Never To Be The Same

November 1, 2022

Season 7 | Episode 8


RA and Micah survived the storm and Chase survived RA. Micah is finally making sense and tells RA that he needs to tell Darla what’s going on. RA doesn’t and instead he decides to just go into protective mode and have Darla near him or with other people for the entire episode.

Ignasio got out of detention and came to get his boys. Vi and Wood offer their home to him. He declines. He wants to take his boys and be alone with them. I’m happy for their happy ending. Vi and Wood are sad to see the boys go. I wouldn’t be surprised if they become foster parents.

Micah had a hell of a few days and is visibly exhausted and shook. Let’s recap. He sold his mama out. Made $200k. Got flewed out to LA with his boy Zane where he was the life of the party and put dranks for everybody on his card. Then his grandma came to snatch him up and read his azz. He had to ask RA to pick him up from the airport. In the meantime, Zane and nem done maxed out his card (which prolly belongs to Charley and Davis because he ain’t got no job) AND he has no access to the money he “earned.” He probably won’t ever see that money and it serves him right. He went straight to the farm with RA to board up the house and they were stuck there during the storm, where he had to fight to keep RA from killing Chase. Then he helped save Cardell’s land. He did more work in 3 days then he’s done his whole life. As soon as he sits down, Zane sends a text talkin’ bout my bad about your credit card, now send me some disaster porn so we can make more money. Zane is sick. Anyway, Micah is near tears and decides that it’s time that he make amends with his mom. He dials the number and I do believe Charley sent him straight to VM. If she did, I’m here for it. He decides to leave a message. He lets her know that everyone is ok and that he’s sorry about the post. He knows he hurt them and he got caught up.


Cardell’s farm suffered flooding after the hurricane and he had the audacity to call RA. I mean..for the dude that doesn’t believe in collective resources and work, it seems like he would just handle his issue on his own. Of course RA and the co-op sprung into action and saved Cardell’s land from further damage. Afterwards, he realized that he has been wrong all along, apologized and committed himself to the co-op. Can I be honest? I really don’t care and his land could have flooded and I would have kept eating my Cheetos. How much progress could they have made over this 6 year period, had he not been the ring leader for continued oppression? He was one of the first folks to pull out of the mill, spread rumors about its operations and convinced others to do the same. He has so much pull, that Charley met with him to assure him that her mill was fine and offered an opportunity to come and see the operations for himself. He declined and he’s been a pain in the azz since. So…yeah.

Billie and Nova keep playing this game of trading bad advice. Nova is talking about how she been thinking about Camille (her first love) a lot lately. Billie tells her that it wouldn’t hurt to call Camille. Huh? Why? Nova was just patting herself on the back for not jumping in the bed with Calvin. And now, she’s going to call her first love to see what other kind of entanglement she can get into? Ummmm. Ok. And this is why I’m done with Nova. I guess the moral of her story will be that she’s been searching for love since Camille and Camille is the one? Idk. I’m tired.

Of course Nova goes to find Camille. Camille says she was thinking about Nova because Billie liked one of her posts. Then Camille says that Ernest came by the store a few times and told her she should reach out to Nova. Oh, word? Camille says that she didn’t think Nova wanted to hear from her, considering the way she disappeared after “that summer.” Nova says she wants to catch up and they exchange info. Nova wrote her number on Camille’s hand like we used to do in middle school. Camille says she gonna call. Nova gets in her car and has that crazy Nova look. The one she always has after she does something she know she ain’t had no business doing.


Violet got a call from a hospice facility. It’s Jimmy Dale and he had thee nerve to list Vi as his next of kin. Honestly, I don’t know why Vi didn’t hang up when she heard his name, but I guess for TV sake she had to keep listening. Billie happened to be at the diner, so Vi lets her know that Jimmy Dale is real close to meeting his maker. Vi is fine and has made her peace. But she wants to give Billie a chance to do the same, just in case she thinks it will help her get closure. Billie says she wants to see him. In the end, she doesn’t. Instead, she has her therapy moment with Nova and they hug it out.

Darla overheard Vi talking to Billie and had a whole anxiety attack. She finally comes clean about Chase contacting her. She wants to tell RA, but she doesn’t know how. She’s worried about what he might do, and we already know that she had reason to be worried since RA did almost kill Chase. Nonetheless, Darla draws courage from Vi and goes to do what needs to be done. Before Darla leaves, Micah decides to let Darla know that they had a run in with Chase and RA beat that azz. Darla tries to get in touch with RA, but can’t. Wood and Darla go to the farm but he’s not there. Darla realizes there’s only one place he could be – the pool.

That’s exactly where RA is. Darla apologizes because she didn’t want him to find out this way. She thought she would be able to handle it. RA tells her what happened the night before and how he almost killed Chase. If that had happened, he wouldn’t have any remorse. RA’s main worry is Blue. Will Chase come for Blue – his son? Darla assures him that Chase doesn’t want Blue and that her mama got it all on lock in DC. Darla promises that Chase will stay away, but RA asks about Chase’s rights. Hmmmmm. Darla says a rapist doesn’t have rights. RA tells her the law doesn’t see him as a rapist. So now what? Darla tells RA that she’s been wanting to kill Chase, but she ain’t gonna do it. But she is ready to tell her story widely. RA reminds her that she couldn’t even handle Nova’s trash azz book so how can she possibly handle this. Darla tells him that she’s ready and she has nothing to lose.


I added a section to address Darla’s takedown of Chase.

Chase met up with Darla at Hollywood’s spot. He thinks they are alone. But RA comes out to let him know that’s not the case. Then Wood and Vi come from round the corner to let him know that no games will be played tuhday. RA is there to make sure he doesn’t hurt Darla. Wood is there to make sure RA don’t hurt Chase – unless it’s necessary. And Vi? Vi says she’s the “unknown quantity, you just never know” and I cackled. Chase was like…I don’t even wanna be here. I was just calling to make sure that we were on the same page. He wants it all to go away and it will if Darla signs the DNA. Darla was like…holeup partner. I ain’t signing nothing. But you bout to be signing a few things. First up is paternity rights. Chase says Blue ain’t his. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t have any issues. Chase says he will gladly sign. Second, is an emergency protective order. Sign that and then she can get a civil harassment order from the court. Court? Chase’s ears perked up then. We cannot get the court involved. Things got out of hand. Darla and Chase start screaming and Chase blurts out that he wasn’t the only one. Uh-Oh. RA came from behind and punched him. I knew we weren’t going to get thru this without an altercation. Wood had to get RA real quick. And then Vi steps in to tell Chase to just finish his lil paperwork because nobody likes him. You do that and I will make sure you make it out of here alive. So they continue. Darla was like…cool…you don’t want the court? Just sign the next doc stating that you will stay away from all of us. He does. But the last one is an agreement and wiring instructions. He’s going to be making a donation to the co-op. First payment will be $250k. Monthly payment of $25k for 10 years. $3Mil. Chase was like…ah hell naw. Darla says it’s cool. If this don’t get signed, you’ll be seeing me on tv telling my story. You got a week to get my money. And you better not miss no payments. The bottom line is that you raped me. There’s nothing for me to be ashamed of. I will tell my story. Chase says that she will have to prove it. And that’s when the whole encounter was played back for him. They got the proof. Wood was recording. So he signed.

I remember in Season 1 when Charley pulled off a masterful blackmail plot to get everything she wanted and folks was dragging her! Now they clapping for Darla for doing the same thing. What I do know is that Charley apparently came by that thuggish behavior honestly, because them Bordelons came thru like gangstas. And I ain’t mad at Charley or Darla.


Billie rode out the storm with Sandy and Benny. I guess she’s liking him, but she tells Nova that she can’t stop thinking about Vince. Nova co-signed her mess, but I’m over Billie. She’s too old to be this confused. And taking advice from Nova about relationships is a bad decision anyway.

That whole Jimmy Dale situation was crazy. First, I would have loved to see him come back because David Allen Grier played the hell out of Jimmy Dale. Second, Billie said she needed to see him for closure, but decides that screaming at Nova will suffice. I’m confused.

I guess they had to have Micah apologize via voicemail, but will we ever know how Charley and Micah’s reconciliation goes? At the very least, can they send Davis by to have a convo with Micah? I’m so over these Charley-less interactions.

It’s really hard to give Darla total props when it seems like the writers keep having her walking in Charley’s shadow. Wasn’t there another way for Darla to win without her using a remix of Charley’s plan in Season 1? They also have her at the mill now. She’s buying equipment, she has to check on the mill constantly, she has hired help at the mill. They even had her trying to decide if she would send the crew home when the storm was approaching – just like in Season 1. Why?

That’s all I got.

Until next time…

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