Recap Renegade

David Makes Man – Vizcaya

August 3, 2021

Season 2 | Episode 6

The gala is happening and David has arrived at the venue. Standing at the valet stand is the grown up Seren!!! Seren! Of course David is elated to see him. I am too, because I high key thought he was dead. Seren is fine and is doing well. So what is he doing at this event? Seren says he had to come when he found out about it. Now…how did he find out about it? Just as David was about to ask that question, Elan interrupts. Seren introduces himself as Seren Lloyd. He uses his dad’s last name – which was why David couldn’t find him when. David has to leave to handle all of the fires popping up inside, but Seren will be there for the remainder of the night, so let’s see how this goes down.

There’s some issues with having both the inside and outside of the hall set up and the lady in charge really doesn’t care what Elan has to say, she’s not about to do it. The lady in charge speaks Creole and Seren jumps in to save the day with his Creole speaking skills. After that’s handled, David goes inside and runs right into Commissioner Corey Roberts and his sidekick, Jesup (that’s the guy that Shella has on speed dial to handle issues in her hood…hmmm). In David’ mind, he tells the Commissioner that they can cut the BS and he can give him whatever he wants so he can vote for the redevelopment plan. In real life, he smiles with all his teeth and plays the game. The Commissioner asks David how it feels to be be the black face behind this whole situation. David wants to continue to talk plans with Corey, but Corey wants to talk to Padilla, not Padilla’s proxy. And it’s cool, because David’s next problem just walked through the door. It’s Marissa…with a huge, live iguana. *le sigh* The police are trying to throw her out of the establishment (and I totally understand) but David manages to put the fire out and Marissa gets to stay. As Marissa and David walk, Seren appears again. Marissa is glad he could make it. Huh? Yep. Marissa invited Seren to come. She found him. Seren is a lobbyist. Marissa has told him all about the plan and she knows it quite well. Seren knows Joe, too. He’s worked for him in the past. Hmmmmm.

The little gala is underway, but JG hasn’t arrived. But, Shella came. She’s mad because she thought it was a town hall meeting and not a dress up affair. I don’t know why she thought that because I thought the invite said it was a gala, but ok. David tells her she looks good and she should stay. Especially since JG just got here. JG appears and JG and Shella trade their usual looks and vibes. David told JG not to say too much, but now he’s having second thoughts about what he should say. And then Trish walks in dressed appropriately and shares an awkward moment with Shella.

Behind the curtains at the gala, JG is having all kinds of feelings about Shalamar and the shooting before going on stage to give his speech. Now its’ time to hear from JG. The union presents JG with some coins to help him and the fam. He tells the crowd that he loves the Ville and he goes back to check on the things that he loves. He wants to give the Ville a chance. He accepts the money, but turns around and donates it to Shalamar’s defense fund. He wants Shalamar to have a second chance. Shella is super happy. Padilla is super mad. David is beyond mad and follows JG into the restroom. JG was like…what was I supposed to do. David was like…you were supposed to take the money, thank them, live and leave. Dassit. And now David and JG ain’t holding nothing back. David told JG that he told him not to join the force in the first place. Why would you join the people we spent our whole lives running from? Why? Because you always got to be the good guy. And yes. I needed you to live and needed to see you up there because from Day 1 of your police job, I was expecting something like this to happen. JG says that he’s here and he’s alive. AND, it’s his life. It’s his life and it shouldn’t have been used for David’s gain. JG leaves. But the bathroom wasn’t empty. Seren was in one of the stalls. With Elan. They both heard. And they were together. Ummm…what was going on in that stall, tho?

So now David has to face Joe after JG blew up the whole thing. David gotta figure something out. And quick.

Back in the ballroom, we get to see David’s Plan B. And David’s Plan B came about because right before his little speech, he was approached by the Commissioner. Commissioner Corey is looking to get kickbacks from this development and let’s David know that that’s the only way they will get his vote. All of “his” people are waiting to do commercial work. Because David is not about to let that happen, he makes a huge announcement. It’s about to be “community over commerce.” He shows a model of what could be built at the Ville. He puts Joe on the spot about scrapping the plan for the mall and building a new “village.” So we have made the switch from residential to commercial and knocked all of Corey’s people out. Padilla agrees and the crowd applauds. David is a hero. Interesting.

Afterwards, David has drinks with Seren and Seren congratulates him on the win. He made a hero out of Joe Padilla. But David wants to know why Marissa invited him. And why was he all in the bathroom stall with Elan? David is still not ready to celebrate the win. He’s still planning and trying to figure out what’s next. That’s bothering Seren and he tells David that he hasn’t changed a bit. Seren exits and tells David to look him up sometime…now that he knows his name. David has flashbacks of the two of them on the bus and how David sat close to Seren to try to cushion the blows after he was beaten by his stepfather. Outside, David finds Seren and the two of them talk. David wants to know why Seren didn’t reach out. Seren says he tried, but it was tricky because he didn’t want to get anybody in trouble and he was scared. David felt guilty because he felt like he did the wrong thing by helping him escape. Seren went with his father, but it didn’t work out. He waited and then he left when he turned 17. David said he searched but he couldn’t find anything. Then the sprinklers turn on and they turn into the boys they once were. Playing in the water…

Yall. I am still struggling to like adult David. I am trying. The reunion with Seren was nothing like I thought it would be. I feel like we need to know exactly how Seren’s situation went down. And how was Marissa able to easily find Seren? That’s odd. Marissa is odd too but we will talk about that later. I know Trish is gonna tear JG up for giving that money away. I ain’t mad at her for that either. And why wasn’t Gloria at the gala? She was the one that told Elijah about it! And Seren and Elan got a drug problem? Lawd. We didn’t need anymore problems with this crew. And when will Shella and JG gon’ head and hook up because I’m tired of their crazy energy. Ok. I guess my rant is over. What did yall think about this episode?

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