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Queen Sugar

April 14, 2021

Season 5 | Episode 9

We have arrived at the penultimate episode of Season 5. It’s been wild, yall. Edges have been snatched all season long. We’ve almost made it to the end. Per the usual, last night’s episode didn’t disappoint…and also had me wanting to throw soda cans at the television. Here we go…


Charley gets the first section this week because she been through hell and survived COVID. Her Superman aka DumpsterFire Davis is STILL there. He’s downstairs handling that door situation and being super loud with the hammer and waking my bestie up. Charley made her way downstairs for the first time since COVID tried to take her soul. She still got on the same clothes from that night too, so you know it’s been rough. Charley doesn’t remember anything that happened. That fever had Charley totally out of it. She didn’t know that Davis had to break into her house to get to her. She doesn’t know anything and during this whole scene she’s looking like she’s struggling to figure out what happened and how the hell she (and Davis) got here. Davis tells her that she looks better and again, Charley was like…how bad was it? Po sis. Anyway, this convo leads Charley and Davis down memory lane. Back to Christmas 2001 and how sick Davis was. The memory makes her smile and I realize that I hadn’t seen that in a while. But then she catches herself because Davis is sneaking right into the feel good side of her brain and she knows it. Then she eyes all of the groceries on the counter. He went shopping so she would have everything she needs. She thanks him for that and for staying with her until she gets back on her feet. He tells her that he’s happy she’s not pushing herself too hard too fast, because Charley has been known to do just that in the past. He gets back to fixing the door and tells her he will have some soup ready in a little while. Charley heads back upstairs, still hella confused about Davis being in her house and acting like her husband. She probably thinks she’s dreaming. Let me tell yall something else. When they played that little whimsical QS music with this scene, I already knew to prepare my soul. That sweet music only happens at special times. Go back and listen.

Charley is resting and watching trivia shows (and getting the answers right) when DFD (short for DumpsterFire Davis) comes in with her lunch on a tray. I gotta admit, he’s doing the dayum thing. He brought her broth but she’s actually feeling better now and could go for more. Davis is pleased because that means his patient is getting better. The next category on the game show is WWI, which happens to be one of Davis’ specialties. He slides right on down on Charley’s bed to take his turn at the trivia game and guess what…Charley ain’t even flinched. No side eye. No nothing. He gets the question right and Charley chuckles because his fans still don’t know that he’s a history scholar. Davis didn’t mind his people knowing he was a nerd, but Charley’s strategy was for him to downplay it in order to connect with more people. Most people cannot relate to being Phi Beta Kappa and a history scholar. SN:I like that we are getting deeper into their story. In Season 1/Episode 1, we learned that Davis and Charley met at a Phi Beta Kappa event. So we always knew that both Charley and Davis were smarties. In Season 2/Episode 9, Micah was working on a paper on Dred Scott v Sanford and Davis was able to quote from the holding of that case and I was like OK…I see you, Davis! I am a lawyer, so I remember these things.* So, yeah, none of this was new, but it’s good to hear how Davis’ image was carefully crafted by Charley. Anywho, Charley said she was ready to eat, so Davis is about to make his girl some grub. He tells her that he will make lunch and dinner every day until she’s well. Say what now? Even Charley was like…I can’t turn that down. But then I was like…so…you finna stay here and do that or are you gonna come over and cook? Because I need details on how this gon play out. Charley is feeling well enough to join him in the kitchen and I got worried again because there’s way too much bonding going on between these two. I don’t like it. One bit.

Chef Davis wasn’t playing when he said he was going to get his girl’s food together. While chopping fresh vegetables and making sauce from scratch, he fills Charley in on the good works of their son. Micah made national news in MN! Davis is beaming. Charley wants to know how he sounded and Davis told her that Micah sounded like Charley’s son – absolutely amazing and perfect. Davis is surprised that Charley let him go and Charley tells him that she didn’t have a choice. She can’t make Micah do anything. I am glad Charley has come to the realization that she has to let go. It’s best for him and her. They reminisce about raising him (here we go again) and Davis gives her a taste test of his sauce. He can’t get over how amazing their son is and how he’s helping other people. They were worried about raising a brat, but Micah came through as a decent human. Davis admires how strong Micah is and says that Micah is better than he ever was. And then Charley gave one of those “looks” and I was like…sis…you starting to fall. Catch yourself.

Chef BoyarDavis got dinner on the table and the two of them look kinda cozy. Charley gets a call from RA!! What, whet??? She knows he’s calling about a family meeting he wants to have via Zoom. Davis asks if she’s going to attend and she says she has to so they won’t know somethings up with her. Davis already knows that Charley didn’t tell the Council about her sickness either. She tells him that people blame folks for getting sick – especially if you’re a woman. Davis understands and gets why Charley wants to keep things private. She’s been a little overwhelmed thinking about getting back to work and about letting her family in on what’s happened to her. She’s been dodging their phone calls, which I was actually happy to hear because I was .38 hot about the lack of check-ins Charley was receiving. Charley is changing tho because she says all she wants to do is stay on the couch. Davis tells her that this is her time to rest (much like Nova told her this is her time a few days ago). Charley says it’s hard to rest with the way the world is. “You’ll rush yourself to a halt.” That’s something Charley used to tell Davis when he was pushing so hard that he was hurting his body and needing surgery for everything. The appendix removal seem to hit Davis the hardest and Charley reminds him that his threshold for pain is super low. Davis reminds her that hers is extremely high and she’s tough as nails. Yall know Charley been real reflective lately and she says that that might not be a good thing. Davis won’t let her think of herself that way. He tells her that who she is a good thing – every part of her. Period. Whew! That reminded me of Toni Morrison’s quote, “you are your best thing.” Charley hears him, but I think she’s having a hard time with it. Davis tells her that there may be a lesson here. Who will she be on the other side of this sickness? Everything might change. Being sick could be the beginning of a whole new thing and healthier for her. She receives that. I find it interesting that just about the only person Charley listens to (and hears) is Davis. He can get through to her like no one else can. *le sigh*

Davis is downstairs straightening up Charley’s place. He tells her that he’s left a green smoothie for her that ‘s full of good stuff to help her get better. He also put pineapple in it to make it sweet because she knows she won’t drink it otherwise. He knows his girl. Davis is packing up to leave. His work here is done. Charley thanks him for everything and can’t really find words that are adequate. He dropped everything, she interrupted his life and it was good of him to take care of her. Davis says he didn’t have a choice and she’s not an interruption. This whole thing wasn’t him being “good.” If she EVER needs him, he’s there. Period. OK? Charley receives it. You promise you will let me know if you need anything? She promises she will and watches him leave. She looks bewildered almost. Two notes about this scene. She is positioned the same way she was the night Romero left her house, except this time, it’s not dark – there’s light. And the song in the background says, “please don’t stop your love.” Yeah. Yall. I just…


So Calvin is out of town on some security business in Baton Rouge and because of COVID and his assignment he will be gone longer than expected. He wants to know what Nova is working on now since her other story has been published. Remember that story about the paralyzed young man that was the victim of police brutality? That’s her new story and she got a lead on it.

The lead was a former journalist who has recently retired from the paper. Ms. Baptiste had started looking into Andre Nixon’s story because he had so much promise. He was a sophomore in college and from the 9th Ward. She looked into his injuries and they seemed consistent with police beatings that were happening during that time – about 20 years ago. They would inflict pain in a way that was difficult to trace back. The family was scared to talk at the time and she knew that it wasn’t adding up. She volunteers to send Nova her notes on the matter. This is about to get real good, yall.

Nova has been on a health kick this episode with exercise and apples. She’s put on the COVID weight (I can relate) and now she’s working diligently to control it (I, again, can relate). She’s just getting in from a run, gets a text from RA about the family meeting and accidentally knocks over a picture of a happy Nova and Calvin. It breaks. That ain’t no accident. That’s foreshadowing. She gets a call. It’s Andre Nixon. She has some questions for him.

Nova meets with Andre. He’s in a wheelchair. She thanks him for meeting with her and he thanks her as well. He is a fan of hers. He follows True Papers and he’s read her book. She asks what happened to him that night. He told her that he was being stupid and still trying to be down with his friends from the hood. One night, they decided to steal some rims from a car and tried to sell them. They got caught. He begged the police not to take him in because he was on scholarship and he would never do this again. They took them to a dark alley and took turns beating them – one by one. The last person to hit him was the one that broke his back. Nova asks if he got the cops’ badge numbers or know their identities. Of course he did! He knows who did it. It was him. Who? You thanked him in your book – I thought that was why we were here. Calvin Gaston, the new guy, the last one. He did this to me. Holy sh*t! Nova is shooketh. And I told yall last week that Calvin’s azz would be all up in this story because #ibeknowin.


The school discussion seems to be a thing of the past and all is well. Blue has misplaced some history papers. And it’s the 1619 Project!!! I love how Ava and ‘nem don’t miss nothing!!! I worship at the feet at Nikole Hannah-Jones and the 1619 Project is *chef’s kisses*. OK. I’m back. RA tells him he shouldn’t be putting his stuff down everywhere and to keep up with his things…and ask ya mama. Of course mom knows where it is. It’s in the office. Blue heads there, but before he finds his 1619 work, he finds his acceptance letter to Sidwell Friends. Like I said last week, ain’t nobody ever told or asked Blue about what he might want. It’s time to let Blue in on the secret. Guess what? Blue is excited about the opportunity. Uh oh….

So Blue is reading through all of the material he got from Sidwell Friends and he is SUPER hype. But then they tell him that in order to go, he would have to leave and live with his grandma in DC and Blue changes his tune. He doesn’t want to live away from them. There’s some relief on Darla’s face. But yall know this ain’t over. Stay tuned.

Later, RA calls Nova. She tells him that she heard about Blue’s acceptance letter. He says he’s trying to find something local for Blue. Nova is relieved because she’s anti-elite schools that ultimately take advantage of our bright Black kids in the name of diversity. RA reminds her that she went to Tulane and Nova explains that she didn’t know better then. Just because it’s white, doesn’t mean it’s right or better. Blue will be fine wherever he goes. St. Jo doesn’t have the best schools, but at least there he can feel pride in himself and his people. She tells RA that they made the right decision to keep Blue at home. This conversation is so complex. What’s a parent of a young, gifted and Black kid to do? Give him/her a world-class education while sacrificing tons of other things? Or go with a basic education and let the chips fall where they may. It’s tough.

And now Vi calls RA because she heard that he has “come to his senses” and isn’t entertaining Blue leaving anymore. I guess Nova called Vi and at a this point I was wondering what was going on with them calling Charley. Anyway, Vi doubles down while Hollywood side eyes her. RA says he just wanted to think things through and Wood agrees that that’s what should always happen. Vi says that that’s our problem. We don’t have to be thinking we got to do all of this extra stuff to be accepted…meanwhile, the world is trying to be like us. That’s true, but ummmm…this is kinda different. Then Vi shares a story about Parhthena’s daughter. You know who Parthena is, right? That lady farmer who is always up in Charley face about something. Yeah. Her. Anyway, her daughter didn’t get into Louisiana State and was upset but now she’s doing great. Now she’s in a management trainee program at the grocery store and she’s an essential worker. Her point was that people around there can have a good life without doing a whole lot of extra stuff. Ra was looking confused and so was I. This story DID NOT help the situation. I ain’t got nothing against management or being a supermarket manager BUT This story was just depressing to me. Vi wants everybody to stay within a 15-mile radius for the rest of their lives because that’s what SHE wants. There’s a whole big world out there, and Blue wants to see it. RA wants that for him too.

RA is still calling everybody and they mama, but this time the call is to MicahX. His first question is how Charley is doing, which I found to be super strange (because he could have just called her back – but this is before I knew Charley was dodging their calls LOL). Micah tells RA that she’s ok, but his leaving was hard on her. But that she understands that he needed to do his part. Micah misses Blue and tells RA that if he ever has a son, he wants him to be like Blue. RA tells him about Sidwell Friends and Micah is ecstatic. It’s one of the best schools in the country and this is HUGE. These schools can open up unimaginable doors. There are downsides too, but the opportunities may outweigh them. RA tells him that it seemed to work out for him and he had his choice of schools. Micah tells RA that it was only because he had a lifetime of LA Prep schools on his transcript, not because he graduate from St. Jo High. That’s the plain truth. RA wants to know why he rejected all of that to attend an HBCU. Micah isn’t mad about the choices he made, but he is aware that privilege gave him choices. His parents gave him that and with it, he was able to choose his own path. Remember that episode in Season 3, when Micah wanted to go to public school? Micah just knew that he knew better than Charley…but look at him now. Actually admitting that his parents gave him the best gift that he could have ever received – options. I remember Micah saying that Charley wasn’t giving him a chance. Charley replied that giving him a chance was all that she has ever done. Yes, indeed. This conversation totally changed the game and gave RA something to think about.

Because Ava don’t miss nothing, there had to be a nod to Chadwick Boseman and The Black Panther. RA gifted Blue a Black Panther action figure that he wanted. Blue is sad because he can’t believe Chadwick is gone. RA explains that he’s not gone because he’s a mighty man and his spirit will live forever. When you are good, you live on, even when you’re in a different place – like grandpa. Blue says he doesn’t play with dolls any more, so he will keep it in the box. It’s a collectable (yes, Blue…think ahead). He places it on his desk, because this is a good spot for a king. 😭 Wakanda Forever.

Like I said earlier, Darla has pretty much put the school thing out of her mind. She is picking paint colors for the bedroom and moving on with her COVID life. RA tells her they need to talk about Blue. We aren’t privy to their heart-to-heart, but in the next scene, they talk to Blue. Earlier, RA overheard Blue talking to Marcus about what they wanted to be when they grow up. Blue said he wanted to be a farmer, so RA asks him about that. Blue basically wants to be a farmer because that’s all he’s ever seen. RA tells him that farming isn’t a bad thing, but what else would you want to be? RA has been thinking about Sidwell again, and Blue has too. He wonders what it would be like to meet kids from all over the world and train to be a leader. They tell Blue that the school is still an option if he wants it to be. He could come home on the weekends and holidays. And Blue Bordelon has made HIS decision. He wants to go. Good for you, Blue. Good for you.

RA been texting and calling everybody about this family meeting he wants to have. The time has finally arrived. Everybody is there – including Charley. She looks sick and ready to go, but no one really notices. RA brings Blue in to make an announcement. He’s going to DC! Charley tells him that it’s fantastic – and coughs…because COVID. 😬 Micah tells him that he’s proud of him. Nova tells him that he’s incredible. Wood tells him that 45 better watch out! And Vi…congratulates him and apologizes because she’s surprised. Blue tells them that he’s a little sad too and that he loves them, but they can come and visit him in DC. It’s not that far. And he wants to know whose planning his farewell party. I love it!! Reach for the stars, Blue!

But while they were still Zooming, Vi was texting RA and telling him they need to talk about this ish. That night, RA is sitting on the porch, with a drink, and waiting on Vi’s wrath. She calls promptly. And she ain’t waste no time getting straight to business. Ralph Angel, you are NOT your father’s son. (low blow #1) RA said he’s doing what’s best for Blue and Vi tells him that he’s about to screw up his son’s life by putting the weight of the world on him. Hasn’t Blue been through enough of you and Darla’s sh*t? (low blow #2) RA told Vi, with all due respect (which basically means I’m about to snatch your edges), I don’t have to answer to NOBODY – not you, Nova or Charley. The only person he has to answer to his dayum self. We done here? I am trying not to hang up on your azz. Vi was like…go ahead, you can’t hurt me more than you’ve already done. RA asked if she was done before, but Vi was actually just getting started. You know that baby is just as much mine as he is yours. How dare you take him away from me? That’s not your son, Aunt Vi! That’s the problem. You’re not his mama. You’re not even a parent. Don’t disrespect me on this phone. I am trying to do the same. What you say matters, but you don’t have the final word. I appreciate you, but you can’t keep telling me what to do with my kid. Vi told RA that he’s a dayum shame and his daddy would be ashamed of him. You are nothing but a boy yourself. Click. Listen. That convo left them both in shambles. But because I dabble in petty, the jab I was waiting for never happened. I totally thought Vi was gonna remind RA that he ain’t Blue’s real pappy. I know. I know. I will put myself in timeout.

Per the usual, I got comments, questions and concerns:

On Blue: Parenting is hard. Parenting a Black child is harder. RA and Darla have made some really bad decisions in their lives, but I don’t fault them for this one. It was unselfish. I was reminded of how many of my friends and classmates attended local colleges, not because they wanted to, but because their parents weren’t ready for them to go. I am thankful for my parents, who gave me roots and wings and when it was time for me to go, they let me. They let me go and all they wanted was to see me fly. I am glad that Blue finally got a chance to fly. I am sad that he has to leave home, but at least he has his grandma there. No matter what you think about Darlene, he won’t be alone to navigate that life. But kids go to to boarding school all time (didn’t Charley go?) The world might need to get ready for Blue Bordelon. He’s going to be a force.

On Vi: My, Lawd. I get it. Blue is her baby. When Blue had nothing and no one, Vi was there. But, no matter how much Vi loves him, she’s not his parent or guardian. She can surely disagree, but she doesn’t get to control this. She just doesn’t. Let’s talk about growth here. Because that conversation between RA and VI….#fixitJesus. But the old RA would have laid VI slap out. Thank God for growth.

On Nova: It’s getting hot over at Novin’s love nest, ain’t it? I KNEW Calvin was lying. I know lots of yall have been cheering their relationship on, but EYE haven’t been. Where should I begin? Let’s go all the way back. Remember when Nova and Calvin were in and out of each other’s lives in Season 1? She was fighting for Too Sweet to be released all season long. But towards the end of the season, Calvin decided to call in a favor and just like that – voila! Too Sweet was a free man. It was good of him to do that. But what was the motive? To get Nova back in his life NOT because there had been an injustice. That rubbed me the wrong way back in 2016 when it aired, and it’s still rubbing me the wrong way now. Let’s keep going. Calvin is a perpetual cheater who really wants a cookie for staying married while “waiting” for Nova. Sorry, but no. That’s not how this is supposed to go. Calvin also wants cookies for leaving the police force. Remember when MicahX got halfway mad at Nova for continuing to see Calvin? He questioned her about what she actually knew about what Calvin had been doing while he was a police officer. But because Micah drinks Nova’s bath water, he backed off. But both Nova AND Micah should have kept digging. And in this season, we found out that Calvin was a “bystander” to ONE incident when he had just joined the force. Did we believe that? I sure didn’t. Oh…and Nova wanted to know how he felt after seeing the George Floyd video? He felt just fine, Nova. You knew that too, which is why you were so mad. You were hoping he had changed and he wasn’t one of them, but you knew all along that he was and is. Nova has been fighting so hard this season because in the back of her mind, she knew Calvin was one of them. She also could have BEEN found out about his shenanigans IF she had wanted to know. But Nova is selfish and Calvin turns her on, so that’s that. I pray that karma raises her mighty hand with this one. Nova deserves to have her heart shattered and her ethics questioned. She deserves to have to pick up the pieces, just like her family had to do when she wrecked their lives with her book. Let me get my popcorn ready.

On Charley: *insert deep sigh here* First, I am glad to know the Bordelons were calling and she was dodging them. I hate that no one noticed that she wasn’t her usual self on that family Zoom call. She is worried about how she’s going to explain it all to them and I totally understand not having the energy to explain how Davis ended up spending days at her house. We already know how Vi likes to go off. Who needs that energy while healing? Nobody. I understand not wanting to tell the Council because folks like Jackson would run with it. Davis understood it all too and is cool with letting it all be between them. I rarely agree with Davis, but he preached a whole sermon to Charley. You need to rest, sis. This sickness could be the best thing to ever happen to you. I have said before that Pandemic Charley is cool. She needed a break from life, from running, from saving folks, from strategizing and from parenting. She needed this and if she’s smart, she will use it to her advantage and for some holistic healing and reflection. I am kinda excited to see what Charley 2.0 will be like. I hope she learns how to tell people NO and reclaim her time.

On Davis: I am convinced that Davis is fully aware of what he lost. I don’t doubt that he has worked on himself over the past few years. I love the way he cared for Charley but also knew when it was time to go and give her space. I love how he assured her that all of her was good. I am thankful that he never made her feel like a burden. I believe that he used to be decent before money and fame. But them back together? Ughhhhhh! If they choose to take them down this road, I hope there’s some intense therapy and we see them doing the work to get back to each other in a healthy way. But what if Davis is the only person who can truly make Charley happy? I still don’t like it tho.

On a West Family Reunion: I feel like Ava is going to take us there, whether I want to go or not. So the question is what a new West family will look like. First of all, where Tia at and where she been? We can’t ignore the fact that there’s a whole side child out there. If those two decided to do this again, how will that work out? Can Charley get past that and be a stepmom? She already wished Davis luck in raising his CHILDREN (she said that with her chest). Second, what will MicahX’s reaction be to his parents getting back together? Back in the day, he prayed they would stay together. He blamed Charley for not standing by his father. Now, he doesn’t even want to be compared to his dad. So what’s he gonna say if those two kids decide to give it another go? I feel like he would be more of a protector of his mom now that they are in a very good place with their relationship. What will he say when he finds out that Charley HAD to call Davis, Davis came and took care of her, but no one told him? I think he is going to be super protective of Charley and her heart and won’t be here for that foolishness. Micah *might* be their biggest problem and I can already see some slick comments and hurt feelings on the horizon. I ain’t gonna lie, I am ready to see Micah be mad about that. They need to do whatever the hell they want to do and let Micah deal with his feelings…because that’s basically what Micah has been doing for years.

On Ava and ‘nem: They don’t miss a beat. The 1619 Project. The passing of Chadwick Boseman, COVID weight gain. I swear they didn’t miss nothing!

And just like that, we have reached the end of another season of Queen Sugar. One more episode to go. What are your predictions?

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