Recap Renegade

Our Senses, Restored

October 18, 2022

Season 7 | Episode 7

“Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path”. Anonymous

What would the final season of Queen Sugar be without a storm episode? They’ve always been pivotal points in the story. The first storm happened in one of my favorite episodes of Season 1. The entire Bordelon family gathered at Vi’s. Remy and Darla ended up there, too. Darla had been estranged from the family and used that opportunity to thank Vi for taking are of Blue and let Vi know that she had changed. Charley and Nova had it out in the kitchen after Charley felt that Nova was overstepping with Micah and that was on the heels of Nova stealing money from Charley. Later, Charley found comfort in Remy’s arms. It was also the storm that led to the farmers being murdered on the Bordelon farm.

The second storm happened when Charley was running for office. She got stuck doing debate prep at the diner and Jacob, her opponent, came by and got stuck, too. It was during that time that Charley put a plan in place to inform Jacob of his no good ancestors’ deeds, somehow got Jacob to turn on his family and make a public announcement, and that led to her council win.

So now we are here. Storm #3. How will this storm change the game?


Micah had to call RA to get him from the airport. Too shame to call Nova. Stranded by Zane. RA knows about the gif and he’s ready to talk about that mess. But Micah gets a call from Zane. Finally. He’s been trying to reach him. Remember when Micah thought he was the bawse and paid for all the people’s drinks. Well, the card got maxed out and he ain’t got no money. He asked Zane for access to his digital wallet and Zane told him the server was down. Ha! RA overheard the whole convo. Why is this filed under good? Because I been waiting for all of this to explode in Micah’s face and it did. RA and Micah go by the farm to board it up because you know Sam don’t give a dayum about Pop’s house. They end up having to shelter there. RA knows that Micah hasn’t talked to his mom yet. Micah says he doesn’t know what to say. RA told him to start with sorry. She will forgive him – eventually.

Billie and Sandy ended up braving the storm together. They got to have a heart to heart. Sandy urged Billie not to harbor bad feelings about her mom. She did the best she could. Oh and Benny ended up at Prosper’s house, too.


Nova assured Vi that she would be safe at her house. She put on her jacket to go handle the storm windows and Calvin’s arse was on the porch. Talking bout he was in town. *insert side eye here* Nova put up a good front. She still mad. He handles the storm windows but he can’t go nowhere. Issa storm outside. How convenient. Calvin tried really hard to profess his love for her. He doesn’t know how to move on without her. Surprisingly, Nova tells Calvin that he WAS her first love, but now all she can see is what he did. Calvin won’t give up. But Nova won’t give in. In the end, he thanks Nova for the time and love they shared. The next day, the sun came out and Calvin told Nova some story that I wasn’t really paying attention to. He whispers so I tend to tune out. Anywho, they hugged it out and I guess that we are done with Calvin for the rest of our days. Bye.


Darla’s nightmare came true. Chase showed up. But he ended up at the farm. RA and Micah happened to be there.

At first, Chase is just chilling and talking to Micah about college. But then he starts talking about how he went to the right schools, got a wife and family and running for office, but now this chic tryna accuse him of rape. As if everybody in Georgetown didn’t hook up with her. RA’s ears perk up. He was like…was her name Darla? Chase was like…what? Micah was like…holup. RA said oh this is the dude that raped Darla and punched Chase tf out. Yall know RA don’t have good anger management. Darla knew this would be the end result and she was right. Micah had to intervene and stop RA before he choked Chase to death – and reminded him that this wasn’t worth it. Chase said that he just wanted to clear things up. RA threw him out of the house and into storm. And now he’s mad at Darla for not telling him. This dude knows Blue exists. What if he tries to take Blue from him? Chile. This is a mess.


One of the most unfortunate things to happen during this storm was the farmers’ murders. Charley had them working and didn’t release them when she could have. Remy released them eventually and said they had plenty of time to get home. Of course this was something that Charley could never really shake. And the murder of the farmers followed her all the way to Season 4, when the newspaper reported it and Romero read about it. This episode started with Darla not thinking the storm was coming their way and not wanting to let the cleaning crew at the mill to go home. This time, it was Billie who told her the storm was coming. All of the animals have taken shelter. That’s their sign to do so too. Without delay, Darla closes up the mill. Charley’s mill.

So…whose path did this storm clear?

Nova got finality and closure. She had heard that Calvin moved to Baton Rouge and that was all she knew. They got a chance to close out that relationship that’s been hanging over their heads – finally.

Micah got advice from RA (of all people) on how to face his wrongs and apologize to his mama because it needs to happen. Can he make amends? Will Charley forgive him? Maybe he will have the courage to at least try now.

RA got the answers that he’s probably wanted since finding out about Blue’s paternity and Darla’s rape. The secret’s out. Chase is here.

Darla didn’t want Chase to ever find her, but he’s here. She can confront him now. And maybe her healing can begin.

Blue knows that RA isn’t his bio dad. Does he wonder or care who is real father is? Could this be something that clears the way for him, too?

We shall see.

Until next week…

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