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Queen Sugar – By the Spit

July 25, 2019
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We are still in the middle of Nova’s book tour, but the good Professor is traveling with her.  Dr. Octavia has taken the role of Chief Encourager, quasi publicist and lover. She has a list of events for Nova to go to and she is super hype about them. Nova doesn’t seem so hype. While the two of them are enjoying breakfast, Nova gets a call about an award her book is up for. Professor acts like she is excited, but the look on her face says otherwise. Nova is excited because this means her book will help heal so many more people and so her family can see the value of the book (ok, Nova). The Professor tells her she doesn’t need an award for validation…basically raining on her parade (even tho that’s what she says she’s not doing).  I am not liking the dynamics of this relationship.  In any other season, I would be concerned for Nova, but because she is still on my trash list, she gon have to deal with whatever the Professor is dishing out without my sympathy.

Nova’s next stop is an interview that she seems quite nervous about and wouldn’t ya know it…the Professor is lingering around.  But, she’s playing it cool, pretending like she’s there for a story in the alumni magazine and Nova’s good. She brings her a glass of water and some encouragement for Nova.  She attempts to leave, but the interviewer is familiar with Dr. Laurent. They start talking and Octavia ends up crashing the interview. She sings Nova’s praises, while Nova looks like a scared college kid.  Anyway, the interview starts and the first question for Nova is about why she wrote about her family and what she was hoping to uncover. She answers by saying her goal was to uncover the truth and relate that to a broader narrative. The follow up question was how sharing that truth with the world impacted her and her family. Welp…that’s a mighTy good question. Please, Nova, tell us how it has impacted your family?  What’s funny is that Nova doesn’t even know the answer. She has no idea what they are dealing with back home because she’s been iced out. There is NO healing going on that involves Nova.  She didn’t tell him that tho. She told him that healing takes time (we don’t even know how long this is gonna take).  And then the interviewer hits Nova with another one. How does she feel about her sister running for City Council? Does she think that it was her activism that inspired Charley to run? Nova has NO clue about Charley. She is caught off guard…kinda like Charley was when she got ambushed about her sister’s book. The good Professor steps in to save this and basically says that black women encourage each other continuously and it’s a part of the whole blackgirlmagic thing. I am going to go ahead and say the answer to the question is no. Charley was not inspired by Nova. Charley is fueled by the guilt of not being there for her father and by her promise that she made while standing in the middle of the cane fields to fix it.  At that moment, fixing it seemed like a simple task, and I am sure she never imagined that it would come to this or that she would have to do so much to “fix it.” And, Nova had nothing to do with that.

That night, Nova is still processing Charley’s run. It will bring real change to St. Jo and it’s a big deal (and something she knew nothing about)…and she’s there doing random interviews. I think all of this is finally starting to catch up with Nova.  Octavia tries her best to get Nova to stop thinking about her family. She’s a star now, she doesn’t need to be worried about them.  In her opinion, family can best be summed up as biological accidents.  Would she be friends with Charley if Charley weren’t her sister? Nova says they aren’t friends now. That was a good question tho. But, the professor says that sometimes you have to put family in the rear view to get to where you want to go…and that’s kinda what Nova did…right?

At one of the shindigs that Octavia made Nova come to, Octavia is the life of the party. She has been in the writing game for 20 years, so the people know her. Nova overhears Octavia actively trying to steal a future project away from her. Lawd. And…we find out that Nova DID write about her relationship with Calvin. I need to know all about that, chile. I am high key happy that she included that. I was beginning to wonder how this whole book could have been about other folks.

It’s the next day and Nova ditched the lunch that Octavia planned.  She ends up at the hotel bar where a young tenderoni bartender was trying hard to flirt with her.  I was scared he was going to be her next victim for a minute. He sure wanted to be.  He wants to know why she’s alone.  Nova says she’s there with an old friend on her book tour, but she should have left that old friend where she found her.  Nova declines his invitation to a club. And she knows what she needs to do next.

Professor is big mad that Nova skipped lunch, so she is at the hotel packing her ish.  She can’t believe that Nova did this after all she has done for her, including being her emotional support. She reminds her that emotional labor is still work, baby! LOL. I liked that one.  She refuses to be an afterthought (especially since she was there to steal Nova’s shine and ride her coattail).  Nova puts her on blast for trying to take that future book deal and the Professor tells her that she’s not qualified to do that work…she’s just hot right now. Dayum, Gina. Sis is not here for Nova questioning her AND her 20 year career, to which Nova says that she can keep alluhdat if it means lies and deceit. Nova musta forgot what got her here. Professor reminds her that she threw her whole dayum family under the bus to get here. And, with that, Nova finally gets the strength to assert her own power over her professor. She is not a student anymore.  Octavia has one more jab tho.  She made Nova, she found her, saw her, cleaned her up, and “spit-shined” her until she made her into what she wanted her to be. It’s officially over with these two.  Octavia just wants some credit for the way she paved for Nova and others, but issa wrap!  The professor claims that Nova was always the one and Nova confesses that the professor was her first in so many ways. This scene was EVERYTHING!!!!! And the twitterverse noted that the professor was envious and wearing green. I love it when the Queen Sugar costume peeps do that. And can we just give Cree Summers some shine for killing the role of Octavia? I was here for it all.

Nova is still in her feelings about Charley’s run for council. She calls and gets Charley’s voicemail (of course) and she leaves a message for Charley saying all the things she should have said a long time ago. She is proud of her and the way she fights for St. Jo, she admires her ambition, she misses her, she loves her. I struggle with this. The venom with which she painted her sister is totally contradictory to this voicemail. Wouldn’t it have been great if she had actually assisted her sister in all that she was trying to do for St. Jo? Maybe they could have built a strong relationship around that, but they didn’t. I wonder if Charley will ever get the message. Nova is prolly blocked.


Charlotte is completing her paperwork for her run for City Council. Councilwoman Berrara is there to encourage her. In a rare moment for Charley, she is second guessing herself. Is this the right decision? CB tells her that if she believes in it, it is. And so it is! CB tells her that she’s with her all the way and that she’s got this! Now…I want to trust CB. She was originally funded by the Landrys, she let them scare her out of her seat, and now she is all TeamCharley. I hope that she really wants to see Charley win and wants what’s best for St. Jo. She seems to be all in. And now, with a final signature, Charley is an official candidate. It’s on! SN: Did Charley straighten her hair on the day she became a candidate? Hmmmm

Charlotte immediately gets to work on her campaign. She has a bustling campaign headquarters (Charlotte works fast) but the best part of it was that Micah was there to help…and actually seemed to be leading the volunteers in canvassing! I was shocked. Maybe Woke Micah actually sees that his mom IS fighting for the greater good.  And after Charley walked out on him in the last episode, I guess he decided to get some act right. Anyway, the first order of business is to get the anti-highway initiative on the ballot, which will take signatures.  Romero, Micah and Prosper are there…and so is a spry woman named Genevieve. Genevieve lives in St. Thomas and heard about Charley’s campaign and the fight for the highway so she came to help.  But do you remember hearing that name before? When Prosper was headed to the funeral of a friend, Vi mentioned her and Prosper’s ears perked up. Mmmm hmmmmm.  I wonder if she knew Prosper would be at Bordelon Headquarters. Anywho…Prosper and Genevieve have some friendly and flirtatious banter and Charley was looking like…ok, Prosper…I see you! Let me just say that I am here for this love interest for Prosper that I knew was coming. Prosper and Ms. Genny (that’s what I call her) talk about how many funerals they have attended this year. It was sad, but I was happy to see that they are determined to LIVE. Yaaaasssss, Mr. Prosper.

Romero comes to Charley about her outreach to the Latinx community.  CB is campaigning for her there, but Romero reminds her that the people want to hear from her and asks if she knows about a church on his side of town. She does not…but she will get up to speed.  Romero seems a bit skeptical and then asks Charley if she’s sure about this run…because the Landrys and Boudreauxs are a lot. Charlotte responds with what could very well be the line of the season – “I’m a lot.” You betta tell him Charley!! For a second, I had a Remy flashback. Remember how scared Remy was anytime Charley did anything that concerned our favorite colonizing family? Remy wouldn’t even speak their names out loud. So I’m thinking…oh, no…here we go again. I need Romero to get in formation. Charley needs a soldier to ride with her. No time for fear. Charley tells Romero that she will do whatever she has to do for St. Jo and to keep her father’s land. PeriodT.

Romero heard Charley and invited her (and Micah) to the Latinx equivalent of a cookout.  We were never privy to the convo that Charley and Micah may have had about her relationship with Romero, but Charley thanks Micah for coming and for getting to know Romero better. Again, I say, Micah is trying to find his way off my trash list. He was engaging and very nice to Romero.  Micah is feeling their vibe, and when Romero leaves, he asks his mom if she likes Romero. And, like a high school girl, Charley smiles and answers, yes.  She doesn’t know where there relationship is headed, but she does know that Romero makes her happy. Micah tells her that that’s all that matters and she deserves happiness. Come thru with that new attitude, Micah! Charley is happy, and I have wanted this moment for her for a LONG time. Lawd knows she deserves it.  When Romero returns, Charley tries to get all the info she can on Pastor Martinez.  According to Romero, Charley needs to start her outreach in their community with him and that’s basically why he brought her there.  Charley thanks him and they exchange love looks. Micah sees it all going down and excuses himself. He’s staying with a friend tonight. I was happy to hear that. Charley and Romero need some privacy at the house. I did like that Micah gave Romero dap before leaving. He must like Romero, too (because if he didn’t, his annoying arse would make it known).

Welp, it’s time for Charley to meet the Pastor. She makes her way over, introduces herself, offers her hand for a handshake and dude was mad shady. Pastors aren’t supposed to be that cold. He knows who she is. Everyone knows Charley Bordelon. But he has never seen her in their neighborhood before. *le sigh* Has the pastor been to her hood? Asking for a friend. Anyway, Pastor isn’t here for Charley’s perceived pandering.  He is not impressed with attendance at the fiesta. It’s not enough to lock in his or his church members’ votes.  Charley persists and lets him know that she wants to earn his vote. He is unimpressed and underwhelmed. I got questions tho. Would he prefer to vote for a Boudreaux or Landry? We already know what they will do. They have a proven record of shenanigans. He better get on the Charley train and help deliver his people to freedom.

Charley heads back over to her man and they are dancing and having a good time. Even though things didn’t go well with the Pastor, she is still happy.  She is happy because Romero brought her into his world and did something nice for her. There were no strings attached and she can’t remember the last time a man added to her life without taking from it or trying to change her. Whew! Yes, girl. I feel that. A man that fills your cup is what you want! She thanks him. And she tells him that they have waited long enough. And then she takes him home to show her gratitude.

And the next scene is one that was 2 years in the making for Charley (though it seems like longer). FINALLY, Charlotte is getting some. The world should rejoice.  The thing I liked most about this scene (besides the fact that Charlotte was getting some well-deserved sexy time and bliss) was that even once they were in the bedroom, there was a moment of final consent. He looked at her, she nodded her head and then it was on and poppin.’ Good for her!  This relationship has finally reached the next level. Hallelujer!

Charley must have been on a high after last night. She was feeling so good that she heads back to the scene of the bbq where she finds the Pastor.  She is persistent.  She wants him to know that she was touched by his words and that she is serious about building a bridge between their communities. He says they should be serious about that all the time (not just election time). She tells him that lots of Black folks believe that we are still fighting for basic equality, even though we built this country. He chimes in to remind her that they maintain it. Clearly, there’s common ground here and finally, the Pastor cracks just a little. He is willing to continue this conversation with her.  For real, this is probably the blueprint. Brown people unite. Charley made her first small victory, but she has a LONG way to go.

At Bordelon Headquarters, Charley is feeling good about everything (her night with Romero prolly helped her mood) and her upcoming announcement. And then, a brick hits her window.  Oh, yes. The Landry Klan is ready to fight the best way they know how – intimidation.  Charley sustains a minor injury to her neck and she is shooketh.  And the moment I was waiting for happened. Romero soldiered up! He is the one that reminds her why she is doing this and how she must fight! She is upsetting the establishment, so they are going to come hard but she must fight. Come thru, Romero! Encourage your girl.

The day has come. Charley is announcing her candidacy, with a band-aid on her neck. But it will take more than a brick to stop her! The whole family is there (except Nova), Micah is taking pictures. It’s great. Oh…and did you notice that Pastor Martinez was there? Well, well, well. Charley proclaims that they are not going anywhere! They will fight! I’m with her. Run, Charley! Run!


Back at the farm, Darla is worried about Blue’s adjustment to the news that RA is not his bio dad. RA is letting him take a break from school. Apparently, Darla left it up to RA to make an appointment with the therapist (mistake) and he didn’t do it.  Darla is adamant about it and let’s RA know that they need to make sure that Blue is ok. I agree, Darla. Protect Blue. RA is gonna have to get on board with therapy. Period.

Well, somebody made the appointment and the family is knee deep in therapy.  And, Blue’s doll, Kenya, is back (I asked about her last week). Kenya is his safety, so I totally get why she’s back.  The therapist uses Kenya to get to the bottom of what’s going on. Kenya said that Marcus said that RA is not his real Pop. The therapist tells him that everyone’s family looks different and none of this is his fault.  Per the therapist, he’s processing it all and he has yet to understand what it all means.  As for the parents, they will have to be patient. She gives them the task of making a list of the dreams they have for themselves and Blue.  RA looks like he’s struggling with it.

Hollywood and RA are unloading some stuff and both of them are lamenting about all of the stressful things happening to them. Between the highway and Blue, RA hasn’t been sleeping.  Hollywood is struggling too.  RA mentions that Darla got Blue therapy and that they have to do a dream list.  RA is having a hard time because he only thinks about tomorrow tomorrow. Hollywood asks if RA ever thinks that tomorrow is for other folks. He can’t understand why when he and Vi got everything they wanted, it’s the past that’s holding them back.  They can’t live worried about the past snatching up the future. RA tells Hollywood that he and Vi are meant to be, so don’t give up.

After watching Blue sleep, RA figures out what his dream is for Blue – college graduation.  It saddened me that RA had never even thought about his dreams for Blue.

Aunt Vi

Of all the Bordelons, Vi is having the hardest time.  Apparently, Vi has lost all her sex drive – and that ain’t like her.  Hollywood is worried and Vi continues to shut him out, blaming fatigue on her problem.  Vi reaches out to her doctor because she thinks it’s her meds that’s the problem. The Dr. asks her about any major life or traumatic events. Yes! All of it.  Why didn’t Vi ask for a therapy referral? Why didn’t the Dr offer one? Vi needs to see somebody asaptually.

In a sad move, Vi tells Hollywood she needs space from him. No, Vi! Nooooo! That’s NOT what you need. She tells him it’s not his fault, and it’s not fair, but it has to happen. Wood ain’t going to go out like that. In sickness or in health, for better or for worse – that was the vow.

In other news…

Keke came over to drop a book off for Micah. There whole exchange was awkward. Micah wants Keke to come with him to see Ant. Even though only family is allowed, somehow, Micah got clearance. Keke doesn’t want to. She doesn’t feel like it, she doesn’t feel like talking to him and it’s clear that she is over it and him.  I really hate this because Keke was the only positive teenage influence that Micah had.  I liked her and I liked them together.  I am going to hold out hope for them. But, I feel Keke…I’m bout tired of Woke Micah, too.

I am so happy that Darla and RA got therapy for Blue…and that she was a black therapist.  We need to de-stigmatize therapy in our community. I am praying real prayers for Blue Bordelon! Now…when we gon get Aunt Vi to go?

Has Micah turned over a new leaf? Gawd, I hope so.

Charley’s campaign is just getting started and I promise you that the Landrys have only just begun.  Besides dealing with them, she also has the community to deal with.  Remember how the farmers bailed on her by not honoring their contracts to mill with her? Will they unite behind her now? And how will the Latinx community receive her? Will they see her as an enemy too? I am still waiting for the info about the migrant workers that were killed to creep up. I bet it does during the campaign and before Charley comes clean to Romero. And how will the book play into this? How can people trust Charley when her sister has proclaimed to the world that she’s evil? Charley has an uphill battle on every front.  At least Romero is there to fight with her. And speaking of Romero, I love how he loves Charley. His love reminds me of that 1 Corinthians kind of love – patient, kind, not envious or proud and not self-seeking. Yeah…I took it there. And, Charley has never had that.

And Nova meets up with Calvin on the next stop! Whew, chile…what will Calvin have to say. Did she use his real name? How much of their story did she include. I am so ready for that. And who is this mystery family member that Nova finds out about during a live interview? I love how she keeps getting hit with surprise nuggets along this tour. This gon be goodT.

Until next week…

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