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David Makes Man – Y’all Gucci

July 13, 2021

Season 2 | Episode 3

So when we last left David, Gloria called him and told him to get to the hospital ASAPtually. He did, and upon his arrival, the doctor came out to discuss their options. There are some complications with his liver. JG made it through surgery and is stable, but they want to keep him in an induced coma. The family is having some issues with this, but Gloria tells the doctor to go ahead and do it. But wayment…Trish was was like…why do you get to decide? Uh Oh. Trish says that she’s the proxy because they are common law married. Gloria told her to act like it. David pulls her aside to chat and tells her that they are counting on her to make the best decision. He talks her into allowing the coma.

In the meantime, David takes Tren to the cafeteria to get something to eat and that was probably a bad decision. He tries his best to make small talk about school, but that ain’t worked. He started talking about his time in 6th grade. The problem is that Tren is in the 8th grade – and David didn’t know that. And then David bought her some food – a sandwich…but she’s vegan. And then he started talking bout what JG “used to like” and Tren was like…”used to?” That didn’t go well. And then Tren was out. So…yeah…

Later, David ends up in the place where he really needs to be – in a therapist’s office. She asks about JG and seeing him like that in the hospital. Little JG appears next to him. David tells the therapist that he does this thing where he sees people. It started with Sky after he got shot and died. He doesn’t see Sky anymore. He sees people who die…or people he thinks will die. He thinks JG will die, apparently. David is tired of it and seeing young JG is distracting. He needs the therapist to tell him what to do. She reminds him that that’s not how therapy works. Little JG tells David to tell the therapist what he’s afraid of. Instead of doing that, David bolts out of the office – with a whole 20 minutes left in the session. *insert deep sigh here*

David is back on the grind and presenting his proposal to the city council. Homestead Village is prime property, waiting for the right opportunity – development by Padilla. Now it’s time for public comment and guess who shows up – a grown up Marissa! She’s here to fight for the water and wetlands crew. She pleads her case. David claims their development will have not impact on the environment. The councilman asks for survey results, which David doesn’t have because they are still pending. Basically, they haven’t done a survey. And the proposal is put on hold until it can be completed. A setback for David. As soon as David got back to his office, Padilla’s nephew (the one he put in charge of sticking to David like white on rice) has Padilla on FaceTime. It’s not good. David didn’t anticipate pushback from environmentalists. David assures Padilla that it will be ok because he has an “in” with Marissa. I wonder if he really believes that. Anyway, Padilla really ain’t feeling David at the moment and appoints Elan as David’s “assistant.” There’s gonna be some problems ahead with this duo. I can feel it.

Back at the hospital, David is on the phone with Nicole. He tells her that he saw a therapist and she’s happy to hear it. He doesn’t tell her that he’s at the hospital with JG. I don’t think he ever told her about JG.

So Elan is ready to drive David absolutely mad. He also has to drive David everywhere. Of course David is pissed, but he says cool. They can go do what they need to do, but they have to stop by his mom’s crib first. And guess where they end up — The Ville. David is leaving Elan in the hood with an assignment to tally up all of the vacant and unoccupied units. Then he gets out of the car an into an Uber, leaving Elan to handle the hood by himself. I ain’t mad.

Putting JG in an induced coma worked and JG is back to life. Gloria updates JG on everybody. The fam has been there and praying for his recovery. Out in the waiting room, Shella shows up and takes an empty seat by Trish. They talk about who they are there to see. They have a girlfriend moment. Shella talks about her friend – the wanna be gangster. Trish talks about her husband – the stand up, follow the rules guy. And then the nurse announces that JG can have visitors now and they both stand up. Chile…this is a whole mess. Trish and Tren walk right on by Shella and I just wanna know the backstory. Shella didn’t see JG, but she does run into David on her way out. David is still a bit confused about why she’s there. Gloria called Shella, since Shella was the one who called 911 after the shooting. David is surprised that Shella *still* lives there. Shella was like…ummmm yeah. And then she tells him to go see JG.

In JG’s room, it’s nothing but love…and a lil tension. Gloria has already planned a welcome home party for JG, but Trish doesn’t think it’s a good idea because he needs to go straight home and rest. Well…Gloria won because she did have the party, which included a whole show put on by the kids that live with her. It was a whole production, honey. Gloria is so hype and into it and it’s hilarious. The neighbors are over the lil party so they quiet down. But then one of the boys tries to show Gloria a move, trips and falls right into JG. And Trish ain’t having none of that! She calls the kids “faggots” and it’s pretty much downhill from there. Gloria was like…we ain’t doing this at MY house. These kids are good kids and you gonna respect them. Trish apologizes and she tries to take JG and Tren home. But no one wants to go with her. Tren and JG stay.

Out on the porch, David tries to talk to JG about Trish. JG asks David not to judge her. She’s just stressed out. He wants to know how Trish was while he was in the hospital and David says he doesn’t really know. And he doesn’t because he was hardly there. He just couldn’t handle seeing him like that. Then JG asked the real question. You knew I was going to pull through, right? And then he didn’t even wait for an answer and asks David if he was gonna eat his cake. So much avoidance in this scene. *le sigh* But as David was leaving, Shella was walking up. Surprise, surprise. David is awkward with her again and Shella dismisses him. And then Elan pulls up! David’s plan of leaving Elan in the ghetto backfired. He spent the whole day digging up dirt on “Dai” from the folks at The Ville. Mx. Elijah was especially happy to spill some tea (no surprise there). God knows what all Elan found out.

Shella and JG are looking awfully cozy on the porch when Gloria comes out to check on JG. He’s not ready to go home because he’s talking to Shella. Shella asks if he remembers anything. JG says all he remembers is her. Ummmmm…ok. Shella tries to leave, but JG wants her to stay. And I want to know what the hell is going on with these two.

The next day, David shows up to his therapy appointment grinning. He apologized for his foolery during the last session. And he tells her that he doesn’t need her anymore. JG is out of the hospital, things are better at work, his girlfriend is good, he’s feeling better and he doesn’t need therapy anymore. Chile. The therapist tells him that their work isn’t done. And he was having visions of JG because he had killed him off in his head. It was easier to just kill him off and save himself the pain. Of course, David is in denial. The visions are a symptom of trauma that hasn’t been worked through and distancing himself from people is a survival mechanism. It was needed when he was young to cope…but it’s still there. But you don’t need it anymore. And then everybody from David’s youth shows up…Sky, Seren, JG, Gloria…and Young David.

Whew! Y’all. David gives me so much anxiety. I want to like him. I want to love him. But I want him to get his ish together. I want him to work through all these things! You know what else I want? I want to know what the hell JG got going on with Shella AND Trish. And why is there so much tension between Gloria and Trish? What is the deal? And I guess it’s going to be the season finale before I find out what happened to Seren. Did he die? He was the second to show up in David’s head in the therapist’s office. Did the order of the visions matter? And what did Elan find out about Dai?! Lawd…that could be a whole problem.

What did y’all think about this episode?

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