Recap Renegade

Queen Sugar- “Tossing In the Meadows”

November 16, 2021

Season 6 | Episode 9

Well, SugarBabes, we have come to the penultimate episode of the season and it was all about RA, Darla and getting ready for the entrance of the newest lil Bordelon. ❤️


The show opens at the farm. The house is all packed up, boxes everywhere, and RA and Darla are sleeping on the floor (by choice). Darla is in that stage of pregnancy where you can’t sleep in the bed anymore. I totally get it. They get ready to start that day, but RA is very uneasy as he looks around at all of the boxes. He is preparing to leave his home and I’m feeling kinda sad for him (even tho it’s allll his fault).

At Vi’s house, she’s taking it easy, which is good to see. Sitting, chilling, resting, listening to music and saving her energy for the baby shower. Hollywood loves it. Everybody is dealing with their own battles right now, but we still need to make time to rejoice, right? You right Vi. Then Wood gets a text and starts cackling like a school girl. Vi wants to know what’s so funny. It’s a meme…from Gabriel. Oh word? You still in touch with Gabriel after Vi cut ties with his mama? This gonna be hella interesting. Vi claims she doesn’t have issues with it, but I’m not so sure about that.

At Casa de Charley, Charlotte has turned her house into an exquisite shower venue. The event planner is planning and flower deliveries are happening and she’s totally in charge. Meanwhile, Micah is helping himself to the food – including the fresh mangoes that Charley had flown in for Darla. Listen. People were straight hating on the fact that Charley had mangoes flown in for HER friend, for a shower at HER house, and that she used HER coins to pay for. The operative word here is HER and yall need to normalize luxury. Anywho, Charley is excited about having a little Bordelon and tells Micah that it’s all so amazing. When she looks at him, she can’t believe he used to be that tiny, but he’s everything she dreamed he’d be. Awwwwww. Micah hugs her. But that lingering hug got Charley’s mama vibes going off. She asks if he’s ok. And of course he says yes. He’s proud of her. She’s doing her thing on the road and she’s still here to plan parties for her family. She’s a wonder woman.

And guess whose coming to the shower? It’s BLUE!!! His parental units pick him up from the airport and Blue is so cute and grown up. He’s excited to see everyone and eat Vi’s food.

At Nova’s crib, she’s packaging the gift for her niece, when the neighbor yall think is shady drops by. He brings her coffee and a muffin…and a hug. He also come bearing results from the bones found on the farm. From what he can tell, the bones are from the late 1800’s AND they are from multiple people. They think it’s a larger graveyard. Wow! This is the key folks. I BEEN telling yall that because #ibeknowing. Dominic hangs out for a bit and Nova tells him about RA and Darla’s love story. Dominic is impressed by their perseverance. Nova hopes that the info Dominic was able to find can help save the farm – for them and their family. They’ve been thru a lot and they deserve this shower. Charley has gone ALL out so it should be a good time. SN: Why is Charley doing this shower alone when RA has another sister? Sometimes I wonder. Dominic compliments on how lovely Nova looks and asks that she bring him one of Vi’s pies. LOL. Nova was like…for real? But then she tells him he can come with her and get his own pie and he happily agrees. Now…for the folks who don’t trust Dominic, the next question was why he wanted to go to a shower. Men don’t go to showers. *insert deep sigh here* I’m so tired of yall. This dude wants some pie (figuratively and literally). He likes Nova. Men go to showers. There are co-ed showers. Men are partly responsible for the babies coming, why shouldn’t they be there (I’m just saying). But Dom wanting to go to a shower is “red flag.” Yall make me sick.

At Prosper’s, Billy and Prosper are getting ready to head to the shower and they are actually matching. Both of them are wearing Blue which I found strange since they are going to a baby shower and we all know it’s a girl. Perhaps Blue has another meaning here. Anyway, Prosper is complimentary and promises her that he’s here to stay and everything will be ok. Billie is nervous because she hopes the Bordelons accept her. Prosper says it’s gonna be fine and they got this.

Back at the farm, RA measures Blue against the wall where they have been keeping record. Blue says they gotta keep that there and they can put the baby’s measurements on the other wall. *le sigh* They ain’t told Blue nothing about this at all. But he notices that there are boxes and wants to know what’s going on. Darla says they will talk later, but RA takes Blue out for a walk to talk about the situation. RA takes Blue out to the field and they walk with a row of can between them just like RA and Ernest used to do (the scene set up is exact and I love this throwback to S1). RA tells Blue that he used to do this with Pops. Blue knows something is up and wants RA to cut to the chase. Was the harvest bad? RA asks if he remembers being the park with the churros? When RA left him to watch the game and count the plays (while RA robbed the store). RA says he never should have left him and he’s sorry. Life happens and sometimes you get desperate and do things out of fear. That’s no way to live. He gave him Blue’s corner, with a vision but then he messed up. He was desperate, did the wrong things to get money. As a result, he has to pay the consequences. So they have to leave the farm…for a little bit. Blue says it’s home. They can’t leave. Oh…and thee Queen Sugar song is playing (Ernest’s March). That song gets me every time. RA tells Blue that’s it gonna be ok and they head to shower. I’m curious as to why RA is saying that they may have to leave for a little bit and not permanently. I guess he refuses to accept a total loss.


Vi and Wood arrive first, with a stack of pies. Charley told her not to cook or bake, but since Blue was coming she baked him ALL the pies because he shouldn’t have to choose. Charley agrees. Vi and Wood are blown away at the shower set up and VI says Charley can make anything high class. I concur. Charley says Darla deserves it. They agree that this day should be extra special for Darla AND RA.

At the shower, it’s basically Blue’s show. He’s filling the gang in on all of his fancy school adventures and they are giving him their full attention. Nova arrives. Micah greets her with hug. Nova introduces Micah and Blue to Dominic with the pride of an auntie. Nova introduces Dominic to the rest of the family and ask that they make him feel at home. Charley was like…heyyyyy….welcome. Vi gives him a welcome hug. RA daps him up. Wood offers him a drink. Charley was like…uh…hello, handsome. How did I miss this? I know I been out of town a lot, but this is huge. Nova says it’s not news yet…but she wants it to be. And she’s taking things slow – for a change. So again, I say, Dominic is here to be a love interest and a key to saving the farm. And real talk, he’s the one that should be running from Nova. He seems like a good guy and Nova is not good with relationships. He will probably be the one crying in the end.

RA opens the festivities with a lil speech. He thanks Charley and Micah for hosting. Darla is thankful to share this space with them today. She’s appreciative of their support. Mr. Prosper has been her link to Mr. Ernest and has taught her all about him. Nova has helped with Blue’s schooling and community engagement and keeping him aligned with our history and legacy. Ummm…Nova also shattered y’all’s lives with that book (but this is a happy occasion so I guess we won’t talk about that tuh-day). Charley has been a champion for her and an inspiration to her in so many ways that’s its hard to even say – but it means a lot. Vi took care of Blue when they couldn’t, was there for her and pulled her back from the edge so that she can stand here today. And Hollywood…he singlehandedly tracked her down and saved her from herself in her darkest hour. Thank you forever. I love you all. We love you all. And thank you for this day and for all of the days. Yall…Darla had my face wet. Sis done been thru the fire. I loved her gratitude for all the family has done for her.

Outside on the patio, Darla and Charley got away from the party to talk. Vi finds them and asks why they are out there. Darla was sharing her pregnancy war stories with Charley and Charley totally relates. Darla says it’s a total mommy thing. And then they both realize that Vi isn’t a mom and Darla apologizes. Vi exits. She comes into the party to see Wood and Blue playing around. And again…she’s got that sad look.

Micah left the party and is sitting alone in his room. Nova notices his absence and finds him. Are you ok? Nova knows he’s not. Micah opens up to his favorite auntie. He’s confused about his relationship with Isaiah. His friend is the best friend he’s ever had. And it’s cool. But, the friendship had an unexpected turn – intimacy of emotion. He feels connected to him and some folks have noticed that. And he let that change the relationship because he wonders what the intimacy means. Is he gay? Is he fluid? This is all new. Nova hears him and tells him its a confusing time for him but it doesn’t have to be distressing. You don’t have to define yourself forever. Just use this time for discovery. Feel what you feel and follow them. Don’t stress. Don’t force it. The story of you is new each day. Micah is thankful for the advice.


Since the main farmers were at the shower, RA took this time to have an impromptu meeting in Charley’s office. Black people are always resourceful and they always take stuff from us. They hate our strength and our joy. Prosper and Billie have been talking to RA and he has come up with an idea. The idea is for a co-op. *record scratch* I’m going to tell yall the rest of the story, but I want you to travel back with me to the last episode of Season 1. Charley had laid the groundwork for the mill and came to the farmers at the High Yellow to discuss. She proposed a CO-OP. A collective situation where they would build together and reap the benefits together. It was a hard sell, but she got enough farmers to mill with her. And then when it was time for them to actually mill, they all abandoned her. Now, imagine what would have happened if the farmers had banded together, under Charley’s leadership and her funding to take control of their own destinies. Anyway, five seasons later, RA is proposing the “new” idea. A co-op. *le sigh. Ok. Back to the story. He wants them to pool their settlement money together to purchase some control and power. Th idea is to buy up more land. Billie did some research and with the Biden-Booker Black Farmers Rescue Plan, they could make this work. Any land that comes up for sale in farming communities, has a first option for Black frames to purchase it. The outlet mall that that Parker was trying to buy fell thru during the quarantine, so now they could purchase it together. But it wasn’t it RA’s idea – it was Darla and he gives her all the credit. But Blue was like…yall done messed up the shower. We got cake to eat and I need to get all yall clothespins so I can win this game. Let’s get back to the party.


The fam is packing up and cleaning up. Charley offers to store the gifts in her garage since she knows they are moving and may not want to deal with extra stuff right now. Darla declines because this stuff is good to look at and will make her feel better. So now that Charley and Vi have Darla alone, they have a proposition for her. Vi offers for them to move into her house while they save money for rent. She can cook and help the with the baby. She’s also turned over a new leaf so she won’t be a pain in the ass. Charley also offers her house while she goes on her run for Congress tour. Darla is overwhelmed and thanks them.

Dominic went back home with Nova and they have a command center set up to go over all of the information he has found. His students have been working overtime and using the libraries at Tulane and Xavier to piece together this mystery. The bones match those similar to remains found at the Thibodaux Louisiana Massacre in 1887. Nova is familiar with it. Black farmers were trying to unionized and angry white farmers killed them. They were murdered and massacred. That massacre happened about 50 miles from St. Jo, but multiple massacres resulted in unmarked burials all over the place. It’s not unlikely that that land was used a mass grave. So remember when Dominic mentioned that he had just got a cemetery marked as a historical site? Nova asks if they could do that with their land. Dominic says its a possibility. The Landrys have always wanted the land, but perhaps this will finally stop them. They won’t be able to dig up the remains of freedom fighters and her mother, just to build condos. This is sacred land – it always was. Dom says they need to do a little more research to tie it to the land. But if they can prove that historical artifacts are there, they can designate it as land that can’t be built on – and land that can’t be taken. BINGO!

Back at the skewl, Micah brings Isaiah some food from the baby shower. He’s not home, so Micah leaves a note and the food for him. I really wonder what’s going to happen with this relationship…

At the farm, Darla tells RA about their new housing options and the offer she got from Vi and Charley. RA had the NERb to say he was wondering about that. You was wondering ’bout what? The same people you didn’t think needed to know about your situation are the same people who are falling over themselves to HELP you. They would have done that had he asked before. But anyway, Darla tells him that they were lovely and generous. RA says they could save their money. Darla is moving towards accepting Vi’s offer. It might be nice to have her around for love and support for the baby. Since she wasn’t there for Blue, she feels like she needs the help and guidance. RA says it’s whatever she wants to do. But he hope the ancestors intervene and protect the land like they always have. If they have to leave, he just wants to be where she is.

And just like that, we are ready for the finale. So what yall think? What are yall’s predictions. Here’s mine: (1) Angel Bordelon will be born, (b) Parker comes back with extra shenanery and does something crazy drastic like run against Charley for that open seat, (iii) Dominic, the shady neighbor neighbor with red flags yall don’t like, is going to get that additional info and the land will be saved at the last possible minute, (iv) the farmers co-op and attempt to get the strip mall is going to ring the alarm for Sam and the fight for next season is set.

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