Recap Renegade

Slowly and Always Irregularly

September 26, 2022

Season 7 | Episode 3

The Good

Parthena’s eviction got Billie fired up to file a complaint with the USDA and gave a MLK speech to the farmers. They applauded and then she turned around and saw her husband. Vince has come to town, yall. He’s sick of this foolishness. It’s been over 6 months, and he needs answers. He also doesn’t understand why Billie is back home – a place she never wanted to be.

Chantal came by Nova’s house because Nova called her and asked for her help for the new resistance campaign. I’m happy to see her. I liked her. Chantal also called Nova on her crazy azz behavior as it relates to her relationships and she was right on the money. Nova is a hot mess in the love department and somebody needed to tell her to get her ish together.

Vi paid Darla for the business plan she created and for her idea for Vi to sell pies at the market. She considers Darla a business partner. She also reminded Darla that she didn’t need anyone’s approval to validate her intellect. She admitted that she has made her feel less than and apologized. And Vi encouraged Darla to stand tall and know her worth.

Micah is digitizing the Bordelon’s home videos and came across one with a little Charley. He sends his mom the video. He looks like he’s missing her a lot. Me too, Micah. Me tooooooo!

As a form of resistance, Nova planned a traditional ring shout. Calling on the ancestors to intervene. It was beautiful.

The Bad

Vi thought she had an opportunity to take her pies national, but the pie guy came to the diner to tell her that he’s retiring so it’s not going to happen. *le sigh* But, Darla is still trying to help Vi get these pies out into the world, so she has Vi selling pies at the farmer’s market.

Dominic was at Nova’s house sleeping on her sofa because he was waiting for her all night long. She didn’t think to call him. She was with Mo. And then helping Parthena. And no call to her man. Ummmm ok. Dominic accepted that story, but then later he walked in on Chantal and Nova looking all cozy on the sofa. Dominic is all up in his feelings about Nova showing all these other women in her life and in her past sides of her that he hasn’t seen. I feel for him because he’s a good guy. He doesn’t deserve Nova’s shenanigans.

RA, also known as the Sour Patch Kid is on one again. He’s blaming himself for losing Parthena’s land and for losing his. I mean technically, he should be sitting with regret for losing his land, but he’s not to blame for Parthena’s issue. Darla tried to tell him to not blame himself, but he wasn’t tryna hear it and walked out. RA decided to bear his soul to Trinh about Darla. He doesn’t think Darla gets the whole family legacy thing. Darla walked up just in time to hear him. Darla was BIG mad about him sharing is problem with his ex. RA had the audacity to say that Darla doesn’t get business. That’s rich coming from RA. Especially since Darla has been helping him start the co-op, run the farm and doing everything else. Wood tried to get RA to see the problem. Darla has been there when no one else was. Basically RA is being RA. SMH.

This story that Billie has going on is real bad. She left for 6 months and her husband didn’t really know about her whereabouts. And now she’s back to the place where she never wanted to be and talking about staying. She doesn’t know what she wants or if she wants him, etc. She can’t tell him what’s going on or about her past. It’s really annoying.

The Ugly

Pop”s house all boarded up with a Landry sign in the front…ughhhhh. Sam showed up to the ring shout with the sheriff. Surprise surprise. But he just turned around and left. Hmmmm.

The Odd

Keke was asking Micah about his love life. Is the dude in the picture your boyfriend? Are you single? Why is she trying to hook Micah up? Or is she trying to hook herself up? Later she’s over at Micah’s crib and they drinking wine and looking booed up. I don’t know what Keke 2.0 is up to. And neither does Micah.

Billie’s story is the most bothersome thing happening right now. I don’t get what she’s really hiding and why she doesn’t just tell Vince and put us out of our misery.

Nova done done everything under the sun – except tell her family about that movie deal. That’s the episode we need to see.

How can Nova and ‘nem keep going to the land when they don’t own it anymore? They keep coming back whenever they please. I mean…ain’t that trespassing? Ijs…

Until next week…

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