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Queen Sugar – “All Those Brothers and Sisters”

November 2, 2021

Season 6 | Episode 8

When we last left the Bordelons, RA had basically handed Sam the land on a silver platter. He was set up from start to finish and the land they have fought so hard to keep may become property of Sam Landry soon. Nova was still recovering from being terrorized and traumatized by the police and Charlotte decided to take the leap and run for Congress.


The episode opens with RA having a pity party on the farm. Just sittin’ on the swing and looking sad. Darla comes out to check on her man. RA tells her he didn’t sleep well because he has too much on his mind. He can’t believe that he will be leaving the land. It’s so much a part of him. He was born there and thought he’d die there too. Darla tells him that wherever they are is where they are supposed to be and nothing can change that. RA also tells Darla that Charley wants to see them at City Hall. The lawsuit has been settled. That’s some kind of timing. So you mean to tell me that if RA had held out a week or two more, he would have had the money he needed? *insert deep sigh here*

At City Hall, the Black farmers have assembled to hear what Councilwoman Bordelon has to say. RA is sitting front and center and looking like the sour patch kid he is and has always been. Charley thanks them for participating in the arbitration and announces that they won. BUT, the settlement isn’t nearly as much as they thought it would be. They will each be getting $40k. Of course the farmers are disappointed because they are surely owed more than that. Charley reminds them that this is something and this is progress. Cordell (the crotchety farmer that I still can’t stand from back when Charley had her mill) was all loud and talking bout how the government keep letting them down and how they keep getting crumbs. RA says…and we keep taking them. *insert side eye here* So, this mediation is over and they live to fight another day. She then thanks RA for all of his hard work. Afterwards, RA tries to dip without even talking to his sister. Charley stops him and asks how he’s doing. He says he’s been better. She says she’s been better too. But she’s not giving up on the farm. She will never give up on the farm. That land belongs to them – it is them. She asks if he’s been able to find Theo. Of course he hasn’t. Theo’s phone is disconnected. *shocker* Charley assures him that they will be ok. She promises him that. And Ra walks away. You know what? Now I’m mad again. Charley went out of her way to lift this KNEEGROW up in front of all of the farmers – despite the stunt he just pulled. And the first question she asked was how he was doing. Let me just say this. She’s a better woman than I am…and probably will ever be. The high road ain’t the one I like to travel on. Ain’t nothing wrong with choosing violence. But Charley keeps going high. Bless her soul. And why is RA mad? Who you mad AT? YOU DID THIS, SIR. YOU.

RA is stil licking his wounds, but Darla is moving on. She has found them an apartment in the city. They need to prepare for their daughter and accept what’s happening. He doesn’t want Darla worrying and he’s still on his usual stuff – he will take care of her. For the first time, Darla asks him how he plans to do it. So now he says that he will get a job. Maybe he will go back to the nursing home and make an honest living. They will be fine. *le sigh*


Nova is at her house in a beautiful dress and trying to get some work done. Looks like the house is all clean and back in order, which is great. But just as she settles down to get to business, she notices a piece of glass on the floor. Another reminder of the terror that took place there. She hears the voices of the police officers and relives moments from the intrusion. Nova still isn’t ok, and its probably going to take a while for all of this to die down in her head.

So working from home clearly wasn’t the move and Nova packs an overnight bag. I’m really wondering why she was staying at her house in the first place when she should have been over at Casa de Charley until the shock wears off. But anyway, Dominic comes by with a WHOLE pot of gumbo. Oh…you cook, too? Ok, den. Anyway, he hasn’t seen Nova in a while and thought he’d come check up on her. She tells him that there’s been lots of drama with the family farm and she’s trying to deal with what just happened to her. She’s having trouble hearing the ancestors so she’s going to hit the road and let the ancestors guide her. He tells her to be careful, but he also offers to come with her if she’d like some company. After everything that has happened to Nova, he’s willing to drop everything and go on this random road trip with her. Nova agrees.

The roadtrippers stop for gas. They are at St.John the Baptist Parish. Home of the bloodiest slave uprising in history (1811). Dominic tells Nova that he’s working on a project with the governor’s office. It’s part of the initiative to reclaim Black land, have the place declared a historic site and make it harder for people to come in and tear it apart. The first thing that I thought was BINGO. This is the key to saving the farm. And it will be the dude that yall stay not trusting to do it. There is a reason that he’s here and that Nova told him about the bones and asked for his help. It will all come together in the end. Anyway, he tells Nova about a cemetery that was just reclaimed in Baton Rouge. Could the Bordelon farm be a cemetery? Could there be more bones? We shall see.

Nova’s spirit led her to one of the most spiritual places I have ever been – The Whitney Plantation. Nova and Dominic are reflective about the journey of Black people in this country. All of the things they have done to us and they do to us, it’s a wonder that we don’t retaliate. It’s a wonder. Dominic is clearly traumatized, too. At Whitney, they walk through the church that’s on the grounds and where there are statues of enslaved children. The interesting thing about those statues is that the children have no eyes. They are beautiful and daunting all at the same time. In the church, 2 little Black girls play. They take a seat, and one of the little girls tells Nova that she is pretty. Nova tells her that she is pretty too and that she should always know that. Lil sis says that she knows that. 🖤 The girls leave and Nova is in tears. “We are the wonder,” she says.

At Whitney, Dominic gets a call from his boss. He totally blew his work from home day to go on that surprise trip with Nova, but he doesn’t regret it. Nova tells him that he’s been traumatized too and he deserves some time to recalibrate. But he came on the trip because he’s worried about her and because he wanted to get to know her better. Nova thanks him for coming with her. They lean in to kiss each other, but Dominic stops it. He wants to, and Nova is beautiful and strong, BUT, she’s vulnerable right now and they can wait. Until they can be on steady ground for it. Nova agrees. Steady ground. I love it. Dom gets points for that.


Charley is at her home office getting some work done when Davis calls for the second time today. He asks what her plans were for the evening. She really doesn’t have any besides relaxing and reading (sounds like my idea of a fun time). Davis is happy to hear it. He tells her that he got her tickets and there’s a car waiting outside for her. She was like…whet? Sir, I got things to do, can’t be outchea sending cars to pick me up and whatnot. Charley talk a good game, but as soon as he said that she surely did close that laptop. Time for some fun. He tells her to call him from the next location and pack a bag. Word? This should be interesting.

So Charley took a flight to the secret destination and it’s their old apartment building. So now we know that Charley and Davis went to Duke (why I thought it was Stanford…I don’t know). Anyway, Davis greets her at the door and they walk in. He has re-created their struggling years. Movie posters on the wall (Why Do Fools Fall In Love and Set it Off), Duke stuff everywhere, Xscape on the radio. No furniture. Pizza and wine coolers. They sit down to eat on the rug. Charley is till in awe. This is incredible. She’s all happy and laughing. They had fun there. So much fun that they came in as two and left as 3. 😩 Charley is taking it all in, but Davis is about to reveal why we are back at the struggle pad. He gets on one knee, pulls out a ring box and tells Charley that he wants to do everything for her. He has always loved her. He asks her to marry him – again. And Charley was totally not ready for any of this. Her first answer is -I don’t know, Davis. Davis tells her that they have a beautiful story and it’s still being written. They can move to LA and do it right this time. Charley is beside herself. And she tells him that she is running for Congress in La and this is a lifetime opportunity for her. She can make change and she will be hella busy with that. Davis says that’s incredible. But Charley wasn’t finished. Launching a campaign and living long distance, at the start of a 2nd marriage is setting them up for failure. Again. They don’t want that. Davis says that Charley is giving up way too easy. He’s moving to La. Charley says no. He can’t give up his dream. But Davis says that she means a lot more to him than that job. Charley tells him that they are on different paths on 2 different coasts and they can’t do it all. But she will always love him. She just can’t marry him right now – not yet. This has to work for both of them. She closes the ring box and reaches for his hands. He tells her that he is a patient man and he’s not leaving.

Charley returns home and she’s in a daze. Davis is walking around in a similar fog. He sends a text to make sure she got home ok. She sends one back to tell him that she did and that she loves him, too.


Vi and Wood are having breakfast and Vi is looking all weary. She’s looking so weary that Wood offers to stay home with her and cancel Micah’s art show at The Real Spot. Of course Vi wasn’t having any of that and tells him to go. She’s just tired from staying up all night and worrying about RA’s foolish butt.

Vi does what she says she’s going to do and goes back to bed. She’s nursing a bruise on her arm. She gets up and passes out. *le sigh* Listen. Vi be working my nerves sometimes but I need her to survive. Ya hear? Because you think them Bordelon kids was in shambles when Ernest died…if Vi don’t live another 50 years, them kids ain’t finna make it.

Wood makes it home to find Vi on the floor. She tells him that she just lost her balance – that’s all. Wood wants to take her to the hospital but Vi refuses. Of course. It’s not her first flare up and she’s ok. Wood helps her to the bed, but I really wish he would have made Vi go to the hospital. She’s so dayum stubborn.

While Vi is recuperating, RA comes to see her. At first I didn’t think it was a good idea, but then I had second thoughts. Vi is worried about the land, but she’s also worried about her relationship with RA and what he said to her after the truth came out about RA’s crime. RA wants her to know that he wants to make things right. Vi tells him that she understands that he was doing the best he could and that’s all he could do. I’m sorry Vi, but robbery isn’t the best he can do. Nonetheless, Vi has looked up Blue’s school and it’s one of the best in the country. She’s proud of RA for sending him there so that Blue can thrive. Vi admits that she was just hurt and didn’t want Blue to leave. RA is happy that Blue hasn’t been there with all the drama going on at the farm. Vi accepts another one of RA’s excuses – he has a lot up against him. Finally, RA admits that he was wrong, but he wants Vi to know that his heart is in the right place. She wants him to know that he is still loved. RA tells her to take care of herself because he can’t lose her.

After Charley returned from that dramatic trip with Davis, she and Micah went to check on Vi. Vi was being the usual Vi and telling them that she’s fine and she ain’t going nowhere. Charley tells Vi that she’s running for Congress and Vi is shocked and happy for her. She asks how Davis feels about it and if they are ok. Charley says they are fine. And nothing else.


Micah brings Isaiah to his art show at The Real Spot. Cordell came thru (although he really could have stayed home). They are all a little late because they were at the meeting at City Hall. Wood says it’s a shame that they gotta fight for a few dollars. Micah says it doesn’t have to be that way. They can change things. He proposes liberation – Fred Hampton style. Or maybe like Nat Turner and his slave revolt that put people on notice. And then Micah said something that I’ve always believed. Black people haven’t received full liberation in America because some of us don’t know we ain’t free. RA says if they wanna see change, they have to be the ones to do it. Micah says they have to think radically and believe that change is possible. And then do the work.

At the art show, Cordell immediately finds a picture of Micah and Isaiah. They are close. Cordell was like…is this the change you talking about? This takes brotherly love to a whole nutha level. Isaiah says it sounds like he’s not used to seeing Black men love on each other. Micah was like….what’s the problem? RA piped up and told Cordell to cool down. Wood told Cordell he was reading too much into the pictures. They are friends. But RA was like…and if they wasn’t…what’s the problem? RA told Cordell that Blue used to play with dolls and there’s nothing wrong with that or Blue. Isaiah tells the men that overseas, men show affection and it’s no biggie. In Rwanda, men hold hands. Cordell was like…well…you ain’t in Rwanda no mo. SMH.

Back at the dorm, Micah is real standoffish with Isaiah. Isaiah asks about his next exhibit. Micah says there won’t be one. His first show wasn’t successful. Isaiah was like…that old dude didn’t like your work. No big deal. Micah thinks that the others didn’t like it either, they just had to protect him and not say anything. Isaiah is surprised that Micah’s confidence is shook. That old dude got you like that? Micah denies it. But when Isaiah puts his hand on Micah’s shoulder, he pulls back. Isaiah is in disbelief. Had Micah just been fronting about how he feels? You let that toxic masculinity get into your head. Micah won’t talk to him, so Isaiah turns to leave, but before making a full exit he tells Micah that he can’t believe this and that Micah prolly talks ish about him just like the rest of the people on campus do. Micah tells him that he’s the only person who defends him when folks are talking about him being gay. But the problem here is that Isaiah doesn’t need defending. He’s never said what he was or wasn’t. He shouldn’t have to. His sexuality doesn’t need defending and Micah is not a superhero.

Gather ’round children. Let’s chat.

Let’s start with Nova. I actually feel for her. Although this is probably karma finally biting her in the azz, the trauma caused by police is nothing to overlook. What they do to people in a matter of minutes follows those same people for the rest of their lives. Look at Micah. He’s still struggling to put all the pieces together and his run-in happened years ago. And what about Dominic? I know yall still think he’s working for the feds and he’s horrible. But I never did. And it turns out that he’s actually doing the kind of work that Nova appreciates and may also be able to use what’s he’s doing with land reclamation to help the Bordelons save the farm. Once again, I never had any doubts based on the way he was introduced to us. A cultural anthropologist. There’s a reason why we knew his title immediately. And he’s a gentleman. He’s had a thing for Nova since Day 1, That’s clear. And he had an opportunity to act upon his feelings and he did not. Because they have both experienced trauma and neither of them need to be doing anything right now but finding a way forward. But I love what he said about steady ground. Let’s do this on steady ground. Hey, boy. Heeeyyyy!

I really don’t want to write another paragraph about RA because I ain’t a Bordelon and I don’t forgive easy. I’m mad that RA’s mad. Why the attitude with Charley? Were you really gonna walk out of that meeting without speaking to her? Bless Charley’s soul for caring about how RA was doing. She’s definitely on his side and sees this as him being up against odds that he couldn’t overcome. RA is lucky to have her. Actually, he’s too good for her and he gets on my nerBs. Shout out to Darla for putting an end to the pity party at the farm and finding them a place to live. She prolly paid the deposit to. I totally feel her. She’s due any day now and she wants a home for the baby to come home to. And NOW RA wants to go get a job? Gimme a break.

But why are these Bordelon women still coddling RA. Charley made sure to pat him on the back in public to boost him up. Vi just accepted all of the excuses he previously submitted and let him off the hook real easy. Maybe they are his problem. I’m always intrigued when Charley falls into his trap tho. She has actually asked Vi why everything has to be about RA all the time. And yet, here she is falling into the same Bordelon pattern with him. I don’t get it.

The biggest win of the night was Charley declining to marry Davis. It’s been fun to watch Davis rock her world and to see a happy and smiling Charley, but Davis got too comfortable. He’s proposing marriage and a move to LA when Charley already told him that her home was in St. Jo. It’s also only been a few months. He rushed it. He really needs to realize that he can’t and doesn’t dictate that relationship. Charley has the upper hand here and he should be thankful that she is still entertaining him and was able to move past all that he did. I do believe that he loves her. I do believe that he will wait it out. He might ask her to marry him every quarter, but he ain’t gonna give her up. I’m just happy that Charley finally chose herself and her dreams. She deserves it. She’s given up enough. I think that Davis might just give up his job for her. If he does, he will definitely get one good slow clap from me. After all that Charley has given up for him, going all the way back to having their baby in college and abandoning all of her dreams, he owes her one. I think they will be ok in the end.

As a faux historian, I just want to shout out the excellent history lessons that Queen Sugar gives the people every week. I think those bones may be traced back to thee slave revolt and that would make it even more interesting. They went to the Whitney Plantation, which is a place that I think we should all visit at least once. I’m not big on plantations, but this one tells our story so beautifully. It’s a place where I have felt the spirit of my ancestors and because of that, I cannot wait to go back. It’s a spiritual experience and I’m not even exaggerating. We also got lessons about Nat Turner and Fred Hampton and I love, love, love it!

That’s all I got. Let me know what you thought about this episode and if you still mad at RA or not. You know where I stand.

Only two more episodes to go! Until next week…

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