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Cherish the Day – Synthesis

February 16, 2020


It’s 1.5 years later and Gently has a car. #teamnomorebus She is in the streets with her bestie, Rika. Gently picked her up from the salon late because she got caught up listening to Miss Luma’s Hollywood stories. Luma is G, so there’s that. Rika mentions Gently’s man, Ty. Hmmmm…where’s Evan at? Gently claims that Ty isn’t her man.

Evan is at an art gallery taking in a new artist. And guess who shows up? Gently. She can’t believe it and she has nickname for Evan – Stanford. Rika has clearly heard all about Stanford and remembers the story – even though over a year has passed. Evan sees her and he has a nickname for her, too – Carson. Evan’s friend knows all about Carson as well. Evan’s friend tells him that she ain’t his type anyway. Rich, ivy-league educated, sorority girls are his type. But nah…Evan still got a thing for Gently aka Carson.

Evan finds Gently and starts a conversation by accepting her apology (that she never gave) and she accepts his (that he never gave). They engage in small talk. He asks her if she’s traveled anywhere lately. She is surprised that he doesn’t know. You don’t stalk my IG anymore? Ummmmm…nah…I was done with that ish when you left me in Carson. I feel ya, Evan. Gently went to Tanzania. Evan went on a cruise with his family (which Gently finds interesting). One picture catches their eye. Gently describes it as haunting. Turns out that Evan had already bought the painting. You know Gently’s judgmental behind had some feelings about that one. Rika comes over to grab her friend and head to the next spot. Evan and Gently say goodbye. No. This caint be how it ends.

Oh…but wait. Gently invites Evan to the bowling alley. Gently still got a thing for Evan aka Stanford too.

You know Evan showed up at the bowling alley. Gently is pleasantly surprised. Evan hasn’t bowled in a while – not since he bowled with his church. He’s kind of a church boy. And Rika rolled up to introduce herself like good friends do. And just as they were about to have a little fun, Ty (Gently’s non-man shows up). This finna be a problem. Ty comes over to make sure that Evan sees him. Gently introduces them to each other. Rika tries to smooth it over. She didn’t do a good job, but she tried. Gently leaves to “use the restroom” but she really went to make sure Ty didn’t mess up her good thing. Meanwhile, Rika is giving Evan the “friends test.” Gently reminds Ty that they don’t have a real relationship, they have a hook up. Rika gives Evan the tea on Gently – a free-spirit with a good heart. And then…Evan gets knocked down by some bad azz kids and takes a hard fall. Man down.


Gently takes Evan to the hospital. He’s being a bit of a baby as it relates to his ankle injury. Gently helps him walk into the hospital and Evan tells her he can’t believe he waited for a whole year and a half to take her out again and this happens to him. He was going to take her out after bowling. But maybe they can have a third date. Lettucepray. At the ER, they aren’t having much luck. Full ER. Rude nurse. No wheelchairs. No seats in the waiting room. There are two nuns seated. One of them is injured. The other nun is there for support. Gently asks if she wouldn’t mind moving so her injured friend could sit. How about the nun said no. Like…how you outchea doing the Lawd’s work and being shady? Anyway, they find a seat. Gently helps her almost new man fill out his paperwork and they wait. Seems like they been there for a while. Gently had to go get snacks. They never did get to eat at the bowling alley. Dayum. That sucks.

They spot a Jamaican couple having a “lively” conversation and have a ball recreating their conversation with full Jamaican accents. Evan asks Gently if she’s ever been. Of course she has. And then he asks where else. Puerto Rico, Europe, Asia, Tokyo, Dubai, Nigeria, Kenya. But she really want to go to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Me too, Chile. Me too. Evan seems sad because he doesn’t really travel that much. He’s so busy and he’s ready to start his own business. Gently remembers the name of the company he wants to start. He’s impressed. Evan wants to launch a live your best life app (I gave it that name, but basically that’s the gist of it). They make a deal. He launches his app, she makes it to Victoria Falls. Deal.

And finally, Evan is called back to get his ankle checked out. They have a long goodbye and she gives him the gummy bears she been hiding in her purse. She ate all the red ones tho. I do that myself, so I wasn’t even mad at this turn of events.


Evan’s ankle is effed up and he’s on crutches and in a splint. Po baby. He has to call for a ride home. He’s on the phone with his friend when the valet pulls his car around. Gently is there! She never went home. That’s right Gently…don’t leave your future man at the hospital in pain.

She gets him home. Y’all! Evan’s place is beautiful. The art is beautiful and his record collection is ah-mazing. He’s been collecting since middle school. His record player is pretty dope, too. He played all kinds of stuff for Gently. Wells Fargo, a revolutionary band from Zimbabwe. Gently tells him that this is how he travels – music. Yasssss! The party continues and Gently is having a blast dancing to all of this new music. Next up, Siouxsie & The Banshees is up next. And then Cro-Mags. And then Romeo Void – the only Native-American punk rock vocalist he knows. Gently is still dancing. And then…Bill Withers…Ain’t No Sunshine. Whew, Chile. The looks on their faces and this song. What is it about this song? I always want to cry. Don’t mind me. Back to the recap.

DJ Evan is done. They sit and talk. Evan wants an explanation for what went down over a year ago. Gently apologizes, but doesn’t really plan to go beyond that. Eventually Gently admits that it’s hard for her to trust people. Evan doesn’t take it lightly. It wasn’t easy for Gently to admit that and he acknowledges that. He thanks her for the crazyazz but incredible day they had and they kiss. Yassssss.


All is well. Gently is smiling and walking around Evan’s house. She discovers a bra. And…Gently does a Gently. She goes OWF. And then she discovers a blond hair and things don’t get better. Evan tells her that’s not his girlfriend AND he peeped that ole boy at the bowling alley was her boo thang. He manages to calm her down by telling her that he understands her trust issues that he is DONE with white girl – easily, happily and immediately (Yes, boy!) And then issa wrap. Finally, after a year and some change and energy that was/is off the charts, these two kids get it poppin. I am happy for them.

That tension was crazy and this would/should have happened a year ago, but Gently acted a fool and left dude in Carson. And why was she going in on him about having a girl when they just re-met tuh-day!? Ma’am. Ty was just all up on you at the bowling alley. Dayum, Gently. I was high key scared that Gently was going to mess this whole thing up for a second time. She continued to work my nerBs with her 0-100 temper.

I loved that their second encounter was at an art gallery. *insert heart emoji here*. So…we have a library and an art gallery. Where to next? And again, the music was fiyah *makes note to find this soundtrack.* Oh, and of course Sade’s song, “Cherish the Day” is the intro and I always get real happy about that. The only issue I had with this episode is that Miss Luma wasn’t in it. Like…I was low-key sad. I need a dose of Luma next week. For real. Quit playin.

What’s next? Looks like Evan takes Gently home to meet the parental units and all hell breaks loose. It seems like their difference in class will be a recurring issue and a complication in their relationship. But hey…that’s the way it is sometimes. And, Anne-Marie Johnson is playing Evan’s mama, so it’s finna be goodT. Remember her? Althea Tibbs from “In the Heat of the Night?” Yeah. I used to watch tv with my grandparents a lot. LOL.

Welp. That’s it for now. I will be thinking about these two crazy kids until we see the next pivotal day in their relationship. Next week is going to be a rollercoaster. Peace.

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