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February 19, 2020


It’s three months later and Gently and Evan are a happy couple.  They wake up together in total bliss and the light coming through the window is amazing! Apparently Evan has been trying to convince Gently to come to his parents’ 40th Anniversary party. Gently doesn’t want to. They have only been dating for 3 months and it’s too soon.  Evan persists! Come on, Gently…you’re like ketchup…you make everything better. Lawd. Evan is corny, but cute and sweet.  He tells Gently that she is important to him and he wants them to know her. Gently agrees to go. Evan celebrates this small victory and heads for the shower. Gently gets a message about her mom, who is apparently in town. Gently calls her and gets her voicemail (which happens time and time again throughout the episode). Gently leaves a message and tells her that everything is good and that she will talk to Ben (about staying with him) and she doesn’t have to worry about anything. But she’s whispering, so this is clearly something she wants to keep from Evan. She begs her mom to call her back.   

Later, Gently heads over to talk things over with Ben. She finds him on the porch chillin’ with some eye patches on to handle his bags. LOL. Ben got a new lady who is all into skincare, so he has adopted this routine and seems real happy about it.  Gently meets Ben’s lady and she offers Gently some products. Gently just uses coconut oil (me too, girl).  Ben knows that Gently is there about her mama and they need to have a real convo about this.  She wants her mom to stay with Ben while she’s in town, but the last time that happened, ole girl stole from him – so issa no.  Gently’s mama has a habit of coming thru every few years, and every time Gently bends over backwards to accommodate. Ben reminds her that she’s not a child anymore. She doesn’t have to do that.  Gently is mad and tries to leave, but Ben isn’t having it. He asks about Evan and Gently is more than happy to talk about him. He’s sweet, honest and easy to be with. He’s good to her and he doesn’t play games. Ben asks her if she can say any of the things she said about Evan about her mom. She can’t and she won’t change. Don’t let your mama hurt you again.  Yall! My heart breaks for Gently.  She wants her mother’s love so much, but it’s just not happening.  I am bracing myself for the showdown with Evan’s mama, but Gently got mama issues, too. She calls her mom (again) and her mom doesn’t answer (again). She just wants to let her know that she’s going to get her a hotel room.  And again, she pleads for her mom to call her back.  


At the jewelry store, Evan is picking out some expensive arse watches for his parents. His brother in law Nick cannot believe that he is bringing Gently to the party. Mama will not be pleased. Nick says that it took Mama 3 whole years to accept him and he has an ivy league education, so you know that Mama Fisher is not going to be on board with a girl from around the way. Evan says that the problem with brother in law was that he knocked Ellene up. That’s a valid point, which Nick accepts. LOL.  

Evan rolls up to Miss Luma’s house to pick up Gently and he’s looking all dapper and ready for the party. Miss Luma is at the doe waiting for this young man’s arrival and she looks very happy.  As he walks up, he gets a text from Gently saying that she needs five more minutes. Five more minutes? Gently ain’t even at the house yet. SMH. Evan heads back to the car, but Miss Luma was like…heyyyyyy…come on in here, boy.  While they wait, Miss Luma fixes Evan some sun tea…just like his grandmother used to make. Yall. I really wanted some of those cookies and that tea. I just KNOW Miss Luma’s tea will heal all that isn’t right in my soul.  Evan eyes her “keepsake.” It’s the bullet hole in the window that he peeped when he first got there. Miss Luma says its from the “92 Rebellion.” It’s from the “rebellion” not the “riot.” Word usage is everything.  People got good and tired. PeriodT.  Evan says that’s the perpetual feeling of our people and Miss Luma agrees.  It’s in our DNA – struggle and joy. And then Gently walks in…and says she needs 5 minutes. Lawd. Anyway, I am glad that Gently is all tardy and whatnot. It gave Miss Luma and Evan a chance to get to know each other. Evan is all in Miss Luma’s vinyl collection (you know that’s his thing). He finds something special and pulls it out. Miss Luma said her “darling Q” gave that to her. Say whet? Miss Luma…you talkin bout Quincy? Yasssss.  It’s Strawberry Letter 23. Miss Luma was ready to give Evan a history lesson about the song but he already knows. It was written by Shuggie Otis. Miss Luma is impressed. And they dance. My heart melted. And the way the light was shining thru Miss Luma’s house. It was like God was smiling on them. This may have been my favorite scene of the night. And finally Gently is ready and she looks like she’s been bathed in coconut oil, shea butter, and sprinkled with black girl magic.  


Issa Saturday at the salon.  What a familiar scene. I could even smell it.  Evan and Gently are there with Evan’s niece, Esther, to get her hair laid. Gently is doing what she’s been doing all day – calling her mama and leaving voicemail messages. My heart breaks every time this happens.  Evan lets her know that he knows something’s going on with her mom and that if she needs anything or any help, he’s there.  Rika is doing Esther’s hair and we get a little more insight into the tension from last week. Esther ain’t feelin her mama because she’s critical. Gently tells her that lots of kids would give up everything to have a mama who cares and loves them.  Rika is surprised that Gently agreed to go with Evan tonight. Gently is having second thoughts because her mom is in town and she needs to get her settled. Rika puts the breaks on that one real quick. No maam. All you gotta do is worry about yo man’s party. Point black and the period.  This is important and it means that Evan is serious about her. Rika is over Gently’s mama, too. Today needs to be about Gently.  “Sis, I just want to see you win. Don’t let that golden ticket slip through your fingers.” Yassss! I hope all of yall got at least ONE Rika in yo life.  


Finally, it’s party time! They got valets at the house and errrrything.  Evan’s daddy is already lit and the party is just getting started. Then he called her “Gentry.” Bruh. She is used to people butchering her name, but I still cringed when it happened and Evan corrected him.  Evan is over his daddy and his daddy’s drinking. He begs him to go easy on the dranks. I promise you daddy ain’t gonna oblige.   


They made it inside and Gently is already getting the stare down by Mama Fisher’s sawrahs.  They “compliment” Gently’s alphet. Is it Chanel? Nah…it’s thrift store, sis. They tell her she’s cute.  They also openly ask about Evan’s last girlfriend – the light skinned one. They also make reference to sorority preference. I am in a sorority and I will keep all of my thoughts about this scene to myself (shocker…I know).  Anywho…the sawrahs keep acting up and Mama Fisher (her name is Marilyn) ends the interrogation.  Marilyn is nice enough…at first.  But she eyes a tattoo on Gently’s neck…and if looks could kill. Gently and Evan escape to the kitchen and Evan tries to get more info about Gently’s mom. He offers to drive Gently to meet her mom after the party, but Gently declines. Evan’s sister comes in the kitchen. She’s all disgruntled and bothered. Her anxiety on 1000 because Esther got her hair dyed at the salon knowing it would piss her off – and that’s why she did it.  Plus, Daddy keep knockin the dranks back. But there’s some good news! Evan got the promotion he was up for. Sis is happy and proud. But Evan hasn’t accepted. He has to think about it. Sis is like…whet? Whatchu got to think about? Evan tells her that he may not be there for long because he is working on his app. Sis is like…yo app? Boy, bye. This is a big raise and then looks to Gently for agreement. She clearly doesn’t know Gently. Gently tells her that if this isn’t his passion, he shouldn’t pursue it. Passion? Passion excites you, it doesn’t feed you. Whew, Lawd. She sounds like some people I know. 

Marilyn is finally getting her chance to drag Gently by telling her that where she’s from “used” to be a good area.  Marilyn tells her that the secret to happiness is a yearly family vacation and then she asks about Gently’s family vacations.  Gently mentions a family block party. But why didn’t she tell MIZZ Marilyn about all of her world travels. Gently has been to twice as many places as Evan. She really could have shut Marilyn’s arse up. But she didn’t. The rudefest continues when Evan tells her that Gently lives in a beautiful old home…that belongs to Miss Luma. Gently tries to give Miss Luma some props about her being a veteran actress, but Marilyn cuts her off. Smh. Evan is so over this ish. But he jokes with Gently after his mama leaves the scene.  And just when I had had enough of this whole night, Gently’s cousin calls. Gently’s triflin arse mama made it over to their house and she’s playin spades out in the backyard. But the only reason they are calling Gently is because ole girl can’t stay with them.  They put her mama on the phone – and she finally gets to talk to her. Mama tells her to come on over, don’t worry about her man’s party, she can leave whenever she wants – because she’s grown. Mama is on my last nerB.  Mama rushes Gently off the phone (because the spades game is lit), but before she goes, she lets Gently know that she needs $85 for the bus. I am over Gently’s mama too.   

While Gently is dealing with her toxic mama, Evan’s toxic mama got a surprise for him. She invited his ex-girlfriend to the gahtdamb party. Fix it, Jesus.  Evan stands firm. He’s with Gently.  Marilyn was like…dammit Evan! I am tired of this ish. You are about to be thee man at your company and your girl is a babysitter for an old woman. First of all…I need for Marilyn to put some respeck on Miss Luma’s name. Second of all, Marilyn is wrong as hayle for having the ex there.  That could have exploded in her face. Third, Marilyn is just wrong…on all fronts.  Evan tells his mom that he is DONE and walks away.  

It’s toast time and Evan’s sister is leading it. She does a look back at the year her parents got married. It’s cute. And then she says something interesting. Mama and Daddy Fisher were from two different worlds, but they found each other. Hmmmm…isn’t that funny. She presents them with the watches that Evan picked out earlier and turns it over to Evan. Evan is still BIG MAD from his convo with his mama and the speech he chooses to give shows that.  Congrats on surviving one another.  Thanks for teaching me to be a good person, with an open heart, and not to judge. Thanks for showing me how to value a person’s character and not their bank accounts. Here’s a toast to the people who understand that a happy marriage is so much more than where you come from – it is the home you make together. Mama is hot as fish grease. Cheers, tho! And then, Mama Fisher summons Evan and Daddy Fisher throws up at the bar. Whew, chile. Whatamess. 


Evan is cleaning up his daddy. SMH. He tries to smooth things over. Yo mama just wants what’s best for you.  Evan doesn’t want to talk about it.  Mama comes looking for Evan at the top of the stairs. How dare you humiliate me in front of my friends? I am disappointed in you.  So now the whole family is in the hallway for this confrontation. Evan tells her that he is disappointed in her too.  Sis tries to diffuse the situation. Marilyn claims that Evan is under Gently’s influence. Otherwise, he would have never pulled a stunt like that. Evan begs his mom to see it through his eyes. Gently makes him happy and that’s all that matters and he expects her to respect that and respect her. Tell her, Evan! Mama didn’t even hear him. She tells him to grow up and think about his future and long-term. Gently is just a low-class piece of arse that makes him feel edgy.  Now…if we had drawn a line in the sand, this would have been the point where Marilyn hopped right on over it.  Evan looks heartbroken. Gently heard it all.  Evan rushes to her. Marilyn apologizes (why? You meant it.)   

Outside, Gently actually has to calm Evan down. He is livid. Gently breaks it down – we can’t control our crazy arse moms! She actually asks if he’s ready to go back in. He’s not. He’s ready to dip. It’s just them and that’s all that matters. Yassssssss, Evan! 


These two crazy kids are out driving. They just keep going…


Under a full moon, on a blanket, with some food, my new favorite couple has finally found some peace.  Evan asks if Gently had talked to her mom. She had and she was on her way to tell him that she was going to leave to see her, when she heard Evan standing up for her. That was a first. No one has ever done that for her. Finally, Gently lets her guard down and tells Evan about her mom.  She was usually home when Gently got home from school because she couldn’t keep a job. She just got up one day and left. Dinner on the stove, clothes still in the closet…but she was gone. Gently waited for her. And she’s still waiting. *insert me fighting air here*  Gently finally realizes that she had been wanting something that’s never going to come and what she’s been getting from her mom all these years is not love and she needs to stop looking for that in her mom. Evan tells Gently that she can look for that love in him. This dude says allllll the right things. And then he tells her that he loves her. Wow! And she says it back. Double wow!  

This episode was A LOT. My emotions were all over the place and so much ground was covered.  

We saw classism and elitism rear its ugly head. I think it’s cool to have things and reap the rewards of success. What’s not cool is looking down on others after you have achieved that.  Marilyn Fisher was outta order the entire episode. Beyond being elitist, she was just plain ole rude. Marilyn was embarrassed by Evan’s speech, but didn’t even bat an eye at her husband throwing up at the party. Perhaps this is a common occurrence? I would have been wayyyyy more mad at my hubs for not being able to control himself and his liquor at our anniversary party.  It’s clear that the Fishers live in the heart of dysfunction junction. Daddy has to drink to deal with mama. Mama controlling them all. Sis ain’t happy and has a daughter who will probably grow up to embarrass her at public functions just because. Issa cycle.  And I am waiting on the sister’s story to unfold as well.

Can we give Gently a standing ovation for not being the angry black woman? Her poise and grace cannot be overlooked. She heard that whole conversation and didn’t even bat an eye. Maybe she was ready for it and that’s why she didn’t want to come in the first place. Maybe she has heard it all before. Maybe she just has manners. Or maybe she was so happy that Evan stood his ground that it didn’t even matter. I don’t know what it was, but kudos to her. 

Miss Luma was back this week and it did my heart good. Every time she shows up it’s like a hug from the ancestors. Every word she speaks is the truth and I want a spinoff about Miss Luma’s life. *pens letter to Ava* Dear…Ava….please create a show about the life and times of Luma Langston. Please and thank you. 

Did yall notice the shadows on the wall in the opening scene? That grabbed me. The cinematography on this show is ah-mazing. I can watch this show with the sound on mute and still totally enjoy it. Just pure beauty. 

Gently finally let her guard down and I am happy for her. She had been searching for love and acceptance and she finally found it in Evan. I wasn’t expecting them to say those three words so soon, but the truth is, I knew for sure that Evan was in love by Ep 2. I am high key praying for these guys and especially Gently. I need her heart to be protected.  

What was the biggest lesson of this episode? Toxicity knows no class. Evan’s mama is toxic. Gently’s mama is too. Different side of the tracks, same problem. It seems like Gently is finally ready to get up from the table where love isn’t being served. But what about Evan? What’s he gonna do about his mama?  

Alright. I’m out. I’m finna go watch that scene with Evan and Miss Luma dancing because it fills my heart with joy. I will see yall next week! 

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