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Queen Sugar

March 17, 2021

Season 5 | Episode 5 – “May 19, 2020”

Ralph Angel and Darla said they were getting married “tomorrow,” and they were dead serious! The wedding IS happening and the last minute nuptials had all of the Bordelons bustling. Let’s just go ahead and call this episode of Queen Sugar the “Black Love + Joy” episode because it was filled with feel goods. This may go down as one of my favorite episodes of Queen Sugar EVER…and that’s huge because there have been many stellar episodes. So let’s get into it!


There is so much sadness and loss. This is just about happiness and hope.


At The Farm: It’s sunrise at the Bordelon Farm and RA and Darla are looking out at the farm and planning out the wedding setup. The sugarcane will be the backdrop. RA is going to BUILD a trellis like the ones the rich folks get married under. Now…of course RA didn’t know it was called that, but Darla did. LOL. Darla isn’t really concerned about the decor, she just wants to do it and find happiness and hope again. She has left a message for her mom and hopes that Darlene won’t be offended by the way this is all going down. RA actually seemed concerned about what might happen if Darlene is upset because it’s every mother’s dream to see their child get married. Darla says that she thinks it’s every mother’s dream for their child to be happy and healthy – and that’s what she is. It’s still super early and the Bordelons do not know that a wedding will be happening later. Darla is going to call Vi, Charley and Nova at a decent hour, but in the meantime, she needs a Maid of Honor and she wants to ask Charley. She clears it with RA (because you never really know where RA stands with Charley) and tells him that they are getting closer again and she looks up to Charley. RA is good. And now they need to tell their kid that they are getting married. Yall already know Blue is on board.

Life isn’t about people showing up for you. Life is about you showing up for people.

Aunt Vi

At Aunt Vi’s House: The surprise wedding got Vi all up in arms. She is in the kitchen trying to bake a last minute wedding cake when Hollywood calls. She tells him the news and Hollywood feels bad that he won’t be able to make it. And then Vi was like…we are supposed to wear yellow. How you gonna have a surprise wedding and give me a dress code? Listen. Vi is me. I am she. They got a lot of audacity. If you give me less than 12 hours notice about your shindig, I am coming in what I got and you gonna like it. Anyway, Hollywood is making the final arrangements for his mother and he has to do everything alone because of COVID. Nothing is as it should be and they can’t have a real funeral yet. Hollywood says his mother deserves a funeral with all of the people who loved her in attendance. Vi gets it, but wants Hollywood to know that life is about how you show up for people and his mother did that for him and his family. She showed up for the people who loved her. She did her life right and the Lord has received her. I love how Vi basically gave the eulogy for Hollywood’s mother. ❤️

At Novin’s Love Nest: Nova has all of the family pictures out and in a real sentimental mood. RA is getting married today and it’s crazy how time flies. Nova wants RA and Darla to be happy. They have been through a lot and she didn’t make it any easier. She has made some mistakes with Darla and I was happy that Nova acknowledged that. She’s missing her mom and dad and wishing they could be here to see their baby boy get married.

A few hours later…At The Farm: Everybody has been notified and Charley is in full Maid of Honor mode. She has rented some tables, chairs and linens and sets up her laptop so Darla can see what she ordered. SN: I got nervous because the last time Charley ordered tables and linens was for Ernest’s repast and Nova went IN on her. Ok…back to the story. Charley says that just because it’s a same-day wedding doesn’t mean it has to be raggedy, sis. Darla has a seat and it’s actually a bachelorette party and bridal shower via Zoom!!!! Awwwwww. Yayyyyy!!! It’s Nova, Aunt Vi and Darlene! Charley pulls out a crown and sashes out of her purse and issa whole party. Vi talking about she got a Magic Mike DVD she can share for the festivities and everybody votes NO on that one. Nova welcomes Darla to the family and calls her sister. Darlene is happy for Darla and she is totally fine with Darla getting married at the last minute. Life is too short and this pandemic has taught us that we need to live our lives! Darla is so happy.

RA talks to Hollywood who is struggling with a lot. His mother wanted to be cremated so he did that and he went to the lake to spread her ashes there. RA tells Wood that he understands if he can’t make it to the wedding, but he will always be his Best Man. In the house, Darla’s surprise pre-wedding festivities have come to an end, and the hostess with the mostest (Charley) is in a good mood and giggling. She tells RA that when COVID is over, they are going to have a real party – maybe in Vegas!! RA was like…that’s a negative. Charley was like…whatevs. RA is kinda down because without Hollywood, he doesn’t have a Best Man. Charley throws Micah’s name out there. Micah sees RA as an older brother. She’s not pushing him, it’s just a thought. RA actually says it’s a good idea and that jughead of hers has finally come in handy. Charley was like, my big head is cool, but your chicken legs are not. And apparently there was a race back in the day and the winner of said race is still up for debate. But at the moment they ain’t got nothing but time, space and energy and it’s time to settle it. They head out to the field to race each other. Both of them talk mad trash. Charley cheats and starts running. RA calls her a cheater. They laugh and run. RA wins and makes Charley declare him the winner – consider it a wedding present. Both of them clearly haven’t run like that since 1992 and they need recovery time, but Charley reaches down for RA’s hand and tells him that she’s happy for him and she loves him. RA tells her he loves her too. And I am just…😭

Wedding Day

Micah accepted the position as Best Man and he is so excited about it. He doesn’t have yellow, but he’s wearing what he has (see…I knew this would be a problem for somebody). Charley is still looking through her wardrobe to find something to wear too. Micah doesn’t want to disappoint RA. He doesn’t even know what he’s supposed to be doing. Charley tells him that it’s just about being there and supporting him. RA is probably nervous and will need someone to help calm him. That leads Charley down memory lane about her wedding day. She heard Davis was a wreck and she didn’t help by being 30 minutes late to the alter. LordT. But their goal is to be there for RA and Darla…and Charley found a yellow dress to wear in the back of the closet.

Charley visits Darla who is all made up and looking gorgeous. She looks to be meditating and for a quick second, I got scared. What if Darla backs out? Charley was a lil concerned at first too, but Darla is just thinking about how she never thought this day would come and now it’s here. Darla admits that she has given RA so many reasons not to love her. Charley assures her that RA DOES love her and that they chose each other. The past is the past, so leave it there. Nova sent a gift for Darla by Charley. Something old. A letter, on vintage stationary, with immaculate handwriting. It’s a letter from Trudy. *get your tissues* Trudy wrote a letter about having RA. She never thought she would have another child, but she did. She calls her son her “angel baby.” She writes that her prayer for her child is that he will find love in this life, like the kind she feels for his father. A love that will anchor him and elevate him. RA found that love in Darla. Charley confirms it. And now it’s time for the wedding.


The farm is absolutely beautiful. Sunflowers are everywhere, RA built that trellis and they even decorated Pop’s tractor with flowers too. A wonderful way to incorporate him and his spirit.

Aunt Vi just can’t believe her baby is getting married. He looks handsome, don’t he? And just as Vi was about to get all up in her feelings, Hollywood appears! Hollywood chose to keep living, so he’s here. Blue comes down the aisle with the rings and gives them to Micah. Charley comes out looking all cute in her yellow dress. And then Darla. She looks absolutely gorgeous. And she has on HEELS. I don’t think I have ever seen her in heels before!! And RA looks quite dapper in all white.

🎵Walk straight into the fire/ I’d bet anything on my love/ We’ll be lost in time, love/ Just grab a warm body/ And pick up the keys/ If you need somebody /Somebody to be /You can’t count on timing /Or just wait and see /I’ll be that somebody/ So settle for me /I’ll give you all the affection/ You’ve been craving /And when you’re ready I’ll be waiting baby 🎵

RA + Darla’s Wedding Song – 1949 by Jonah Mutono

So Darla walks down the aisle and acknowledges everyone. She thanks Nova. She tells Aunt Vi that she loves her. She tells Blue that she loves him. She hands her flowers to Charley and RA tells her she looks amazing.

“In the flush of love’s light, we dare be brave. And suddenly we see that love cost all we are, and will ever be. Yet it is only love which sets us free.”

Maya Angelou

The preacher starts with that quote from Maya Angelou and from this point on, I couldn’t stop the tears.

RA’s Vows: From the first day I saw you, I knew my heart was in trouble. Not being with you just wasn’t an option. I needed you in my life. By God’s grace, today is a dream come true. You’re my sun and my moon, Darla. You light up all the dark places in me, making me a better man.

Darla’s Vows: I remember the first time that you held my hand. It felt like gentle, strong love coming through your touch. I never wanted the feeling to fade. I’ve loved you since that moment. And I’ve prayed for this moment, for today. You’ve picked me up when I thought I couldn’t get back up again. You’ve illuminated my life. When I thought that I was done shining. Now I shine for you. I shine because of you, and I am shining with you, forever.

The Reception

“You two were made for each other. That’s a very rare thing. Finding your compliment. Someone who’s gonna love you for you…May your hearts always be filled with joy and love…and may that love always help you find your way.”


So apparently Charley did order those tables and linens and they had a lil reception in the yard. And it’s beautiful. Micah served as the photographer. They cut the cake. They had their first dance (Toni Terri – When I’m With You, so it’s legit). Hollywood gave a bomb toast. Calvin was all up in his feelings and asked Nova if she could see them married. Seems like Nova might be on board with that. Hmmmm. Oh, and then they all hit the dance floor with Before I Let Go and it was divine. How was a last minute wedding at the farm so gahtdamb perfect!? It makes me think I did my wedding all wrong. I could have just gone to my granddaddy’s farm and saved some coins. 😩


Nova visits her mother’s resting place on the farm and lays flowers. She knows that Trudy was with them today in spirit. So…Nova says that something has shifted with her and she feels different now. She asks her mother to guide her along the way. Because she’s going to need it. There were two reasons why this little scene had me anxious. First, the music playing is “Ernest’s March.” It’s the song that shows up season after season at the most pivotal points in the Bordelon story. It was first played at Ernest’s funeral. And then there’s the question of why Nova needs guidance, help and possibly courage. What is she planning to do? What has shifted for her? The last time she went to Ernest’s grave asking for guidance and crying, she was about to unleash that book. I am scared, yall. Something is about to go down with Nova…again. #ibeknowin

Per the usual, I got observations, questions and concerns:

On Relationships: This episode was all about the wedding, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how far all of them have come in relation to each other. RA and Charley were running in the field like kids and loving on each other openly. When we met them, they barely spoke to each other and when they did, they spoke past each other. Darla and Charley were on their way to having a solid relationship, but when Darla dropped the paternity bomb, Charley felt compelled to fire her. They are finding their way back to each other and Charley made it her business to make sure Darla was welcomed to the family properly. I think the last time we saw Darla and Nova have a conversation was the day that Darla confronted Nova about the book. But on today, Nova gave Darla a letter from their mother and was the first to welcome Darla as a sister. And even though Nova betrayed Darla, Darla still encouraged Ralph Angel to not give up on his sister. And then there’s Vi and Darla. Remember when Aunt Vi had us hating Darla? Remember when she used to call her “no count Darla.” Whew, chile. They have come a mighTy long way. What about RA and Micah? I was so happy to see Micah stand up for RA. I remember that episode when RA had Micah hemmed up on the wall after Micah hit Blue on reflex. The tension was thick. The Bordelons have grown so much!

On Blue: So we know Blue is smart. Darla had his IQ tested and it looks like we have a Smart Guy on our hands. I used to love that show. The family is excited to hear that Blue is genius, although they are not surprised. Later, while on the Zoom with Aunt Vi, Darlene says that maybe they should look in to other educational options for Blue. He’s gifted and that needs to nurtured. She’s thinking Sidwell Friends – in DC. Honey, Vi was not trying to hear that!!! This will be interesting. Darlene is going to continue to push this, but what will Darla and RA do?

On Who Was Missing: Ummmm…where Darla Daddy at? Why wasn’t he available to give his daughter away on Zoom? I got questions. I wish Mr. Prosper had been there, but I am guessing he was scared because of the number of people who were gathered? I don’t know. I wish he had been in attendance tho.

On The Moon, Sun, Sky and Stars: They come up a lot in Queen Sugar. Ernest said that Nova, Charlotte and Ralph Angel were the moon, sky and stars to him in his second will. Charley told Davis that she loved him so much and that he was the world to her – and every star in the sky. RA told Darla that she was his sun and moon. ❤️

On Nova: I hope she appreciates the amount of grace she has been getting. But wtf is she up to now? I am already tired.

On Charley: RA threw the garter her way. It landed on the ground because she wasn’t trying to catch it and barely wanted to pick it up and put it on the table. I just wonder what she’s feeling. How does she feel about her chances of finding love again? Does she really not want to ever be married again? We were reminded last week that Charley really isn’t old. Did that garter scene mean anything for her future?

On BlackLove and BlackJoy: This episode was BlackLove and Black Joy on full display. Every single scene was full of it. Full of them showing up for each other and full of celebration despite all of the pain and despair going on in the world. There is still love. There is still joy. Sometimes we just have to find it.

Well…I am glad this episode was so full of love and light, because next week, BLM and George Floyd’s murder takes centerstage. Brace yourselves.

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    March 17, 2021 at 1:36 pm

    When I tell you that you cover it all… YOU COVER IT ALL! You don’t miss nuthin! This episode had ALL the good feels. Even during a pandemic there were “highs” and this was above 30,000 feet HIGH! I loved seeing all the Bordelon siblings together. First time all season. And even though they were socially distanced together, I felt their togetherness.
    I am beyond happy that RA and Darla are now official. If anybody deserved their “happy” it’s them. They have survived what we saw in S1E1 where RalphAngel couldn’t even stand to look at Darla to him looking at her with eyes filled with nothing but love. Can I say that I’m waiting for Charley to have the same thing? I am.

    “Novin” ( made me chuckle) makes me sick. I don’t like them. They ain’t cute. They ain’t goals. They ain’t nothing to me. And now that Calvin has put the marriage word in Nova’s ear, I believe that’s what sent her running to her momma’s gravesite. She IS known as “Runaway Nova” even though she’s been hanging in there with “Calvin” (insert eyeroll). The baby steps (living together) are turning into grown folks steps (marriage) and I’m not sure Nova can handle that. Next week’s George Floyd (RIP) episode might bring some DISharmony to Novin. I’m looking forward to that.

    My heart smiled when Hollywood showed up. He needed his Vi and Vi needed her Hollywood.

    I can’t say if this is my favorite episode, but it IS my favorite feel good episode (insert heart).

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