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David Makes Man – No Atheist in Rabbit Holes

August 19, 2021

Season 2 | Episode 7’s the night after the gala and the big reunion with Seren. And guess where David wakes up? In Seren’s house!! Can I just say that this may be the first time we have known David to sleep through the night. Hmmm…interesting. Anywho, back to the story. David wakes up in a strange place. Seren greets him with pickle juice to help with the hangover. Seren said it was a crazy night but he’s glad it happened. David is confused but agrees that he’s glad it happened too. Seren scoots over closer to David and tells him that he want to “keep this up.” David goes in for a kiss. Ummmmm…say whet now? *in my Deborah Cox voice* HOW. DID. WE. GET. HERE. Seren jumps back. What are you doing, man? David sincerely thought that they had hooked up last night. But they didn’t. Seren was like…I’m gay, you’re not. Watchu talking bout? Seren wants to know why David would even think that that happened. David didn’t even have a good reason. He tells Seren that he loves him. Seren says he loves David too. But if the only time he feels close to somebody is after sex, he needs to handle that because there’s an issue there. I concur.

And you know where David ended up after the quasi-rejection from Seren? At Nicole’s apartment. To get that closeness he needed. He went over there to get a quick fix, and she let him. Nicole knows he came looking for something and to make himself feel better. She questions him about his whereabouts and why he’s just getting home from the gala. David and Nicole still have issues to work out, but she’s not ready to talk about it. She’s not ready to do that now tho, so David is dismissed. I ain’t mad.

After that bombshell of a gala and David’s announcement, Joe came looking for David bright and early the next morning to take him for a ride. They went to the Ville. Joe was like…how you gonna put my whole political career on the Ville when the Ville is full of toxic waste! Toxic waste? What the hell? David doesn’t have a clue, but it’s front page news now and Joe is BIG MAD. David is caught totally off guard. Especially when Joe tells him that “his girl” Marissa supplied the data. David says he will find out what’s going on with this. Joe tells him he betta do just that.

David went straight to Marissa’s house to get answers. Why didn’t you give me a heads up before going to the press? I just saw you last night. Oh, there’s a reason why Marissa’ data became real urgent. The reporter she took home last night needed a story, so she gave hime one…and some other stuff too. Marissa…girl. So David tries his hardest to find a workaround. Can they get the soil re-tested? Could it have been a mistake? Marissa tells David to ask Seren because he’s the one that got the results expedited. Say what? They all in this here little plan? My Lawd. Seren called in a favor. David tells Marissa that this is feeling personal. Marissa was like…we wasn’t even thinking about you…and I don’t consider you a friend. Friends don’t just come around when they need something. Poor David.

Meanwhile, JG found a way to visit Shalimar at the jail. He came to tell Shalimar about the defense fund money. But guess what? Shalimar don’t care! JG explains to them that he realizes it was a mistake and that Shalimar didn’t mean to shoot him. But Shalimar says he doesn’t care how JG feels. He’s still gonna be locked up. He doesn’t understand how JG could grow up in the Ville and still become a cop. He doesn’t want the money for an attorney. Give it to his mom so she can take care of her kids or put it on his books. And tell the police to stop messing with him. Lawd. I didn’t expect this at all.

At the press conference, Commissioner Corey announced that he is stoping construction and everything else going on at the Ville until they can figure out how bad the toxins are over there. And because he cares about the people of the Ville, they will relocate the folks. David tries to smooth things over with the Commissioner and asks for time. Corey says no. The residents have to go and they will have 30 days to evacuate. Community over commerce, right? Isn’t this what you wanted anyway? Seems like a win/win. *le sigh*

In the middle of all of this drama, one of the kids at Gloria’s home is having a birthday. David was on cake duty, and came by the house to drop it off. He’s ready to head out, but Gloria wants him to stay so they can watch the video of JG’s gala speech. I still want to know why Glo didn’t go, but yeah. David says it’s best that he doesn’t see JG. But here’s JG and the fireworks begin. David doesn’t understand why JG did what he did. He was trying to do something nice for him. If it’s nice, why you want repayment? You just mad because I didn’t follow your script. Of course Gloria is confused and immediately asks David what he did. JG is ready to grab his kid and bounce, but Gloria won’t let him. JG wants Gloria to understand that he’s already having way too many issue with Tren. Don’t make him have another one. David scoffs at that and then the fireworks start up again. JG was like…you got a problem. David was like…nah, just like watching you fail. LordT. And with that, Gloria has to break up her boys and tells JG to go somewhere and find some calm. And then she tells David to act like the older brother. And why David got feelings all of the sudden? And then David unleashes on Gloria. This is normal for us, you just wasn’t around to see it. And then Gloria tells him that he can leave too. Buh-bye. But before he can leave Robin’s Nest in peace, the aggy neighbor next door decides to make a scene and talk about the queer kids. And it was the wrong day. Because Dai from the Ville showed up and almost choked that man to death. Gloria got David off of that dude but I don’t think this will be the end of this little situation.

Gloria told JG to find some calm, and he did just that…and headed to see Shella (while ignoring his common law wife’s request for him to bring Tren home). Shella thinks JG is there to talk about the toxic land. He don’t know what the hell she’s talking about and he didn’t come there to talk about that! He tells Shella about this conversation with Shalimar and how Shalimar didn’t care. And now everybody is mad at him. He should have kept his mouth shut and took the money. Some people just don’t want to be saved. Shella turns it all on him. You get to decide people’s worth because you got a badge? Shella gets all deep with him and makes him feel a way about how he got out of the hood. Everybody doesn’t have that chance. And the cards were stacked against Shalimar. Shalimar understood that JG wasn’t there to make him feel good. He was there to make himself feel good and that’s why he got the response he got from Shalimar. Shella goes into a speech about restorative justice and policing and give JG something to think about. And then them two finally kiss, but JG’s phone goes off. And it’s Trish. Welp…

JG went home. And Trish is asking questions about his whereabouts. I get that JG got a lot going on, but Trish ain’t wrong. He WAS where he WASN’T supposed to be. JG gives her a good sermon on how he’s doing the best he can and he supports their family, etc. Trish is still mad about JG giving away their money…and I feel her on that too. All that money ain’t going to get that boy off because he shot a cop. JG tells Trish that he’s scared too. But Trish says that scared people don’t go giving away security. And of course, Tren heard the whole argument and is in tears.

After a long day of walking around in his running clothes and trying to figure out what the hell is going on, David heads back over to Seren’s to get some answers. He’s been calling and texting Seren all day, but Seren has been ignoring him. So why did you give Marissa that report, expedite it and screw me over? Seren said it was his job, he’s in the business of helping people, he helped a friend and it had nothing to do with David. But how? How can you not see that my 2 childhood friends just so happened to derail my project? Seren maintains that he was just helping. But then David takes it all the way back. Why did you wait until now to pop up? You knew where I was. Little David appears and tells Seren what he’s been holding in for 15 years. He looked for Seren everywhere and he could never find him. And now you show up to bury me? I helped you. This is the thanks I get? Seren isn’t letting David get away with that. Thanks for the help, but that was a long time ago. I’m not that scared kid anymore. He’s gone. But thanks for helping me…a long time ago. But some things aren’t about YOU, David! Seren was like…the only person I care about is me. And ain’t nobody coming for you David. The drug dealers and ‘nem ain’t still trying to get you and your family. All that’s over. You need to move on. David tells Seren that he’s been having to take care of everybody since he was 15 and it’s not his fault. Seren says they both had to grow up when they were 15, but the difference is…David stayed there. You still a little kid.

After that exchange, David can’t sleep. Robin calls to tell them that the neighbor is pressing charges. She didn’t even get a chance to finish what she was saying before David thanks her for letting him know and hangs up the phone. He wakes up at his usual time (3:28am) and goes for a run. But he ends up at the water…and takes a step in. I definitely thought he was contemplating suicide, but I hope I’m being dramatic.

Instead of continuing to walk in the water, he goes to the Ville. Mx. Elijah is up too and stumbles upon David, sitting in one of his childhood spots. Elijah asks what color David’s heart is. David says blue. Elijah says they need to get it to light blue. So let’s talk. David feels tired and he tries to do the right thing. He’s doing his best, but it never works out. He keeps messing up and he keeps breaking people and he doesn’t know who to fix them. Elijah tells him the promises and toys and bread gets broken – but not people. People get hurt. And the they get healed. And just like that, Elijah forgets and becomes that other person. David sees it happening and introduces himself. Elijah has no idea who he is. *insert deep sigh here*

Whew, chile! I have sooooo many questions, comments and concerns. How do we feel about David’s sexuality. Why did he automatically assume that he had slept with Seren and why was he ok with that? Was Seren too harsh with David? Should he at least acknowledge (with a bit more compassion) that what David did for him caused a massive amount of trauma in David’s life? I know that Seren and Marissa both believe that their actions were not an attempt to derail David, but can they not see how it looks? Poor JG can’t catch a break, but maybe if he tries honesty, that might help. He gave the money away because of Shella. He is in a romantic entanglement with Shella. Everybody knows it, but everybody is still holding on (especially Trish). Wouldn’t things be easier for JG’s mental if he broke up with Trish? Why wasn’t Gloria at the gala? Why does she automatically assume that David is always the reason for strife, without ever giving him the benefit of the doubt? Why won’t somebody help Mx. Elijah. Elijah is sick. They all know it. What’s this Ville evacuation going to look like. Can David fix this?

I don’t know, yall. This is wild.

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