gets COVID, but I know that if he does, it’s going to have Charley in shambles. So, yeah. He gets Charley water and her coughing calms, but then she starts crying. He rubs her back, holds her hand, and tells her that it’s going to be ok, but Davis looks scared. 😭 SN: he got Charley’s water from the bathroom sink and that don’t make sense because I know Charley got some bottled and/or filtered water somewhere around that house.

We still on Charley-Watch and Davis still at the house. Charley is having dreams that consists of flashbacks – the COVID-19 conference call, flashes of a happy West family, at the protest with Micah, promising her dad that she would fix it, and being angry after Parker pulled a fast one at the banquet. But this time when Charley wakes up, it’s different. I guess the fever broke and things are looking up. She looks around and Davis is right there – sleeping in the chair. He tells her that her breathing is better and he even got to sleep a little. Charley is surprised that Davis stayed up with her and she apologizes. And again, I am sad that she is constantly apologizing for getting sick. Davis tells her that we all need help sometimes – it’s no big deal. He tells her that she’s improving and that she’s gonna be ok. Charley confides in him. She was scared. Davis says that he was too. He asks if she wants him to call her family. Charley was like…nah, they are busy. She wants Davis to keep this whole thing between them – her calling him, him finding her like that, him taking care of her – all of it. She can’t deal with their concern or their questions right now. She just wants to take a nap. Davis can’t believe it, but he goes along with it. Fine then. Go to sleep. Charley tells him that he needs some rest too. So Davis says they can have a joint nap, but she goes first. And finally, a glimpse of the old Charley emerges. Sir, don’t challenge me to a nap…I will win hands down. That was probably the cutest line of the night. And then, they rest.

In other news…

Vi made a candlelight dinner for Wood. He said it was cute and I chuckled. Vi just wants to show Wood some appreciation. She done cooked all the things Wood’s blood pressure don’t need like catfish and 3 cheese Mac and cheese just like his mama used to make. She did that on purpose. Wood thanks her. She realizes that Hollywood has been going though a lot, he’s not ok and that’s ok. 2020 has been hell in a hand basket, but they can open their eyes to their blessings and do things that matter – like their businesses and the election. Good trouble – just like the late John Lewis would say. They vow to get into some good trouble together.

Per the usual, I got comments, questions and concerns:

On Family and Check-Ins: Throughout this entire episode, I kept asking why no one was checking in on Charley???!!! Vi knew she was struggling with Micah leaving – IF Vi was listening to what Charley was saying. Vi came to Charley’s house, berated her for “letting” Micah leave, laidT all of her burdens down at Charley’s feet and left. Vi has spent the entire pandemic checking in on folks, but during this 3-day period (give or take) not once did she even text Charley. Nova said she was going to come by after she got back from Texas. RA never returned her missed call. And this took me back (again) to the last time Charley needed help and there was not a Bordelon to assist. The last time, she ended up in the arms of Jacob. This time, she ended up being nursed by Davis. I sweatergawd. I am tired for Charley. The Bordelons are frustrating. Is this where Charley will have had enough and treat them accordingly? I sure do hope so.

On Nova: I want her to make a decision. What thee hell does she want? And what is it about marriage that scares her? Or is it who she’s marrying that’s the problem? She’s exhausting. So now she’s got a new case and cause to champion. I wonder how that’s going to end? Will she investigate and find that Calvin had something to do with it? That’d be rich.

On Vi: Vi is on 100. The thought of Blue leaving her is too much for her to bear. I am mad at Darla for putting Vi in the middle, honestly. Technically, Vi doesn’t have a vote. But here we are. But I am with Hollywood. She went all the way off on Darlene and there has to be an underlying reason why. My guess is that Vi had a child that didn’t make it. Blue was the replacement. She can’t loose another. Vi thinks this is over, but it’s just getting started. Hold on to ya wig, Vi.

On RA: I am surprised that the only person that is on Darlene’s side is RA. There is a danger of them limiting Blue. He wants Blue to have the world, and maybe that means he has to go to school somewhere else. The most interesting thing about this whole thing is that they have yet to get Blue’s thoughts. *le sigh*

On Charley: Charley has chosen to not tell her family what happened. That makes me sad, but I understand. Before Vi brings over some gumbo to aid in Charley’s recovery, she gonna be asking a million questions – mainly about why Davis was there in the first place. And then Nova gonna come over with herbs, tea and to burn sage and summon the ancestors on Charley’s behalf – but she gonna have questions too. I would include RA in this paragraph but I really don’t think he cares that much. He is worried about HIS problems and he can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Anyway, Vi and Nova will be concerned about Charley’s health, but they are also going to be judging her. I am with Charley. She needs to save her energy. That’s not what she needs right now. But what about Micah? I think he should know. Hell, he probably gave COVID to her. But, Micah and Charley are in a good place and he would want to take care of her. How will he feel about his father stepping in? He took offense to being compared to Davis. What happens if Micah comes home and Davis is there? I think eventually Charley will have to face the music and tell them all how she came to the decision to call Davis.

Where are we headed with Charley and Davis? Some of the major shifts between Davis and Charley could be seen in the looks they gave each other, and not necessarily in the words. When Davis told her he would build a bed if he had to, she let everything go with one look. When Davis held her hand and comforted her when she was crying, his face said so much more than “you’re gonna be ok.” I don’t doubt that there was a time when those two kids were so in sync with each other it was crazy. I am not in favor of a reunion. Reconciliation? Maybe. But I have given up on Ava and ‘nem giving Charley a man. I have come to the conclusion that her man is already there and it’s DumpsterFire Davis. #fixitJesus

And let’s give Timon and Dawn all of the awards for last night’s performance. All of the tings! They killed it. Dawn played the hell out of a COVID patient. Ijs.

Aiiiiight. I’m out. See yall next week. Only 2 episodes to go. 😩

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