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Greenleaf – The Sixth Day

July 31, 2020
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And on the sixth day, the Greenleaf saga got even messier. Old secrets, new revelations and more questions. Let’s get into it.

Last week, Rochelle returned to Memphis and caught Bishop and Lady Mae totally off guard. I am not sure why they were so shooketh because they of ALL people should know that they shouldn’t underestimate none of Darryl’s kids. They are ruthless. Anyway, because of Rochelle’s return and all of the drama they went thru before with her, Bishop is on the phone with the FBI agent that was in charge of the embezzlement case with Jacob. They are trying to figure out how and why Rochelle is outchea chillin. Apparently, she’s no longer a person of interest, so she can do whatever the hell she wants to do. Mae is more concerned about Bishop’s physical…that he is going to miss if he doesn’t leave soon. Bishop is really not worried about this appointment and I was kinda with him. If he went to the doctor after being all worked up about Rochelle and the lack of assistance he got from the FBI, his numbers would be through the roof. It’s probably for the best. Mae hasn’t given up and has tasked Grace with making sure he gets to the doc. She can’t do it because she has invited Tara over. Say whet? Ummm…yeah. Tara claims that she didn’t know Rochelle was coming back and she wants to clear the air with Mae. I don’t trust NONE OF THIS! Bishop doesn’t trust Tara and is not here for giving her a chance to tell her side of the story. He is off to that raggedy azz club they are trying to turn into the a church to meet with the inspector. He is only worried about the future. #onward

So Darius has been working super duper hard to get to the bottom of this Bob Whitmore situation. He calls Grace from a new number. Bob done had Darius’ hotel room robbed. They got his phone and laptop. Bob is not playing games! Darius needs to know if Grace still has some files on her computer. She does. But as soon as she logs in and finds the files, they start disappearing. Like…before her eyes, they all vanished. What kinda mess is this? How is Bob doing allllla this? Chile.

Kerissa and Jacob are preparing to break the news to Winky about the divorce with a therapist. Jacob tells Kerissa again that he deserves shared custody but Kerissa isn’t with it. And I really don’t understand. Jacob is trife but I do believe he loves and deserves to be with his kid. Meanwhile, at the cabin, Zora is working on her app for The New School…and she’s planning to go to New York tomorrow…and she has nowhere to stay. Ummmm….sis…what is you doing? Sophia had come over to help her out and found out all about her plan. Zora is going crazy over the divorce and she’s about to do something rash. Sophia decided that she needed to tell Zora’s parental units about what’s going on. Kerissa and Jacob go to try to fix the situation. Zora gets a lil rowdy, but they manage to come to a solution. She can postpone her trip to NY and stay with a cousin. Voila. Later, Kerissa is still in her feelings about the divorce, especially since they worked as a team to help Zora. Jacob assures her that he is happy that they met…but they still gettin that divorce tho. And finally, Kerissa agrees to shared custody.

Remember Yusef Shabazz? Phil’s daddy? The crotchety old Black man who keeps hanging up on Charity and Grace? Well, apparently the last time he spoke to Charity, he was moved to help and he actually showed up at the house. He has agreed to talk, but doesn’t want to be on the record. They meet up with Darius who lays out what he knows. Bob owned a mortgage company that sold second mortgages to people who needed money. Basically, it was predatory lending. So when a balloon payment came up and they couldn’t make the payment, he took their house. And the people that he did this to were all Black. They were targets. Poor Black families. And that’s why Bob goes out of his way to find and befriend Black churches. Phil’s mama did the dirty work for Bob. She was the face that the Black families saw and she talked them into this scheme. Kinda like what Phil does for Bob now. Phil doesn’t know about any of it, but it’s interesting that he is basically playing the same role his mama was playing back in the day. Anyway, Bob would definitely want Edenveil to stay a secret if he plans on running for Senate. Charity thinks Phil should know. Yusef doesn’t think so. Darius pleads with Yusef to go on the record, but that’s a no too. However, he does agree that if Darius can find at least one person to back up the story, he will confirm. I am really surprised that Yusef is coming thru like this. I didn’t expect anything from him. And in a surprise move, Charity convinces Yusef to go talk to Phil. This should be good. They head to the church. Phil and Judy are packing up documents when Charity, Grace and Phil’s pappy walk up on them. Surprise! Yusef spills all the tea about Phil’s mama and how Bob used her. He begs Phil to not be the same way. Ummm…too late. Judy says this is all Satan’s handywork. Phil decides that he’s gonna call the police on his daddy and tell them about the things he’s done in the past, but Charity stops him. He’s trying to help you Phil! And then Judy interjects with “daddy loves Black people.” Have several seats, Judy. Phil doesn’t believe that his mama was involved in this predatory lending thing, but he does know that she worked hard while Yusef sat on his arse so he’s really kinda done with the whole thing. Bye, Yusef. But you know what, Phil looks like he really doesn’t know what he will do next. Judy made some comment about Black people being like pigeons. She was waiting for Phil to agree, but he didn’t. Uh oh…

Back at the Greenleaf Estate, Mae is having that meeting with Tara. Tara swears she didn’t know of Rochelle’s whereabouts or the FBI stuff and that she called her because her sister is “volatile.” She says with all of this stuff going on, she had to tell Rochelle because Rochelle is her sister. She just couldn’t keep it from her. Tara is convinced that God wants that house to be used for good, but if they can’t decide on what to do in a peaceful manner, then it’s not the answer. Plus, there’s no way in hell that Rochelle is letting any of this go. That’s the only thing they can agree on at the moment. But while Mae and Tara were having a decent conversation over tea, Rochelle rolled up on the Bishop at the club. Oh, LordT. She basically came to get Bishp’s pressha up. She told him that he needs to get it through his heart that he needs to tell the truth. That’s why all of this ish is happening to the Greenleafs…because of all the lies and God knows it all. God is making of this stuff is unfold and it’s the Bishop’s lies that caused it all. James doesn’t admit to anything. Rochelle keeps poking. Success is the evidence of being highly favored…and you look out of favor, bruh. Then she pulled a Color Purple. Until you admit what you have done and what you did to my father, nothing you do will stand. Bishop told her she’s sick. Rochelle tells him that Basie should have killed him when he had the chance. Rochelle got James shooketh. He ran back to the mansion and told Mae there ain’t no way in hell they are giving the house to Tara n nem. Mae’s been thinking a lot about how they got this house and it does seem fishy. Loretta Davis didn’t even know them. That first will may have been legit and Superlawyer Aaron seems to think that it is. Bishop thinks Rochelle made up that will. Anyway, Mae says that she’s just tying to find a holy way thru this and that took Bishop to another level. Holy? You wanna talk about holy? And then when this convo was about to get good and juicy, Jacob interrupted. Smh. Kerissa and Winky are leaving and he wants all of them to say goodbye to make it seem “normal.” Mae was like…son, marry somebody you love next time and be faithful and you won’t have to worry about normal. Welp. Jacob left and Bishop resumed with that convo they were having. Back to holiness…try confessing your own sins ma’am! Ouch. He went on to say that everything he has done and every mistake made has been broadcasted for the whole town, meanwhile, Mae got the secret of all secrets and she out here unblemished…and telling Jacob how to be. At this point, keep your holy admonitions to your dayum self. He didn’t say dayum, but you know he wanted to. And now Mae is shooketh.

In AJ news, things are going relatively well. Noah got AJ to take his meds and he got him to see a therapist. Also, the offer to put the car together with Bishop has put him in a really good space. That’s sweet. Grace is still in her feelings about AJ choosing Noah over her. Noah got some news. He found his own spot and he invited Grace to stay with them…since she finna be homeless after Mae gives away their house. Noah claims that it’s not romantic or anything…but y’all know goodT and well that Noah has other things in mind.

The family gathers on the stairs to bid adieu to Winky and Kerissa. It’s kinda awkward. None of them really want to be there it seems. After she leaves, Mae tells the fam she has an announcement. My heart starting beating overtime. Since they are entering in a new phase of life, they can’t drag the past behind them. Bishop tries to stop her but Mae was like…nah, let me get this out because you ain’t gonna ever be able to hold this against me again. “Grace is the product of an affair I had with Lionel Jeffies. Grace has known it for a while and so has your father, for whom it changes nothing. We are family.” They are all shocked. But then Mae tells them dinner will be at 7:30 and she walks back into the house leaving them all outside to deal with this bomb she just casually dropped into their laps. So, I’m thinking that we are going to have another crazy dinner at the Greenleafs, but instead, the next scene is of the siblings…talking about how silent dinner was. Wayment? What? This is where I have to question the writers. For five WHOLE seasons, we have seen Greenleaf dinners. They have all been dramatic, chaotic and end with everybody leaving to go their corners of the house. We are suppose to believe that no one said anything AND that no one checked Mae. No one had questions? I ain’t buying this, but I digress. The siblings are outside on the balcony drinking and trying to process what just happened. It actually answered a question they had all wondered about – why is Gigi so light? Smh. I think this may be the first time this season we have seen actual bonding between the siblings, but it didn’t last long. Charity asks if Aaron knows. Grace tells her that he knows. Which means Kevin knows. And now Charity is mad again. No surprise there. Grace gets a call and it’s Darius so she has to end the bonding session. He found someone to back up Yusef’s claims. Word? Gigi is on the way over.

Before Yusef, Charity and Grace left Darius’ house, Darius told Grace he wanted to have a serious conversation about their future. Grace seemed ready to hear it. After Darius called, Grace immediately went over there to get this additional info he found, but he doesn’t answer the door. She pulls out her phone to call him and gets his voicemail. And then a car pulls up. It’s Fernando! Grace asks Fernando where Darius is and he offers to take her to him. Grace was like nah playa. Where is he? Fernando only tells her to be careful because nobody cares about journalists anymore and stay out of it. What the hell is going on? I don’t think a future for Darius and Gigi is in the cards.

Yall! I can’t.

What happened to Darius? Did they kill him or are they just torturing him? This is crazy.

So Mae dropped her 40-year old secret on the family and their response was silence? Really? Ain’t NOBODY checking Mae for this? I am definitely wondering how they will treat her moving forward. Especially Jacob.

Bishop never went to the doctor and I have a bad feeling that something will happen to him soon.

Phil and Yusef finally came face to face after years. I think this was the only thing that was going to change Phil’s trajectory. Judy and Bob think they have Phil where they want him. But what happens if Phil changes his mind about everything?

We only have two more episodes left. How will this end? Chile.

Until next week…

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