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Greenleaf – The Third Day

July 9, 2020
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It’s the third day of this saga and the heat keeps getting hotter…

The day begins with Grace getting some much needed quiet time on the patio overlooking the lake. Her boo, Darius, comes by to bring her the coffee she asked for. He’s headed to Vegas to do some investigative work on Eden Vale Lending. Grace dropped that hot tea on him last week and he cannot let it go. Darius asks how AJ is doing and of course Grace has no idea because she still hasn’t seen him. But, she does know that the 3-day hold will be over soon and she hasn’t a clue as to what his plans are once he’s released. Grace tries to change the subject by telling Darius that at least he gets a free trip to Vegas. Nope. He doesn’t. He bought the ticket himself because he is officially unemployed. He got fired because the higher ups wanted him to abandon the H+H story and Bob Whitmore. Seems like Bob has lots of power. Darius doesn’t seem down. He gives Grace a kiss and leaves for Vegas. I sure do hope he finds what he’s looking for.

Back in Kerissa and Jacob’s suite, Kerissa is being a bish – per the usual. She is high key mad because Jacob is snoozing while she is headed out to her JOB. She reminds Jacob that he ain’t got no job and she is tired of that ish. Anyway, he needs to pick up Winky today. Jacob is looking and acting clueless about picking up Winky, which doesn’t help. He says he will do it, but I was really thinking that Jacob was going to mess this thang up. My faith in him is scant. But before ole girl leaves, Jacob tells her that she can just pack up her ish and go if she is gonna have this attitude. I concur.

Lady Mae and Bishop are still determined to start their new church and the next order of business is to find a name. Bishop throws out a name. The only problem is that a church with that name already exists AND Bishop has actually been there. He doesn’t remember. Hmmmm. Mae tells him that he has gotta stop drinking all that brown liquor at night, but Mae knows something else is going on and she tells him he needs to get a physical. James takes offense. Yall know Mae don’t care about his feelings. In walks Charity, and Bishop invites her to have a seat. He is just about the only one that deals with her these days. He has already asked Charity to be the Minister of Music and sing at his new church. Charity declined. Mae uses this opportunity to drag Charity once more. This is the part of the show I have come to look forward to. And Mae doesn’t disappoint. She was like…you know what, Charity, just go…go to your job at that husk of a church. And gone head and “dance in attendance on that greasy negro and that wrinkled up white asparagus of a women.” Yall. I bout died. Mae was saving that one. Bishop stays on track and offers Charity an AP position at his new church. She reminds him that she’s already AP. That was the perfect setup for Mae to chime in again. Yes, Charity, “you are AP at a church that is for all intense and purposes a tailor-made torture device.” She also tells her that it’s just a matter of time before the greasy negro and his bish has her being a mammy to their babies. Mae was on fiyah! Charity claims she has a plan and she plans to prevail. Ok, Charity, Ok. And all while Mae was dragging Charity, she was making arrangements for Bishop to get that physical. That’s how Mae works.

Jacob finally got out of the bed in order to continue with his investigative work on the will. He’s back at Tasha’s. She done dressed all the way up in a black alphet and a herringbone (ain’t seen them since high school). She only wears black now since Basie died. Anywho, she got in touch with Tara, Basie’s half sister and they are headed to get some answers – hopefully. Tasha tells Jacob that Basie was found dead in a hotel and that nobody knows where Rochelle is. I am not sure that I believe any of that. Anyway, they walk into a church in the hood called New Revelations Memphis Mission to meet Tara. Tara believed that one day a Greenleaf would come a knocking. Jacob asks Tara if Bishop called Darryl (her father) the night of the fire at the church. That fire ultimately killed Darryl. Basie always believed that it was Bishop that made the call, but Jacob questions that. Could it have been Mac? The next question has to do with Loretta Davis and that’s when Tara stops cooperating. What’s this all about? Jacob says he needs to get more info and he will be back when he gets it. And as soon as Jacob left, Tara made a phone call to somebody to let them know that Jacob Greenleaf had just left. See. This won’t end well. Jacob drops Tasha off, but before she gets out of the car, she had to shoot her shot. Did you really like me? Jacob says he did. Tasha tries to kiss him and Jacob isn’t having it. Surprise, surprise. I was totally expecting Jacob to be halfway in Tasha’s apartment by now. Maybe he has changed – a little. Jacob remembered to pick up Winky and walks in while Kerissa is talking to her lawyer about how Jacob ain’t got no job. But, with Jacob’s new found information, he was feeling froggy so he jumped. He told her the deal is off. He wants shared custody. Go take the will to the police, if you must. Jacob finally decides to ask Bishop about the phone call. Bishop denies that he made the call. I don’t even know if that’s true or not. Considering Bishop’s memory issues, would he have even remembered if he did? But when Jacob asked if Bishop knew that house was originally left to Darryl James, Bishop says it’s not true. The house was left to them and he has proof – the will. Jacob tells him about the will that came before that one. Bishop knows nothing about it and he’s bout had it with Jacob.

Remember last week when Zora discovered those pics of Sophia all over Al Gore’s innawebs? Zora went into action and somehow managed to get them all down. I didn’t even know that was possible, but good job Captain Save-a-Ho. Sophia immediately sees Nikki’s clothes and starts trashing them. And of course, Nikki walks in that moment and it’s on. Sophia and Nikki trade insults and Nikki walks away. I thought this thang was over. But nope. Nikki had one more card to play. At least I can have babies. Now yall know Sophia is super sensitive about her ovaries since that surgery last year. And then…it was on. Sophia and Nikki went at it and Zora was forced to break it up. Zora kicks Nikki out and tells her not to come back – something that should have happened a long time ago. Zora tells Sophia that she wasn’t the one that shared that personal info with Nikki. Musta been Donte. Or was it? Zora then tells her cousin that she needs to get her anger in check. Do some yoga or something, but you need to chill. This is kinda funny because Zora used to be out of control too.

Noah finally makes his way to the Greenleaf Estate and Lady Mae and Bishop are so excited to see him. I mean…Mae is smiling from ear to ear and giving Noah all kind of compliments. Then she brings Grace into it. Grace…don’t you think Noah is handsome? Grace tells her she wasn’t even thinking about that because she got bigger fish to fry with her son in the hospital. Grace is real standoffish during this reunion and the vibes are all off. Mae isn’t done with the lovefest for Noah. She actually offers the cabin to him once Zora leaves for college. Bishop and Grace were like…wtf? She claims that she offered because AJ will be living there and the kid needs both of his parents. Grace is highly bothered because it seems that Mae is insinuating that Noah means more to AJ than she does. Mae tells her that she doesn’t know if that’s the case or not, but AJ has a mother who gave him up and a father who didn’t even know he existed. So now they need to team up and connect with the boy. Grace is over it. Peace out. Bishop goes after her and admits that Mae was dead wrong, but that Grace is wrong for wanting to shut Noah out. They will be a family (whether she marries Noah or not) and they have to get it together. He admits that he and Mae werent on the same page when the drama was going on with Faith and maybe that could have changed their situation.

At the husk of a church, Phil comes by Charity’s office to tell her that he and Judy want her to be on the program on Sunday. It’s the last day in the building and the first day of H+H and they want her to do the welcome. Charity thinks Judy should do it. She’s the faux 1st lady. Charity ain’t got time for no welcome. She’s a preacher and she wants to preach. Phil won’t outright agree. He has to run it by some folks first. That basically means a no. Oh…and there’s more. Judy needs help with music. We already knew that. Charity agrees, but only because she wants to keep folks in the seats – for when she gets ready to preach. After doing her job and Judy’s, Charity drops off the music plans. Judy is never one to leave well enough alone and has the audacity to ask Charity what she thought about the engagement ring – that was once hers. Dis bish. Well, Charity lets her know that she’s aware of the game that Judy is playing, but she ain’t going nowhere. PeriodT. She has God on her side.

In a strange twist, Lady Mae comes by Charity’s suite and she’s actually nice. She found Charity’s old hymn book where Charity wrote “Rev. Charity Greenleaf.” They have a heart to heart and Charity comes up with name “Eternal Faith Fellowship” for the new church. Say what? Charity ouchea with a good idea! Look at Gawd. Mae tells Charity that the offer of AP still stands for Charity and kisses her on the cheek. What is going on here?

Noah and Grace take their seats in the hospital waiting room and hope they get to see AJ. But then, Sofia walks in. AJ wants to see her! Grace is…floored. AJ called Sophia down to the hospital and continued to be mysterious. Sophia is quickly losing her patience with him. Me too, girl. Me too. Why am I here, dude? He’s leaving tomorrow and wants to say goodbye. Sophia wants answers. About everything. AJ says he has a problem and it can’t be fixed. Sophia meets Grace in the lobby in tears. AJ is finally ready to see his mother and let her in on the big secret. Finally, AJ tells Grace that he was raped in jail and he now has HIV. That’s the secret. *insert deep sigh here*

Again, I have to end this recap with questions…

Is Basie dead? Is Rochelle really missing? Who did Tara call?

Yall think Bishop called Darryl that night? Or was it Mac’s dirty arse?

Does Kerissa have a Plan B? Or is she just SOL?

What are they going to do with AJ now? In the preview he says he wants to live with Noah. Ok, AJ. Ok. At some point, I want Grace to just let AJ be so she can move on with her life. He is aggy.

Is Darius going to be of any use? Will he find the info they need to shut Bob down? Why don’t I have faith in Darius’ journalistic and investigative skills?

Grace is determined to not give Noah any of her good energy. Maybe it’s because she wants to get back with Darius for real??

And how epic will the dragging of Kerissa be next week? Place your bets. I will have the popcorn and tea ready for that one.

Ok. Let me know what yall think. Until next week…

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