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Spaces Fill

October 2, 2022

Season 7 | Episode 4


Billie stopped by Prosper’s house after breakfast and Sandy came walking out the room in her robe. Prosper wasn’t too far behind looking real happy. Billie was like…ok den. Later, Prosper decided that he wanted to make Sandy an honest woman and proposed. Good for them.

Vince is still hanging around and heard Billie give her lame excuses. He’s good with having a relationship with her on her terms and give her what she needs. But if she chooses them, things gonna have to be different.


Blue may be getting suspended for hacking into the school servers, so Darla had to go to DC to handle ole boy. In the administrator’s office, Blue is standing by his decision to hack the servers because there was history they were not being taught and young Huey Newton took it upon himself to fix that. When given the opportunity to explain himself, he goes into a dissertation about all of the folks they are not learning about. In the end, Darla stands with him and questions the curriculum. After the meeting, Darla and Blue grab a bite to eat and run into a “friend.” This girl asks Blue how old he is and you can tell that she is doing all the math in her head…and he looks just like his daddy – Chase. Darla tells the friend that she was raped by Chase and friend says she didn’t know. And that Chase is running for Congress now. Darla begs the girl to let the whole thing go. But…ummm…Blue’s daddy is about to be in the spotlight? Whose gonna leak this info? How will this end?

A social worker came looking for Joaquin and his brother Dante. They haven’t been at school. Joaquin confesses that they have been living alone because their mother has been deported. They are in hiding because they don’t want to go to foster care. Now you know Vi got all on the case and by the time the episode ended, Vi was giving the social worker a tour of her home because that’s where the boys will be staying. Wanna hear the bad part? First, she ain’t said a word to Wood before she made the decision to bring 2 kids home to live. Of course Wood went along with it, but I was like…ain’t no way. Second, the social worker told Vi that the boys cannot live in a house with an ex-felon. That’s RA. So now what? Who stays? Who goes? Wonder if the barracks that Charley turned into a loft is still there? He might need to call his sis and see what she can do.

RA talked the farmers into putting all of their resources and money together to save Parthena’s land at the auction. Once there, the co-op is feeling pretty confident. They get up to $240k and they almost got it…til Sam showed up and bid $700k. Whose surprised by this? Not me. But the farmers are. Why haven’t they learned about Sam’s ways by now. Anywho, afterwards, RA was feeling froggy so he jumped and went after Sam. Sam was like, I was chilling at my house with a drink when they told me yall had a ring shout on the land. It led to the council reversing their decision. Huh? They reversed it? How come nobody knew? Anyway, Sam said they keep trying him so they gonna learn today.


Micah Bordelon West makes the ugly category this week. We know that Micah is thirsty for acceptance – specifically the acceptance of this NFT dude and the crew. So after Micah had one sale, he thought he was golden. But he forgot that the main rule of this game is that you continue to sell. Per the usual, the first thing out of Zane’s mouth is that Micah needs to use his father or his father’s hookups to get the next big thing. Perhaps a boomerang of Charley marching on the court to confront Davis would be a good idea. Micah says absolutely not, but you know that’s not how the story ends. Zane is always super worried about Micah’s parents and it’s real suspect. After feeling shut out by the crew he so badly wants to be part of, he decided that acceptance is worth stabbing his mother in the back. And he did just that. Why, Micah? Why? Last season, Micah and Charley finally had the kind of relationship that they could both be proud of and happy about. What’s crazy to me is that Micah doesn’t need money. I could see if Charley and Davis had cut him off, but they haven’t. In fact, Charley got him his apartment, furnished the whole thing and when the season started, Micah had to beg her to stop sending him stuff. The kid is rich by default. I see why Micah and Nova have always been kindred spirits. He, too, would rather ask for forgiveness than permission. And he decides to do this at a time when Charley (and Davis) have totally moved on from that crazy incident and she’s running for office. It’s real low. And the saddest thing is that Dawn/Charley ain’t even around to lay his azz out. That makes me miss her even more AND reminds me of how lit that first season was. Will Davis pay his son a visit to get to the bottom of it? Because if neither of his parents come to bring the dramatics, what was the point of writing this story for him? *insert deep sigh here*


Vince said that if Billie comes back, they have to get married. Wayment? They weren’t married? All this time I thought he was a whole husband. *sigh*

Nova has been sitting on the movie deal news for a minute and she has only told Billie (of all people). That really lets me know that Nova hasn’t learned a gahtdamb thing from the last time. She should have said no immediately. But alas…she did not.

And how crazy is it that Nova will have to ask the family for permission to make their lives a blockbuster hit at the same time Micah will be having to explain himself for selling his mama out for 2 silver coins. I sweatergahd Charley can’t catch a break. Who needs enemies when the trash is in your family?

Why did RA and the farmers think that the auction would be a good idea. Forget Sam. Anybody could have come up in there and bid more than they had. The bank, an investor or Sam. I was really hoping QS writers would prove me wrong and have the savior at the auction be Remy or something. That would have been hot because Remy still needs a proper redemption, in my opinion.

So the decision about the land was overturned, but no one knew? How does that happen? I’m so confused. Did I hear Sam correctly? Yall let me know.

Until next week…

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