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Queen Sugar Season 4 Wrap-Up

September 20, 2019

Season 4 may go down as one of my favorite seasons of Queen Sugar. Every episode was fiyah.  Now that it’s over, and I have had a chance to recover and collect my thoughts (kind of), it’s time for the Season 4 Wrap-Up. 


Nova, Nova, Nova. Nova was the catalyst for most of the drama this season, with the release of her “memoir.” I shall continue to use the term very loosely when describing her book because much of it wasn’t about her at all.  She defended sharing her family’s secrets and her disdain for her sister, by saying that it was all to heal the race and them. In the end, each family member had to deal with what was thrown in their faces with the release of the book and the biggest winner of the season was Nova. Let’s see. She got a best-selling book, coins from the book deal, got to catch up with all of her old loves on the book tour, got Calvin back, and got a new house…with Calvin.  And now she’s writing a new book, but promises to focus on herself this time. Ok, Nova. Ok.   

Anyway, I have questions about the way forward for Nova.  As it relates to her family, I really wonder how their new relationships will look. Will there be a trust-building period of time? Will they continue to actually talk it out?  Can she come to family dinner and be privy to all of their business still?  I think the best resolution was with RA and Nova.  And, I think that happened because RA was the only one that put up some real resistance.  Nova was forced to offer apologies to him more than once. And in the end, she offers him her promise of working on their relationship.  That’s kinda where they all should be at this point. 

And what about Calvin? Ah, yes. She got her man.  But, does Nova still have all that baggage from before, or did the book heal her? Asking for a friend. And, Calvin comes with baggage, too.  He has kids that he has joint custody of.  He has an ex-wife, who has probably read all about Calvin and Nova’s forbidden love in the book.  This is an interracial relationship.  Will “the people” approve? Does Calvin know that Nova is bi-sexual? Will he care? Can they have a solid relationship, considering how their relationship started? And if Calvin cheated on his wife (and kids), isn’t he liable to do the same to Nova? Can there be happiness for homewreckers? Idk. Maybe. 

In the future, I hope that we will see a new and improved Nova. She has lots to prove to her family and she made baby steps with her full participation in helping Charley try to take the Landrys down.  For the most part, Nova had been checked out when it came to family issues, and the farm in particular. One of the best things that happened as a result of this book was her finding out that her mom was buried on the land. Maybe that will renew her desire to fight with her family to save it. 


Nova’s book created the most havoc and heartbreak for RA, Darla and Blue.  For some reason, Nova thought it was her place to expose Blue’s paternity and vividly tell the story of the night Wood found Blue in the crack house with Darla – even though she wasn’t there.  As a result, Blue found out from a kid at school that RA wasn’t his dad, struggled with the news and got into therapy.  Darla had a new job and a new relationship, but the book destroyed all of that and sent her spiraling.  Totally unrelated to the book, Darla found out that she had been sexually assaulted the night Blue was conceived and that led her to relapse.  RA was also in a new relationship with Deesha (I loved her) but because of Darla’s struggles, he had to let Deesha go. In the end, RA and Darla came to terms with a lot of things, but emerged with one clear fact – they still love each other.  So now what? 

Will these two love birds get married?  They were engaged once before.  They just need to gon’ head and do it. I actually wanted to see them with different people, but they are like magnets. They keep getting sucked back together. So just go on, children. Get married and make Blue happy. And give him a sibling. 

This season, RA also started a re-entry program in his father’s honor. It got shut down after the mill fire and due to the white domestic terrorism that runs rampant in St. Jo.  At one point, he had taken the sign down and was totally defeated. But, I noticed that the sign was back up.  Much of his program was dependent upon grinding with Charley. I wonder if he will ever be able to get it up and running again. I hope so. It seemed to give him purpose. 

But, RA still has another huge issue to contend with – the highway that the colonizers are hell bent on building that will threaten his land.  Per the usual, they will all sit back and wait to see how Charley gon’ save it. But, I wonder if Tru will save the day.  She wanted to be buried on the land. They just discovered that, thanks to Nova, and a marker is there now. Can they take the land if it’s burial ground?  I am sure there’s some legal case about this, and I should/could go look it up, but I don’t feel like putting my lawyer hat on right now. I’m just gonna assume that there’s tons of case law on this and that if nothing else, Charley can tie them up in court from now until Jesus comes. She certainly has the funds to do so.    

I continue to pray for Darla. But, now that she is back with RA and Blue, I am sure she is in a better space.  I see them moving on as a family.  She was at the election night celebration and was among the group to congratulate and hug Charley.  I wouldn’t mind seeing Charley and Darla rekindle their friendship. I liked what they had.  


Woke Micah. For a goodT half of the season, Micah was on my trash list.  He started the season off by siding with Nova and taking all that Nova had written about his mother as the gospel. He even told Charley that he didn’t trust her…all while she was protecting his lil woke azz from death threats he knew nothing about.  I think it was after Davis popped up at the house with his love child, Tia, I noticed a shift in Micah.  That scene was masterfully done.  Micah and Charley searched each other’s faces for hurt, while they both grappled with coming face to face with Davis’ secret.  That was right around the time that Charley decided to run for Council. Maybe it was the timing of those two events that helped Micah see Charley’s strength and that Charley is (and has always been) fighting for the people…something he should have seen a long time ago. Right before the fire, he acknowledged that his mom was indeed a “badazz.”  

The greatest awakening for Micah came on prom night.  He realized that he didn’t even have a dream for his life after talking to the Woke Ones.  They all had these grand dreams of what they were going to accomplish and who they were going to help along the way. Micah had nothing. Maybe it was because he never really had to worry about his future. The Woke Ones had to plan for their lives and a way out and towards a brighter future.  Micah didn’t.  He had been going along on the privileged kids plan and living his best life. It wasn’t until a trip to the museum with Keke that led to all of his epiphanies.  First, he has a passion for photography and he wants it to be more than a hobby. Second, he loves Keke. All of that, along with trauma and drama of the last few years, caused him to make some grown man decisions.  He is not going to Harvard. He’s going to Xavier. But even though lots of these ideas and dreams were new, Micah had been applying to his own list of schools behind Charley’s back the whole time. And then he waited until Charley threw him a Harvard party, gave him a Rolex and lifted a glass of champagne in his honor to tell her otherwise.  So, Micah is off to follow his dreams. Charley is still recovering from the disappointment and heartbreak. What now? 

So Micah and Keke are starting their college careers real close to each other in NOLA. I think a small (or not so small) part of Micah’s decision had to do with his love for Keke. He didn’t want to leave her. So, what will happen to this young love? Will these high school sweethearts make it? Or will they find some other interesting things on their respective campuses.  

Micah chose an HBCU and I am happy for him. After all he’s endured, he will benefit from an HBCU environment. 

Which Micah West will show up at XU? Will he be driving that bomb car Davis got him, wearing his $1000 shoes, sporting his gold chain and rocking his Rolex, to fight for the people? I wonder how Micah will reconcile these two worlds.  It shall be interesting to see. 

How will Charley and Micah’s relationship look going forward?  Charley told Micah she needed some time to deal with his bombshell.  But even before that, their relationship wasn’t the strongest. They could both benefit from Micah being close by. But, will Charley fall all the way back, now?  I kinda want her to. Will Micah reach out to her? I wonder. 


Sorry. I had to mention him because I still have questions.  He popped up on Charley with his child and tried to pretend like there wasn’t a problem. He invited her to a “family” breakfast when Tia ain’t her family. Charley wore his azz out and let him know she wasn’t raising his random kid. After his pop up at the house, he begged Charley to help him keep his job at Bayou State. Nova’s book reminded all the people about his rape scandal.  But we never found out what happened.  Did he keep the job? He was noticeably missing from Micah’s prom send-off AND his graduation party. Is he back in LA? What happened? I thought we were going to get to see Micah and Tia forge some kind of relationship and I thought we were going to see what, if any, relationship Charley would end up having with Tia. But none of that happened. 


I love me some Mr. Prosper! In the beginning of the season, he was lamenting about the number of funerals he had attended recently.  He was probably thinking a lot about his own life. It wasn’t so long ago that Prosper was sick. Charley nursed him back to health, got his land back and gave him something to live for.  Ms. Genevieve came by Charley’s office and really gave him something to live for! The two of them worked hand in hand, all season long at Charley’s office and they are officially a couple.  Ms. Genny basically became family when she helped Prosper plan a revival to renew Charley’s spirit and bring the community together after the mill fire. Ms. Genny lifted a song at the revival, and although it was off key, it was the thought that I shall hold on to. Bless it. Anyway, my only question is why Ms. Genny wasn’t at the election party. She had worked so hard to get Charley elected and she wasn’t at the shindig.  Was there prayer meeting? Was it too late for her to be out? I have questions.  Anyway…I hope that we see Prosper and Genny tie the knot next season. They are so cute together.  

And can we get a round of applause for how Prosper supported Charley this season? He was her angel in every way. He planned the great revival. He worked at the office, he encouraged her during election season and he coordinated “Souls to the Polls.” He was also the first person to hug Charley when she won. *tear* At the bonfire some time ago, Charley promised Ernest that she would take care of Prosper. She did that. In return, Prosper continues to look out for her, too.  


Nova’s book unleashed all of the secrets, hurt and trauma living in Vi’s heart and mind. She spent the whole season reliving a part of her life she had been trying to forget.  Thanks to Nova’s desire to get the “truth,” Jimmy Dale came knocking at Vi’s door and she struggled all season to gain her footing.  As a result, Vi and Hollywood had some tough times in their new marriage. In the end, Vi faced all of her demons, confronted Jimmy Dale, gave him back all of the burden, rescued Jimmy Dale’s girlfriend from his abusive grip, put her on the path to a healthy life, got her strength back and then some, and forgave Nova for dragging her through hell. It was A LOT.   

Hollywood was thrown in the middle of this firestorm and did his best to be there for Vi.  He also whooped Jimmy Dale’s azz, which was one of the most unforgettable scenes of the season. As a result of all that went down, Hollywood decided that men need support groups, too, and he might just start one.  

I am looking forward to a happy Vi and Wood. I missed them.  And, I need for Hollywood to start this group, but more importantly, I want him to do something for him. He has been so wrapped up in Vi’s dream and Vi’s diner, that he didn’t even have anything for himself.  I would love to see him with his own dream next season. 


I saved Charlotte for last because she had so much going on this season.  When the season began, Charley was happy. But, EYE knew from previous seasons, that Charley’s happiness will only lasts for about 2.5 seconds, so I didn’t get my hopes up and I’m glad I didn’t. 

In the beginning, Romero had whisked Charley away on a vacation and they were having a couples massage. It was so nice. Throughout the season, Charley and Romero slowly but surely built a relationship and eventually, they took it to the next level. Things were looking up for Charley in the love department, until the night of the fire.  That day, the paper ran a story about the migrant workers who were killed on the Bordelon farm. Romero came storming in – on the most devastating night of her life – to confront her about it. She didn’t have the energy to defend herself, so she didn’t. And the entire relationship ended there. I kept waiting for Romero to show up.  He claimed that he didn’t care about her past, but clearly he did. He never reached out. Charley never did either. Is it over for good? I needed them to have a convo. I needed more closure than that. It seems Charley did what she always does, and just moved on. But, I don’t like it. Will we see more of Romero next season? Or is it over for #Charmero? 

Thanks to “Vicky with the Tea,” Charley found out that the Landrys and Boudreauxs were planning to build a highway straight through all of the black farmers’ land, including RA’s.  At the same time, the Landrys basically threatened Councilwoman Berrara to abandon her seat, so Jacob could run unopposed. The colonizers also knew that Charley was snooping around in their business, so they started to unleash attacks on her. The first was an ICE raid at the clinic she had set up with Romero. That was a warning. Nonetheless, Charlotte persisted, and decided to run against Jacob.  And that made the colonizers REAL MAD.  A brick was thrown threw Charley’s office window, Benny got arrested on RA’s farm, Vi’s diner was vandalized. All hell broke loose.  And yet, Charlotte persisted. Until…they burned the gahtdamb mill down.  

The mill fire brought on all kinds of mess.  Nova came back in town (Woke Micah tipped her off). Charley and RA were Bonnie & Clyde and headed over to the Boudreaux Plantation so Charley could drag Frances’ azz for burning her mill. And when the dust settled, Charley had reached her lowest point ever. After spending the better part of a 24-hour period getting drunk in a bar, it was Nova who came to her rescue. And although I was still mad as hell at Nova, one of the most beautiful scenes of the season was Nova caring for Charley.  Charley never asks for anyone’s help. This time she didn’t have a choice in the matter. And even though she couldn’t even take care of herself, she was still able to ask Nova why she wrote all of those hurtful things in the book about her. And then she cried out all of the pain for all of the things she’d been through, while Nova comforted her. Nova wrote an article basically calling her own book trash and apologizing for the things she wrote about Charley. This whole situation fast tracked Charley’s forgiveness, prompted her to invite Nova on a glamping trip, and forced them to deal with the issues that have been plaguing their sisterhood for a long time. I still want to see more of Nova and Charley fixing their relationship. Those scenes were too short.

Charley spent the rest of the season trying to get to the bottom of who burned her mill.  She knew it was Frances, but she had no evidence. Vi had also done her part by threatening to expose Sam’s big secret if he didn’t fix this situation.  The election season went on, and the colonizers tried every voter suppression tactic in the book. Then, Charley played the hand she was dealt with the black grandma hiding in the Landry family tree. She devised a plan for Jacob to unveil the info and open the Landry books and had Jacob contributing to his own demise.  And then right before the election, they framed Charley for burning her own mill and had her arrested.  And they still weren’t victorious. Charley beat Jacob for the seat. She won. Sam also delivered the evidence on Frances to Vi. But there were a host of new problems on the horizon. 

Nova had been doing her part to help Charley (finally) and had uncovered a ghost of a character named Parker Campbell. Even Nova and her investigative friends at the paper couldn’t get the tea on who Parker was.  So after the election, Frances thinks she still has some power and summons Charley to see if they can work together.  Sam is at the restaurant because he knows ish is about to go down.  They come and arrest Frances for conspiracy in connection with the arson.  Charley is pleased. Sam is, too (because Frances and Sam ain’t loyal.) And then Charley gets a message from thee Parker Campbell requesting a meeting. Uh oh… 

Charley goes to meet Parker and Parker is a sistah! None of us were expecting that. And not only is she a sistah, she is Sam “Jim Crow” Landry’s daughter. This is the daughter that Sam kept secret and Vi knew about. Parker just wanted Charley to know she’s not playing games with her and to request her participation and cooperation in bringing the highway and fracking to St. Jo. The hell?  There was so much here. Sooooooo much. Remember when Charley called Frances outdated and basic? She was right.  Sam and Frances are tired of fighting Charley. Their tactics weren’t working well enough. Sam had a “lil Charley” in his pocket thee whole time. It’s crunch time now. Time to fight fire with fire. Parker v. Charley. 

Some may overlook the power of a councilwoman, but it’s great. St. Jo has 7 people on the council. In the prison vote, the final vote was 4 – 3, in favor of the prison.  That’s how close all of the votes probably are.  Charley is probably that tie-breaking vote.  I can’t wait to watch her work on that council.  She will probably out all the folks who are in Landry’s pocket, too. You know she don’t give no dambs.   And the power that Charley has is evident because both Frances AND Parker have made their pleas for her cooperation. 

So what now? 

Frances got played by her mulatto niece and her Jim Crow of a father.  But, I have a feeling that she will do ZERO time in jail because they will bail her out.  I was halfway relieved that the Beckington Group is spearheaded by Parker. Councilwoman Berrara said that the Landrys were the tip of the iceburg. But at the bottom of that ice is a Landry – Parker. So, at least Charley knows exacTly who she’s dealing with. That’s half the battle.   

Sam dragged his “lil Charley” out of the darkness to come and beat the real Charley.  Parker should feel some kind of way about this. She is being used. Just like Frances used Jacob.  At some point, will she flip on her father and do what’s right?  Jacob did.  I hope Parker has daddy issues. I hope Sam shows her his true colors. He doesn’t care about her. He only cares about his bank account. 

Parker’s mom is Betty, who I assume is a close friend of Vi.  Vi told Sam she hadn’t spoken to Betty in years when Sam was fishing to see just how much Vi knew.  But I have been wondering if Vi was telling Sam the truth.  I know it looks like Charley and Vi got played, but Vi knows Sam. She also knows Sam is a liar. Vi also said she got chips and she cashes them in when she needs them. Does Vi have more chips? Did Vi know Sam was lying?  And where Betty at? Does she know that Sam got her daughter outchea tearing up her hometown and turning her back on her people? I need to see Betty asaptually! 

But let’s talk about this Charley v Parker dynamic.  Did you notice that when they were up in each other’s faces, Sam “Jim Crow” Landry was sitting in the back enjoying the show? I hated that.  Sam is smart tho. He got Evil Charley to come and beat Good Charley.  Those two are basically the Bopsy Twins. Masculine names. Bi-racial. Privileged. Well-Educated. Cut throat. Businesswomen. Givers of no dambs. Let’s get ready to rumble… 

And the mill. Will Charley rebuild?  I hope she does. Not because the farmers deserve it, but because Frances needs to pay for it. Charley needs to get a brand spanking new she-shed with all of Frances’ coins. And I hope she sues the hell out of Frances in civil court to get alllll the money. Remember that Landry Enterprises was struggling? Could a suit for all of Charley’s damages be the nail in the coffin for them? Lettucepray. 

Next season, it looks like the land is front and center again.  Can Charley stop Landrys? Will Tru’s grave stop the highway? Will Parker have a come to Jesus moment and realize that she’s fighting for the wrong side? Will Vi cash in some more chips? Will Jacob come work for Charley (cause you know his family ain’t effin with him anymore) and help her win this battle?  I cannot wait to see how it all unfolds. 

Well folks…it was quite a season. I am still suffering from sugar withdrawals and missing my favorite fictional family. See yall in 2020. 

Until then, I will leave you with some of Nova’s words…

Bravery is a word assigned to champions of industry at war; to soldiers on the field in battle, but we can RECLAIM it and assign it ourselves. To stand up for what’s right in this world is brave. To stand up for yourself in this world is bravER. To stand up for others before yourself is the bravEST thing that one can do. For us, as Bordelons, the test of our bravery comes in the form of a fight for our familial unity and our familial land. We will fight with joy. We will fight with trust and growth. We will fight with power – the power we give ourselves. In a world that tells us again and again that we have none, that world is wrong. I join my family and community in nurturing this land for generations to come.  

Our land makes us brave. It upholds our family our hopes and our fears… our purpose and our passion… our blood and our blessings… our fortitude and our fight. For all of the mistakes I’ve made, I have learned the most valuable lesson of my life. My family is my beating heart. I cannot exist without them. I will honor them first and foremost with my EVERY waking breath from this day on… putting the first. Learning from their bravery and growing in my own.  

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