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Queen Sugar

March 10, 2021

Season 5 | Episode 4 – “Early – May 2020”

It’s Early May and COVID is continuing to take its toll on the Bordelons in good and bad ways. I won’t lie. I needed a minute to write this recap because after it aired last night, I was in complete shambles. Dayum you, Ava!!!! Ok, let’s get into it.


Over at the farm, everybody is settling in to their new normal. They have a system at the house (that Blue reminds RA of) of RA taking off all of his clothes before entering the house. Blue has been reading up on COVID and now he’s an expert on human body temperature. I like this smart boy trajectory we are on with Blue. It’s refreshing to see smart little Black boys on TV. They do exist.

At the nursing home, RA makes friends with one of the residents – Mr. Reggie. Mr. Reggie is married to Zora Lee, but Ms. Zora has dementia, so they are in different buildings. They have been together for 57 years and Mr. Reggie talks gleefully about his girl. Awwww. Back at home, Darla is doing all kinds of home improvement projects, but she’s in a foul mood when RA gets home. Basically, Darla is over Blue. He is whizzing through all of his lessons and he’s bored. And she’s tired. And I felt ALLLLLL of what Darla was going through. Darla is still trying to look for a job, she’s missing meetings and people are dying. It’s a lot. She’s overwhelmed. I know that feeling. RA assures Darla that they will all be fine. SN: RA was kissing all up on Darla and I was just thinking that they don’t need to be doing all that after working at the nursing home all day, but Imma pretend like this is ok.

The next day, RA has a heart to heart with Mr. Reggie. He’s kinda down. All the things they tell you to work for and to want really don’t matter. All we really want and need is somebody to love and comfort you. Especially for your birthday. It’s his birthday and he can’t celebrate with his wife. Because of COVID, he can’t visit her and she can’t visit him. RA tells Mr. Reggie that they finna have a party! Mr. Reggie gives RA a nickname – Good Heart. *whose cutting onions up in here* RA told Mr. Reggie that they was gonna celebrate and has a surprise. Zora Lee is at the window with a birthday hat on! They tell each other how much they love and miss each other and I was like… why is my face wet? Those two were so happy to see each other and all I could do is hope that 57 years of marriage will be like that for me. ❤️


Calvin has made Queen Nova quite a breakfast. And he’s buttering up real good for the announcement he needs to make. His college daughter, Courtney, needs to come home and she wants to quarantine with her dad…and Nova. Nova was like…wholeupnow. Things didn’t go so great for me at your people’s house. Now you want Hailey’s daughter to come kick with us in quarantine? How do I know she’s not a spy for her mama? Calvin assures Nova that she’s not and that Courtney is nothing like her mom or the family she met at the birthday party. Courtney doesn’t get along with her mom. She’s different. Nova tells Calvin the truth. She’s not comfortable with it, but she can’t keep him from his kids. Calvin thanks her and he sees this as his opportunity to re-establish his relationship with his daughter.

Nova and Calvin prepare for Courtney’s arrival and Nova is hella nervous. Calvin was like, I know she’s gonna love you. Nova was like…no offense, but we’re not even sure she loves you. Well dayum, Nova. 😂 And Courtney arrives!!! It’s a little awkward at first. And then I was shocked. Courtney is hype about meeting Nova and says it’s an HONOR to meet her. And she can’t wait to get to know her. Wayment? What? I didn’t see that one coming at all.

Courtney done made herself right at home and the three of them are playing a card game. Courtney is an annoying winner and Calvin calls her aggressive. Wrong move. Turns out that Courtney is woke too and she goes on and on about systems and neutrality. Nova kinda gets in on this too because you know this is what Nova does. Calvin is not ready for this kid. And Nova is impressed. Turns out Courtney is Nova’s kinda girl. Yall. Why Nova stay winning? This lil Karen needed to turn Nova’s quarantine upside down, but alas, Nova wins.

The Courtney/Nova love fest continues. Nova tells Courtney that she’s surprised at the how things are going with them, but Courtney says that she’s all about moving forward. And, even though that whole affair happened while her parents were married, when Calvin was with Nova, he was happier and at ease. Courtney says her dad is a good man and he deserves to be happy. He’s happy with Nova, so that’s all she needs. *Le sigh*

In da bedroom, Calvin thanks Nova for giving Courtney a chance. But, Courtney is proof that that all people aren’t alike. Racism and race is heavy on Nova’s mind tho. Nova wants to make sure that Calvin doesn’t think their relationship will be easy. They are living in Trump’s America. When the world opens up, and they are an interracial couple outside, it’s gonna be hard. Calvin claims it’s not different, just louder. Ummmm….I don’t think so Calvin. I think that’s what you hope and I think you can hope that because you are white. But again…as stated previously, I don’t care. Whatever happens happens. But I would love to see this winning streak come to an end. *insert evil laugh here*


At the mini-mansion, Charley is settling in to COVID life. She has the music going and is in the kitchen surrounded by fresh fruits and veggies. And she looks quite relaxed. Woke Micah comes on through and teases her old people dance moves and how laid back she is. Charley tells Micah that she’s not “relaxed” but she’s at the point where she’s accepting this COVID life. She’s not alone, she has him and they are both safe, together and not sick. Now…at this point, Micah agrees, but he has a strange look on his face. You will find out about that random look inna minute. Anywho, Micah volunteers to help his mama in the kitchen, which Charley gladly accepts. We all know cooking and kitchen things ain’t her ministry. She reminisces about how Micah used to love to help her in the kitchen when he was little – before they got help and their lives got busy and complicated. Charley is appreciating the downtime and chance to breathe that COVID ushered in, but of course she wishes they could be done with the virus. The convo shifts to what’s going on in Micah’s world and as soon as Charley asks about this new girl, new girl calls and Micah is OUT.

Charley finished doing what ever she was doing in the kitchen and is in the living room watching tv and looking bored as hell. Woke Micah reappears and wants to watch tv with his mama. Charley was like…huh? Why? You feeling guilty about ditching me? Micah claims that he likes spending time with her and that’s a surprise to Charley and me. So Micah takes a seat and they chat. She reminds Micah that she’s not old. Micah agrees. She’s old-ish, like whatever that thing is right before old, that’s where Charley’s at. Charley is offended and reminds him that she was almost a teenage mother…so…yeah…she ain’t that old. And now we are getting into something we rarely get into – Charley’s motherhood journey. She confided in Darla at the bridal shop that she had gotten pregnant in college and that they had a shotgun style wedding and that her mom wouldn’t let her get the wedding gown she wanted because it made her look pregnant (which she was). So we already knew, but it seems like Charley had never really shared her journey with Micah. Micah wants to know what it was like for her. She was a good girl, with good grades, at a good school and she messed up. People were talking about her and shaming her. That’s when she started feeling like she had something to prove. She tells Micah about how hard it was to tell her dad she was pregnant. But how Ernest told her he was proud of her and nothing had changed. It was the faith he had in her that fueled her. *insert Oprah crying here* So she made it work. She got the school to give them graduate housing. Gave up on her social life. Her mom helped her pay for sitters. And she decided that she would be successful. She juggled it all, but she made it happen and graduated with all A’s and had tons of job offers when she was done. Micah is impressed and says that she hasn’t stopped running since. She tells him she runs FOR him and that he helped her make it through. And she doesn’t want to fail him. Micah tells her she hasn’t failed him and thanks her. She thanks him and kisses his forehead. *whew*

So apparently Charley made vegetarian chili AND turkey chili and I am high key impressed. Anyway, she offers Micah these options, but Micah declines. Wonder why? Micah and Charley have been going through files and it seems that Micah has found something that could be of use. Charley looks it over and she agrees. She asks Micah to make her a copy and then she continues to look through some files. Micah’s phone is on the sofa next to her and it rings. Charley calls to Micah to let him know his phone is going off and she picks up the phone…and then the phone opens…and she hears a girl telling Micah they are waiting for him at a party. Say what, now? So Micah walks in and snatches the phone from Charley. *Now…right here we could go into a whole sermon on how this would play out in a regular Black mama’s house. I can think of a number of ways this might be handled. But Charley isn’t a regular Black mama, so she continued to talk to Woke Micah.* Micah tells her that spying on him is not cool. Charley was wanna know what’s not cool? Partying in a pandemic. That’s what’s not cool, bruh. Micah admits there’s a party but he was just gonna drive by. Ummmm….ok, Micah. Charley tells him that sneaking around with the new girl and choosing to party while they are in lock down are all poor decisions. I agree. But Woke Micah doesn’t. He tells Charley to stop talking to him like a child. Charley was like, this girl got you making all kinds of bad decisions. What’s her name? Amber. Charley was like…is it a white girl? Micah tells her that she’s really on a roll tonight and tells her he is an ADULT. He said that like twice. Charley goes straight to what she needs to know. Are you being safe? Micah refuses to answer, so Charley continues and sums up what’s going on. In short, we are in a pandemic, and you are putting me and you at risk for sex with a rebound girl. Got it. And then she hits below the belt. You’re just like your father. *my heart sank* And Micah walks away. Charley tells him she doesn’t mean it, but that really doesn’t matter now. And she knows that she’s made a mistake. Ughhhhhh. They were doing so well. But we kinda knew this was going to happen, didn’t we?

After WW3, Charley and Micah are in the kitchen and she pours both of them a glass of wine. I am kinda shocked. Micah is acting busy with whatever he’s writing and Charley breaks the silence by asking him if he knows about the first fight she ever had with his dad. Of course, he doesn’t. Micah was 3 months old and the fight was so bad that they broke up and Charley put Davis out. Davis was gone all the time because of basketball and she was alone with Micah and her schoolwork. She was a single mom for 2 semesters before they got back together. Micah is surprised that his dad just left. Charley lifts Davis up in this moment tho and tells him that Davis came to see him every single day. And how they did they get back together? She apologized from her heart and that’s what she wants and needs to do with Micah. Charley just let it all go. She was wrong, there’s no excuse and she asks for Micah’s forgiveness. Micah just wants to know if she really thinks he’s like his dad. Charley doesn’t think he is, but she is struggling with him becoming an adult. Micah reaches for her hands and tells her he understands and it’s ok. This moment of transparency and admitting you are wrong to your kids was…whew!

So Charley and Micah are in a good place again, and I am going to pretend like the I didn’t notice that they have on the same clothes that they had on at the top of the show, had a wardrobe change and now are back in the same clothes they started the show off with. I feel like yall would be mad if I didn’t point out that I noticed it.

I digressed A LOT in that last paragraph so I started a new one so we could start fresh. *deep breath* Ok. So, Micah and Charley are in a good place and Micah is back to helping Charley look through files that could help her take down Parker and Landry. Charlotte will be ready to kick their azzes when the world is open again. She’s keeping her eyes on the prize. Specifically, Charley is looking for old parish by-laws. Hmmmmm. Micah pulls out his phone, and Charley tells him that if he needs to take a call, it’s cool. Micah tells her that what he’s doing right now is important to him. So he takes a seat in Charley’s chair and says it’s pretty cool. It’s them against the world – West and Bordelon. Charley says that Bordelon + West sounds better. Micah agrees and starts a corny rap. Charley joins in and it seems like these two have finally found their happy place. Or at least I hope so.


OK. Grab your tissues and get ready.

Hollywood made the trip to Baton Rouge and calls Vi to give her an update. His mama’s condition hasn’t gotten any better. They won’t let him visit her and he has just been sitting in the parking lot staring at windows. He doesn’t even know what room she’s in and it’s just sad. Vi is ready to go to Baton Rouge too so she can be with Wood, but he tells her to stay. There’s no need. He assures her that he will be ok as long as his mom is ok.

Prosper decided to finally return Vi’s call. Prosper is still locked up in his house. He hasn’t even gone outside because he said it’s not safe. Ummmmm…Mr. Prosper. You live in the country. By yourself. You can go outside. Vi told him the same thing. But Vi can hear that Prosper needs help. So, she tells Prosper that she’s at the house alone and she needs some company. She sweetens the deal by throwing in that she’s gonna cook some full meals. That got Prosper to agree. Probably because since the pandemic started, Prosper been eating frozen dinners. I am glad Vi reached out to him. We gotta make sure Mr. Prosper is ok. Because like I have said before. If anything happens to Prosper Denton, I am flipping tables. Alluhdem.

We get the call that we didn’t want. They are taking Hollywood’s mom off the ventilator. Vi tells him he has a choice, he can keep her own it. Hollywood doesn’t see the point in that. Vi tries to comfort Hollywood and tells him that his mom is proud of the man he is. And no matter what happens, her spirit will live with him. *pass the tissue*

Violet is spoiling Prosper, but she’s barely holding on herself. She feels bad about not going with Hollywood and tells Prosper that Willa Mae passed away this morning. Prosper is shocked. He expected her to make it. “After all we survived, now we are getting picked off one by one.” Ughhhhh. I hate this. Prosper is keeping count and 5 people he knows has passed away in 2 months. Yall know Mr. Prosper was barely holding on. I know it’s hard. It’s hard for all of us.

The Final Scene

Since this scene had me in shambles so I gave it a section. It’s a back and forth between RA and Hollywood. RA is home from a day at the nursing home and Hollywood is at his mama’s house where he finds old letters that he wrote her and that she has kept. Hollywood reads the letter aloud. RA looks out the window and tells his dad that he wishes he could talk to him, but he knows that Ernest can see and hear him. And he hopes that he is making him proud. RA tells Ernest that he loves him. Hollywood sits at the table and cries. And I was pretty much done for the night.

Mr. Reggie and Ms. Zora got RA all up in his feelings, too. He goes to Darla and tells her that the world is falling apart and time is not promised. “We’ve been through more storms than most folks will ever see. But we still here.” He says that he doesn’t want to wait for perfect. He wants to get married. Darla is on board. As soon as they can, they are gonna make it happen and Darla says that day will be tomorrow! Huh? Wayment? I need time to get my alphet together!

Per the usual, I got observations, questions and concerns:

On Darla + RA: How are we securing a license for a wedding for tomorrow? Is there not waiting period? Will Charley be expediting this at City Hall? I got questions. And it looks like Darla is really into home decor. I wonder if that will become a business venture for her. I approve. Blue is gifted and I love it. I hope that they explore the gifted kid chronicles.

On Prosper + Vi: I need for Prosper to just stay with Vi until this thing is over. His house isn’t good for him. And what happened to Ms. Genny from last season. See. This is why they should have married Prosper off last season. Then he would have somebody to ride out this pandemic with. Genny done disappeared and they ain’t tell us nothin!

On Nova + Calvin: Why Nova keep winning? I ask this every week because she KEEP winning! I mean…I just don’t get it. And will Courtney be too woke? I am really wondering if it will continue to be a honeymoon with her.

On Charley + Micah: Now that we know Charley’s story, we know why she grinds so hard and why she holds on so tight to Micah. We needed that info. And I aint gonna lie, I BEEN thought that Micah was exhibiting some Davis-ish behavior. I don’t disagree with how Charley came to the conclusion that Micah was out there being wild and free like his daddy, I just wish it hadn’t slipped out. Nonetheless, the vulnerability and transparency she showed to Micah has to be worth something. I can’t believe that she has never shared her story with Micah. I am sure that she worries a lot about him going to college and becoming a teenage parent because that’s what happened to her. I get it. I see some people in the chat groups questioning why Charley was asking if ole girl was white. It doesn’t matter. Ummm…yes it does. And Micah has a history of being played by a white girl (See Season 1). So I got that too. And as far as COVID. It’s real. Has Micah been sneaking out? Charley has reason to be concerned. But the most burning question I had was what did Micah come upon in those files? And what is Charley cooking up for the Landrys? We gotta stay focused yall. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Charley creates a business called Bordelon + West because that name sounds good and she is all about getting coins.

On what’s next: Well, Darla and RA are jumping the broom and it looks like the last minute wedding is gonna be nice. I figured they would end up getting married on the farm, and that’s what’s happening! Next week. Looks like Charley and Nova are stepping up in the sister game and welcoming Darla to the family as well. I love that. And I peeped Charley and RA running in the cane fields. What? Charley running in fieldZ. She may not want to admit it, but she needed this pandemic.

So what did yall think? What you wearing to the wedding next week? We gotta be ready!

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